Animagi Fury book 1

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Godric Hollow Halloween 1981

A dark hooded figure made his way down the quiet streets of Godric's Hollow. He was keeping close to the shadows of the street to avoid detection. The figure could hear children walking down the street singing and shouting. He quickly blended in with the darkness and watched them walk by. He sneered at them and continued walking towards his destination. He stopped outside a quaint little thatched cottage. The figure under the hood grinned and made his way down the small path to complete his mission.

Meanwhile in the house, a couple and a baby rested peacefully in their living room. The woman looked down at the sleeping baby in her arms. She smiled, while looking at her husband.

"He looks just like you, James, when he is sleeping. Come and see."

The woman moved over so the man could sit down to look over her shoulder, and he looked down on the child peacefully in his wife's arms. James smiled, before using one of his fingers to caress the child's small cheeks.

"He may have my features, Lily, but he has your eyes."

Lily turned and looked at her husband. "I'm going to put him down for the night. Be back soon."

James watched as his wife walk up the stairs. Just as she got to the top, he heard the front door blasted open. He looked in horror as the cloaked figure stormed into his home. James could hear him hiss in an unearthly voice.

"Where is the child, Potter?"

James immediately pulled his wand out and fired several stunner at the figure. James gritted his teeth as every one of his spells was blocked. He watched as a yew wand was pointed at him. Just before he heard the figure hiss those two deadly words, he shouted.

"Lily, take Harry and run."

This was the last thing anyone would hear him say as a sickly green streak collided with him. His eyes rolled back into his head as he fell to the floor.

Lily was horrified. She quickly ran to Harry's room and placed him down into his crib. She then pulled her wand out and pointed it at the door. She quickly warded it the best she could. Lily could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. She heard the rattling breath of her husband's murderer call out to her.

"Lily, I don't want to kill you. I promised you to another. Severus would be a better husband than what is down stairs."

Lily placed her hand over her mouth and turned to look at Harry in his crib. She picked him up and kissed his forehead. She began muttering an ancient spell as tears rolled down her cheeks. She watched Harry glow gold, and then placed him in the crib. She turn to see the bedroom door blast open. She quickly spun around and pointed her wand at the cloaked figure. She threw herself at him, begging him to spare her child's life. The cloaked figure threw her to the side. She collided with the wall. She looked back towards the crib and watched in horror as the figure raised his wand. Lily stood up pointed her wand at the figure.

"Crucio!" she shouted.

She watched as the figure paused for a minute and fell to the floor in pain. Lily held the curse in place shouting, "Severus will never be better than James." She suddenly felt weak while using the curse and her legs slipped out from under her. Blessing Harry with love had taken too much out of her.

The figure slowly stood up pointed his wand at the girl grinning.

"So the mudblood knows how to play. You foolish girl. Avada Kedavra."

The man smiled as the spell collided with her chest, and Lily Potter joined her husband among the list of his victims. Once she had fallen, the cloaked figure turned back to the crib and pointed his wand down at the babe that lay there. He grinned as the killing curse once again left his lips.

"Avada Kedavra."

The figure eyes widened as he was thrown back against the wall as his curse was repelled off the golden shield surrounding the child. He tried to get up, but only managed to injure his legs further. He struggled down the corridor and stumbled his way down the stairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs, his legs gave out entirely. He crawled out the front door and vanished in a cloud black smoke.

Hours Later

An old man appeared at what remained of the Potter's house. He looked at the destruction in front of him, and he realized his fears and hopes where not misplaced. The old man walked through what remained of the front door. He looked in the lounge and saw the body of a former student of his lying lifeless beside the couch. The old man sighed then made his way through the rest of the house. As he climbed the stairs he could hear a faint cry coming from the far side of the house. The old man made his way toward the noise and walked into the blood-stained room. He cried as he looked at the lifeless body of Lily Potter sprawled out across the floor. He quickly looked into the crib. He saw the couple's child looking up at him. The old man went to pick up the child, and just as he was about to pick him up, the child glowed gold and vanished. The old man had no clue what had happened. He quickly left the house and vanished into the cold October air.

