He could feel the dark depths of the Mines before they even reached them. The shadows loomed ever closer as they neared, and his mind just couldn't stay at rest. No one knew of his discomfort, but he couldn't shake the feeling that not everything would go well.

Before he could continue his deep thoughts, a hand lightly landed on his shoulder, and Legolas turned his head to find Aragorn walking beside him, a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

Aragorn looked around at the Fellowship to make sure no one was listening, and just in case, he said in Elvish, "What do you see?" Legolas's eyes gazed around their surroundings, and not meeting Aragorn's eyes, he said, "Shadows. They are present even here."

Before Aragorn could respond again, they had reached the entrance. Gandalf was carefully reading the words on the top, murmuring to himself, "Speak 'friend' and enter. Speak 'friend' and enter." Everyone noticed that Gandalf was taking his precious time with the entrance, so they all sat down to wait it out. Finally, Frodo walked over and said, "Speak 'friend' and enter. What's the Elvish word for friend?" Gandalf realized this and spoke it, "Mellon."

The door opened and everyone went to go inside. Gimli was boasting about the Mines as they entered...until he noticed the corpses laying on the ground. Boromir looked around nervously. "This isn't a mine. It's a tomb!" The light of Gandalf's staff verified this fact, and Legolas pulled out an arrow from a corpse. "Goblins!" he excalimed.

Suddenly, Frodo screamed, and everyone turned to watch as a giant monster (known as the 'Watcher in the Water') scooped him up. With everybody's help, they got Frodo free, but then the entrance began to crumble. "Run!" Legolas stayed behind slightly to make sure that everyone else got in. The entrance crumbled to the ground, and everyone was left in the pitch black. Gandalf lit his staff, and then said that there was no turning back. Before they could move on, Aragorn noticed that there was one less member. "Where's Legolas?" he asked, and everyone turned in horror to the pile of rubble.


Wood Elf luver: Ah, yes, the story I previewed in A Reason To Believe. Hope you liked it, and I'll make sure that we find the Elf. I still say he needs a helmet, though. Lol, TTYL! :)