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Warning: Contains smut and mature themes.

Summary: "Tell me Silver Blade, are you afraid to love?" Continues where the anime left off. Jiro/Mimiko

Chapter 1

Mimiko's Day Off

The silver-eyed vampire grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed down her onto the bed. He was panting hard and trembling, clearly finding it hard to control himself. "Mimiko." His usually smooth voice was ragged with pent-up desire. "I want you. I can't hold back any longer."

Tears of joy pricked her hazel eyes. She had waited so long to hear him say that. "Really? You mean it?"

He swallowed audibly and nodded.

"God Jiro, I want you too. I always have."

He swooped down and crushed his lips against hers fiercely as he raked his claws down her sides. Mimiko gasped and writhed at the feel of his hands on her. She had never been touched by a man before, let alone a vampire.

He brushed his cool lips against the hollow of her neck, his long hair tickling her skin. "I love you Mimiko..."



Mimko Katsuragi awoke with a start to find the old blood Vampire, Jiro Mochizuki, standing at the end of her bed. She screamed and scrambled back against the headboard. "What time is it?" she stammered, feeling rather hot and bothered.

"Eleven thirty."

"What! I'm late for work!" Screeched the compromiser. "The boss is going to kill me! Jiro you idiot! why didn't you wake me!?" Enraged, she grabbed a pillow and threw it at him, but the vampire evaded it easily. Why does my alarm clock never seem to work?

Jiro's gun-metal eyes glinted with amusement. "It's your day off remember? I thought you might want to lie-in this morning."

Mimiko laughed nervously. She had forgotten all about it. Her boss had insisted she take some time off due to her involvement in the Kowloon children incident. Suddenly she remembered her rather steamy dream and hoped she hadn't said any of it out loud. She cleared her throat. "I wasn't talking in my sleep was I?"

He chuckled darkly. "You were moaning a little. You must have had a very pleasant dream."

Sometimes she could happily punch him. With a face as red as a tomato she slumped forward and put her hands over her eyes. "Oh man...stupid hormones."

Living with the Vampire was proving far more difficult that she first thought, with each day that passed her feelings for him intensified and the fact that he seemed not to notice, or chose not to, was disheartening and frustrating to say the least.

He cleared his throat. "Anyway, I wondered if you wanted some breakfast?"

Jiro didn't seem like thew kind of person who would enjoy doing domestic chores, but to Mimiko's surprise he liked cooking for them, and was good at it too.

"Thanks, breakfast would be great."

"Bacon and eggs?"

She laughed scratching the back of her head awkwardly. "You bet."

"Good." He patted her hand and she blushed furiously. Jiro felt her body temperature soar to an unfathomable level. Slender brows knitted into a frown. "Are you alright? You seem rather...feverish." He touched her forehead with his cool fingers. Him touching her made it worse. She bit her lip.

"You're not ill are you?"

"Ill? Me? No I'm fine, really!" She flapped a hand dismissively. "So anyway...as it's my day off I thought maybe we could do something fun. There's plenty of things to do here in the Special Zone. We could go to the seventh yard or..."


Jiro's shoulders visibly slouched as his excitable younger brother bounded into the room waving his arms around like an aeroplane and began to bounce up and down on Mimiko's bed. "Can we go visit Zelman? Can we? Can we? Then can we go to the park and get ice creams and-"

"No Kotaro," Jiro responded with a weary sigh.

Mimko batted his shoulder playfully. "Aww come on Jiro, it'll be fun, besides I can't think of a better way to spend the day."

"Yay!" Kotaro cried in excitement.

Jiro sighed wearily, clearly unimpressed by the prospect of spending the day with Zelman Clock, whom he didn't particularly like. "Fine."

Zelman, the crimson eyed-beanie hat-wearing Vampire with flame red hair joined them in the park for ice creams. Inbetween playing with the boisterous Kotaro, Jiro noticed that Zelman seemed to be very interested in Mimiko.

This tide of rising jealousy in Jiro's breast made him wonder; just what was Mimiko to him? What was he to her? Since the day she had willingly offered her blood to him he had developed a connection with her, one of trust and friendship. But was that all? He cared for her deeply but felt he could'nt let himself love another, not after what happened to Alice Eve. Besides, it would be cruel to become emotionally attached again as one day he would be gone; it was his duty to the lady Sage.

"Mimiko you have ice-cream by the corner of your mouth," Zelman pointed out.

The compromiser blushed. "Oh have I, where?"

"Here, allow me." He leant forward and wiped it away with a long finger, then put it in his mouth. "Mmm," he purred, delicious."

Mimiko slapped his leg and giggled like a school girl. Zelman leant towards the blushing young woman with burning eyes.

"Perhaps now you will allow me to taste your..."

