Based on the Promo for episode 1x11:

- Emily, Cassandra and Will are the runner ups for the research assistant position and have to criticise each other

- Micah and his Mom talk about Emily and have a little bit of a falling out when her health deteriorates

Micah looked in on them from the doorway. Thank God for Emily Owens who could get his mother's spirits up like no other. And not just his mother's, he mused.
Right now she sat at the edge of his mother's bed and they had their heads stuck into a gossip magazine giggling like 13-year olds.

"Mom, Emily is busy."

They looked up, startled by his presence.

"No, she's not." His mother said, turning to Emily for confirmation. But the guilty conscience was written plainly on her face. "Emily, you should have told me. What are you doing here? Don't let me keep you from your work."

"It's alright, Joyce. It's not really work. It's extra extra work which brings me nothing but trouble and misery. And you shouldn't tell on me." She scolded Micah playfully.

Micah walked up to her. "Come on, don't be discouraged so easily."

"But I don't want to go." Emily whined.

Micah held out his hand and Emily took it with a deep sigh, letting herself be pulled up from the bed. Micah smiled at her and turned her around, gently pushing her into the direction of the door.

"Go kick their asses."

Emily laughed and waved goodbye at Joyce.

"What's this extra work you're talking about? The poor girl works enough already."

Micah picked up the magazine and flipped through it before tossing it on the nightstand. "A great opportunity, that's what it is. She could be Dr. Bandari's new research assistant. Which would be a huge step for her future career."

"From what she's told me about her encounters with Dr. Bandari, I'm not sure that's such a good idea."

Micah chuckled. "It is, trust me."

Joyce patted his hand. "So let's talk about you, my son."

"There's nothing to talk about."

"How long ago did you break up with your girlfriend?" His mother asked conversationally.

Micah's eyes narrowed warily. "A few weeks ago. Why?"

"Well, I think a couple weeks is enough time to wait."

"Wait for what, mother?" He asked suspiciously.

"Oh, you. Don't call me 'mother' it makes me feel even older." Micah just rolled his eyes. "No, I think it's time now. You've waited a few customary weeks and now it's time to get yourself out there again."

"Out where?" Micah asked bemusedly.

"The world, of course. Find a new girl for yourself."

"Of course." Micah said drily. Why hadn't he thought of that. "And I trust you already have a list of candidates."

"No, not a list. Just... Emily."

Micah heaved a deep sigh and got up from the chair, walking over towards the window. "No. We've talked about this and I wish you'd just let it go."

"But Micah-"

"No." He interrupted her harshly. "Just stop bringing it up all the time."

"Why should I?" Joyce huffed. "You clearly care about her. She's a lovely girl. She's beautiful and smart and so very kind. And she's not seeing anyone!"

"What? How the hell do you know that? Please don't tell me you asked her!" He looked at her with wide eyes. If she had asked Emily herself, then… He didn't know what he would do.

"Don't be silly. I asked one of the nurses."

Micah groaned. "Great. As if they won't know what you're implying."

"Well, I didn't mention any names, if that's what you're afraid of."

Micah shook his head in disbelief at his mother's naivety. "You're my mother. And the nurses are the most chatty and curious bunch of all of them. Trust me, they will know." If they didn't already. He just shook his head and paced around.

"Well, if they already know then surely asking her out won't do any more harm."

"I can't believe you did that." Micah said, his voice full of incredulity.

"Micah." Joyce waited patiently until he stopped his pacing and looked at her. "I know you like her. And she does too, from the looks of it. Why wont you ask her out?"

Micah shook his head. "I can't. I'm her superior, which would make it totally inappropriate. And she has a crush on someone else. We're friends, Mom. If I ask her out now I would totally blind-side her and she wouldn't stop thinking about it. And right now she has to focus on the research for Dr. Bandari. That's what's important to her and I can't distract her from that."

His mother looked at him with a pity in her eyes. "There's no harm in asking."

"Stop it. Just for once on your life, drop it and leave it alone." Micah pleaded exasperatedly. "And stop talking to everybody else about it. Please." He shook his head and glanced at his watch. "I have to go, Mom."

He walked over to the door without a backward glance.

