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It felt strange being back here, she had sworn to herself that she wouldn't return to the penthouse after the breakup with Zander, but here she was. Riding the elevator in the Harborview Towers up to the penthouse floor on her way to the same penthouse where she used to visit him. The only difference was that this time Zander and Alexis wouldn't be there, for some strange reason Alexis was cutting ties with Sonny, and so her brother Jason had moved back in.

Stepping off the elevator Emily is overcome with memories of other occasions like this, it seemed as if she was always in this hallway. Not even bothering to look at Sonny's door, she turns on her heels and heads for Penthouse #3. Dropping her bag by her feet she leans against the door processing the scene she had seen on the docks


Flashback Thirty Minutes Ago

    It felt great to be back home, and most importantly it felt great to be able to walk the docks just like she use to. Some of the greatest moments of her life happened on the dock, it was where she first met Nikolas, and where Juan first kissed her, of course neither one of those things worked out, but it was still a good place.

The sound of laughter had her drawing back into the shadows, she had just arrived in Port Charles fifteen minutes ago, and she didn't need to run into someone that would spread the news all over town.

" Zander it wasn't that funny." The voice was very familiar, if asked she would have said it was Liz, but it couldn't be.

" Oh come on, Goldmember was hilarious." That voice she knew, it was Zander, but it couldn't really be him, because he and Liz barley tolerated each other so there's no way they having a friendly conversation about the newest Austin Powers' movie.

Stepping slightly out of the shadows she looks in the direction of the voices, and her eyes widens in shock. It is indeed Zander and Liz, and not only are they laughing and joking, but they're arm in arm, like a couple.

" Tell the truth, you liked the movie." Zander turned around and faced her tilting his head to get a better look at her eyes." Come on fess up Lizzie."

"The truth is…" Elizabeth steps closer and lets a mischievous grin light her face." The truth is that I love you, and that movie still sucked." She leaned on her on toes and kissed his nose before running away up the steps, with Zander following a huge smile on his face.

Emily fell back against the wall shocked, and hurt. It wasn't so much that Zander was with someone new, why would it hurt she had ended things with him, it was about Liz. All of her friends had managed to write and keep in touch with her during her rehabilitation, she had heard both sides of the whole Gia/Helena saga from both Lucky and Nikolas, Juan had stopped by and visited her, she received frequent emails from Jason and Sly Eckert, even Gia and Carly had sent get well soon cards, but nothing from Liz had come, and now it made more sense then she cared to admit." Welcome Home Emily. "

Feeling more tired then ever before she headed for the only place she could wallow in peace Jason's.


" Come on get over Em, stuff happens." Emily shakes off the reminder of Liz's betrayal, and knocks on door eager to have Jason comfort her.

Knock Knock

  When no one opened the door she dropped her head in defeat, the last thing she wanted was to go over to Sonny's to ask for the key, but facing the Quartermain's was so much worse. " Chill out, he's probably not even there." She picked up her bag and headed towards Sonny's penthouse, and froze as she rounded the corner, and saw who was guarding the door, it was him. Of course it was she had been having a bad day and it was bound to get worse.

He looked up as he heard the footsteps, and he eyes only showed a brief moment of shock when he saw who it was. " Miss Quartermain."

" Johnny, is he in, I need a key to Jason's." She's unsure of why she's explaining things to him, but remembered that she always got tongue-tie around Johnny.

" Yes, I'll announce you." Johnny turns his back on her and takes a deep breathe before opening the door of the penthouse. Sonny and Carly seem to be having an intense conversation, so he clears his throat to alert them to his presence. When they both turn toward him he gives an apologetic look. " Emily Quartermain is here."

Sonny and Carly don't even bother to hide their surprise the words leave them stunned, but Sonny is the first to recover." Show her in."

Johnny steps back and open the door allowing her in, and take the time to really look at her while she passes him. He didn't think it was possible, but she had gotten lovelier, then the last time he saw her, she keep her hair long, and her big brown eyes still told all her secrets. " It was nice to see you again Miss Quartermain."

" You too, Johnny." Emily glanced at him briefly before turning back to Sonny and Carly.

 " Emily, it's good to see you." Sonny gave a timid smile, showing off his dimples, he wasn't too sure about the reception he was going to receive from her, the relationship had been strained since she found out about him and Carly all those years ago, and although they were closer they weren't where they used to be. "You look great, you're up, and walking again, that's wonderful."

