The scenery switches to the plumber base. Rook and The boy were talking to a man, who seems to be somewhere in his sixties. There are strange and different creature all over the room wearing white and black have three red dots on the front of their astronaut like suits.

"Ben, There is nobody in the plumber kid system that match the description." The older man told the boy. the boy has a vlack shirt with a green stripe that has '10' at the middle on his writ ist a white and green mobile like device. The boy has brown hair.

Ben frowned.

"It can't be..." He said, having a disaproval look.

"Maybe the steampunk guy can help us out." Rook suggested. "I think her name is Ivy...But I do not know how I hppen to know that."

Ben's eyes brightened. The man's eyes became confused what Rook meant. He hadn't met Paradox. Last time they met him was on some mission to retrieve some globby little spider creatures and furry freaky mammels from some cargo.

"Paradox!" Ben shouted, apparently to nothing.

A Man appears out of nowhere. apparently Professor Paradox is holding a squirming Jackrabbit in his robotic hand. He had been in the middle of catching this creature for reasons unknown. Though possible caught because it;s a laijne from it's four yees and smaller two eyes like spider eyes.

"What?" The man asks,having a frown on his face. "I was about to return this animal to it's rightful planet from the Extosions!"

"Who's the girl with dark brown hair. that shirt almost like mine except for being black and mainly purple for the stripe, same dark pants, and happened to help the most badest guy in entire universe!" Ben told him.

"And I think her name is Ivy!"

Paradox raised a eyebrow.

"Which Ivy?" He started, "Ivy Underwood Autospring,Ivy Autodroid, Ivy Undermetal Autoprise with the Piccard generation on the entireprise, which one are you talking about?"

The older man and Ben and Rook appaered to be dumbfounded.

"The Kincerlan one." The Older man told Paradox. He has whie pants on. and has a strange taste for alien food."

Professor Paradox nods.

"Oooh that one." He said. "That one is Ivy Brooklyn Bottom. Ivy is not in your databse because she came from another universe brought here by a different Kincerlan half came from a extra exposure of super speed that a creature X-Naw had accidently left a baby. That speed boost happened to be from Kincerlans."

Rook and the other man happened to understand what he had said. Ben on the other hand does not have a clue. His green eyes aren darting at the man. It sounded so techical that only one highly trained alien in the workforce could understand.

"Sooo...Her name is Ivy Brooklyn Bottom." Ben said.

"And she doesn't exist in THIS universe." Rook simpliefied.

"She's also half Kincerlan from a accidental exposure of Kincerlan DNA." Max adds.

Professor Paradox nervously laughs, realizing they were glaring at him.

"Why did you bring her into this universe in the first place?" The Older man, known as Max Tennyson asked his eyebrows are raised up. "You just set her into a heap of trouble and possibly the longest going on lie that may ever happen!"

Paradox rubbs his black hair.

"Some events are meant to happen and Ben Tennyson may have been able to captured the squid...though not alive. You may try to get her back. But I will not help. This is something I should not intervene. There is a time war going on I need to help. So long!" Prrofessor Paradox disapears in a beam of blue light.