Greengrass Manor

The small creature heard a faint cry coming from outside the front door. She slowly opened it to find a baby crying on the doorstep. The small creature picked the child up and carried him into the house. She made her way into the drawing room. She slowly opened the door.

"Master, I found this child left on the doorstep, sir. I believe it is Master Harry Potter, sir." She said, looking towards a man in his late twenties.

The man walked quickly over to the small creature and took the child from her arms.

"Thank you, Mavis. That is all." The man rocked the child in his arms before calling for his wife. "Martha, you need to come here quickly."

A women in her late twenties appeared in the room. She had shoulder length blonde hair and sparking blue eyes.

"What's wrong, dear? I have just put Daphne down to sleep."

The man turned to the woman with the child still in his arms. "Young Harry here just appeared onto our doorstep. You know what that means, right?"

The woman placed her hand over her mouth and gasped. She took the child from her husband's arms and sat down on the sofa. She started rocking the child to sleep. She looked at her husband.

"We must visit Gringott's tomorrow. If what we think as happened then that would make us his magical guardians."

The man nodded. "Very well. We will make a trip to Gringott's tomorrow." As he finished speaking, he felt his home wards flare. The man withdrew his wand and gestured for his wife to take the child upstairs.

Mavis popped back in once again. "Master, there is an Albus Dumbledore here to see you."

The man placed his wand back in his holster. "Invite him in, Mavis, please."

Mavis popped back out. The man sat in one of the recliners, waiting for the argument to begin. Mavis appeared with a very wise looking old man. He was wearing dark blue robes and half-moon spectacles. The two men shook hands.

Clyde gestured for Albus to sit down. Clyde then turned to Albus. "I know why you're here, Albus, and you cannot take him. You were present just as I was when Lily and James made their will. It clearly states, in the events of their deaths, Harry will be entrusted to us. If we were not available, then he would past down the list of other guardians."

Albus sighed, he knew perfectly what the will said, but for his great plan Harry had to go to his aunt. "Clyde, you must understand. Harry needs to grow up away from the magical world. He is still a target for Voldemort, and having him here would put you at great risk. He has to go to Lily's sister for the greater good."

Clyde slammed his glass down on the table. He glared at the old man in front of him.

"You would send him to Lily's muggle sister, the woman who hates magic with a passion. What are you trying to do Albus kill the boy? You know full well it states clearly in their will that he is never to go near them. You were there, Albus. Besides, Harry is betrothed to my daughter, Daphne. This was planned ever since Lily and Martha left Hogwarts. If anything was to happen to Lily and James, then we would be first in line for guardianship. Harry will grow up with Daphne here and become the man his parents wanted him to be. Martha and I will visit Gringott's tomorrow to sort everything out. I am sorry, Albus, but unless you have any other business, I suggest you leave."

Albus stood with a disappointed look on his face. "I am disappointed in you, Clyde. I thought you would have wanted what was the best for Harry. Growing up in the magical world will be torture for the child, especially if he has taken care of Voldemort. There will no rest for him."

Clyde glared at Albus and stated flatly "The answer is no, Albus; now remove yourself from my property before I call the Magical Law Enforcement."

Albus sighed then saying with a grandfatherly tone, "I will take this to the Wizengamot. I cannot have Harry growing up in the magical world."

With that last statement, Clyde watched Albus vanish. Clyde poured himself another glass of whiskey as Martha walked in. He sighed before turning to his wife and spoke in weary voice.

"Albus was just here. He wanted to remove Harry to Lily's sister. Honestly, the old man's got a few screws loose; everything has to be done for his so called 'greater good'. I bet he knew there would be an attack tonight and decided to do nothing, all because of this so called prophecy that James kept harping on about. Where is Harry now?"

Martha looked at her husband said with a smile on her face "I laid him down next to Daphne. They're both asleep. Tomorrow we'll get another crib so he can sleep in the nursery with her." Clyde just nodded.


