Well I think you've waited long enough. Here is Chapter 1, of what I'm calling Crimson Recovery. I hope you like it because if it works out how I want it too then it will be fantastic. Okay enough of that last get this started shall we.

For reference this story takes place three months after the conclusion of Awake.

Chapter 1

Teresa Lisbon yawned as the alarm clock beeped telling her it was time to get up. It was 9 AM and it was her first time back to work in two months. The thing was could she pull herself from this bed. She looked to he left and there they were, they weren't as wild as they use to be but the curls was just enough for her to run her hands through. If someone would have told her this time last year she would be sharing a bed with Patrick Jane. She would have thought they were nuts, but here she was and she couldn't be any happier.

Patrick Jane was being awakening by a horrible noise. At first his muddled mind was making it hard for him to decipher what it was but in the end he knew that it was Lisbon's alarm clock. He stuck his arm out to turn it off, but once again he was shocked when his arm refused to work. Why didn't it work? He could feel the panic building in his chest; he thought it might suffocate him.

Teresa wasn't surprised as the body beside her tensed. That was his morning routine for the last two months, she had no idea what he dreamt about when he went into a drug induced sleep but when he woke up and attempted to use his left arm it would shock him that it still didn't work quite the way that he wanted it to. She slid her other hand next to the one of his beside her and gave it a squeeze. Immediately he would smile and relax and she felt her chest tighten knowing that it was just her presence that made him feel this safe.

"Morning Lisbon." He smiled closing his eyes once more.

"Morning Jane." She replied as she leaned over and kissed him gently on the cheek. He smiled but he didn't open his eyes. She sighed and got up from the bed it was time to be a cop again.


Patrick Jane quietly waited to hear the door to the bathroom down the hall click and his eyes snapped open. It was a new day, and he was still alive. At times he didn't quite know how he felt about that. After being in a world where both his wife and daughter were alive he didn't know if he preferred this one. Well that was how he felt at the beginning of every morning and then he heard the slightly off key sounds of one Teresa Lisbon singing Pat Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot and that helped him remember that he was happy where he was now. He had about twenty minutes before she got back. He reached for the bar above the bed and hoovers himself into the sitting position.


Wayne Rigsby finished off his Egg McMuffin and approached his partner in crime fighting Kimball Cho as he stood over a body in the middle of a golf course.

"What do we have?" he asked.

"John Doe found a few hours ago. Looks like he died sometime during the night, all Identification on him implies that he is Eric Stonewall of Pasadena."

"If that's what his ID says then why is he a John Doe?" Rigsby inquired.

"Eric Stonewall is safe and sound at home. We're running the prints on this one right now." Cho stated.

"The new consultant here yet, maybe he can tell us a thing or two."

"Hello boys." A voice from above said right on cue.

Wayne Rigsby didn't quite know how to take the woman that was coming towards him. She didn't look a day over 13 maybe. Her hair was one giant fiery red, curly ball that was in the center of her head. She wore a black lace headband across the front of her head. It was so out of place yet it worked for her. As she got closer he thought he was seeing things, but yes she wore Hello Kitty sneakers. You know the kind that your kid wears. They were so wrong for her dressy jeans and blue low cut sweater but for her it worked. She had piercing green eyes and a smile, why did that smile look so familiar?

"Hello boys, I'm Samantha Charles, and I will be your consultant for as long as you'll have me." She stated approaching the body.

Cho didn't like her. She was stronger than she tried to let on, which was the first thing that had his alarms going off. She wanted to shock people, that's why she showed up looking like a child, she wanted to be underestimated so she could go for the kill if need be. She walked around the crime scene like she owned the place therefore it was not her first one, and something told him that she had been on both sides of the law at one time. Lastly she was doing a cheap imitation of Patrick Jane. He didn't like it; he didn't like it at all.

"What are you doing?" he grimaced when she literally lied down so that she was face to face with the body.

""I'm getting a feel of him. Trying to see death through his eyes pick up on what he might of saw or felt right before he died."

"Good luck with that, have you called the boss?" Rigsby asked walking off from their new consultant.

"Yes but you know how it is." He smiled.