"Micah!" Joyce called after him.

"I'll see you later, Mom."


Micah had prepped Mr. Edelstein for the operation and sent him up to pre-op. Walking up to the nurses' station now he could see and hear Emily, Cassandra and Will coming around the corner, obviously still worked up about their recent meeting with Dr. Bandari.

"Come on, Cassandra. She wanted to hear a few critique points. It wasn't that bad."

Micah smirked as he caught Emily rolling her eyes next to the couple.

"Will. What you said was totally out of line."

What are you complaining about, you pulled me to pieces in there." Emily challenged Cassandra in turn.

"Well, you make it so easy, Pits." Cassandra snidely remarked. "A few words and you're reduced to a stammering and babbling mess. It's not as if we didn't tell her anything she didn't already know about you."

Emily looked at her with wide eyes, clearly at a loss for words and proving Cassandra's point further. Micah thought about stepping forward and putting an end to this when Cassandra just smirked in triumph and left with her chart in hand.
He just shook his head from the other side of the counter. Emily clearly had her work cut our for her and he wouldn't do her any favors by intervening.

"Emily, listen."

He had to look up at that reconciliatory tone. Will, obviously trying to mend fences once again.

"Don't mind her. She's just… "He searched for the right words. "She's just very competitive."

Micah had to suppress a snort. Saying Cassandra Kopelson was competitive was the understatement of the century. And Will was just sucking up, trying to keep his good guy image intact.

"And I know I said some things in there but it wasn't personal."

Here we go, Micah thought.

"It's okay." Emily said, clearly mollified. "I know the situation was hard on everyone."

Micah's eyes widened and he had to force himself to keep focusing on the lab report in front of him and not roll his eyes. Yes, she was kind. Very kind, as his mother had pointed out. But why the hell did she have to be so forgiving all the time. Will used her. And Emily just couldn't see it.
He slammed his file shut forcefully, drawing the eyes of a few nurses as well as Emily and Will. This was getting ridiculous. He left without another word at one of them. Ha had a gall bladder to get to.


Emily hid her face in her hands and groaned. This was ridiculous.

"What are you doing?

She looked up startled by Tyra's voice.

"Hi. Assignment from Dr. Bandari."

Tyra sat down next to her at the table in the doctor's lounge and handed Emily a fresh cup of coffee. "Is that for the position as research assistant?"

Emily nodded as she took a sip, smiling gratefully. "Yes. Compiling an overview of the papers submitted as well as published in the biggest trade journals in the last 5 years concerning interstitial myocardial fibrosis."

Tyra leaned back in her chair with a smug grin. "I'm so glad not be you right now."

"Shut up." Emily scolded her good-naturedly. "It's not that bad."

"Sure it isn't." Tyra mocked her. "How many journals are you looking at?"

"Oh you know, the usual. New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Science, American Heart Association, Cardiovascular Diabetology-"

"Okay, I get it, the whole bunch of them." Tyra interrupted. "How much time do you have?"

Emily glanced at her watch. "Six o'clock."

"Today?" Tyra's eyes widened comically.

Emily nodded timidly.

"You know you'll never get that finished in time. Especially when you focus on minuscule papers, submitted by some Swedes." She gestured towards Emily's laptop and the paper she had been reading. "You know she's only doing that to torture you."

"Hey," Emily closed her laptop. "I have a system here, including the Swedes. I know I probably won't get them all done, but I figured she was just testing us to see if we have a system. Instead of just listing every article we found."

Tyra just shook her head. "You know, this is not worth it, Emily. Do you really want to do this only to have her badger you for the next three to four years?"

Emily sighed but before she could respond her pager went off.

"Dammit." She jumped from her seat and hurried towards the door.

"What is it?" Tyra called after her.

"Micah's mom."

She ran down the hall and around the corner. Joyce's room was packed with nurses and doctors, shouting orders around.

"What's going on?"

"She presented severe bradycardia as well as progressing tachypnoe. I think she has a cardiogenic lung edema." Dr Addison informed Emily, as he intubated Joyce. Two nurses were preparing an IV.

"Cardiogenic?" Emily asked confusedly as she rushed over to help him. She handed him the ambu bag and took the laryngoscope out of his hands.