The hooded figure sprawled on the floor in pain. He was firing curses left and right. A few of his followers didn't know what to do. The figure screamed out,

"Damn you, Potter!"

The figure crawled into his throne and called out in parseltongue, "Nagini, come here."

His followers watched as a dirty great snake appeared and wrapped itself around its master's feet. The figure knew he was dying. He had hoped to kill the child and make a horcrux. He was livid about it all. Where does child get the power to repel the killing curse? He could feel his heart slow down he quickly raised his wand and fired a killing curse at one of his followers. The masked figure dropped dead. Voldemort screamed as he felt his soul rip again. He quickly pointed his wand at his snake and muttered a few words. The snake glowed black, and Voldemort collapsed. His followers flew into a panic and quickly vanished from their fallen master's side. Nagini stayed with her master watching over his spectral form, biding her time for when her master found a suitable host.

Next day

Clyde and Martha appeared just outside Gringott's. They made their way through the lobby up to the main counter. Clyde gave a little cough, causing the goblin to look up. The goblin gave the witch and wizard a very toothy grin. "Can I help you?"

Clyde, who had dealt with goblins all his life, looked at the little creature and said firmly "We would like to see someone regarding the Potter's will, as their son Harry James Potter arrived on our doorstep last night."

The goblins hopped down from his stool and led the couple through a pair of golden framed doors, into a huge office. Clyde and Martha looked across the desk at the taller goblin as the smaller goblin quietly relayed what had been said to him in the lobby. The big goblin smiled.

"Lord Greengrass, Lady Greengrass. I hear you wish to discuss the Potters will?

The goblin pulled out the Potter file then handed Clyde a letter. Clyde noticed the Potter seal on the back. He carefully broke the seal and pulled the letter out then began to read it.

Dear Clyde and Martha

If you're reading this then James and I are no longer around. We pray that you will take care of Harry and treat him with just as much love as your own child. Enclosed within this letter, we have list of instruction for you to follow. The sum of 500,000 gallons will be transferred to your account for you to use so Harry can grow up to be who he was meant to be.

There is something you need to know about Harry. As you know, James was a Lord but he was also known as Duke Gryffindor. When Harry grows up, he will have a number of titles. We already know that he is heir to three of the founders; two on James side and one on my side of the family, and as you can imagine, this will make him very important to many people. Whatever you do, you must not tell anyone. People will only try to control Harry more. I fear the old goat has lost it. However now is not the time to rant about such things. Tell Harry we loved him very much and always will

With all our love,

Duke Gryffindor and Duchess Gryffindor (James and Lily Potter)

Clyde placed the letter back in envelope and removed the list. He looked over it and thought, "Yes, he will be powerful indeed." Clyde looked across at the goblin then asked. "Is it true Harry is heir to three of the founders?"

The goblin laughed. "He may even be heir to all four of the founders. If the Dark Lord has fallen then he would be heir of Slytherin by rights of conquest. Young Mr. Potter is very powerful as you can see from this list. He will be very unique. Now on with business, the sum five hundred thousand galleons will be deposited into your account. The Potter's also left us specific instructions to double the wards on the home of the family that takes on the responsibility of caring for their son. We would like you to go under the Fidelius charm as well as adding more protection to your home. You should also be aware that taking in Harry will enforce the Potter magic on your house. If I would have to guess, I would say it's more warded then Hogwarts."

Clyde and Martha sat there with their mouths ajar. The goblin laughed then said "I will have one of our warder's come to your house tomorrow to perform the charm."

Clyde and Martha stood up then bowed to the goblin. They then walked out of the bank and headed to buy Harry's baby essentials. Once they collected everything they apparated back to the manor.


Albus sat behind his desk in deep thought. He had just come back from the Ministry of Magic. He had been trying to get custody of Harry Potter. However, it seemed the Wizengamot was more than happy to allow him to stay with the Greengrass family. He stood up, looking out the window as one thought ran through his mind.

"He must go to the Muggle world for his own protection. He has to die. There is no other way. One life for many is a price that I am willing to pay."

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