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Great Hall

That evening everyone was gathered for the feast. Harry and the girls took their seat at the Ravenclaw table, while Hermione sat next to them. Harry had asked if Hermione could be able to sit with them through all meals, as he noticed she wasn't comfortable sitting at the table with her own house especially Ron. Even now Harry could see the red haired boy's eyes were wide with greed at what was on the table. Harry turned his attention to the staff table, where he noticed Lockhart place was now occupied by Remus, who had agreed to take up the position of DADA. Harry hadn't heard anything from the headmistress regarding the duel, so he assumed everything had gone smoothly. Hopefully Lockhart was being tortured in the deepest depths of the underworld for what he had done. Harry's attention was drawn to the headmistress standing up at the table.

"Good evening everyone, I would just like to make an announcement before we begin our evening meal. I regret to inform you all that Professor Lockhart will not be teaching here anymore, but I am pleased to announce that Professor Lupin has agreed to take his place as the new professor of DADA. Now I know there have been many rumors regarding Mr Lockhart's absence, however I am sure you can all read about it in the Daily Prophet tomorrow. Also, Lord Hogwarts may I see you after the meal. Now I believe you have all waited long enough for your meal. So please tuck in and enjoy."

Soon as the headmistress had sat down the Great Hall began to come alive with noise and everyone discussed what could have possibly happened to Professor Lockhart. It was only Harry and the girls who knew the true nature of his absence. Harry looked down the table to see Cedric, Sarah's younger brother, just ignoring everyone and eating his food. Harry felt sorry for Cedric, it couldn't be easy knowing that your sister had been taken advantage of against her will.

Ministry of Magic

Amelia Bones sat down at her desk, rubbing her forehead from the situation that she had to deal with; the man, Lockhart, was a monster. She had managed to get several other names from him; all seemed to between 4th and 7th year. Amelia thoughts then went back to the duel that had taken place. How Dumbledore had employed Lockhart was puzzling her. The duel had been over in less than three minutes! Of course it ended with Lockhart's death, as by the condition of the duel. Still she couldn't believe the idiot had been employed as a defense professor, what she had heard from the school was he did more harm than good, and students were always ending up in the hospital wing hexed or worse. Just another nail in Dumbledore's reputation. Amelia then looked down at the parchment in front of her; all these families would have to be contacted and informed what had happened to their daughters. Amelia was just glad the fool was dead, otherwise they would have had more trouble on her hands with other families wanting to duel for their daughter's honor. Amelia quickly signed all the letters then sent them off through the internal post so that they could go to the Ministry owlery ready to be delivered to the various families.

Hogwarts Headmistress office

Harry stood in the office pacing back and forth, he had just been informed that the duel had taken place as scheduled and to make sure no one knew what was happening it took place under a notice me not charm. Harry had just been told the details of the duel; it seems the idiot couldn't even duel right and had been killed in less than three minutes. Harry was just thankful the fool wasn't still teaching them, otherwise they would have never learnt how to duel efficiently in the first place. However, what Harry wasn't happy with was the press had been present at the time, according to the headmistress Lord Diggory had requested it, so the world could see Lockhart for what he truly was. That was all good, but to Harry it was just another article showing Hogwarts in a bad light. Hogwarts had only just dealt with the situation that a professor was possessed while teaching there, now the world was going to learn that the school had a sex fiend for a professor teaching there as well. Harry held his head, as was beginning to realise that these two things were not the only things that had happened at this school and no doubt Dumbledore had managed to keep everything quiet so that his reputation stayed intact. Harry then looked down at a pile of papers the headmistress hads handed him. Every single one of them was a complaint against Professor Snape: complaining about his teaching methods biased behaviour toward Slytherin house. It seems the old fool had hidden all the complaints and had also obilivated all those who had brought the complaints to him in the first place. Harry was shaking his head in disbelief, had they had this evidence at Dumbledore's trial then they would have been able to use it to make sure the fool never stepped inside these walls again. Harry was now wondering what would be the best thing to do with Snape. It was clear that his methods had to change, and that he needed to start treating all the houses as equals.

