This assumes parts of "The Cricket Game" 2x10 don't happen. I used the room Regina is in based off of 2x12, but Cora does not show up, and no one knows Archie is alive like at the end of 2x11. I also do not own any characters or anything from OUAT. I started this story back in January so this will not follow some of the insights just learned from the episode "Welcome To Storybrooke". This is my first story that has actually been posted so be kind.

Regina sat in the ornately decorated room hidden in the back part of the Mills mausoleum she had created as her last fortress of magic at the beginning of the curse in case the mobs came after her at the breaking of the curse. She came here after the Charming family and that idiot fairy tried to capture her at her home. She had a stock pile of food, water and a bed to sleep on, but after watching Emma tell Henry that she supposedly killed Archie, she won't be sleeping anytime soon.

Knowing that she couldn't be out in public for long, she waited until the Charmings left after telling Henry that she had killed Archie. She didn't know how they missed seeing her car or her, but she was relieved. As soon as she could pull herself together and drive; she drove her car to an unused parking lot near the edge of town. She looked further up the road where she could see the line painted and wondered what it would be like to cross it.

Early on in the curse she had been able to leave town to establish the town as legitimate and understand what she would need to do to continue to make her town of Storybrooke run. She even took some training on these American accounting rules and political rules and what kind of land they actually lived in, so that she could actually be a mayor and do it right. She also tried finding that child of Snow's, to make sure the curse would not be broken, but had to stop with her trips out-of-town by the end of the second year of the curse. She was getting migraine headaches and severely ill, when she crossed the town line. She figured out then, that the curse was now limiting her to Storybrooke, as well. She didn't know what would happen to her now if she crossed the town line out of Storybrooke. Her guess was that she would have no memory at all. Since, she didn't have a cursed identity. With all the cards stacked against her, no memory was sounding like a good option. But, she wasn't at that point yet.

So, she had abandoned her car, disappeared in a purple cloud and reappeared in her hidden room, in the mausoleum. Regina stared at her decorative white apple tree in the room with the bright white lights on it and thinks on her situation as she has done in days past. Since arriving in her hideout, she had done plenty of depression drinking, crying and when she was bold enough she would observe Henry in her mirror. But the more Henry talked about needing protection from the Evil Queen a little more of Regina's heart broke.

As Regina drank more of her hard apple cider, she thought about just finding that sleeping spell spindle that Charming used, and use it on herself. She knew there was no one left that loved her enough to wake her up. She mentally went through those closest to her and realized that Henry hates her, so does Snow and Daniel and her Father are dead. But, then she thought about how many regrets she would be trapped with. in the sleeping curse and decided that would not be a good way to go out.

She knew that Henry probably hated her as did the rest of the town, but she wasn't going to quit. She may have been guilty of a lot of unspeakably horrendous things, but killing that bug was not one of them. She had many regrets and the 28 years of the curse and having Henry in her life had taught her a lot about love and forgiveness, and she needed to take responsibility for her actions. All of them including the murders and taking of hearts and other horrible things she has done. She wants to be a better mother to Henry and if it isn't too late, with Snow too.

If she believed in such a thing as karma, maybe this is it. She knew deep down that this whole feud with Snow is more her mother's doing than Snow's fault and still even in this land she had set Mary Margaret up for the false murder of Kathryn. She thinks back to all the times that Snow had tried to apologize and that time when Mary Margaret cried to her begging her to forgive her for whatever she did wrong and that she was innocent. Regina shook her head, why couldn't she do what she knew was the right thing to do, and not give into that anger and hurt. It was so easy to let it suck her in again and not accept Mary Margaret's apology just so she could see Snow suffer. If she had genuinely wanted Snow dead, she would have killed her ages ago. Regina had ordered for Snow's heart, even hiring the Huntsman to do the deed, but seriously the man cried over the animals he killed. Would he actually have been able to kill Snow? She secretly enjoyed the deadly game that she and Snow played, but during the times when her rage didn't totally consume her, she truly didn't want her step-daughter killed.

If she didn't have her Evil Queen reputation so well crafted, maybe someone would have actually believed her enough, to fight for her. But, why would that be any different from any other time in her life when people failed to fight for her. Her prayers weren't answered by the Blue Fairy. Her father didn't stand up for her to her mother. Don't even start on how her mother failed her. Snow failed to keep her promise, allowing her mother to know about Daniel and in turn kill her true love. King Leopold may have been a good father and a good king, but he was an abusive husband. Rumplestiltskin he manipulated her grief and pain letting her think that magic would be the answer for everything, but he was just as hurtful as her mother with power, magic and how he used Regina.

As Regina took another sip of her apple cider, she thought about how to convince the Charmings of her innocence in Archie's murder? Which had been something that she was feeling more and more hopeless about doing. The nightmare she had before the curse broke, with the lynch mob tying her to a tree and killing her was feeling, like it might become a reality.

AN: It gets interesting when Henry gets one of his ideas and then things get complicated as things in Storybrooke do. Oh, and trust me this is more than just your typical story about Regina. This is about revealing more insight into the human flaws and love and strength of several key characters. Please read on if this has peaked your interest at all.

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