The oncologic surgeon grimaced. "Yes. I'm afraid the tumor is compressing her aorta or has infiltrated it. Worst case it hit the sympathetic chain."

Emily closed her eyes for a second. No. This couldn't be happening. Not to Joyce and not to Micah.

"We're going to open her up, try to resect the tumor mass." He told her. "Alright, everybody, let's roll. Get me an OR." He walked with Emily behind the nurses pushing the bed towards the elevator.

Emily nodded grimly. "Okay. I'm in."

"No." Dr Addison said, stopping in the middle of the corridor and facing her.

"But she's my patient."

He took a deep sigh. "Look, Dr. Owens, I don't doubt that you're a competent doctor but I think you're too close to the patient. And I need you to keep an eye on Dr. Barnes."

"But someone else can tell him what's going on." Emily protested.

"I don't want someone else to do it. I want you to do it. He's operating right now, so wait until he's done. And that's final." He walked off in the direction of the staircase. "And keep him out of my OR!"

Emily just stood there and cursed to herself.


She paced in front of the ORs trying to ignore the nurses staring at her as they passed her by. Yes, she looked like she had to wait in front of the principal's office and yes, she felt like it, too.

"Dr Owens." She turned to see Dr. Bandari coming along the corridor, ridding herself of her surgical cap and mask. "Any reason why you're lounging around the OR ward? I thought I had given you enough of an assignment earlier to keep you busy." Her tone cool and indifferent as usual.

"No, I mean yes. You did give me an assignment and yes I am busy. I mean, I should be." She tried to stop her nervous stammering, but couldn't think how. What was it about this woman that always reduced her to this? She thanked God as she spotted Micah emerging from the OR behind Dr. Bandari, eyeing them cautiously. "I was actually waiting for Dr. Barnes. There's something I have to talk to him about regarding his mother."

Micah quickly strode up to them at her words. "What's going on, Dr. Owens?"

Emily shot Dr. Bandari a nervous glance. "Your mother had a lung edema and-"

"A lung edema?" Micah interrupted her disbelievingly.

"Yes. Dr. Addison thinks the tumor might have infiltrated the aorta. She's in surgery right now."

Micah turned around instantly, heading towards the locker rooms. "I have to get changed."


"Dr. Barnes." Dr. Bandari's authoritarian tone drowned out Emily's less than professional plea. "You will go and change and then check up on your patient in post-op."

He looked at her defiantly. "I-"

"No. You won't. This is your mother and you won't compromise Dr. Addison by breathing down his neck. Have I made myself clear?"

He looked down and nodded, evading both their gazes as he passed them and left for the locker room.

Emily watched after him with a heavy heart.

"Dr. Owens."

She spun around to face Dr. Bandari again with wide eyes.

"I trust you have work to do? Otherwise I am sure I can find something for you to do."

"No." Emily quickly shook her head. "I'm good. I'm just gonna… go. I'll go and do my work." She said and quickly left under Dr. Bandari's scrutiny.


Emily tentatively opened the door to the small conference room. Micah sat there, intently staring at the big screen in front of him where his mother's operation was live-streamed via the OR's video camera. One side of the screen showed her heart monitor, the other the operator's point of view. The miniature camera was attached to his headlight.

"You shouldn't be watching this." She said softly.

"Yes, I should." Micah said, without turning to look at her.

Emily let the door fall closed behind her and stepped further into the room. "Micah-"

"I should be in there myself!" He interrupted her.

"She's your mother. You can't."

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do."

"I'm not." Emily said ever so gently. "I'm not."

"You should leave." Micah said peremptorily.


"You should leave. I don't want you here."


"Just leave me alone, Emily." He finally turned to face her and got up from his chair in a defensive stance. Looked at her with sad and broken eyes.

"No." Emily shook her head resolutely. "What's going on with you? Right now you're not my boss and apparently not my friend. You're just the son of a patient. I don't even know why you're angry with me. But you can't push me around whenever you feel like it." She took a few steps closer to him, getting in his face. "And you're not the only one who cares about her. I'm here and I'm not leaving." She said, her words incredibly soft this time.