Harry sighed in frustration and looked up towards "Professor, does this school have any sort of assessment program? What I mean by that is I am thinking of allowing Snape to continue teaching, however he will be on a sort of probation period to see if he improves his methods and attitude towards the other houses. If he can't then he will have to be removed."

Minerva nodded her head. "We could do that Lord Hogwarts. That way he is given a chance to prove himself. I will have the probation contract written immediately. Now I won't keep you any longer. I trust you and your companions have plenty to talk about. By the way, I just want to thank you for taking Lady Dagworth-Granger-Dumbledore under your wing. I am still not sure why the hat sorted her into Gryffindor, especially with her work ethic."

"I may be able to share some light on that subject." Both Harry and Minerva looked towards the small shelf where the sorting hat was now fully animated. "The reason Lady Dagworth Granger-Dumbledore, was sorted into Gryffindor, was although she had the mind of a claw. Her bravery and courage out weighed her academic mind."

Minerva paced back and forth. "They may be Trevor, but according to the new head of house, Lady Dagworth-Granger has been having issues settling in to the house. She tends to just sit by herself and ignore everyone. This alone as caused several of her own dorm mates to ignore her. I was thinking about maybe a re-sorting?"

The sorting hat frowned. "Absolutely not! The only way she could be resorted was if there was any evidence of bullying, or if being in Gryffindor became a danger to Lady Dagworth-Grangers-Dumbledore well being..."

"Or if the owner of the school say otherwise. Professor has then been any evidence of bullying, involving Hermione?"

Minerva sighed, "Not bullying as such, but I have been informed someone keeps taking her books and hiding them. "

Harry sighed. "Fawkes come here please." Just has Harry had finished the phoenix flashed onto his shoulder. Harry stroked Fawkes under the chin, getting a sound of approval from the magical bird. "Go fetch Hermione Fawkes, and bring her here please."

Fawkes bowed its head before flashing away. A few minutes later, Fawkes flashed back with Hermione holding one of its feet. "Harry, what's happened? This bird just flamed into the girls dorms and begged me to take it's leg."

Harry crossed his arms against his chest. "Sorry Hermione, but I wanted to ask you an important question, and I want an honest answer. Are you happy in Gryffindor?"

Hermione eyes widened at the question. "Hmm, yes why do you ask?" Hermione could tell that Harry had sensed the nervousness in her voice, and now his green emerald eyes were locked onto her chocolate brown ones.

Harry carried on looking at Hermione, he could tell she was lying. No doubt she didn't want to be a bother. "Well I understand that you are not happy, according to professor McGonagall, your books go missing on a regular basis, your housemate avoid you, and that you have made it clear to your head of house that you are not happy in the lions den. So why lie to me?"

Hermione lowered her head, in dissapointment. "Well there is nothing that can be done about it. According to Hogwarts a History, the sorting hat decision is final. Only a founder or their heir can overrule the decision."

Harry smirked. "So you do want to be resorted? If you do, now is the time to say so. Have you forgotten already that I am Lord Hogwarts, Heir to all four founders?"

Hermione blushed, how she had forgotten that? Harry had the power to grant her request, but only if she asked for it. "Yes Harry I do want to be resorted, I don't like it in the lions' den. I am looked down upon for my academic mind."

Harry nodded. "Trevor as the founders heir, I wish you to resort Lady Dagworth-Granger-Dumbledore."

The sorting hat frowned, and then huffed in anoyance. "Very well place me on Lady Dagworth-Granger-Dumbledore head. " The sorting hat felt Harry remove him off the shelf then felt himself placed on top of Hermione's head. Without hesitation the hat called out "RAVENCLAW!"

Harry removed the hat and watched Hermione robes change from gold and orange, to that of Ravenclaws colours. Harry watched as the lion shimmered off, and was replaced by a silver raven.

"There Hermione, you are now a Claw. Let me be the first to welcome you into our house. Now I suggest we both leave the professor to her duties." Harry noticed Hermione wasn't paying one bit of attention to what he had said, she was too busy admiring her new house robes.

"Hermione did you hear me?" Harry noticed that Hermione had finally looked up, next thing he knew he was on the floor holding a crying girl. Harry could feel the tears on his chest. Harry gently pushed Hermione off him and helped her to her feet, however he soon found her arms wrapped around his neck in a big hug.

