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Chapter: A Mental Titaness Invades My Dream


My life sucks. It really does.

First I have this 'Great Prophecy' hanging over me, then I get sent back in time to live with wizards (of all things!), and now a talking hat has basically announced my identity – which is supposed to be a secret, by the way – by declaring that I will save everyone from a terrible danger.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

I closed my eyes and muttered a few choice words in Ancient Greek, the one language I was pretty certain I wouldn't get busted for my vocabulary.

My thoughts were all over the place. They'd jump from thinking about the Sorting Hat to Malfoy.


I knew he couldn't possibly be Luke, or even related to him – it was just another freaky similarity. But it had shaken me badly, bringing back the guilt and anger that always accompanied the subject of Luke, even after his death.

I vaguely registered Harry's greeting and returned it with a nod, my mind still preoccupied.

The other three talked animatedly about Harry being 'the Chosen One' while I zoned out. I should probably have listened, seeing as I still didn't know much about whom they were at war with and whatever, but now the news from the Hat had taken over my mind. I couldn't concentrate.

The sound of whispers broke me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see Dumbledore standing up, addressing the student body.

"Nothing to worry about." He smiled reassuringly at us.

I was confused. Evidently I'd missed something – probably the cause of the whispers. How could I have done that? I hadn't thought that I'd spaced out that much.

"Now… To our new students: welcome. Especially to Mr Jackson, who will be visiting from America for the year."

Oh, no way. That was not fair.

I attempted to become one with the chair to hide from the curious eyes that sought me out. Not cool! I directed my thoughts towards Dumbledore. As if he had heard them, he looked at me and I saw the hidden smile. You evil, evil old man.

I stayed low for the rest of Dumbledore's speech. One particular announcement caused a big reaction, especially from Harry; some teacher called Snape was taking Defence Against the Dark Art. Judging from Harry's, "No!" Snape was not his favourite person in the world.

As people started streaming out the great doors I stood up, ready to follow Ron and Harry back to…well, wherever we had to go next.

Harry seemed to be in no hurry to get out, so we hung around until we were at the very back of the crowd of students.

"What really happened to your nose?" Ron asked Harry.

"Wait, what? Something happened to Harry's nose?" I peered closer to him. "I don't see anything. "

"Oh, you know, he just came in with blood all over his face. Are you being serious?" replied Ron incredulously.

"Hey," I said in my defence, "I was a bit distracted."

"By what, exactly? How can you miss something like that?" Ron demanded.

"Er…. Malfoy?" I answered hesitantly.

"You met Malfoy then?" I opened my mouth to correct Harry – I hadn't met him, only seen him. But Harry continued without a pause.

"Well, he was the one who broke my nose. Tonks fixed it up, but obviously forgot to clean the blood off." There was a distinct sarcastic note to his words.

Ron looked up. "Tonks was here?"

"Yeah." And then the conversation turned to things that I didn't understand again.

I spent the rest of the way back to the common room (Harry explained where we were heading after I asked) simply taking in the building.

It was magnificent – tall ceilings and wide doorways. The moving staircases and talking paintings amazed me. I wished that Annabeth was here to see it, because I knew this was her sort of thing. I filed away as much detail as I could so that when I got to see her again, I would be able to tell her all about it.

After many twists and turns (I could already tell that I was going to get lost in this place) we arrived at the common room. Harry and Ron led me up the stairs to the boy's dorm. Several beds with suitcases lying beside them were scattered around the room. Ron made a beeline for the left-hand side of the room, where his battered luggage was neatly stacked. Harry followed him, sitting down on the bed next to him.

I stood awkwardly, wondering where I was going to sleep. "Um, is there a spare bed anywhere?"

Harry looked up from where he was going through his belongings. "Oh, yeah, just over there." He pointed to a bed that was on the other side of Ron's.

"Thanks." I smiled and made my way over to it. To my surprise, there was already someone's stuff there. "Er, is this anyone's?"

The other boys shook their heads after a quick glance. I frowned. "Whose is it then?" I peered at the tag. On it was the words, Percy Jackson.

"Oh. Its mine." I said, a little embarrassed.

Harry gave a snort of laughter. "Way to go, Percy."

"Shut up."

Despite my words, I had a smile on my face. Sometimes I couldn't help but laugh at myself.

I opened up the case that was mine. It was packed neatly; the type of neatness that I'd never been able or never will be able to replicate. Inside were various clothes – robes and school uniform. I pulled some out, and looked at it in distaste. Great. I wondered how long it would stay pristine and clean. Or maybe they magically cleaned themselves. Who knew in this place?

