It hasn't been long ever since Aichi had asked Naoki to each lunch with him. The passionate red-head had no objections in taking the request. It was suggested that they eat on top of the school building for a bit more settled setting. Just them two sitting under the blue sunny sky, clouds rolling by bringing only passing shades.

Naoki took a swing at a Cola bottle he had bought from the vending machine near the cafeteria. After taking in a bit, he wiped a bit of leftover liquid from his lips with his sleeve. A rasp breath of a refreshed relief had resulted after the drink. He sideglanced at the blue-haired teen sitting beside him eating his bento lunch. He watched the boy's movements without Aichi seemingly not noticing; the lips move in small quivers chewing; and his blue eyes showed every emotion at the texture teasing his taste buds. Whoever had made Aichi's meal was a very good cook, Naoki assumed.

Aichi swallowed. A delighted smile graced his features before curving into a frown. "… I'm thirsty…." He had forgotten to bring a drink from home or buy one. Naoki had took that into thought and searched his wallet that he dug from his wallet. He wanted to buy one for his friend. As he turned to give the offer, he paused when Aichi took a swing of his cola that he had put down between them. Aichi gulped down every last drop without a breath in between before gasping in relief. Naoki only stared at him, gawking.

Aichi glanced at him confounded for a moment before his attention drew towards the empty bottle. "Ah! Sorry! I'll pay you back…." He said sheepishly.

"ah…no…that's all right!"

A sudden thought came to Naoki's mind. They say if someone touched their lips on the same spot your lips took, meaning from something you drank or ate from, it was called an indirect kiss. And seeing Aichi's action earlier…

Naoki blushed. Aichi hadn't taken to that realization as he stared at the teen with concern. Naoki turned away avoiding eye-contact and in saying nothing was wrong with him! He soon gave a sigh of relief when the bell rang signaling that lunch period was over.

What if they would one day have an actual kiss instead?