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Weeks had passed by since Jūshirō had awoken for the second time, and he was currently lying in his bed at Ugendo, the issue preventing them from receiving help from Soul Society now resolved. Izuru sat by his side, wiping at the male's forehead with a damp cloth.

Jūshirō was no longer a Captain, the injuries he had received making his body useless. As depressed as he was about this, he knew he couldn't argue; he couldn't even get out of bed without help, so it was for the best.

"I think Kyoraku-taicho and Ise-fukutaicho are coming over to see you later today." Izuru smiled as he spoke to his boyfriend, not bothered at all with having to care for him. It made him feel like he was good for something, having suffered a severe lack of self-worth after Ichimaru's betrayal.

Jūshirō smiled back, moving to rest his head in Kira's lap. "I will be glad to see them."

Izuru's hand stroked pale hair in a slow rhythm as he took in Jūshirō's features. The older male's body had lost more weight, but he looked so delicious splayed out on the bed, his white hair running down his back.

"Can I..." Izuru blushed scarlet as his hand stilled. Jūshirō looked up at him with curious eyes, silently asking him to continue talking. "Can I... make love to you...?"

Jūshirō smiled and nodded, rolling onto his back in silent invitation. "My body is yours, Izuru-kun."

Izuru blushed darker as he climbed on top of Jūshirō, resting above the older male's stomach. He leant down and joined their lips together, kissing his superior with all the strength he could muster.


The two were silent for a few minutes before Jyuushiro spoke, his voice exhausted as he was on the edge of oblivion. "...I love you, Izuru-kun..."

"I love you, too, Jyuushiro..." Izuru's eyes were closed, almost asleep himself.

"...Stay with me forever...?"

Izuru nodded, his left hand seeking out Jyuushiro's. He held the larger hand, squeezing tightly, as they both drifted into nothingness. "...Of course... Forever..."

And with that said, the two slept, each dreaming of the other.