" He's right you look great, and we're glad you're back." Carly stepped closer to Sonny and gave her a genuine smile.

" Thanks, I'm glad to hear that you two are back together, that's great news." " I didn't mean to bother you, but I wanted to know if you had an extra key to Jason's."

Sonny gave Carly a sideway glance, before expelling a large breathe. " Emily ordinarily I just give you the key, but some things are going down, and I don't think it's safe to be there by yourself, and I don't know when Jason will return. " " It's really kind of dangerous for you to be in town, right now." Sonny rubbed a hand over his chin before looking past Emily toward the door." Johnny, come here."

The door opens and he steps back in." Yes sir."

" I want you to take Emily to the safe house and stay there with her, until Jason can come."

"Sonny, that's not necessary…" Emily start to shake her head, but Sonny is determined.

" No, it is, you're important to Jason and I, and it's important for you to be protected." " Have Vince drive you, and I don't want you to leave her side until she's safe."

" Yes sir." Johnny steps forward and grabs Emily bag form her hand, and briefly touches her delicate hand, and barley manages to stop him self from shaking from the feeling it caused. " I'll get the elevator."

Emily watched him walk out stunned at how terribly wrong things had gotten in such a short time." Sonny..."

" No, this is final, I'll tell Jason where you are, when I hear from him."

" Fine, thanks." Emily gave a weak wave and hurried out the door and into the small elevator with the large guard.


The ride to the Safe house was very similar to the ride in the elevator, silent. The only sound was the rain as it pelted against the car's exterior.

Neither one spoke as they both remembered the night that they're relationship changed, a night when it was also raining.


Flashback 2 years ago

Emily came running off the elevator and stopped breathlessly in front of Johnny, who merely grinned at the sight, she was dripping wet obviously forgetting her umbrella yet again. . " Can I help you Emily?"

She leaned back against the wall and gave a halfhearted glare she liked Johnny; he seemed to be the only one besides Sonny in Jason's circle of friends with a sense of humor. " Sonny in?"

" He stepped out, but I'll let you into wait." Johnny opened the door and steeped back to allow her to past and sucked in a breath when she accidentally brush up against him. He felt angry with himself every time she came by, not because of her, but because of the feelings she caused. She was only sixteen years old, not to mention the fact that she was Jason's sister, and now practically Sonny's daughter-in-law if the way that Juan acted was any indicator, and he was once again forced to admit the he had feelings for her. It was hopefully just a little crush, but it was still a little discorcerning to find yourself attracted to a sixteen year old, no matter how beautiful, smart, or funny. " I'll just be outside if you need me."

Emily turned from her place on the couch, and quickly stood." Oh wait, I could use your opinion." Juan was once again proving to be confusing mix of emotions and contradictions, and she needs the help of a man, but was running low on people who could help. A.J. was still angry about the whole Michael thing, and wasn't really talking to her, Nikolas hated Juan, Lucky had problems of his own, and talking to Ned in a case like this was like talking to Alan, who along with Grandfather was out of the question. Sonny and Johnny were the two people that Jason had told her to trust with anything she had, and now she needed it. "I have a problem, I really can't go to anyone else, and I need an objective opinion."

At the word problem, Johnny automatically straightened, he couldn't really think anyone would be stupid enough to mess with Jason Morgan's little sister, but he was damn sure going to make sure they regretted it. " How can I help?"

" No, no nothing like that." She gave a small laugh at the way he seemed to puff out his chest at the mention of trouble, and could only imagine what he thought." Maybe I shouldn't bother you with it."

" No come on, I thought I was your favorite bodyguard." The realization that it was a personal problem didn't really put him at ease, but  the way she smiled at him when he called himself her favorite bodyguard made him feel slightly better.

" You're right." Emily leaned her head back against the couch." Okay, while I've been seeing Juan for almost a year now, and gosh this is a little embarrassing, but I need a guys opinion." " Okay Juan and are getting really close, really really close."

He feels his chest tighten as the innuendo runs through his mind, 'really close' when he was sixteen really close meant sex, but he hoped to God that wasn't what she meant. It would defiantly give him another reason to dislike Sonny's stepson. " Okay really close."

