The rules were simple, set to keep the young royalty both safe and content. They were simply to show no weakness, study rigorously, and at some point before their eighteenth birthday find a royal fiancé.

Stiles knew this. He was taught the rules before he was even taught to speak or walk. And, of course, he followed them to the 'T' without complaint or question. Prince Stiles wanted nothing more than to please his father, even if that meant hiding who he really was; who he wanted to be.


The rules for Derek however...were very different. Being the son of a blacksmith as well as an Alpha, Derek followed four statements. Care for the Pups, care for the family, focus only on work and pack, and finally...survive. Although being a blacksmith brought in enough money for a normal family, the Hales were far from 'normal'. with three adults and eight children...Derek, his uncle, two older brothers, and father worked day in and day out only to barely get by. This being said, Derek learned early on in life to only worry about himself and his family.

Yet, the young man never ceased to wonder about the possibilities. The possible outcomes that could be his if only he were human...rather than a lycan. But, he kept his wonders a secret form his family. He knew what they'd say. He knew that they would all scoff and lecture him about the importance of their kind and of their pack. But still...he wondered.


At one point, Beacon Hills was a vibrant and peaceful kingdom. The citizens were safe and happy in their place of home as well as with their royal family. King and Queen Stilinski ruled over their people with the grace and justice that other kingdoms longed for. King John had married his queen the day of his eighteenth birthday with a smile and had taken over as king the day after. The Queen had willingly left her own kingdom to be ruled by her twin brother and had announced herself to be bearing a child not a year after her wedding.

At this point in time, Beacon Hills was bright and happy. Nothing was wrong; everyone had a home and food as well as family to keep them company. Beacon hills was a dream, it was a kingdom that belonged in a fairy tale book.

But of course, like in every fairy tale, the happiness came to an end.

The Prince's arrival caused much joy through the kingdom, that much was true. But along with the joy, there was despair.

The Queen became sick and thus the danger of death came into the royal family. She made no appearance for years and neither did her son.

As time slipped past...Beacon hills slowly began to crumble.

It seemed that the worse the Queen became, the worse her kingdom became as well.

But when it happened...when she finally closed her eyes for the last time...Beacon Hills seemed to leave with her; the kingdom became a dark and gloomy ghost of once was.

Beacon Hills was once a magical place of Beacon Hills is a decent sized kingdom. It is neither too large nor too small and it's ruled by King Stilinski.

The royal family consists of only two members. The king and his son. Their queen passed a few short years after she gave birth...and some of the kingdom's older residents blame their prince for her death.

It's due to this that Prince Genim has never left the castle. When he was young, his parents were far too busy to ever take him out to see the kingdom and after his mother's death...his father wasn't much of a father at all. He ordered the servants of the castle to never allow his son outside of the front gates is fear that the town would hurt his child...or even worse that his child would somehow perish in the same was his mother did.

And so, now that the prince is seventeen, he stares out at the kingdom from his balcony in longing and in jealousy. Never has he ever stepped on the stone streets or entered one of the many shops that stood just outside of his home. The prince wanted...dreamt of being free to wander the streets. He imagined himself making friends; real friends rather than the servants who most likely were forced to speak to him by his father.

"Prince Genim...oh, good you're awake. Breakfast is set."

"I'll be down in a second Isaac. Oh, and Isaac?"


"How many times to I have to tell you to call me Stiles?" the prince sent to other boy a halfhearted smile.

"My apologies."

"I'll be down soon."

With that, Stiles is left alone in his room to take one last longing look at the kingdom before reluctantly walking down to the dinning room.

"Good morning son."

"Good morning dad."

" Any plans for today?"

This is how every morning starts. They greet and then Stiles is asked the same question. The same question that always has the same answer and thus pulls the same response from the King...but not today.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you about something. It's the first Saturday of the month and Isaac is scheduled to go into the kingdom to buy goods today. I was wondering if I could...go with him?"

Stiles can practically feel the daggers his father is sending him through his stare.


"I know what you're going to say and I've thought of this. No one has ever seen me one can recognize me! I'll borrow some of Isaac's clothes one will know who I am. Please dad?" Stiles blurts out with pleading eyes.

" know how I feel about you going outside of the castle."

"Dad please? I'm almost eighteen; pretty soon I'm going to be the King. I think it's time that I see the kingdom."

"If you really want to see it so badly, you and I will-"


Stiles can't back down at this point. He's already on his feet and he's already raised his voice at his father. If he backs down, he'll never be able to do this again.

"Stiles please. Sit down."

"Let me go."

"No Stiles I-"

"Please. I'm begging you...let me go."

"Why do you want to go out there so badly?"