Beside the clothes were a pile of books. I picked up one of them, and peered intently at the title. Acnenti Rsenu Dmae Saey. That didn't sound right. I shook my head and tried again.

After trying for five minutes, I gave up and put it back. I just hoped that I wouldn't need to actually read the texts. Maybe they were only extra credit material.

Seeing that the other boys were getting ready for bed, I did the same. Soon I was rolling into the soft covers that were spread over the equally soft mattress. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I was back in the throne room on Olympus, with Kronos, Annabeth and Grover. Just like the first time, I could only watch in horror as Kronos bore down on Annabeth.

Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth. She croaked, "Family, Luke. You promised."

Kronos hesitated, and I took a painful step forward. Grover was back on his feet over by the throne of Hera, but he seemed to be struggling to move as well. Before either of us could get anywhere near Annabeth, Kronos' face hardened and he struck.

"ANNABETH!" The scream was torn from my lips. She looked at me, her eyes scared and confused, before collapsing on the floor, dead.

Kronos chuckled. "Oh dear, the little girl is gone. She always did put too much faith in Luke. But he couldn't save her, because he's gone. I am KRONOS, the King of the Titans."

Before I could react he spun and cut down Grover too. I stood, frozen in shock as the life left his eyes.

Kronos laughed again – a malicious sound. Then the sound began to change. The pitch became higher, but it retained the spiteful tone. As I watched, Luke's face morphed into that of a woman's.

She was tall and pale, almost drained of colour except for her hair – bright red curls that tumbled down past her shoulders in waves. Her face was beautiful, but her pale blue eyes were cold, like ice. The more I looked at her, the more I began to see the cruelty set in every line of her features.

She stopped laughing, but her lips remained curved in a smile that chilled me to the bone.

"Did you enjoy my treat, little hero?" she asked.

I frowned at her. "That was your doing?"

Her smile grew larger and she nodded. Her movements were smooth and graceful, just like her words and body, but with a sharp edge to them, like a knife hidden in the folds of a silk curtain.

"Oh yes. Dreams and memories are my specialty, after all."

"And you are…?" I left the sentence hanging.

"Why, I am Mnemosyne, of course. Titaness of dreams, memories, thoughts - all things mental."

The comment slipped out before I could stop it. "Does that mean you're mental too?"

Mnemosyne's beautiful mask slipped in her fury and her pretty face twisted into a snarl.

"Never call me that or you will pay!" she spat.

"With what? Bad dreams?"

A sly smile crept back onto her face. "You'd be surprised what dreams can do. I've made whole armies of battle hardened men turn into quivering messes, all with a few tweaks to their dreams. Be careful who you insult, little hero."

She said those words so menacingly that a shiver went down my spine.

"Now," Mnemosyne lifted one of her hands to examine her manicured nails, before looking at me again, "Down to business. I don't know why you are here – there hasn't been any demigods in Scotland for decades – and I don't like it."

"Yeah, no kidding." I muttered. "I mean, I don't like being here anymore than you like it. But why does it matter?" I crossed my arms and looked at her. "Please don't tell me that you have this scheme to take over the world. That just happened – wait no, it will happen."

The Titaness laughed lightly, but it wasn't a nice laugh. "That's for me to know, little hero. Not you."

"Oh good. I thought for a second you were going to say, 'That's for me to know and you to find out'. Do you have any idea how cliché that is?"

"But why would I want you to find out? That could ruin the whole thing. No, you are to stay out of this."

I stepped closer to Mnemosyne. "If you are planning anything, I will find out. And I'll stop you."

She gave another trill of laughter. "Is that a threat, little hero?"

"No," I said, "It's a promise."

Her eyes narrowed, and her smile grew more sinister. "I like your courage, little hero. But how long before it deserts you?" She walked behind me and whispered in my ear, "How much can you take? How many memories can be twisted before you lose your mind?"

I whirled around but she was already several metres away.

"Time to wake up, little hero. We'll meet again soon, I'm sure. Sweet dreams, and remember me."

She blew a kiss towards me, and the dream dissipated.

I felt myself waking up, regaining control of my senses. I opened my eyes to a crowd of faces. They all peered anxiously at me.

"Water," I croaked. My throat was dry, and I had a sheet of sweat covering me. All in all, not the best first night at a new place.

Hermione (who I'd noticed, and was pretty sure shouldn't be there) conjured up a glass and handed it to me. I took it with a word of thanks and gulped it down. As usual, the liquid went a long way to calm my nerves.

