Once he was out he sat down a bit near a tree to get some rest. He had not seen Kitsune's brother anywhere. He guessed he was away. Renji was glad that Ren was not there to see with his eyes his parents getting murdered.

Renji was mad at himself. He could not believe that he let Sister do that much of damage to a single family. All members of the group were dead. She was inside him. (XD I know it sounds Ero but oh well~ :S) She was living inside his body. He was sure that she was too weak to take over him. It would take some years to, since he had hit her hard. He would have killed her is she did not abandon her body to try and possess his. She, now, had Hibiki's body as a vessel until she became strong enough to take over him and continue where she left off. The man would not let her. By the time, he would be too weak and Sister will be able to take over him, both of the kids will be older and stronger. She would be too weak for both of them.

Hibiki sighed. He did not know what to do to forgive himself. They were so kind to him and he repaid them with bringing an assassin group to kill them. He did not know for what reason he had done that. He was trying to find out but no answers were coming to his head. It was completely blank.

Kitsune was sleeping onto his legs peacefully. Her face was so cute it made Hibiki want to burst into tears. Her face was so peaceful like nothing had happened.

"That's how lucky kids are. They are able to forget thing easy. I hope she will get over it fast. That smile of hers was always bringing me joy. It was refreshing me. I wonder if she will ever be able to smile like that again."

He caressed the girl's head. He smiled and let himself free. His back touched the tree and his head was tilted to the side. He was about to sleep. All these events made him tired. But he wanted to think of something to say when he would meet Kitsune's brother. Renji was a grown up alright, however he still needed some time to prepare his words. He would, after all, speak to Kitsune's family member. Kitsune's brother would probably try to kill him for allying his family to get killed. He felt kind of anxious. Ren, Kitsune's brother loved his sister too much. It was like to him Kitsune was everything he had. Renji expected a really harsh reaction of him.

Renji sighed deeply. His eyelids were heavy. He could not keep them open. He fell asleep on the spot. He looked so peaceful whilst he was sleeping. He felt really warm and with Kitsune on his lap he felt extremely happy. Even when he was sleeping.


"mmm, five more minutes"

"Ha-ya-to! Wake up!"

He got hit by something on the head which woke him up. It was not a powerful hit but it was enough to wake him up. His vision was blurry so he rubbed his eyes to clear it. When his vision was ok he saw that Kitsune had woken up and was shaking him.

"What's wrong?"

"Hayato, Where is brother"

"Ren? I don't know. I haven't seen him in ages"

"….I see…"

Hayato smiled and placed a hand on the kid's head caressing it.

"Don't worry. He is ok."

The small girl smiled and looked up at Renji. She nodded happily. Hayato smiled himself and looked around. He did not see anyone else except him and Kitsune. IT was only natural since they were in the middle of a forest. No one even came there except those who belonged to the fire family. He sighed and looked up at the sky. He saw that it was starting to get dark. He had to take Kitsune somewhere. The hideout was not an option. He had to take her to his home, but he was worried that Ren might come back and he will not see anyone there. He had to be patient and wait until he arrives. If he would come.


Suddenly kitsune screamed making Renji flinch. She started running at a black figure. The girl threw her arms at the figure which help her up and brought her into a tight hug. He had not heard what the kid had said.

Looking more at the figure; Renji saw that it was Kitsune's brother. Ren had finally arrived there. And she was at the right time. Hibiki had to give him an explanation.

Ren walked to Hibiki with Kitsune in his arms. When he reached him he looked at the hideout. He let Kitsune down and he looked at Hibiki.

"Who did this? I saw everything…Why are my parents dead?!"

Ren was only eleven years old but he was mature. He seemed to be about sixteen to seventeen. Ren had gotten inside the Fire family's hideout first. When his eyes saw the blood and the dead bodies everywhere he panicked. He did not know if his sister was alive or dead. He did not know if he would see his parents' faces again. He run through the whole hideout to see if Kitsune was hiding somewhere. He did not find her and her became even more panicked. He reached his parent's room and when he saw their bodied laying down full of blood he bursted into tears. But he stopped himself soon enough. He had to look for his sister. She was nowhere to be found in the hideout. He though that she might have been kidnaped.

"Ren, hear me out will you?"