With a last defiant look at him she dropped down into the seat next to his.

Micah sighed heavily and looked down at her for a second before falling back into his own chair.

Only to stand right up again and start pacing.

"Why are you even doing this? You shouldn't be here." He muttered.

Emily grabbed his hand when he walked by her, making him stop instantly and look down at her in confusion.

"Micah, I just…"

Before she could find the right words, he looked at her with a new found clarity, his tone no longer holding the anger it previously had.

"You shouldn't be here."

"I'm trying to tell you that I should. That I want to be." Emily protested.

Micah pulled on the hand that still held on to his and hefted her out of her seat.


"No. You shouldn't be here! You have to do the literature research report till six o'clock. It's four already."

"No." Emily calmly shook her head.

When Micah tried to protest again Emily put her hand over his mouth.

"I'm right where I should be. So shut up." She let her palm slide down from his lips.

"But you'll never get the assignment finished in time. This could take a few more hours." he gestured towards the screen.

"I don't care. I don't care about being Dr. Bandari's stupid research assistant. Not as much as the other two and certainly not as much as I want to be here right now."

A lone tear rolled down Micah's cheek unexpectedly and Emily didn't even hesitate as she brushed it away with her thumb.

"It's going to be okay." She said with a small smile.

Micah chuckled. "I almost believe you when you say that."


Emily couldn't take it anymore. Micah was either pacing frantically in front of her or tossing around in his chair. And it was driving her crazy. She glanced at the clock on the wall. 18:02. She was well and truly out of the race for research assistant. To hell with it.

Right now Micah had gone back to pacing and was striding up and down in front her, checking in on the OR at every turn he made. She had to do something. If not to keep his mind of his mother then to keep him from driving her crazy with his impatience.

"Why were you so mad at me?"

The question startled him enough to make him halt in his movements. "What?"

"When I came in, you were very angry. And I don't know if you're just on edge because of your Mom or because…" She took a deep breath. "Or because I've done something to make you mad at me."

She really wanted to know.

Micah averted his gaze before resuming his pacing. When he passed her again he stopped and looked down at her.

"Why don't you want the position as research assistant anymore?"

"I asked first." Emily pointed out.

"Tell me anyway."

Emily sighed and rolled her eyes. Well, it was better than the pacing. "Because I didn't like what it made out of me. When Will and Cassandra had to criticize me they were brutally honest and it sucked. I don't care about Cassandra, but Will… We're supposed to be friends. But I don't want to be a ruthless and heartless bitch. That's not who I am."

Micah sank into the chair adjacent to hers. "I wasn't mad at you. I was…" He trailed of, as of searching for the right words. "Will is an idiot."

Emily looked at him in surprise. That was the most opinionated thing he had ever said about one of the other interns.

"You are so afraid of what he thinks of you that you're reduced to a blabbering mess around him. He's just another guy. He's not even that good of a doctor. Theoretically yes, he knows a lot. But he doesn't have what it takes to connect to his patients. He's insensitive and arrogant and judgmental and calculating. And you…"

Micah laughed to himself and shook his head. He leant forward and braced his elbows on his knees, holding his head. "Forget it. I'm tired and stressed out."

"Tell me, please." Emily insisted. "It might be the nicest thing anyone's said to me this week. And in my defense I'm apparently completely useless when it comes to men. Or that's what Tyra says.

Micah chuckled. "You're doing fine with me." He said with a sideways glance at her.

"Sure." Emily played along. "If you don't count the instances where you keep your professional distance from me for a few weeks or yell at me when I want to keep you company."

"I'm sorry." Micah sat back up abruptly but kept looking down at his hands. "That was not your fault. Both times."

Emily turned to look at him and caught his eyes. Micah reached over and covered her hand with his, squeezing it gently.

"I'm glad you're here."

Emily nodded, noting that he hadn't let go of her hand. She turned hers around, twined her fingers through his and squeezed back for a moment.

"You still haven't told me why you were so mad at me."

Micah tried to pull his hand back but Emily held on tightly. He looked up at her, surprised by her persistency.

