Tony sat still in his chair for an hour or two. He listened to the infuriating ticking of the clock and of the noise around him. People talking on phones, clicking keys at their computers. He tapped his foot impatiently, willing for time to go faster.

He hated fighting with Danny. It hadn't really been a fight, though. It had come from a place of concern, Tony knew that much, but he'd jumped to Ziva's defence before Danny could really say anything all that bad. About either of them. Maybe that did mean something. Maybe Danny had been right. Maybe he really had feelings for her.

It had been a possibility this whole time, from the moment they locked eyes in that dark room something about her had stuck in his mind so she had barely left. And they'd known each other, what, less than a week? Tony froze. No. That couldn't be right. Could it?

Thursday night had been McGee's party. Friday she had hurt her ankle. He brought her groceries. Saturday he cooked them dinner. Sunday it had rained. And today she was coming in for her interview. How was it in such a short time she had snuck her way into his life? Five days knowing each other and he thought about her all the time. Five days and he trusted her entirely.

Five great days, but five days nonetheless.

Oh God, he was insane. He really was beginning to have feelings for her.

He wanted to slap himself. She'd said it from the first moment they had met. She didn't have time for a Tony DiNozzo. Was Danny right, was all this just for the sake of time management? Had he wanted things to change so that she would have time for him?

What was he doing, feeling things about this woman? She'd finally started to really trust him – he couldn't drop this on her now. He'd shut himself up, somehow. Push these thoughts down and down and down until he wouldn't have to acknowledge them. Whatever he felt, he would refuse to give into it. If he cared about her at all then he couldn't risk things changing, not when she was about to quit her job and hopefully get a new one. If he was going to help her, he couldn't help himself. It didn't work both ways.

He'd known it from the beginning. She had told him herself.

Ziva David belonged to everyone and no one.

He put up with the stupid clock on his desk for as long as he could before he had to get out of there. It was 11:40. Ziva would be here soon.

He stood up and started storming towards the staircase that would lead him towards the entrance of the building. He passed Danny on his way. They both stopped short of each other, staring silently.

"You gonna say something?" Tony asked.

"Sorry?" Danny tried. "Look, I don't know this girl. If you like her that much I… I'm sure she's somethin' special."

"You're right. She is." With just the slightest hint of hesitation, tony held out his hand for a handshake. A peace offering. A sign of forgiveness. "We good?"

"Of course," Danny said with a surprised smile. "I hope you'll properly introduce me, if you don't mind."

"You got it."

Tony left after that, feeling somewhat relieved. Though he had been a bit of a judgemental ass, Danny was his closest friend. His partner. In all his years, he'd learned that nothing was quite like the bond between two people that fight crime together. Like Batman and Robin. Of course, he was Batman. Obviously.

There was an awning out the front of the department, supported by two brick pillars, against one of which Tony leaned. He stared past the lifeless parking lot out into the street, which was equally lifeless in the middle of the day. He spotted the occasional car, and a mother pushing her baby along. Tony hoped they had an umbrella; the sky was looking blacker by the minute.

Suddenly he spotted a petite figure moving towards him. She wore a white shirt and pencil skirt that he never knew she owned, and her curls had disappeared, her hair straightened and pulled back into a neat ponytail. She carried a clutch purse and something else in her hand. Drinks.

He couldn't hide the smile that crossed his face when he saw her. It was almost pride, that he felt for her. She had come so far in such a short amount of time. Or, rather, she had already been 'there', she just needed to step across the threshold.

"Hey," he said, his voice unintentionally soft and warm. "You look …" He shook his head wordlessly.

"Thank you," she replied with a girlish smile. She handed him a paper cup.

"What's this?"

"Well, since you got me this job interview," she said. "I thought maybe you deserved that coffee you wanted."

"Wow." He couldn't hold it back. He couldn't help it. The way her eyes sparkled as she looked at him and sipped her own drink – a hot chocolate, he could tell from the smell – and the way she smiled as she licked off the remnants of a chocolate moustache, and the way she laughed carelessly, throwing her head back.

"You're not nervous?" he asked, intrigued by her behaviour.

"Oh, I am. But I think I have prepared myself for the worst. If I don't get this, then…"

"But you will," he protested. "You can." He gripped her forearm. "I know you can."

Before she could reply, thunder crashed above them, and rain began to fall on the pavement. The wind picked up, and subconsciously, they stood closer to each other to keep warm. She simply watched the world for a moment. Watched each drop fall onto the ground, listening to the sound, smelling that amazing smell.

"Come on, we should get inside," Tony suggested.

"Why?" She didn't move a muscle, other than her mouth. "I love the rain. After all, I grew up in Israel. It is a desert."

"Yeah, well."

So they watched the rain together and felt the minutes pass. All of a sudden her now icy fingers grabbed his. It was a silent gesture, and he squeezed her hand tight in response. At her touch he suddenly felt like a child. Like he was stuck in a world where life hadn't become cruel just yet. Where girls were just girls and not utter complexities like the one on his side.

"I sometimes wish it would just keep raining. I mean, I know it's annoying but I think it's beautiful. It's like the world righting itself, keeping itself clean and good. And if I whole planet can do that then I can, can't I?"

She would never stop intriguing him.

Their hands didn't part until Tony's watch beeped 12:00. Time for Ziva's interview. He showed her up the stairs where Major Raimey was waiting for them.

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