"Thank you Harry. You don't know how much this means to me. I hated it in the lions den, Ron with his sly remarks, and dirty looks. I couldn't stand to be in the house one more second. I was in the middle of writing a letter home and telling my parents that I would rather go to a normal school then this one."

Harry gently patted Hermione on the back, although he had seen Daphne cry many times, and he always seemed to end up with her in his arms, the whole crying girl on your shoulder thing, still freaked him out a little.

Minerva smiled at the happy sight in front of her. She had no idea that Hermione had been considering leaving Hogwarts. Had Hermione left the would have certainly lost a talented witch. Minerva smiled at how much Hermione was like Lily in her academic studies. Even from her first year, Lily was a natural in all subjects, Minerva still couldn't understand how she had ended up in her house. However she then thought about the happy moments she watched as James did everything he could to impress Lily. Minerva removed a tissue from her sleeve and wiped a stray tear. How she missed her two favourite pupils.

"Well will you look at the time. The prefect will be doing their rounds soon. So I must ask that you both return to your house immediately. Miss Dagworth-Granger-Dumbledore, I will have one of the house elves move all your stuff into your new dorm. I will see both of you at breakfast tomorrow. Good night."

Harry nodded in understanding as he left the Headmistress' office with Hermione, as the door closed behind them many of the past headmasters and headmistresses began to speak from their frames. "That Harry is a fine boy. I can see great things in his future. It is no wonder Dumbledore feared him, the boy has all the makings of becoming a fine headmaster to this prestigious school."

Minerva just smiled. Harry truly was becoming a man in a boy's body. The young Lord had already had to deal with several difficult situations. Events that no first year should have to get muddled up in. She sat down behind her desk and carried on listening to the portraits talking, while she began to write up Severus' probation contract.

Ravenclaw Tower

Daphne and Tracey sat on the sofa. Both sets of eyes on the common room entrance. Harry had suggested that they head back to the common room, while he went to see the headmistress. Daphne hadn't liked the idea one bit. However after a small argument and kiss to make up, she finally gave in and went back to the common room with Tracey. Harry had promised that he would tell them everything that went off, so she wasn't too angry with him. They both heard the creak of the entrance door opening up. They saw Harry in the doorway, however he wasn't alone. Just behind him was Hermione. Her robes were no longer gold and red, but now blue and bronze. Daphne turned to see the space next to her had suddenly become vacant. The only evidence that anyone had been sitting there was the brisk wind she felt on her cheeks, as Tracey was already hugging Hermione. Poor Harry hadn't seen Tracey coming and he had ended up on the common room floor. Daphne shook her head, as she got off the sofa and helped Harry to his feet before taking his hand and leading him over to the sofa. She then pushed him down onto it and sat on his lap.

"So care to explain why Hermione is suddenly a 'claw?" Daphne smiled in amusement watching Tracey and Hermione across the room.

Harry sighed. "Well, as you know I went to see Professor McGonagall and she told me that the duel happened and that Lockhart is now dead. She also told me Lord Diggory had leaked the duel to the press so no doubt everyone will find out tomorrow what really happened to the idiot. The professor then showed me a pile of papers she had found in the office. All of them were complaints against Professor Snape. It seems the old man had been ignoring them and obliviating those who had brought the complaints forward. So the headmistress and I have decided that Professor Snape will go on probation to prove that he has changed and that he won't be biased to his own house. If not then Hogwarts will be looking for a new Potions master or mistress. Now as for Hermione, well while I was in the office the headmistress was thanking me for allowing Hermione into our little group, as she had been worried that Hermione wasn't fitting in with the lions. It turns out that she was being bullied in the lions' den just because of her academic achievements. So I asked Fawkes to bring her to the office to see if she wanted to be resorted, and here she is. Our newest Claw. I can see one member who is thrilled to have Hermione in Ravenclaw, just look at them two; you would never had thought they had seen each other no more than a few hours ago."

Daphne swatted Harry's arm. "Hey be nice. You know Tracey, she just glad to have Hermione here that's all."

Harry sighed. "If you say so, well I'm shattered, think an early night is in order." Harry kissed Daphne before leaving the sofa and heading towards the stairs.

