It was the end of the cycle and it'd been days since Onodera and Takano had set foot in their apartments. Somehow, despite their bloodshot, half-lidded eyes and dark circles, they made it out of the train without falling asleep. As they dragged their lifeless bodies up the streets and towards their apartments, Onodera yawned at a rate of fifty thousand yawns per minute while Takano consistently stared at him.

"What?" Onodera questioned, irritated.

"You look like a walking corpse."

"Tell me something I don't know."

"That's a charming shade of purple you have under your eyes, what brand of eyeshadow did you use?" Takano smirked, the corners of his lips quirking upwards.

"Well, sorry if I'm not used to going days without sleeping, like you!" Onodera exclaimed.

Takano chuckled and inched closer to him, slipping his hand into Onodera's. Onodera flushed and tried to yank his hand away, but Takano held on tightly, refusing to let go. Onodera sighed, too tired to bicker. Hand in hand, they made their way towards their apartment block.

As soon as the lift door closed, Takano shoved Onodera against the wall and planted a rough kiss on his lips. Onodera widened his eyes and chapped lips rubbed hastily against each other. Takano nibbled on Onodera's bottom lip before sliding his tongue in his mouth. Onodera's moaned as he traced his hands through Takano's raven hair. Onodera cursed silently as his pants started to feel tighter.

When the elevator stopped, Takano pulled away from the kiss and dragged Onodera across the hallway and into his apartment. As soon as they entered the apartment, Takano slammed the door shut and ravished Onodera's mouth again, not giving him a chance to protest.

When they finally reached the bedroom, Takano pushed Onodera onto his bed, sucking softly on his neck. As Takano used one hand to swiftly undo Onodera's pants and the other to slide up his shirt, Onodera trembled and tried to pull back.

"T-Takano-san.. Stop.. We haven't showered in da- Ah!" Onodera's half-hearted protest was cut short by a high-pitched yelp as Takano tweaked his nipple.

"Shut up and enjoy." Takano stoically replied, tugging down Onodera's jeans and slipping his hand into his boxers while the other continued teasing his nipples, drawing gasps from Onodera. Onodera arched his back and moaned softly as Takano started stroking his hard member. As Onodera writhed in pleasure beneath him, Takano started leaving a trail of hickeys beginning from the nape of Onodera's neck.

"Mmm!" A moan slipped out of Onodera's mouth as Takano sucked on his nipple. He pumped Onodera faster as he licked his way down his abdomen, thriving on the pleasured moans and gasps escaping Onodera's lips. When Takano finally licked his way to Onodera's hips, he eyed his member hungrily before smirking and taking the head into his mouth, sucking it softly.

"Aaah!" Onodera cried as he threw his head to the side and clutched onto the bedsheets. He was intoxicated in a state of bliss as Takano's skillful mouth clamped down on his entire length, sucking steadily. Onodera bit down on his lip to prevent sounds from escaping his mouth, resulting in breathless whimpers. As Takano bobbed his head up and down, sending thrilling shivers through Onodera's body, Onodera started tugging at Takano's mousy jet-black hair, panting heavily.

"Takano-san.. I'm.. I'm gonna.." Onodera exclaimed, in between gasps and moans. Hearing this, Takano sucked even harder, eliciting pleasured cries and driving Onodera over the edge. Finally, with a loud moan, Onodera spilled his seed into Takano's mouth. Takano smirked and swallowed his sweet load eagerly. He then hastily prepared Onodera with his fingers; they both knew Onodera didn't need much preparation.

"Lift your hips." Takano demanded. Onodera did as told.

"Ahh!" Onodera let out a painful yelp as Takano rammed his thick member into Onodera's hot cavern.

"Hurt?" Takano asked, thrusting in short, shallow movements.

"A.. a little bit.." Onodera flushed beet red as he gazed at Takano through lusty, half-lidded eyes.