"I did. It's because Will is an idiot." When he saw the confusion on her face he sighed. He closed his eyes as if trying to compose himself but when he finally looked at her again there was only honesty, his feelings for once completely open to her. "He's a complete moron. And yet… you have this crush on him. And he doesn't even realize it."

"He knows."

"What?" He looked at her even more surprised now.

Emily could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. "In one of my not so glorious moments I told him. Ages ago. And he rejected me."

"Well, then he is even more stupid than I thought." Micah said softly. "He doesn't deserve you."

Emily's eyes widened in shock and surprise. "But.." She didn't know what to say. Was happening what she thought was happening?

Micah sighed almost inaudibly and averted his eyes. He leant back in his seat and tried to take his hand back. But Emily held on and pulled him back into her space. Might as well go with her gut now.


A small smile played around his lips as he looked at her with a piercing gaze. There was such longing and affection there that she wavered slightly. As if having made up his mind he boldly cupped her jaw with his free hand and stroked her cheek with his thumb. He had to smile at her awed expression. But when he leaned further in, she did too and Micah took that as incentive to lightly press his lips against hers.

He'd simply wanted to prove a point but he hadn't counted on the warmth of her mouth, her ready response to a simple kiss. He'd swear she even whimpered a little as his tongue gently caressed her lower lip. They drew back simultaneously. Emily's eyes opened instantly and she searched his face for something. Anything. It was all there.

"I have to think about this." She said softly.

"I know. It's what you do." Micah smiled faintly. "Take all the time you-"

His words were interrupted by the sudden onslaught of machines going crazy on the screen. Emily turned around to watch what was happening. All she could make out in the operating field was blood oozing out of the deep recesses of Joyce's abdomen while the heart monitor showed a decreasing heartbeat and rapidly falling blood pressure.

"What happened?"

She turned to see Micah storming towards the door and realized too late what he was up to.

"Micah, no!" She ran after him, out the door and down the corridor towards the stairwell. She chased him down a flight of stairs, all the while calling after him. "Micah, stop!"

She caught up with him at the door to the OR ward only because he fumbled with his electronic key card. Emily moved in front of him, blocking the door with her body.

"Let me through!"

"I can't do that." She shook her head.

"I have to get in there!"

Emily just looked at him and was surprised by the restraint he showed. She could see how desperate he was to get in there but he had yet to try and remove her forcefully.

"I know you're scared." Micah just huffed and rubbed his hands through his hair. "But you won't help Dr. Addison by storming in there. He's doing everything he can."

Micah nodded and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

"I will go in." Emily said, her complete certainty audible in her voice. "I will go in and check on her. I'll come back out and tell you what's going on and then you will leave and wait somewhere else." She could see the tears gathering in his eyes. "I will make sure she's okay." That she wasn't already dead.

Micah nodded his consent. "Okay."

"But you have to leave." Emily insisted.


"Yes. I'll check now, but for the rest of the procedure you'll just wait somewhere else. I'll come find you when it's over."

Two minutes later Emily pushed through the door to the OR just putting her surgical mask in place and at once relieved to hear the steady rhythm of the heart monitor.

Dr. Addison turned around and looked at her in surprise. Although it was nothing compared to Emily's surprise as she spotted Dr. Bandari across the operating table.

"Dr. Owens. Are you lost?" Dr. Addison asked.

"No." She shook her head.

"Good. Then I trust you'll find your way out of my OR."

"Dr. Addison, I'm sorry but I can't leave."

"You can't?" He asked drily and shot Dr. Bandari a look.

"No. And it's either me, just standing here and not getting in your way or Dr. Barnes himself."

Dr. Addison sighed. "Alright then. Make yourself comfortable."


Emily found him on the roof, standing close to the edge and watching the proceedings down in the parking lot. He turned his head when he heard the door, but seeing that it was her turned back to watch the usual chaos playing out down below.

She walked up to him and stood next to him, watching an ambulance pull up. The cool night air was a welcome change from the stifling OR.

"I'm not sure I want to know."

"Okay." Emily said softly.

"Just give me a minute."

One last minute where he was oblivious to it all. One more minute with the endless possibilities provided by not knowing. She would have waited a hundred minutes if it meant she could spare him the pain of what she had to tell him. Dr. Addison had offered to do it but she had insisted. Not only was Joyce her friend, but also her patient. This was something she had to do.