Next Day

Great Hall

Harry sat with the girls eating his breakfast he had already noticed Ron was giving Hermione dirty looks. Harry was happy now that he had decided to stay well clear of the boy. Just watching him stuff his face with food was making Harry feel sick. In the end Harry pushed his plate away, it was then he looked up into the rafters and noticed the hall was filled with owls. Harry watched Hedwig swoop down and land in front of him with the Daily Prophet attached to her leg. Harry tried to take the paper but Hedwig gave him a little nip.

"Ouch what was that for girl?" Harry then noticed Hedwig was eyeing his piece of bacon. Harry suddenly realized why she was so upset with him. Normally he would offer her a piece of his bacon, before taking any mail. However, he was occupied with wanting to read the headlines that he had forgotten. Harry picked up the piece of bacon and offered it to Hedwig, who, in turn, outstretched her leg allowing him to take the paper and unroll it.

Lockhart killed in Honor Duel

Article by Rita Skeeter

It is with a heavy heart readers that I have to report that Gilderoy Lockhart was killed yesterday in a house feud between house Diggory and house Lockhart. As many of you will know, Lockhart had taken up the post of Defense against The Dark Arts at our very own prestigous school Hogwarts. Recommended by Albus no name, Lockhart came to the post with a whole host of experience behind him. However it was while he was teaching at Hogwarts that another side was revealed of the warm smiling celebrity we have all come to love. While teaching at Hogwarts, Lockhart placed a number of female students under the Imperius curse, which resulted in him having his way with each one. However it was only when Lord Diggory's daughter fell pregnant that Lockhart's dark secret was revealed. As you can imagine Lord Diggory was furious that not only had Lockhart taken advantage of his daughter, but he had also taken advantage of a daughter from an Ancient House. Lord Diggory immediately issued a blood feud on house Lockhart, which resulted in Gilderoy Lockhart's death yesterday. As Mr Lockhart was the last of his house, his line was also ended yesterday. It is not clear just how many girls were subjected to Mr Lockhart's advances, but this reporter believes that there are many more skeletons in Mr Lockhart's closet just waiting to be revealed.

House Diggory Cuts All Ties With Albus No Name

Article Rita Skeeter

Further to the article above, it is believed that Lord Diggory, longtime friend and ally of Albus no name, has offically broken all ties with his old friend. In a small statement Lord Diggory had this to say. "From this day forward, House Diggory is no longer allied with Albus No Name, and I ask that all other houses that support Albus no name will cut all ties with him as well. Clearly we have all been blinded by a man, who has completely lost touch with reality and this world. I hold Albus no name fully responsible for what has happened to my daughter, after all he was the one who hired Mr Lockhart in the first place. What I have learned from several sources is that Mr Lockhart was not qualified to teach the subject that he was chosen for, due to the fact that he had no experience whatsoever to deal with the Dark Arts. While at Hogwarts I learned of several cases where students had been harmed in his classes, just more evidence to show that Albus no name was a crackpot fool, who only believed in his own so called 'Greater Good'. So I plead with all other allies to cut all ties with the old man, as I do not want what has happened to my family to happen to any of yours, just because you have been blinded by what the old fool has said."

Strong words from Lord Diggory indeed, and on the evidence, we have already seen and heard about Albus no name's crimes and actions. This, readers, is a woman who once believed everything Albus no name said. My eyes are now open to what the old cracked up fool has become. This is Rita Skeeter signing off with another report.

Harry sighed, Rita had pulled no punches in reporting the story. Harry was just grateful that Rita had seemed to keep Hogwarts reputation in tacked with her report, and everything will be placed at the feet of the old fool, which was just what he deserved in his opinion.


Albus no name sat on his small cot, thinking when he heard his door open. He looked up to see it was the young Auror with another paper for him. Albus slowly stood and took the paper from the young Auror.

Before leaving Albus to his paper she turned to him with a smug look, "You've really screwed it up this time." With those last words Albus found himself left in his cell all alone with just the Daily Prophet in hand. He unrolled the paper and immediately frowned at the headline. Albus read both articles in quick succession; whatever chance he had to repair his reputation was now truly flushed down the drain. His old friend Amos had made him public enemy number one, and there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

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