Since it has been a while, I will sum up what has happened. After the events in the episode, 'The Cricket Game' Regina goes into hiding and Henry decides to prove that Regina is innocent. He gets a spell from Rumplestiltskin and tricks Snow and Emma into drinking the potion. Regina, Snow, and Emma are stuck together; and are forced to relive each other's memories. Charming is trying his best to find a way to free his family from the curse, but the Blue Fairy, King George, Cora and Hook are plotting to stir up trouble in Storybrooke. Henry is kidnapped by Cora and Hook, and he discovers that Archie is alive. Those trapped in the spell have so far, seen almost exclusively Regina's memories. In between the memories, arguments have ensued over what has been revealed. The memory from the last chapter was of Daniel's murder and Cora cursing Regina's heart.

"Red, have you seen Henry recently?" Granny asked as the lunch crowd at the diner slowed down.

"No, I thought he was still here in the back playing a video game." Red sniffs the air, trying to find Henry's scent among all of the grease and cooking smells and found it. She walks towards the back door of the diner and leaves.

"Red, what are you doing?" Granny calls out as she follows her out the door.

Red comes to a stop past the parked cars in the back and on a sidewalk in the ally. She looks around in confusion.

"Granny, his scent stops here. That doesn't make any sense. Regina and Rumple are the only one's with magic to make him disappear and would want to do that. But, Regina is trapped in the spell with Snow and Emma. Maybe we should check his shop again for some answers."

"Before we do that we are going to have to let King James know his grandson has disappeared." Granny said in dismay.

James got off the phone with Granny and was about to leave the apartment, when Snow called out in pain again. It was over before he could make it back over to the bed. He was torn. He didn't want to leave his wife and his daughter's side, but he needed to find his grandson. "Doc, please watch over them, I need to find Henry."

"I will do what I can, Your Highness." Doc bows to James before pulling the chair closer to the bed to watch over Emma and Snow.

"Thanks, Doc," James says as he runs out the door.

Hours later they come up with nothing, after searching all over Storybrooke.

Spencer, who has been quiet since his failed attempt to subvert David and frame Red for murder, approaches David in the diner.

"So, David, I see you can't even keep track of your own grandson. If you can't even do a simple thing like that, how can these people trust you to rule over this town?" King George accuses.

"Spencer, didn't you learn your lesson last time, that you have no power here?" James said with exasperation at the intrusion into the meeting about Henry.

"No, I think it is you, that hasn't learned your lesson. It just proves my point that you are not fit to be King. And there are those with true leadership abilities that can lead these people," Spencer challenges.

"Are you actually challenging me, now? There are more important things than changing leadership now. We removed you from power once with the people's support, what makes you think they want you in power again?" James said in angry frustration.

"I'm challenging you because it is the right thing to do for the people. You don't seem to care about them since you are so focused on your True Love, the savior and her bastard son that was raised by the Evil Queen." King George steps forward, getting in David's face.

"How dare you! You will not speak of my family in that way-" David is interrupted by Spencer who looks to the crowds that have gathered in the diner.

"See, he can't even address the issue of his lack of leadership to all of you. I implore those who want real leadership and a King who will be there for you, to request the removal of David as your ruler."

David thought that no one actually would be caught up by his fake father's speech, but as he looked around he noticed the crowd had grown. It included most of the town inside and those that couldn't fit, were right outside the diner. They all looked at him with murderous intentions and shouts of his deposition were beginning to take hold.

He looked back to Spencer and shouted, "What. Did. You. Do. To. Them? What dark magic, have you gotten from Rumple, to brainwash them like this?"

Spencer laughed, "Nothing, my boy. Rumple did nothing and neither did I. Is it so hard to imagine, that they might not like you, being their King?"

"No, some dark magic is controlling them. I can tell."

Spencer glanced over to the Blue Fairy, who was not shouting anything or moving towards James in his defense as Granny and Red were. The Blue Fairy just stood there with her arms crossed and smirked. James looked to where Spencer was looking and caught on to the fact that Spencer meant that the Blue Fairy was the one who used the magic.

James shook his head, "No, Blue wouldn't do that. She only uses magic for good. Blue, why would you do this?"

Blue glared at him and said coldly, "I have my reasons. I find, there is more to gain, in a partnership with George. You are no longer needed."

"See, she is using her magic for good. Getting rid of you for good. Now unless, you want her to sic the mob after you, I suggest you run." George smiled with glee at finally putting David in his place.