"Okay." He turned to look at her with expectant eyes. "Tell me."

Emily took a deep breath and concentrated on the facts first. "She's in the ICU and she's awake and would like to see you."

A wide smile broke out on Micah's face and he let go of a huge breath, grabbing hold of her upper arms. "The surgery went well, then?"

Emily looked down for a second. "Yes."

Micah immediately caught in to her reserved tone. "What is it? What are you not telling me?"

Emily hesitated. They should have done this somewhere else, where they could have sat down. But it probably wouldn't make a difference, she pondered.

"Just tell me."

"The tumor mass was more perfused than the CT let on and while they were able to cut out most of it and repair a tear in the aorta, it came to a hemorrhagic event." She took a deep breath, hoping to find the right words. Knowing there weren't any. "Your mother's in septic shock right now. Her liver and her kidneys are failing."

For only a nanosecond it was so quiet Emily would have probably heard a pin drop. Then came his sharp intake of breath.

"She's dying?" Micah took a few staggering steps backwards and shook his head in disbelief.

Emily nodded, blinking rapidly against the growing burning in her eyes.

"No." Micah walked further away from her. "No, you're wrong. She can't die."

"Micah." Emily took a step in his direction.

"No! You stay right there!" Emily could see the tears streaming down his cheeks and was momentarily taken aback by his anger. "She is not dying."

Emily didn't know if he was talking to her or himself. She wiped at her eyes and took a deep breath, hoping to brave herself. This was not about her. This was about the man she… She what, exactly?

Screw it.

She walked over to him, ignoring his pleas with her and just wound her arms around him, clutching him to herself. After a few seconds, she could feel the fight leaving him as he sagged against her. His arms came around her back to hold on to her. Her hand moved to the back of his neck and caressed his hair while holding him close.

"It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay." She murmured it over and over in a soothing tone, hoping to somehow ease the weight on his shoulders. She could feel his head shaking in the nape of her neck.

"No." He rasped out. "It's not."

He drew back a few moments later and avoided her gaze while he wiped the tears from his face. Emily didn't back away.

"It's not okay. I have to tell my mother that she's dying. How… How am I supposed to do that?"

Emily shook her head. "You don't have to. I told her."

"You did?" Micah looked at her in surprise.

She nodded. "She knows and she wants to see you."

Micah took a deep breath and nodded. "Are you coming, too?" He asked timidly.

"I already…" Said my goodbyes. "If you want me to, I will." She said instead.

"I think I'd like that for a bit."


Micah took a last look at the now empty room. He walked out, over towards the nurses' desk to sign the last papers. They had taken his mother down to the morgue an hour ago and he had showered and had a change of clothes.

Brenda, the nurse on night shift, shot him a sympathetic smile.

He tried to return it before leaving in the direction of the elevator.

"Dr. Barnes!"

He turned back around at Brenda's soft call.

"Dr. Owens asked me to remind you that she's waiting in the doctor's lounge." She told him with a knowing and understanding glance.

He huffed in surprise and nodded his thanks before turning in that direction. Sure, she'd told him she would still be here but that had been hours ago and he thought she'd gone home by now. It was already 03:18.

He gently opened the door to the lounge and even had to smile as he saw her fast asleep on the couch. He sat his bag down by the counter and walked over to her, sitting down on the coffee table in front of her.

His eyes burned and his throat closed at the thought of what his mother had said not three hours ago. They had talked about everything and nothing until there was nothing left to talk about. He had just sat with her and held her hand when it suddenly came to him.


"Hm?" She was tired. So infinitely tired.

"I kissed Emily."

"What?" That roused her from her half-sleep and she smiled softly at him.

"I kissed Emily." He even had to laugh at that thought. The whole thing seemed to be a million miles away by now. His mother softly joined in on his laughter.

"You haven't said something like that-" She had to pause to take a deep breath. "Since you were 8 years old and came home from school telling me that you had kissed Hannah Simmons."

Micah smiled. "Well, she was the prettiest girl in school."