Emily blushed when he raised an eyebrow in a silent question." Not that close, yet." " Any way Juan says he loves me, and I believe him and I feel the same way, but I don't know if us loving each other is a reason to go that far, do you know what I mean."

" You're not ready."" If you don't think you're ready then you shouldn't do it, and he shouldn't try to talk you into it." He face tightened and he tries to calm down, but the Juan Santiago is quickly becoming he least favorite person. " This is a very important thing we're talking about, and you can't allow someone else's wants override your, especially that little punk Juan."

Emily head came up at the last words that he spoke, he was angry. " I thought you liked Juan."

" I like you and I don't want you to do anything you're not ready for, and if Santiago has a problem with than maybe I should talk to him." A muscle in his jaw started jump, while he keep clenching and unclenching his fist at the thought.

Emily quickly walked over to him, and laid her hand on is arm. " Johnny calm down, I'm sorry I brought this up, I didn't know you were going to go into a big brother mode on me." 

He wasn't sure what made him snap, it could have been the hand on his arm, or the way she said big brother, it could have been the entire conversation, but it was all just too much for him to bear. " Emily, I'm not your big brother, I don't even think I could be considered a friend with the way I'm thinking." He shrugged her off and walked toward the door, he couldn't stand looking in her eyes, if there was one thing that stood out about Emily above all others, it was her eyes.

"That's ridiculous of course you're a friend, and what way you're thinking." " Is something wrong?"

" Yes, but I should go back outside." He reached for the door handle, and pulled just as he felt her hand on his shoulder.

" Hey no running, aren't I your favorite assignment." The smile she gave was what really drove him over the edge.

" Yeah you are, but not for the reason you think." " I really do like you Emily, but not the way should." " Not as your body guard, not even as a employee or friend of Jason's, I have feelings for you, and they are anything but brotherly." When her jaw dropped in surprise he cemented the words with actions, by leaning in and kissing her surprised lips.

It was brief, but electrical, and he quickly stepped away and opened the door revealing Sonny. " Hey Boss, Emily's here to see you." " I'll just wait outside for Francis to relieve me." He quickly stepped past his employer without looking back at Jason's little sister. He was a dead man anyway, he was sure that the first thing she would do was tell Sonny what happened, and the first thing he would do was order an 'accident'. Shutting the door behind Sonny, he leaned against the wall ready to die.


" We're here." Johnny opened the door, and held it open for Emily, he still had no real clue why she never told anyone what happened, but he owed her his life just the same. He shut the car door and led her to the loft door, and opened it allowing her to enter first. " I'll get your bags." He removed the bag from the trunk and was on his way back when Vince stopped him. " What's up?"

" There was an explosion at the warehouse, I'm heading back, and Sonny wants you to stick close to Miss Quartermain." " The place is stocked, but I expect that you'll be here awhile, at least til things cool down long enough to ensure her safety."

" Yeah, drive safe." The thought that he and Emily are alone and will be for quite sometime doesn't strike him, until he goes back in and he saw her taking off her rain coat revealing tight jeans and form fitting tank top. " There was a problem at the warehouse, so Jason will be delayed."

" Okay, you don't have to stay Johnny I'll be fine."

" Can't Sonny's orders."

" Of course." Emily sank into the armchair and closed her eyes the day kept getting worse. If only he hadn't kissed her, she could have just ignored what he said, but no he had to kiss her, and leave her there thinking about him in that way. That afternoon had lead to trouble. She had felt guilty about kissing him, and about betraying Juan. Overcome with guilt she had attended the rave, heart set on sleeping with Juan and proving her love. But then they fought and the whole Dead Ted thing started, which lead way to the kidnapping, and eventually the whole Zander romance. The months that followed had been filled with mixed emotions, and angry adults, and rebelling against everything she had previously know. Looking back it was probably just an excuse so she wouldn't have to think about what happened with Johnny. Now unfortunately being stuck in this loft with him for God knows how long will bring back everything she ever tried to forget. " I think I'll go take a nap."

Johnny nodded and stood to show her where the bedroom was, when the lights flickered and then went out completely. " Storm knocked the power out, wait here I get some candles."

Emily fell back against the couch, and sighed heavily. " Great alone in the dark with the man you've spent two years fantasizing about." "Good job Emily."

" What was that?" He had taken off his coat and tie, and was carrying two candles, that he placed on the on the coffee table.

" Nothing just commenting on my great decision making skills."

