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Chapter 3

No Turning Back

They returned home from the Order Coffin Company feeling tired and overworked. Jiro carried the sleepy Kotaro in his arms.

"I'll put him to bed," he said and took the little Vampire boy to his room.

Mimiko flopped down on the sofa relieved to have a bit of peace, but as her eyes drifted shut she found herself thinking about their steamy encounter in the storage cupboard.

"I don't want to waste a single moment with you. I want you."

She clapped a hand to her forehead in disbelief. My God, did he really say that! Warmth rose to her cheeks and a tingling sensation blossomed in her chest. This is really happening, I can't believe it! She resisted the urge to jump up and down and scream in excitement, because that would be a bit silly; she wasn't a schoolgirl any more.

"Are you alright?"

There stood Jiro Mochizuki In all his splendor. He had discarded his red jacket, leaving him in just his white dress shirt and red pants and his silken black hair fell perfectly over is broad shoulders.

"Erm...yes, why?"

His silver eyes darkened hungrily. "You seem…aroused…"

"What? Jiro!"


She clenched her fists tightly to prevent herself from punching him. Sometimes he could be so embarrassing!

He cleared his throat. "Sorry…"

"Ugh! Nevermind. Did Kotaro get to bed ok?"

"Yes, he's sleeping soundly. He's pretty tired after his day at work. So am I for that matter." He stifled a yawn, "so much paperwork."

"Uh huh."

Elegantly he moved across the room and sat down beside her. "Mimiko, I'm sorry if I offended you, but I can feel your desire so strongly, it's quite…overwhelming." He moved close and brushed his lips gently along the smooth skin of her neck, nipping at the pulsing vein.

"Jiro…" She sighed closing her eyes. "Jiro, I…"

"Yes Mimiko?"

"I want you."

He stilled and moved away, fixing her with a serious, almost fearful gaze. "Do you truly mean that?"

In her nervousness, Mimiko had forgotten that this was a big deal for him too; his last love and creator Alice Eve, had been cruelly taken from him by Casa and now dwelt within the body of his little brother. Eventually he would have to relinquish his life in order for Alice to regain her memories, but until then Mimiko would stay by his side.

"Of course I do. I've wanted you for so long Jiro." She cupped his cool cheek and gave him a reassuring smile. "I love you, I always have. I would do anything for you."

He nuzzled against her hand and sighed. "I know…but are you aware of the consequences? There will be no turning back after this."

"I understand."

He moved forward a little more confidently and claimed her lips; they were hard and cold against hers, but oh so wonderful. Somewhere in the middle of the kiss, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. Gently, he laid her down on the bed and smoothed the auburn tresses from her flushed face.

"You're beautiful Mimiko," he whispered as he swooped down and captured her lips again. She pawed frantically at the buttons of his dress shirt and he shrugged it off his shoulders to reveal a milky, sculpted chest. She gasped in wonder, lightly running her fingers over his perfect skin.

Kissing every inch of her, he removed her clothes exposing her heated flesh to the air. She felt embarrassed and tried to cover her nakedness but he drew her hands away gently and placed a tender kiss on her palm. His silver eyes said, Don't be afraid.

Feeling brave again she tugged at the waistband of his trousers but looked away as he unbuttoned them, hearing the tantalising rustle of clothing and the clanking of a belt as it hit the floor. He loomed over her, his metallic grey eyes tinged with a neon blue glow, and cupped her cheek gently.

"Mimiko, look at me."

She did. He was beautiful and fearsome.

"Are you ready?"


Not moving his eyes from hers, he entered her with a low groan and she let out a pained gasp as he took her innocence.

Jiro flinched and stroked her cheek softly. It pained him greatly to know that he was the cause of her discomfort. "Forgive me, I hurt you...I'll just..." He moved to withdraw.

"No don't! It's fine." She smiled at him through her tears and cupped his cheek. "It's ok," she breathed, "I'm ok."

"Are you quite sure?" His face was strained, she knew he was holding himself back.

"Yes. I want this, more than anything."

He laced his fingers in hers, then ever so slowly began to move against her, gently at first as she rode out the waves of pain that ebbed into rising pleasure. Her sighs became gasps as he increased his pace and she clutched at his toned shoulders, digging her nails into his skin. She could hear Jiro's breathy sighs above her and feel his long hair tickling her cheek as he moved, she could feel all of him and it was wonderful.

Oh God...

It had been so long since Jiro made love. His last had been Alice Eve; never did he think he could feel so deeply for anyone else. Mimiko had shown him friendship and trust allowing him to feed from her when he was weak even though it was against her duties as a compromiser. She had been like a guardian angel to him. He didn't deserve such loyalty.

As Jiro felt himself reach his peak, his blood lust began to rise like the tide, intense steel eyes locked upon Mimiko's pale, glistening neck, the throbbing vein coursing with hot blood and passion. Pulsing, burning, pounding.

I want it...

"Jiro?" she panted touching his cheek.


He leant forward and she opened her mouth in a silent scream as he sank his aching teeth into her neck and began to suck. He growled deep in his throat as he felt her delicious essence coursing through him, heightening his pleasure to such an unfathomable level that his release struck him explosively and without warning.

"Jiro that's enough, please!" Desperate hands pawed frantically at his chest. "Stop, Ji..ro."


Jiro unlatched his teeth with a loud gasp, as if bursting up from the swirling depths of the ocean and stared at his lover in horror. Mimiko's body was limp and her head lolled horribly backwards to reveal her ruined neck.

"No, what have I done!? Mimiko wake up!" Sobbing, he pulled her against his chest and held her. "I'm sorry, i'm so sorry..." He hated himself. How could he let himself go over the edge like this? Damn it! Damn it! "Mimiko, please don't leave me..."

There was a knock at the door. "Brother? What's going on?" came the sleepy voice.

"Kotaro! Go back to bed!"

"But...I can't sleep. I had a bad dream."

"Back to bed, now!"

Panting, Jiro stared at the unconscious young woman in his arms. He had to do something or she was going to die.

"No...What have I done?"

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