"And you were just as proud back then." Micah smiled sheepishly. "So? What does that mean?"

"I don't know. The jury is still out."

His mother smiled at him and patted his hand. "Just don't screw it up."

He wasn't planning to.

He gently laid a hand on her shoulder. "Emily."

She was awake instantly and sat up. He could see the tear streaks on her face in the dim light.

"Micah, is it…"

"Yes. It's over."

Emily reached for his hands and caressed them gently. "I'm so sorry, Micah."

"She died about two hours ago." He sniffed. "She's dead. My mother is dead." He laughed for a few seconds in disbelief before the harsh reality caught up with him and his laughs turned into sobs. His tears were freely running down his cheeks.

Emily pulled on his hands until he got up from the coffee table and sat down next to her, seeking comfort in her arms. She held him against her as his tears soaked through her shirt.


Emily looked up startled as the door to the lounge opened. She squinted into the half light of dawn and glanced at the clock. 5:34. They'd been sitting here for two hours. She looked at Micah next to her. He was sitting close to her, sprawled back into the cushions, his whole body turned in her direction. Even in sleep his hand clasped hers tightly. It was an oddly intimate position but right now she couldn't care less. She was exhausted and surely nobody coming in at this hour would give a damn.

She turned around to see who had come in only to suddenly do care about their position.

"Dr. Hamata."

"I'm sorry." She looked equally as uncomfortable. "I didn't know you were in here." Emily could see her eyes drifting to Micah's sleeping form and their clasped hands in her lap.

"This is not… We're not…"

"It's okay." Kelly said with a tight smile.

"No." Emily insisted. "His mother died a few hours ago. We're really not…" She trailed of but Kelly got the idea.

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that." She smiled and turned back towards the door.

"Dr. Owens."

Emily turned back to her.

"It would be okay. You know if you two…" She trailed of, sparing them both the embarrassment. "And hey." She added with a wink. "Another reason not to go into OB. The little beasts pop out any time of the day."

Emily chuckled, grateful to the older woman for diffusing the awkward situation. She turned back to Micah, watching him sleep for a moment longer. It was time, she decided and tugged on his hand.

"Micah. Wake up." She said softly.

"Hm." He slowly blinked his eyes open and sat up. "Uh, sorry." He released her hand from his to rub his hands over his face.

"It's okay."

"What time is it?"

"Quarter to six. I thought maybe you should go home before everyone else gets here."

He nodded. "What about you?"

"Rounds start at seven. I'll just grab a shower and fill up on caffeine." She smirked.

"I'm so sorry, Emily. You have to be exhausted and it's all my fault."

"Don't worry. I don't have an operation scheduled today. And I doubt I will be assigned to any after not handing in my research report yesterday."

Micah looked down at his hands and Emily could see the guilt gnawing at him.

"Hey." She laid a hand on his shoulder. "None of this is your fault. You should go and get some rest."

He nodded and looked up at her with tired and hollow eyes. "Thank you, Emily. It really meant a lot to me."

She smiled softly at him before getting up and offering him her hand. He took it and she pulled him up. Together they made their way over to the door.

"Hey, Micah?"

"Hm?"He turned around again.

"Did you break up with Kelly because of me?" She rushed the words out, feeling foolish for even thinking it and even more so for voicing it out loud. She blamed her exhaustion.


"It's just… she was in here a few minutes ago and she's so nice and kind and really pretty and I just wondered-"

"Yes. " His confident answer stopped her rambling.


Micah didn't say anything else and just walked out, leaving the door open for her to follow.

Emily shook her head. What the hell was wrong with her? His mother had just died. And they had been mourning her together, holding hands for the last few hours, she reminded herself.

"Micah, I'm-" her apology got stuck in her craw. Dr. Bandari was standing a few yards away, watching them come out of the doctor's lounge together with raised eyebrows.

She looked at her with wide eyes, not knowing what to say. Before she could do anything Micah had grabbed her upper arm and was pulling her along, away from Dr. Bandari's curious gaze.

"Go take a shower, Emily. And please don't be late for rounds." He gently smiled at her. "For both our sakes."

I know I'm a bit out of practice, but I hope you enjoyed.