"What did you do to them? Where you the one who did all of this!?"

"No,Ren, I..I will explain. Just calm down a little"

"How can I calm down…?"

"At least try to."

Ren was really mad. He found it impossible to calm down at that situation. He did his best and eventually managed to calm down.

Hibiki explained everything that happened. Ren's reaction was as he had though. Ren hit him many times for letting something like that happened to them. If it was not for Kitsune, Ren would have lost control.

"I will take full responsibility for you. I will raise you as long as I can. I-"

"I don't care what you say. I am not leaving my sister into your hands. I will raise her myself!"

"Ren, at least let me help you. You can't do much at the age you are now."

Ren was silent. Hibiki had a point. He could look after both himself and his sister. He was only eleven years old. There were no many things he could do. His physical strength was too low and the presence of an adult was a must at his age. If not he would go inside an orphanage and he did not want his sister to grow up like that.

Ren clicked his tongue. He had to cooperate with Hibiki if he wanted to live a normal life. He looked at his sitar. She was staring at him nodding. He knew that Kitsune would want Hibiki to be in charge of them. He was the only person she ever liked out of all the guardians of the fire family.

Kitsune walked at Ren and raised her hands at him, telling him to lift her up. Ren could not do anything but smile. He was glad his sister was alright. He never had experienced such joy as then. He soon enough took the small kid in his arms and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

"If it wasn't for you; I would have gotten crazy by now"

"Ren, you are a boy matured for your age. I don't know how that happened but it is certainly a good thing for someone to have. As long as you will be able to take care of yourself, I will go and you will never see me again."

"You better do that or I'll make sure you never see anyone again"

"Brother, don't talk like that to him"

Kitsune looked at Ren with a sad face and her eyes were begging him. He always did whatever his sister wanted him to. Not even once he said no to her. He knew that he had to sometime but this time was not the right one. Ren sighed as he smiled and nodded.

"Sorry, Kitsune. I won't do that again. Will you forgive me?"

"Of course~ Kitsune will forgive brother"

Ren laughed.

"How cute you are. It makes me want to pinch your cheeks real hard"

Upon hearing that, Kitsune covered her cheeks with her hand and look at Ren angrily.

"No! Kitsune won't let you do that!"

Both Ren and Hibiki laughed with their hearts. They were glad that at least Kitsune was saved.

Hibiki realized something. Sister did not know that Martha had two kids. This was an advantage to them. Sister's only aim was to erase the existence of anyone who belonged to the Fire family. Meaning she did not target Ren. Ren was already in training to become a guardian of the 10th generation of the Fire family. Kitsune would start as soon as she turned 8. Her brother would train her himself.

Ren knew that Kitsune would turn out to be a strong woman like her mother was. She looked like her. Only her eyes were different. Kitsune's eyes were sky blue when her mothers were red like a vampire's. Kitsune took the hair color of her mother and the eyes of her father. Ren was determined to make Kitsune the strongest leader even in the Fire family. Other that resembling her mother, she resembled the 3rd boss of the Vongola. No one knew his name.

Ren knew all that because he had read book full of Vongola's history. He knew it all. He knew all the bosses and the guardians. From the first generation to the 8th. The 9th generation was pretty new. His mother became the boss a year before. His father was the lightning guardian of the ninth generation.

"Well. Let's go home. We will have to walk a little until we reach my car. It's not far."

"I will hold Kitsune in my arms until we reach the car. Kitsune you should sleep. It's getting late."

The small girl put her head on Ren's shoulder and drifted off to sleep. She was always sleeping fast; since she was a baby.

After that they left the place and went straight to the car and then to their home.

Two years later, Ren took Kitsune and they left Hibiki's house. Ren had recently started to train Kitsune with Hibiki's help. Kitsune had learned how to dodge really well. Just like their grandfather did. Her attacks were not that strong though. Ren gave Kitsune a variety of weapon each time they train only for her to pick a Scythe. He had to admin his sister had weird tastes.

After they left Hibiki's house they went to some people their parents knew where they stayed for two more years and then with their help they left and went to Japan in Namimori where Kitsune went to high school. She had turned out to be more beautiful that her mother was. She though was cold to anyone she met for the 1st time except, Ren. He did not know how to explain that but he was glad that his sister had gotten over their parents' death.