As the crowd pressed in trying to kill James he bolted out the back, "You two won't get away with this!"

He ran and hid from the mob and didn't try to sneak back to the apartment until dark. He was relieved to see that no one was waiting for him at the apartment and that Snow and Emma were still safe. He was able to get in touch with Granny, and she gathered all those who had not fallen under Blue's spell. They agreed that it wouldn't be safe to stay in the apartment for much longer. The dwarfs carried Snow and Emma to Regina's mansion, a place where no one would think to go near. Some bold vandals in Storybrooke had beat up Regina's car on the outskirts of town and sprayed graffiti on the mansion, but no one was daring enough to enter the mansion even with the Queen gone. Emma and Snow had checked before they became trapped in the spell, but didn't find Regina anywhere.

After the dwarfs had Snow and Emma situated in one of the guest rooms, James snuck over to the mansion. No one felt that Snow and Emma should have to stay in the Evil Queen's bedroom. James entered the guest room and was glad to see that someone had already put a chair next to Snow's side of the bed. James sank into the chair. He grabbed Snow's hand and bent over in sorrow at the loss of his grandson, his cursed wife and daughter and his people who wanted to kill him. He wept over Snow's body, and everyone in the mansion decided to leave him to grieve in peace. Plans for fighting back against Blue and Spencer and finding Henry could wait until morning.

King Leopold left the wedding planning to his advisors he had brought with him, the Lord and Lady Mills and his future wife, Regina while he continued with his travels across his kingdom. He decided that it would be good to have Snow and her new soon to be step-mother get better acquainted, so he left Snow in the care of the Mills. Snow, on the other hand, after the excitement of a wedding for Regina and the adult discussions got tiresome, continued to try and entertain herself when Regina couldn't spend time with her. Snow had noticed that Regina seemed a bit sad at times, but couldn't understand why when she was going to get married. Snow had always been too young to go to any royal weddings that her Father had gone to before, so she was excited to be a part of Regina's wedding.

A week had gone by since her Father had left her to stay with the Mills and she had become more curious about what Cora Mills did down that stairwell. So, Snow had started sneaking down until she could watch Cora without being seen and was shocked to see Cora practicing magic. She knew about the magic the Blue Fairy did and even if her Mother trusted the Blue Fairy she wasn't too sure about magic since that candle. But, she did want to learn more. Today she watched as Cora mixed liquids together heating them until a rainbow of colors appeared in the flask. As Snow tried to get closer, some dust tickled her nose, and before she could stop it, she sneezed. Snow waited to see what Lady Cora would do to her now that she has been caught. Cora tilted her head and smirked still keeping her back to Snow, "Snow, I know you've been watching me the past week. Why don't you come out of the shadows and join me and I can show you what I'm doing, dear?"

"I'm so sorry, Lady Mills. I know I shouldn't have been watching you, but I wanted to know what you are doing. Are you doing magic? I thought only the fairies and those that are evil do magic." Snow inquired as she cautiously moved into Cora's chambers.

Cora laughed to pacify the child, "Oh, my dear. There are many different kinds of people that use magic. I do my part to help others and help the kingdom. Would you like to help me with a spell?" Cora wrapped her arm around Snow and guided her towards a table with scrolls on it. Cora used some of the residual effects from the compulsion spell she placed on Snow, to get her to comply with her instructions.

"Are you sure this is okay? I was always taught that only people like fairies can use magic or it makes you do bad things." Snow said, but the desire to try it was pulling at her.

"It's fine, dear. I use magic, and you don't see me doing bad things do you?" Cora smiled sweetly at Snow. Snow knew she liked Henry and Regina, so Cora can't be that bad.

"Well, if you say it's okay. What do you want me to do?"

Cora smiled in triumph at Snow's response, glad that she has been able to continue her plan to turn Snow's heart black as coal. She picks up a scroll that is perfect for Snow and hands it to the little girl.

"Dear, this is a spell that will help bring your Father safely back to the Palace after his travels. You remember we are meeting him there next week?" Snow nods her head in affirmation, "Ok, you blow really careful over the top of the scroll and then breathe the spell in." Cora gently explained.

Snow looked at the scroll, with strange writing and symbols written on it, and was confused by what Cora has instructed her to do,"Breathe the spell in? What does that mean? How do I do that?"

