This is NOT a Shattered Glass was made on 1.18.2013 due to Screenshots of Professor Paradox in Omniverse from the episode Ben Again.

A girl who has a black shirt followed by a purple stripe going down and black jeans hat ended at her purple and white shoes is leaning on a wall. She's right at the age of sixteeen. her hazel eyes are stuck on a ipad's monitor. Her rich dark brown hair dangles below her jawline. This is Ivy Brooklyn her other counterpart inthe Transformers franchise. She's not half machine. She is half Kincerlan. Though Ivy does not know that yet. Megatron is not going to be her love interst. Somebody else is going to be that internest. Some body...else.

A blue light blinded the girl.

"AHHH!" She shrieked, covering her eyes.

The light faded.

"Hello Ivy Brooklyn Bottom." A man's voice said, He became able to the viewed once her eyes reopened. He has black hair sriped by white at the sides. The hair is bumpyish. His eyes are completely black. He has on a black suit under neath a brown and white garment visibily from some era. His lab coat is decorated in several accesories like a General combined into a fine looking sea pirate. His boots are brown. He has brown and gray knee cap armor. Around his neck is googles. His left arm is clearly a robot one. He has a cane in his right hand. He has a smile on his face."I am here to bring you somewhere VERY important."

And strangely calm.

Ivy rubbed her eyes, dropping her mobile device.

"Saaaay what?" She asked. her eyes blinking walked up to him. Her eyes widened at his arm. "W...Whaaaa...Are you from a television series? If you are a fraud I am so going to kill you! Annddd who are you?"

The two were sarrounded in a bright light and poof. They were gone.

A passerby who knew Ivy, quickly picks up the mobiel device and looked in all directions. She wasn't there anymore. Not in THAT timeline. Matter of speaking. Welll..Actually not at that certian time frame. The person knew she wouldn't just leave her phone.


Ivy looks around as they are in a somewhat bright yellow hallway. It is somewhat crafted in clouds. the walkway is almost similar to a hallway being solid and able to walk on. The question Ivy had asked hadn't been answered. Not yet. The girl continued to give him a glare.

"You know me." The man tells her, giving a wink. "Start walking."

Ivy wiggled wose. She started walking with him.

"I don't know you. you are a complete stranger to me!" She replied. Her dark gray-blue eyes are envisioned in confusion. "I am just folowing you for the sake of adventure! I haven't had one in...years. It's everyone's dream to go on adventures with some strange man able to do...Science fiction stuff!"

The man uses his cane walk.

He laughs.

"I gues this means this is the first time you met me." He said,. chuckling.

Ivy glared at him.

"Start explaining,. mister. " She furtherly said. her eyes filled in determination. "How do you know my name...ANSWER MY FREAKING FIRST QUESTION!"

"You told me your name."

Ivy frowns.

"Wheeeen did I do that? What do you mean? Are we...time travling? If so...Time travel is VERY confusing." She eyed the manm while walking. Like she is waiting to see if he is going to expose this is all a complete dream.

He nodded.

"I am Professor Paradox." He finally said, slipping his googles over his eyes. He handed Ivy a pair of sunglases."You are going to need light is ggoing to literletly blind you after so long in here. You won't see a thing!"

Ivy quickly takes the glasses. She puts them on. She walked on with him.

"Sooo what's the important place I am supposed to be?" Ivy asks him. her head turned at Professor Paradox.

"Spoilers." The man simply told her.

They hear noises and loud a busy it's not quite because of typical everyday is from fear. A attack on a city. Ivy takes the sunglasses off once they arrived to the city. She handed them back to Professor Paradox.

"Uh...So..I am supposed to be here?" Ivy asked.

No answer.

"Come on,. tell me-" She turns around to see the man is no longer girl stomped her feet. Ticked that he left her without giving another answer or anything. "So much for the brilliant idea." Are the words she muttered.

SCFREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAACCh went a tumbling piece of wall headed down to her direction. The girl's eyes became engulfed into fear. Must..RUN! Suddenly her feet transformed into wheels with claws keeping them in place. her skin turns a light blue. her elbows became sharp follwed by a long black stripe. Her ears became very long and sharp like elfs. A line went down from her eyes to her chin.

Ivy zipped to another building.

"Wewh!" She said,wiping off a bead of sweat. "That was a-..wha?!"

She saw her clawed fingers that are black. But tthey are not fingers. theh are three claws. her tail does not have a stripe.. Her eyes are laced in dark gray hazelnes. her bangs nearly cover her eyes to the could not believe her eyes. MY SKIN?! IT'S/...BLUE! She started running at any direction. Until she saw a giant green being wearing a dark maroon suit, aqua things to the side of his neck,trying to take a very large object. he has squid like tentacles penetrating from his chin. The girl's eyes dazzled at him. Her soul urged her to go on. Because ther eis atall elf like being and goopy thing attacking him.

"Hey, I'll help you!" She cried out, hiting the elf like creature's head with her skatting balls.

it made him a foot imprint on him. She reskated back to the side of the apparent attack. The green blob turned it's head at her. She saw a time symbol on it the creature's body. that? She asked herself. Surprisingly it started to speak.

"A half kincerlan!" The blob spoke. "Rook. It's a plumbers kid, Most definitely! She's cluelless!"

The strange being in a black,blue and gray suit used his gun on the other being. His attention moved to Ivy when The blob had pointed her out. He tilted his head. quickly dodging one of the attacks made by the squid humaniod being.

"We are the good guys, so help us!" Rook told her, as the green blob thing became a orange dog like creature wih large fangs. "...Really..Wildmutt?"

"NO HEP ME! " The squid spoke. "I am trying to return this object and they won't let me. I am the good guy here, they are the bad guys, so just help me, I've been fighting them for years just to get the universe safe!"

I feel like his lying..but it sounds sooo true! Ivy thought. She made her own decisiojn. She kicks both the elf and the dog creatures butt with skill. She did not know what they were. she just knew Paradox brought her here. for...some important takes place in omniverse. This is a half kinceralan story.

Ivy came to the squid.

"Can I help!?" Her Hazel eyes sparkled at the giant alien. She is scared of him. She is never at all. she's seen all the science fiction shows and movies her brain could consume in knowledge. "I can help you get the device into the...whatever you have!"The Alien looks to the two who are starting to get back up. He unexpectedly grabs the girl. who only waved her hands in the air because she is so hyped up about working with a large Alien who seems to be part squid. They went into a very big spaceship.