"I want...I don't...I'm sick of this place okay?! I hate being locked in this place like a prisoner while kids and people walk past the castle living happy lives! I want to be a part of that life Dad. I don't want to be forever locked away like some embarrassment or...or something to be ashamed of. I get it; you miss mom. But that doesn't give you the right to suffocate me in attempts to fill the void." Stiles could only stare at his father after his speech...still in shock at the words that had tumbled out of his mouth.

"Stiles, it's a dangerous place out there. There are things even your schooling won't teach you-"

"And that's why I should be allowed to go out there."

"There are things I'd rather you never learn about."

"I still want to go out there."

At this point, both the King and the Prince were standing. Their breakfast was long forgotten and abandoned on the table as they glare at each other.

"My King...perhaps it's wise to allow the young master to explore the kingdom." Stiles turns to find their nurse- Mellissa McCall- standing at the door with a small frown.

"It's wise to keep him safe; here."

"I'm right here. I don't care what you say. I'm going." With that, Stiles marched out of the dinning room and made his way towards the servants quarters.

"Stiles!" he could here his father calling after him...but heard no footsteps, so he kept walking. He refused to be forced into another sparing lesson or even worse a war lecture.

"Isaac, I'm going with you into the kingdom." Stiles announced when he reached the boy's bedroom.

" Your father gave you permission?"

"Some what. I need clothes." Stiles could only watch as the taller boy nodded before moving to the small closet in the corner.

" These will be big on you's the best I have." Isaac had mumbled as he walked back to the prince with a long sleeved shirt, thick pants, and a thin red coat that had a hood sewn to its neck.

"These will be perfect." Stiles had smiles at his some-what friend before stripping and beginning to change.


Derek's day had started a lot...calmer, than the prince's. He'd gone through routine; he'd woken up at dawn to help in the kitchen, helped feed his younger siblings, and then made his way to his father's shop on the other side of the kingdom.

It's been a simple morning, filled with easy tasks and deliveries. It was when he was making his way back from Deaton's ranch that his morning finally began to become interesting.

Derek had been taking his time, walking through the Shop Street had always been a guilty pleasure of his. He was looking through the window of the jewelry shop as he passed it when his ears perked up at the sound of laughter.

"Are you insane? Who do you think you are?" Derek had reluctantly turned towards one of the vegetable carts on the other side of the road to find a pudgy man laughing cruelly at a boy in front of him.

"Your prices are insane. I may not be used to this kingdom but I'm not so stupid as to not know that these are rip offs." the boy had announced without shame. He was obviously new. No one ever spoke up like this.

"You have a problem with my prices? Well then take it up with the almighty king we have." the man had said this in a sarcastic tone and Derek could see the way the boy stiffened at the tone.

"What are you trying to say about the royal family?"

"They're cowards and idiots, boy; the king can't survive without a woman and the boy won't show his face out of humiliation and shame."

"You don't know that!"

At this point, there was quite a few by standers and even some shop keepers positioned around them to watch the conversation.

"I've lived in this kingdom my whole life."

"That doesn't mean a thing!" The boy had growled.

"What's your problem boy? Are you going to buy something?"

"After this encounter, you'll be lucky to get eye contact from me."

"Don't give me any attitude boy, respect your elders. where's your mother and father anyway? they should be keeping an eye on a brat like you."

"My mother is dead and my father died shortly after her." the boy had growled loud enough for everyone to hear.

The man showed no pity...he only rolled his eyes.

"Buy something...or scram."

"You're an idiotic beast that hides away his loneliness through rude words and glares...I'd rather hang myself than buy from you." with that...the boy turned and began to walk away.

"You aren't getting away that easy." the man had muttered before moving to go after the boy.

Derek doesn't know what compelled him to do it...but when he saw the man raise a hand...he ran over and pushed the boy out of the way.

Of course he toppled onto the dirty floor...but at least he wasn't hit.

"What business do you have hitting a boy a third your age?" Derek had asked whent the man had looked at him in shock.

"Hale...what business do you have protecting him?"

"He did nothing wrong. Yet you were going to strike him?"

"He showed disrespect-"

"Only because you showed disrespect to something he feels strongly about."

"That isn't-"

"I can fight my own battles." the boy suddenly stumbles between the two and sent a look at Derek that was both thankful and angry.

"You shouldn't have to. I leave you for five minutes and you manage to cause trouble. I'm sorry Mr. Anderson. He's my responsibility."

Derek turned to find a curly haired boy standing behind him.

"This is your problem Isaac?"

"Yes, Sir. Come on Stiles...before you get into more trouble." With that, Isaac had dragged the other boy off by the arm.

Derek could only stare after him and the shorter of the two mumbled under his breath before looking back and meeting his own eyes.

The boy's were honey brown...a beautiful honey brown that made Derek's wolf shift with interest.