"Good." Takano grinned smugly as he starting thrusting into Onodera mercilessly. Onodera's face was contorted into a mixture of pain and pleasure, as Takano captured his lips in a breath-taking kiss. Their tongues fought for dominance as moans and pants echoed and bounced off the four walls of the room. Drowning in passion and desire, they explored each other's mouth as they continued making love with such unrestrained ferocity neither of them would be surprised if Onodera ended up limping the next day. When Takano finally pulled away from the kiss, Onodera let out an unintended whimper, causing him to blush crimson red, whipping his head to the side. Takano took this chance to suck the nape of his neck gently. In the midst of leaving hickeys all over Onodera's neck, something caught Takano's attention.

The area around Onodera's ear was red. Not crimson red, not auburn red, just red. Like he was blushing through his ears. Takano never realized this; he stared at his ear for a few seconds, curiosity bubbling within.

"Takano.. Takano-san?" Onodera said breathlessly, wondering why Takano stopped. Takano gazed at the reddened area even more. And suddenly..

"Ah!" Bingo! Takano lit up with a subtle conniving smile. He'd licked the area just behind Onodera's ear and was given a delicious moan in return. Another spot to be added to Takano's mental list(a very long one, for your information), "Onodera Ritsu's erogenous zones". Onodera's hands shot up to cover his mouth frantically.

Determined to put this newfound information to use, Takano began pounding into Onodera relentlessly as he licked and kissed around his ear gently. Onodera clung onto Takano for dear life as he panted heavily; his world began to spin as Takano rammed into his sweet spot over and over while teasing all the correct sensitive spots. His body convulsed with pleasure as his member throbbed painfully, craving release. Takano realized this and started stroking Onodera's cock feverishly.

"Haa… aaahh! I.. I'm.." Overwhelmed with lust, Onodera couldn't form coherent words anymore. He threw his head back as he hit a blinding orgasm, strings of white coating Takano's defined torso. Takano climaxed seconds later, collapsing on top of Onodera.

Takano placed a chaste kiss on Onodera's forehead and rolled over, one arm stretched out over Onodera's chest and pulling him close. Nuzzling his face against Onodera's, Takano fell asleep almost instantly. Feeling equally exhausted, Onodera yawned softly and drifted off into slumber as well.

"Gahh!" Onodera picked himself off the wooden floor. He awoke in a sticky mess and when he tried to get to the bathroom to take a shower, his hips gave out the second he stood up, flinging him towards the ground.

"Ow.." Onodera rubbed his sore ass as he surveyed the room.

This place reeks of sex, sweat and shame… last night must have been intense.., He thought to himself as he hurried off to the bathroom.

When he emerged from bathroom, clean and fresh, he walked towards the living room and perked up at the smell of eggs, toast, and coffee. As usual, he has a proper breakfast. Onodera rolled his eyes, annoyed at the thought of drinking energy drinks for breakfast every morning while Takano has sandwiches and coffee. Well, actually it's because I wake up later than he does..and maybe because I have to dig for my work clothes in my pile of unwashed and unfolded clothes…and also.. and yet again, Onodera has managed to depress himself, with the help of no one but himself.

"What's with the long face early in the morning?" Takano asked, sitting down and taking a sip of coffee.

"Just comparing your apartment to mine and sulking at the huge contrast…" Onodera stated truthfully, taking a seat.

"Ha! Then maybe it's about time for you to clean up that pig sty you call an apartment!" Takano smirked.

"I'm going to! I'm just.. always busy.."

"Today's a Saturday, so you have no excuse."

"No way! Saturdays are my days off, I'm not going to clean up on a Saturday!"


"I have.. something on.. tomorrow.."

"That smells like a load of bull!"

"Shut up!"

"You can always live here with me, you know." Takano suggested nonchalantly. Onodera blushed at the thought.

"You know what, I think I can spare one Saturday to clean up my apartment…"

"You're a dick." Takano stated. Onodera clucked his tongue in annoyance and continued eating his breakfast. After a few minutes of silence, Takano finally voiced up,

"So… you're pretty kinky with your ears, huh?"

"Sh.. Shut up!" Onodera flushed and fumbled with his utensils as Takano chuckled.

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