"He really is quite cute, and he's like a puppy I swear I went over yesterday and stayed the whole day he's hard to get away from."

"Sort of like Van Pelt." Cho added.

"We are not going to get into that again. Van Pelt and I well we both decided that it was better not to pick back up where we left off. Besides we just turned to each after Jane was hurt. It didn't mean much of anything."

"Oh it meant a lot more than you think." Cho smirked as he continued to walk in search of their car to try Lisbon again, and away from the odd consultant.


He knew what he was doing to her. He was just adorable in sweats that she just wanted to crawl back in bed and do unmentionable things to him.

"What are you staring at?' he asked.

"You, you're doing so well and I'm very proud of you. I know that it's still hard, to say what you want to say but I don't mind having small conversations with you. You're here and for the moment that's all that matters. We'll get through this." She smiled.

Jane looked down at his hands. He was a lot shyer now since the accident. They said that there would be personality changes they may or may not be permanent. He knew at times like this he could stop it, and oh god was he blushing. Just shoot him now, but then he looked up and Lisbon was there soaking up the shyness and before he knew it she was kissing him again on the lips.

"Listen I don't know what you are up to today with Van Pelt but let's keep it legal shall we. I better go, I have a case and a new consultant to break in." she kissed him once more, and before she realized she had ruffled the little locks he had and was rewarded with the smile she knew and loved. His vocabulary may have slimmed but that man still could make her melt with one look.


Rigsby couldn't remember the last time he had seen his friend like this, if ever. Samantha, or Sammy which she told them she liked to be called had caught his attention. She wasn't really doing anything spectacular, actually she was making tea, but some odd reason every little step she took Cho followed with his eyes.

"You're making tea?" Cho asked as he approached Samantha.

"Yea, I find it calming after going to a crime scene. Tea, it's a hug in a cup." She stated sipping from the blue cup.

"You can't use that cup, it belongs to Jane." He stated firmly.

"Oh does it? I'm sure he won't mind you see-"

"It's Jane's!" he shouted. He snatched the cup from her poured the contents down the sink and made a hasty exit.

Samantha smiled to herself; oh someone was missing their Jane.


Grace Van Pelt quietly entered the home of Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon. Still saying or thinking that was still strange. No one had expected accept her when they released Jane from the hospital for Teresa to immediately say that he was going to move in with her. She expected the man was ill and he had just lost his mother. Of course Lisbon would take him in she loved him. She slowly crept in the kitchen and wasn't surprised at what she saw.

"What are you doing?" she asked approaching the island.

"Making tea, what if I was Lisbon, how were you going to explain yourself?"

"I have you know that I'm doing quite well with my physical therapy. She allows me to hobble from place to place and she has in fact seen me have a cup of tea and she must know I made it, now do you have the files." He asked taking a seat at the dining room table.

"Yea, but they aren't originals." She stated passing him the box. He fumbled with the lid because of his bum hand. He frowned at lack of originals.

"I couldn't very well tell her that I was bringing the Red John files to you now could I? What you are doing is wrong she's worried about you?"

"I'm not doing anything wrong. Look I still have problems with my hand as well as my leg, this whole side of my body has a mind of its own. You can't fake that Grace."

"I know that, but when she's here you barely say anything. She's afraid that your speech is still as bad as it was the day you came home. If you love her you wouldn't do this."

"I do love her and I'm keeping her safe. As long as Red John thinks that I'm incapable of taking care of Teresa then she is safe. The moment that he knows I'm better he will come out and that's when I'll get him."

"You so sure about that, you say that he's out to get her but you haven't shown me any proof. She thinks that Mrs. Garcia is coming here and taking care of you every day but she's not, she's been AWOL a month now."

"I can take care of myself."

"No you can't! Sure you can dress yourself and you can make your tea, but what happens if you fall and I'm not here. I have to work too you know. I keep disappearing people are bound to get suspicious."

"I thought we decided on the lover scenario, think of it Grace you can pick the man of your dreams and court him to your liking. It's slow there anyways I have eyes and ears there now." He smirked.

"Oh yea, I heard about something that just happened on my way over here."

"Oh yea, what?" he asked as he begin to flip through the top folder.

