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couple Shino/Hinata


Chapter 1

Walking into the store, hearing the bell jingle I could see her helping another customer as she talked with a sweet sounding voice that made my body tingle. I saw her standing there with a small dark dress that reached to her knees. The apron tied around her waist gave her body definition as she moved gracefully around the shop, her pale skin flaunts the dress she is wearing. Finishing with the customer in front of me with a smile I notice that, I didn't want her to smile at anyone but me. Her pale lavender eyes drew me in behind my dark glasses. She greeted me with a smile.

"Good afternoon Hinata, how are you?" I spoke softly my deep voice rumbling off my chest. "Good afternoon Aburame-sama, I am well how can I be of service to you today?" Hinata gave me a small bow with her hand clasped in front of her, her voice soft and calm that makes me shiver but I refrain from showing it the young woman in front of me. "My weapon needs repairing, my Glock 17 from last time, I was hoping that you could have it done within a week?" I stated as I saw her watching me full of concentration as I spoke to her. Her eyes dropping from my face to the gun that I had put on the table.

Her eye's lighting up every time that I saw her pick up a gun be it small or big. I watched with attentive eye's as she picked up the gun and did her assessment on it with her nimble fingers. She eyed the weapon in one hand as she did the checks as she usually does, checking that if the gun is loaded or not. After checking the gun she writes in her business book what needs to be fixed. She keeps a book on the sideline for customers like me. After writing in the book I place a wad of paper bills on the table for her to collect. She counts the money and puts it in the draw to her left as she always does.

"Aburame-sama please come back in a week to pick up your gun, luckily the damage is minimal and is repairable. Thank you for doing business with Hyuga gunsmiths, is there anything else that you would like for today?" I snap out of my dream and back into reality, as she looks at me with those eye's, I'm intraped with those eye's. She might not have notice it but I have fallen in love with the small gunsmith. "Yes there is one more thing Hinata." I spoke softly as she looked at me expectantly. "You will have dinner with me tonight, I will not take no for an answer." She looks surprised for a moment but then relaxes then bows . "Of course Aburame-sama where shall I meet you?" She says softly but give me a soft smile that makes my stomach tingle again. "Do you remember Kiba? The man with the tattoos on his cheek he will pick you up at eight-thirty tonight. Wear a cocktail dress tonight, I hope you like dancing." I state as I walk towards the door and before she can react the bell jingle's behind me as I leave the little shop.