"That's it!" Jiro shot to his feet. "Mimiko, Kotaro we're going home."

Both the Compromiser and the little Vampire boy looked up at the black-haired Vampire in disappointment.

"Awwwww but brother..."

"Now, Kotaro," he hissed between clenched teeth. The angelic little vampire boy's face fell.

Mimiko gave him one of her trademark disapproving looks. "Jiro what's wrong with you?"

He lowered his steel eyes stubbornly. "Nothing. I just want to go home."

"Is the sun affecting you?"


"Then what? Something's troubling you I can tell."

His eyes drifted past Mimiko's shoulder and focused on Zelman Clock who sat on the picnic rug smiling placidly. "Nothing. Just go, I'll be with you in a minute." With an angry exhalation of breath Mimiko took Kotaro's hand and lead him away.

"Some day off this is turning out to be," he heard her mumble.

"That was rather drastic," the ancient Vampire purred as he rose to his feet. "But I know why you did it. It's Miss Katsuragi. You have feelings for her don't you?"

Jiro's gloved fists clenched. "That's none of your business." Zelman was clearly enjoying this.

"You want more than just the taste of her blood, am I right?"

"Stop it," Jiro hissed through his teeth.

"Why? It is clear you are infatuated with her as is she with you."

Fists unclenched. "What?"

"I could sense it, I felt her body heat increase when she looked at you. Why do you refuse to acknowledge Miss Mimiko's feelings? Tell me Silver Blade, are you afraid to love?"

Through the streets of the Special Zone Jiro wandered, his mind in conflict with his heart. He was deep in thought but sometimes his hand would involuntarilly stray to the handle of his sword. Since Cassa's betrayal and Alice's death he found it hard to trust anyone, or to let anyone in. This often made him seem cold, solemn and detached.

"Forgive me Alice," he whispered into the air. "I can't deny my feelings for her any longer..."

It's alright. You are free to love Jiro. Go where your heart takes you.

His eyes widened in realisation. He had made up his mind, he would act on his feelings and tell Mimiko the truth.

Once he reached the warehouse he found Mimiko sat at the kitchen table reading a magazine. She looked different out of her work clothes, more relaxed and youthful. She was beautiful.

He cleared his throat awkwardly. "Mimiko...I..."

The chair scraped on the floor as she stood up. Her expression deadpan as she walked towards him, then, without warning she slapped him across the face. He gasped and pressed a hand against his burning cheek.

"What's wrong with you Jiro? Why did you have to ruin a perfectly nice day, hmmm? It's not often I get a day off, in fact come to think of it I hardly ever get a day off! So thank you very much I..."

Hazel eyes flew open in surprise as Jiro wrapped an arm around her middle and silenced her with a passionate kiss. With a relieved and contented sigh she laced her arms around his neck and melted into the kiss.

Mimiko Katsuragi had dreamed of this moment, no, she had longed for it with every fibre of her being since first day they met. Despite going against all the rules of the special zone, this felt so right.

Jiro was gentle but forceful as he hungrily sought entrance to her mouth with his tongue and she welcomed it, letting him explore every inch, issuing a moan from her. Her brain a haze of lust and excitement she entangled her fingers wantonly in the strands of black silken hair which cascaded over his broad shoulders and pressed her body harder against him, his grip on her lower back tightening as the kiss deepened.

He came up for air and stared at her with a fierce impassioned look in his steel eyes and she panted her cheeks flushed, hair in disarray.

"What...are you doing?" she asked breathlessly.

"What I should have done a long time ago."

If she died right now, she would die happy.

They turned together and he pushed her back against the fridge, his attention turned to her neck and collarbone. She was different to Alice, more vocal and responsive.

He lifted her up against the flat surface, burying his head in the crook of her neck inhaling her alluring scent. It drove him wild. He moaned slightly as she wrapped her slender legs around his waist and rocked, needing him badly.

The heat was building, his mind soaring, taking him to places he never thought he would go again.

She could hear his heavy breathing in her ear. She placed her palms on either side of his face and lifted his head so his eyes were level with hers, and smiled at him gently, his lust glazed eyes burned like a Vampire in dire need of blood.


"Mimiko..." he said huskily, "I'm sorry that I never realised how you felt. I just..."

"It's alright, I know."

"Uhhh...Brother, Mimiko?"

Mimko yelped and leapt out of Jiro's arms.

"Omigod, Kotaro!"

Jiro couldn't help but laugh at her.

"What were you two doing?"

"Nothing! Just um..."

Jiro moved towards the boy and knelt before him so they were at eye level. "I'll explain it to you when you're older Kotaro," he said gently. "Now let's go out and play in the park again, hmmm?"


Thanks for reading! :) The title of this story comes from the Within Temptation song which I listened to while writing this.