"Cho nearly had a heart attack when she used your cup. When is she going to tell them she's your sister?"

"Sammy does what she wants when she wants it, besides you've seen her do we even look like we have the same mother and father?"

"No but Andy was of African descent right. I can see Andy when I look at her." Grace bit her tongue when she noticed the faraway look in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry." She stated reaching for his hand. He quickly pulled away.

"I'm fine. Mom was stupid going in there, she wasn't a cop, she wasn't a consultant. Thomas Snaps was a dangerous man and she tried to play hero!"

"Jane she was your mother, and while you were near death yourself she died. I know it has got to work not being able to say goodbye." She stated.

"I'm fine. I got to say my goodbyes." He stated looking to his left again.

"What is it you keep looking at?" she asked as she looked behind her.

"Nothing, so Cho misses me?" he asked smiling.

"Yea, she's there pushing his buttons. Rigsby said that she's like you. He also said that Cho said she was doing a cheap impersonation of you. Jury still out on Lisbon, she hasn't been around yet. "

"Why not?" he asked almost panicked.

"She's worried about you! She went In this morning worked on some paperwork, did a couple of interviews on the new John Doe case and right about now she's probably in a church praying for you to get better, only you are better and I swear to God Jane I'm giving you until the end of the week or I'm telling her myself!" she told him rising from the seat.

"You won't! You don't understand. He's watching I know he's watching for one sign that I'm better and then he's going to take her from me, but I can't let him have her and I won't let her go. Letting her go means he wins and I'm tired of being along, mom says that I should move on and I'm moving on!"

"You're killing her! She keeps wonder what you're doing when she's away, if she stays gone to long will you panic, Jane you are not better. They are things that you do that you don't even realize and it's hurting her but if you would show her how much better you are then she could deal with the little things. That's it she finds out today!" she shouted once more rising from the table.

"IF you tell on me I'll tell Rigsby about the baby!"

She stopped dead in her tracks. Did he just say what she thought he said, no way he couldn't even know that.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"If you tell I will tell Rigsby about the baby. What are you about 4 months in? That coat is not fooling anyone that knows what to look for and I know what to look for. You can't tell Lisbon, I'm not better. I'm not I still have problems and she's like taking care of me. I just need time, iif…if….Red John finds out then Lismon will gat hart.. he'll kill…." The sentence got garbled up in a lot of incoherent grunts and he just stopped talking and turned away from Grace.

He really knew how to get her. He was telling the truth. He was much better, but still sometimes if he got upset or nervous his speech would worsen. He was far from cured and she knew that anything about Red John would definitely have him upset. She wasn't surprised when she went to hug him he actually hugged back. He was like a giant baby sometimes, and it was horrible but she loved this side of Jane. It took a blood clot bursting in his head to get him to let folks in that actually cared about him.

"I'm sorry. You stay here and do whatever it is you're doing with these files and I'll rundown to Krispy Kreme and get us some doughnuts. Since you know my secret I can share with you that I'm craving about a dozen of Glazed right now."

She wasn't surprised when he didn't look up at her. He was always ashamed after he let his emotions seep through. Yet another problem with damage to the frontal lobe, it was hard to suppress emotions.

"Don't try to get up or anything until I get back. I'll even get some bear claws for Lisbon for later." She quickly excused herself so that he could pull himself together.

Jane waited until the door closed telling him that she was gone. He took a few cleansing breaths and took the small card from his pocket. It was a simple thing really, it was white with the signature Red John Smiley face on it. It read:

Dear Patrick,

I was so sorry to hear of your current misfortune oh how I miss playing our game. It's a good thing you have the love Teresa there to help nurse you back to health. I'm sure she'll have you back on your feet in no time and then we'll really play.

He put it back in his pocket before Grace saw it. Didn't she realize she was keeping her safe?

So there you have it the first chapter. I hate it. I hope you guys like it it's seven pages. I know there was no Lisbon in this chapter but that's because the next one will tell what she was up too while ll of this was going on. Okay so Cho is out of character as well, but how would Cho be acting if someone was taking over his friend's territory? Do you like Sammy? Feedback makes me happy.