Wow. WOW.

I didn't realize it has been two years since my last update. Although I apologize for leaving this story hanging, I did go through a lot during that period. Life happened and is still happening. Went through a bad break up, death in the family, frequent bouts of anxiety and depression. Sadly, during those two years, I also lost my muse on writing about Gendrya. I know, I know. But I couldn't find my muse, especially since Gendry rowed off into the unknown for three seasons.

Good news is, I will be back soon. I need to read this whole fic again (don't kill me) since my old laptop's gone and all my files are in it. The only thing to do is to read everything and hope I can find a good way to end this...and hopefully start a new one soon.

Thanks for all the reviews and messages and I hope you all keep it coming. It motivates me a lot to keep this writing thing going.

Cheers :)