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Chapter 21

I sit up groaning as I feel the back of my head throbbing. I noticed that I'm laying in the same spot I fainted just with a pillow under my head. I look around and spot Hinata sitting a few feet away from me sleeping against the wall. Her hands are around her waist protectivly.

I get up slowly trying to get up without waking up Hinata which is not gonna happen cause I knock over the bowl of water right next to me that pours all over Hinata. Her eye's widen in shock.

She turns to me with a glare and the next few seconds I see a flurry of emotions through her eyes from sad to pissed off then finally her lips start to tremble and big tears are streaming down her face. Good going Shino! Get the girl of your dreams pregnant and then tip water all over her nice one.

"H-h-h- Hinata I'm so sorry!" I say quickly as I drape my jacket over her. The next thing I feel is a metal hitting my head as I'm knocked to the ground again, I hear Hinata running up the stairs sobbing. Good going Shino!

After I get my bearing I start walking up the stairs I can hear the shower running. I knock on the door and listen against the door. I can her light sniffling. I lean my head against the door as I hear her sniffle.

"Hinata...I'm so sorry that I did that, I had no intentions of upsetting you, believe me that's the last thing that I want." I hear the shower turn off and ruffling of clothes and see the door crack open.

"I'm s-sorry for throwing the bucket at you Shino its the hormones they have been all over the place this last month." She opens the door wide and I see this beautiful angel step out. After all this time she is so beautiful.

"Why didn't you tell me Hinata that you were pregnant? I could have helped you." I look at her as her face is downcast.

"I was scared that you might not want me or the baby but I knew that was a silly after...Ellie." She looked at me and smiled softly. "I knew that you would have loved me and the baby, I was scared that your grandmother might take him or her from me." She held her stomach protectively and I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her into my embrace.

"Nothing and I mean nothing will stop me from having you and this little one." I touch her stomach still so flat but soon to be big and full of life. I remove my hands from Hinata's waist and pull out a velvet box and place it into her hand.

"What's this S-shino?" She asks as she open the velvet box. I hear a gasp and thump I look down that she has dropped the ring. She looks up at me and her face goes red. I wait for a few seconds then I see her falling back, I scoop her up and look at her she's passed out. Good going Shino and I carry her bridal style to her bedroom.

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