Yes, it is that time in a story.

The ending.

It has been an amazing ride with you all but it is time to put this tale to rest.

A new project is coming however!

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The rules are simple, set to keep the young royalty both safe and content. They were simply to show no weakness, study rigorously, and at some point before their eighteenth birthday find a fiancé.

Conner knows this. He 's been taught the rules before he was even taught to speak or walk. And, of course, he followed them to the 'T' without complaint or question. Prince Conner wanted nothing more than to please his fathers, especially was so simple to do so. He had the parents everyone wanted...the parents who understood.

.. . . ... . . .. . . ...

Beacon Hills was once a bleak and miserable kingdom. A place hidden by trees and fog. It was once a place where not even grown men roamed the streets after sun down. It was once ruled by a widower. A man who had lost his everything and had a down fall that lead to the kingdom's same demise. is not.

Beacon Hills is bright and happy.

It's a place pulled straight out of story books.

It's a place where the children run and play. Where parents are happy to live. And a place where no one person starves.

It's rules by two kings.

One of royal blood.

And the other a simple man who was once a commoner.

Beacon Hills is perfect.

At least to its population it is.

"Good morning, Prince Conner!" Bart calls as he walks into the prince's room with a fresh set of clothes. "'re awake."

"Good morning, Bart." the prince turns to smiles slightly at his care taker.

"Breakfast is ready down stairs for you. Your parents await."

"Thank you."

"Of course."

.. . . .. . . . . ...

"Good morning, Conner." Stiles greets his seventeen year old son as he sits to his left.

"Good morning." the ebony yawns.

"Any plans for today?" Derek asks with a small smile.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you about something. It's the first Saturday of the month and Bart is scheduled to go into the kingdom to buy goods today. I was wondering if I could...go with him?"

"..." Conner looks at his husband with a pointed look before smiling slightly.

"I don't see why not. Just promise me not to cause trouble." Stiles grins.


"Good morning, Stiles. Derek. Good morning, Conner." Isaac greets as he walks in with a ginger in his heels.

"Good morning." Derek chuckles.

"What is so funny?" the other werewolf asks with a frown.

"Conner will be going with Bart into the kingdom today."

"...I see." Isaac chuckles.

"Come on." Conner mumbles before dragging his care taker away from the dinning room and Isaac.

.. . .. . . . . . .. . . ...

"Happy Anniversary." Derek whispers into his husbands ear as they stand outside, waiting for their son that night.

" I heard you the first dozen times." Stiles chuckles before turning to place a kiss on his husband's mouth.

"Just like to remind you."


"Yes. Twenty years together, I love saying that." Derek whispers as Stiles turns back to the streets.

"There he is." Stiles whispers before pointing.

"How do you think things went?"

"...hopefully history repeated itself. At this rate, our on is an exact replica of myself. The only difference is that he just flat out refuses a spouse."

"The right person will come." Derek reassures.

"I hope so."

"Dad!" Conner smiles as he walks up the front steps to stand in front of his parents.

"Yes?" Derek chuckles.

"I had...a good time today." their son chuckles before walking past them and into their home.

"...Stiles?" Derek mumbles with wide eyes.

"I know that smile." Stiles whispers to himself. "Conner!"

"Hm?" the teen turns half way up the stairs to face his father with a smile.

"Who are they?" the king asks with an excited smile.

"...he's a blacksmith."

"History does repeat itself." Derek sighs as he shits the castle doors. "God help me."