By: Mio Amato

Tora I. X Misaki A.

AN: This is a one-shot based on Chapter 77, page 27 to 29 of the manga… This is actually my 2nd story for Maid-sama! But I don't have the time to write the 1st one online because it's a multi-chapter. But before everything else, Tora may be a little OC in here, okay? Just warning you guys. This is a Rated T fic. Genre is Hurt/Comfort. Anyways, R & R guys :)

"You shouldn't… deny it"

Damn that Maki, he seems to have seen through me already. But I can't say that I haven't seen through him as well. After all, he likes her too; he's not just planning to say anything to her… Like me.

Not that I want to, of course. It would destroy what little relationship I have with her, if I did tell her. And even I can see that she likes him enough to challenge a royalty. Preposterous for some, but it is what she always was. Not liking it when she's forced to not do anything to help. But does everything she can when she's allowed to. I dare say she's the most confusing person I have ever met. Maybe that's the reason why I fell for her.

Back then, she went to me because she wanted to formally decline his proposition and even after all that I said to her, she still said that I was welcome to her school for official business. At first, I was angry, but gradually, I found myself falling for her… HARD. Falling for her love towards her friends and everyone in the vicinity. Her actions. Her maturedness, yet still innocent aura. How she didn't care how rich I' am. Practically everything about her.

Jeez, what am I thinking? I can't think of this right now or else I wouldn't be able to keep my mask with her. I sighed. It's so hard to keep silent about everything these days. Especially with things concerning her.

I entered the room where they make her a lady, and found it… silent.

"…What, they've already gone back…" I said as I noticed Misaki, sleeping alone by the table, with a card next to her head.

I stood there for a few moments, admiring her unblemished beauty, before reverting back to who I usually am. "What a stupid face…" I snorted "To be sleeping in such a defenseless manner. Did she consider her safety?"

After a moment's hesitation, I took off my jacket to cover her. "I should let her know that I'm coming" I said to myself.

And as I placed my jacket on her shoulders, I saw her snuggle into it, and said something in a whisper. "Nn… U…sui…"

I stopped in my tracks, my hand wavering just above her shoulders. My face suddenly became blank. This is the reason why I deny it, Maki. Misaki loves usui. Apart from her family and close friends. Maybe more.

And that's the reason why I'm gambling on taking her to England. Even before she came to me, that very day, I figured her plan. And I came to a conclusion that for once I would be putting someone's happiness at priority before mine. But, as usual, I would be doing that under a fake reason. No matter how much it hurts me.

But even so, it pains me to see you this way. You changed me, Misaki. I owe you that. But before I waited in the other side of the room for the moment she wakes up, I silently brushed my hands through her hair.

I love you, but you can't be mine, so I'll be helping you out. Good luck, Misaki.