I began to feel a bit uncomfortable with everyone staring at me. I mean, it's one thing to have a staring contest, but the person has to actually agree to it, and it was a bit unfair with me against all the others. "Um, guys… Could you, like, leave? I'm fine, now."

As most of the boys drifted away I tried to quell the childish urge to shout Yes, I won! After all, it hadn't really been a staring contest. Some of them shot me a few odd glances, but it was to be expected. Judging by the state I was in, I hadn't been what you call quiet.

Harry, Ron and Hermione stayed at my bed. I looked up at them and sighed, all the (slightly false) happiness gone. "I guess you want to know what happened."

Five minutes later we were sitting in the common room, around the blazing fireplace.

I stared into the flames, thinking about Mnemosyne. She had said nothing really useful, except hinting that she had this master plan to take over the world.

You know, the normal stuff.

So I didn't really have too much to go on. Just that she could make some seriously scary dreams. I shuddered at the reminder of them. I completely believed her words about leaving men as quivering wrecks with a few dreams. That stuff was terrifying.


My name startled me out my reverie. Hermione had leaned forward, and was looking intently at me. "What happened?"

I returned my gaze to the fire while I thought of what to tell them. Demigod dreams were pretty unique, and I didn't know how to tell them about Mnemosyne without revealing my rather unusual heritage.

"Well… I had a dream." I paused to gauge their reactions. So far, so good.

"It started off with a memory of the end of the war. Me and my friends were the last defence. Annabeth… she tried to reason with Kro-Luke. In real life it had worked, but in the dream…. It didn't. He k-killed her." I took a shaky breath. The reminder of seeing Annabeth die in front of me was terrifying. "And then he killed my other friend, Grover. And I could only stand and watch."

That was what was really bothering me, I realised. I had been helpless against Kronos – or Mnemosyne.

"Anything else?" prompted Harry.

I hesitated. How could I tell them? Should I tell them?

"…No. Nothing." I felt so guilty about lying to them about Mnemosyne, but how was I going to explain a Greek Goddess, without revealing my secret? The time didn't feel right to explain just yet.

"A nightmare? You woke us all because you were having a nightmare?" said Ron in disgusted disbelief.

Hermione looked at him reproachfully. "Ron, that's not fair. His friends were killed in front of him. If it was Harry or me, I'm sure you'd be the same."

Maybe it was my imagination, but Ron seemed to turn a little pink at the last sentence.

Harry gave me one more searching look. "Are you sure that there was nothing else? You can trust us, you know."

I almost confessed then, but ended up just swallowing a lump in my throat. "There was nothing else. I'm sure." The words felt wrong and sick. I hated not being able to tell them the truth, especially after Harry's words.

He looked disappointed, but didn't push me for more. "Well, goodnight then." He got up along with Ron, and left to go back to bed.

"Goodnight, Percy." Hermione smiled at me and then left as well. I stayed where I was, alone.

I sighed – a sigh that carried all of the stress from the past few weeks. "I hope you're happy, Hecate. Because, y'know, this isn't easy." Keeping my past a secret was really getting me down.

I wished desperately that I could tell the others about who I really was. I could feel a wedge being driven between us already. I hope nothing bad would come of it.

In the morning, the night's events seemed to be more or less forgotten. I met Harry, Ron and Hermione in the common room, when they came down. To be honest, I had spent the night on the sofa there.

"What happens today?" I asked.

"We have breakfast, then go get our subjects sorted out. And then it's just normal class." Hermione replied.

My stomach rumbled. "Food sounds good," I said with a grin.

"I'm with you on that, mate," agreed Ron.

Hermione raised her eyebrows. "How can you eat after the amount you ate last night?"

Ron just patted his stomach and grinned. "That was last night. This is a different day, and I'm starving!"

Harry laughed. "Nice one, Ron. Come on, let's go eat."

The breakfast was just as good as the dinner had been. The little flame appeared next to me, like it had the previous night. I scraped a bit of bacon and scrambled eggs into it, watched by many curious eyes. Harry looked especially intrigued, but before he could open his mouth and repeat the conversation about the god, Hermione leaned over and whispered something in his ear. It obviously explained my 'odd habit', because understanding (still mixed with a bit of confusion) came over his face.

I ate uninterrupted, simply enjoying the food. It was as good as the meals given at Camp Half-Blood, but I did miss my blue coke.

At the end of breakfast, four teachers ("The Heads of the Houses" Hermione explained) came down from the dais to hand out timetables.

Professor McGonagall started handing them out at our table. When she got to our group she slowed down, talking to the student before writing something on a piece of paper and handing it to them.