" Oh, I can show you where the bedroom is now."

" No, never mind I can't sleep knowing the powers gone, it'll creep me out."

" Oh, well I can make you something to eat, we have sandwich meat."

" Seat down, just because we're alone doesn't mean we have to talk about it, and it doesn't mean you have to avoid me."

He sat down on the love seat and looked up quickly, with narrowed eyes. " I'm not afraid to talk about it and I'm not trying to avoid you." " I just want to make sure you have everything you need."

" Well, I'm as fine as I can be." A thought occurred to her and she leaned forward looking up to meet his brown eyes. " Johnny did you know about them?"

" I heard things." He didn't need to ask who she was talking about, she had looked sad when he first saw her and now the pain had a cause.

"  I hadn't actually seen it for myself, but that's what the rumors say."

" Well let me be the first to confirm the Port Charles Rumor mill."

" I'm sorry Emily."

" Don't apologize, I broke up with Zander months ago, I have no claim. "

" But Elizabeth is your friend."

" I'm sure Liz…"

" DAMNIT DON'T DO THAT." He slammed his hand down on the coffee table causing her to jump at the sound. " Don't let someone hurt you and then make excuses for them. "

" I'm not."

" Yes you are, you do it all the time." " Everyone that screws you over has a reason for it." "Why do you let people treat you like that?"

" Watch it O'Brien, you're about to cross a line."

" I crossed it two years ago."  

" Let's not go there." Emily stood and walked toward the small window overlooking a small private beach.

He stood and followed her to the window coming up right behind her, but holding himself back from touching her." No I think we should talk about it, I have a few questions."

" Oh please by all means, I'm at your disposal."

The sarcastic tone she used, made him laugh, he knew that deep done Emily was strong and capable of taking anyone on, but too often she let others feelings ride rough shot over hers. " Good, first question why didn't you tell Sonny what happened?"

" Are you insane?" Emily turned and looked at him like he'd grown a second and third head. " Sonny would have had you killed, Jason would have come home just so he could pull the trigger. " 

" True, second question what are you feelings about me?" " I am Johnny the bodyguard, the nuisance, or an honorary big brother, or some hot guy you like?"

"  You think highly of yourself." She stepped back and shook her head." And for your information I don't think about you."

" I think you're lying, in fact I know you are." Johnny stepped closer and gave a dangerous smile as she backed up more and hit the wall, he continued until he was inches away from her." If you didn't think of me, you wouldn't be this nervous." " I bet you think about me a lot, and I'm guessing it's in the last category."

" Shut up."

" Witty comeback, Quartermain."

" You…." Emily tirade got cut off as Johnny leaned in and claimed her mouth. Outrage quickly turned to lust, for the last two years on several occasions her fantasies included this man, and here his was kissing her. No longer fighting the urge to be involved she lifted her hands and placed them on his strong shoulders.

Which seemed to be all the encouragement he needed, he used a hand he had behind her head to push off the wall, as he began to lead her to the couch in the center of the room. He fell back onto the plush leather allowing her to remain on top pf him, as the kiss continued and took on a new level of urgency.

" Emily we should stop." He said it but he prayed she wouldn't agree as he left her mouth to trail kisses down her neck.

" No." Emily tilted her allowing him more access she wasn't stopping now for anything, not even the end of the world. She moved her hands from his shoulders down his chest opening his dress shirt as she went.

" If we don't stop soon…." Johnny pulled back and tried to calm his breathing, but the look that Emily gave him didn't help things at all, it was one of pure desire.

" We… won't… stop… at… all…" She punctuated each word with a kiss on his chest, as she removed the shirt from his broad shoulders. 

" Em?" He hands were at her was itching to remove the tank top, but making love to Emily Quartermain was he his greatest dream, and yet his greatest nightmare. If her parents thought Juan or Zander was bad news then a twenty-eight years bodyguard to Sonny Corinthos was worst then death, he was just as sure that Sonny and Jason no matter how forgiving would never forgive this, and worst yet was Emily. She was acting on pure lust, she had no clue that he loved her, or that he loved her too much to force his affections on her. "We can't."

His brown eyes said it all, they were opposites in everything, and no one would make them being together easy, but she didn't care. " Just for tonight?"

There it was all he ever wanted, but only for one night, no guarantees, or declarations of love, just them here. " Tonight."