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The Fellowship slowly ascended the spiral staircase to the top, where they were escorted to a throne room. Haldir pulled Aragorn off to the side, fear for Legolas almost overwhelming. "Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel have requested to speak with you, but I think that Legolas needs attention before he tries to go to this type of meeting." He smiled slightly, and Aragorn nodded his head, hesitantly handing Legolas over to Haldir, who gracefully walked away.

Haldir looked down into the face of his best friend, wondering what exactly had befallen Legolas. He noticed a new blood stain coming from his midsection, and knew that whatever had happened on their journey, Legolas needed to get to the healing halls, and fast.

He managed to reach the halls without jostling Legolas too much, and Haldir was immediately met by a few of the healers, who gasped at the sight of the prince of Mirkwood in their march warden's arms. Everyone in Lorien knew the golden haired being fairly well, and were very astonished by his condition. The healers quickly set to work, trying to stop the blood flow and mixing herbs in hope to help the wounded Elf.

Haldir stood nearby, helplessly watching as the healers worked on his friend. He had known Legolas for millenia, and to see him now, severly injured with the hurrying healers surrounding him, was a bit different for the Golden warrior. Haldir knew that Legolas frequently came home with an arrow wound, poisoned or infected, and that he worried the king more than Thranduil would care to mention.

So Haldir waited, anxiously watching the healers working, and sighed. This was going to be a long night for everyone.


Meanwhile, the group consisting of two Men, four Hobbits, and a very stubborn Dwarf stood before Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. Lord Celeborn finally spoke, "Seven there are here, but nine you had set out here with. Tell me, where are the prince of Mirkwood and Gandalf, for I much wish to speak with him privately."

Lady Galadriel looked to Aragorn, who met her gaze, and she saw the sorrow in his eyes, and heard his thoughts. "Gandalf has fallen into shadow."

Lord Celeborn looked at her, and Aragorn fidgeted uncomfortably. He had a feeling that they weren't all exactly welcome here, and prayed to the Valar that his assumption was wrong. Then, the Lady of the Wood looked at him again, and her voice spoke in his head.

What has befallen the young prince?

Aragorn gulped, and finally spoke. "Our Elven companion was gravely injured and is in the healing halls here right at this moment." After that, all of the Fellowship went stiff, all consumed with grief. Each heard a voice in their head when the Lady of the Wood met their gaze, and Boromir sobbed out loud when she met his eyes, trying to keep a grip on himself.

Finally, she turned to Frodo, who looked uneasily at her. The voice spoke in his head.

Welcome, Frodo Baggins, the one who has seen the Eye!


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