Hermione looked up eagerly when the professor reached her. After a discussion involving subjects that I'd never heard of, she received her timetable, which looked incredibly full to me.

Looking extremely happy, Hermione stood up to leave.

"Just one minute, Ms Granger. Mr Jackson has first period with you." Professor McGonagall stopped her.

"I do?" I asked.

"Yes, Mr Jackson. Headmaster Dumbledore has arranged a special timetable for you." She handed me a paper with words written in cursive scrawled across it. I groaned.

"Um, Professor? I can't read this," I admitted.

McGonagall peered over her glasses at me. "Why ever not?"

"I'm dyslexic – you know, I have trouble reading."

Professor McGonagall pursed her lips. "Well, Mr Jackson, I will talk to Headmaster Dumbledore about it. For now, Ms Granger will have to help you." She moved on to talk to Harry.

Hermione looked at me impatiently. "Come on then, I don't want to be late!"

With a sad look at my half finished plate, I got up and followed Hermione out of the Great Hall.

As it turned out, we were early. I guessed that to Hermione, we were on time.

"So…" I began, as we waited outside the classroom. "Could you tell me what classes I have?"

Hermione looked up from her various books. I hoped that I hadn't needed any, because I hadn't brought any from the dorm.

"Well, you have Ancient Runes now, then Defence Against the Dark Arts. After lunch you have Potions…. And that's it for today. Astronomy is every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Care of Magical Creatures. You've got the same amount of classes as Harry and Ron, I would say."

I nodded, trying to straighten out all of the information in my head. All I'd wanted was the classes, not when I had them.

"Ok, thanks..."

We stood silently (well, I stood silently and awkwardly, Hermione just read her books), until the teacher arrived, along with the rest of the class – a maximum of 10 more people. They all looked fairly studious. I wondered whether I would enjoy this class at all. Hopefully the runes would be similar to Ancient Greek – something that I was more than comfortable with. I could do well in this class if they were. If not, well… at least I didn't need to get a good report card.

Hermione took a seat at the front of the class, and reluctantly I sat down next to her. I would have preferred to sit towards the back, where I could see everyone and be out of other's line of sight, but on the other hand I wanted to stick close to Hermione, because she was the only one I knew.

And if I failed, I might have a chance to look at her notes. Although, if she was anything like Annabeth, that was unlikely. Annabeth never let me cheat off her in anything.

The teacher introduced herself as Professor Babbling (great name) and explained what we would be doing. I got completely lost at counting to 'Fwooper'.

I let my gaze wander around the classroom, effectively tuning out the teacher's voice. I noticed an inscription of a hydra, although it already had nine heads.

I happily daydreamed about the adventure to the Sea of Monsters for a few minutes, but was interrupted when Hermione nudged me, and made a small gesture to the front. I shrugged helplessly, and she rolled her eyes, turned away from me.

I sighed in boredom. The teacher was still droning on about some runes that I had no clue about, nor really cared about. The rest of the class was listening intently, scribbling done notes every so often. I resigned myself to plenty of lessons of unknown words and concepts.

"- comes from Ancient Greece."

I shot up from where I'd slouched down in my seat. "What? Ancient Greece?"

Professor Babbling stopped midsentence in surprise. "Sorry…?"

"Percy Jackson," I supplied.

"Mr Jackson. What did you say?"

I could feel everyone's gaze on me. "I…er…just wanted to know what you said about Ancient Greece."

The professor looked disapprovingly at me. "If you had been listening, you would have known."

Awkward. "I'm sorry, Professor. But what did you say about Ancient Greece?"

She stared at me for a moment longer, before speaking. "For the benefit of Mr Jackson, I will repeat myself. As I said before, many of our runes come from Ancient Greek mythology. The civilisation is a basis for many cultures, and ours is no exception."

An idea struck me. "Professor, can we please learn more about it?"

She hesitated. I prayed to Hecate (she seemed to have the most influence here) that she would say yes.

'Come on, Professor. Please."

I looked in surprise at the random kid on my left. He glanced back at me, and added, "It's extra curriculum work."

Another voice spoke up. "I'd be interested."

"Me too."

"Sounds good."

Hermione looked at me, and gave me a small smile. "Professor, Ancient Greece seems like a fascinating subject. If we learn their alphabet, it could count as Ancient Runes."

That cracked Professor Babbling. "Oh, alright. We will learn the basic history, before starting on the language. Please put away your textbooks.

I smiled in relief. In my head I imagined Annabeth's voice.

Oh, Seaweed Brain. You always get your way, don't you.

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