"Child, just blow on the scroll and you will see. Trust me." Cora smiled at her. So, Snow did as she was instructed since she had no reason to doubt this woman who said she would do anything for Regina's happiness. Snow grasped the yellow parchment scroll with both of her hands and gently blew on it and was amazed that the writing on the scroll floated up off of the page and hovered in the air.

"Oh, my!" Snow exclaimed. Snow had seen Cora do it, but for Snow to be able to do it was just astonishing to her.

Cora quickly said, "Snow, the spell won't work if you don't breathe it in." Snow was a little scared, but she went ahead and took a deep breath and the magical ink was breathed in to Snow. Snow's eyes got quite wide, and Cora could see the swirl of purple settle into her eyes, in addition to a blank look, on the child's face.

Cora darkly laughs as she takes the scroll from Snow's hands and pats her on the head, "Good girl, Snow. Such an obedient child. Oh, I could have so much fun with you. With this, I don't even need your heart. You are mine, dear, to do with as I please. Well, until I can think of other things these are your instructions from me that will last, even if this spell is broken." Cora then leaned forward and whispered into Snow's ear planting the seeds of darkness within her heart.

"Now that, that's taken care of, shall we have some fun? Snow, kneel before me." Cora commanded with an evil smile. Snow, under Cora's control, gets on her knees before Cora. "Since your Mother can't do this, I will make you do it. Kiss my boots!" Snow does as instructed and Cora just smiles from ear to ear reveling in making the daughter of Eva grovel before her. "Oh, I wish I could see Eva's face now. I will destroy your legacy Eva, by blackening your daughter's soul and making my daughter queen."

"Child stand up," Snow gets up from the stone floor and waits for further instructions from Cora, " Snow here are more instructions that you will do after this spell is broken. When you do tell Regina about your hand in murdering Daniel, you will tell her it is because you wanted a new mother. Don't tell her today, I would wait until perhaps when she has her dress fitting before we move to your castle. That way, your supposed betrayal and selfishness, will be fresh in her mind when she is forced to marry your Father. Isn't that wonderful, dear?" Snow obediently nods her head.

"Now, Snow-" Cora starts to command but is interrupted by Regina who rushes into the room,

"MOTHER! What is Snow doing here? I've looked all over for her. She is needed by one of the King's advisors." Regina looks over at Snow and notices that she hasn't reacted to Regina entering the room. "Snow?" No reaction. "Mother! What have you done to her? The King will kill us if anything happens to her." Regina tries to get Snow's attention, but Snow looks straight ahead not reacting to anything.

"Really, Regina. The girl is fine. I just was tired of her pestering questions and thought she could learn some obedience." Cora said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Oh, please tell me you didn't give her one of those lessons? And tell me her heart is still inside her chest? Whatever you did, you need to snap her out of it before someone finds out." Regina was terrified as to what her Mother did to little Snow.

"Don't worry, Regina. It was just a bit of fun she won't be traumatized by anything I've done or had her do, she won't have any recollection of this." Cora walked over and took a flask of pink fizzy liquid and poured a small amount into a chalice and said, "Snow, drink this." Regina tried to grab it before Snow, but Snow took it and downed the contents of the goblet. Snow shivered and then appeared to 'wake up' and she looked around in confusion seeing Cora and Regina. "What am I doing here? I'm sorry, Lady Mills. I was just curious about what you were doing. But, suddenly I'm feeling unwell. If you will excuse me." Snow turned still looking confused and started to head up the stairs.

Regina needed to stay and figure out what Cora had given Snow, but she wanted to make sure Snow was okay as well, "Snow, dear? When you are feeling up to it, Sir William is looking for you on an important matter. Let Johanna or me know if you are feeling too unwell."

Snow turned and looked back at Cora and Regina, "Thank you for your concern. I'm sure I just need to rest for a while. Good day."

As soon as Snow's footsteps could not be heard climbing the stairs any longer, Regina whipped around on her Mother and angrily said, "What did you make her drink? We can't have the King's daughter ill, somehow it will come back on me and since you want me to become queen that wouldn't work well for your plans."

"Don't you speak to me like that, Regina! I gave her something to break the spell, and it is harmless. She will have some minor stomach indigestion, dizziness and a headache for a few hours, but that will pass. Now get up there, I have business to finish up here."

"I'm sure you do," Regina said with sarcasm as she went to make sure Snow was fine.

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