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Miari Saiyan no Ouji

Looking around I see the hell erupting in the world of my birth. The once tall, proud buildings, no more than scrap piles. From the grandest city to the tiniest town, all are rubble. Remnants of a former way of life.

My own home, once four stories high, barely supports one. But it's wonderful, compared to where some others people have been forced to live. Some stay in ally ways, or what remains of a fallen building. Many people live underground. Some think it's more safe there.

Bakas! There is no escaping the Jinzouningen! They have annihilated all corners of Chikyuu. I only wish I could have such hope.

Why are things this way? What have we done to deserve this? Is all that was once good doomed to end? Love is forgotten. Hope is meaningless. Fear is my companion. Anger is my friend. Birth is a damnation. Death is sweet bliss.

I wish I could have the company of the warriors of the past, but they are all dead.

It tortures me, to hear their spirits cry from beyond. To feel their souls beg for vengeance. Yet, I can not give it to them. They gave everything, and I can give them nothing.

Guilt, hate, despair, loneliness, hopelessness - they are all I can feel anymore.

Can no one up there here my pleas?

Screams of death lick my body like flames. Torturing my body to save them, my spirit is long since dead. My soul is lost, forever gone. My heart is vulnerable, and yet rock hard and icy cold. My mind is demented to the point of breaking.

There is no escape. The devils come closer. And all I have are the struggles and burdens of myself. I can not defend against them.

And yet I'm never killed. Though each night, I secretly pray, "Take me! Take me next! Be merciful and set me free from this punishment."

I have a purpose. And I will not be granted death until I fulfill it.

So I humble myself, and travel through time. To plead for help from the past to save the future.

Son Goku, father of Gohan-san.

Son Gohan, son of Goku-san

Vegeta, my father. Saiyan no Ouji.

I ask of your spirits, give me the power, give me the strength, give me the hope. You, who have given everything, give me the will to go on. And in return, I promise you, I will pay the Jinzouningen back for what they have done!

For I am Trunks Briefs, son of Vegeta, student of Gohan. Hope of Chikyuu.

The new Saiyan no Ouji. Prince of a race extinct by the Jinzouningen. For that they will die.

For the massacre of the strongest race, I will spill out their blood and have it flow in rivers.

I am the keeper of the last, precious blood of my father's heritage. The blood of the greatest and most powerful fighters the universe has ever known.

It flows through my veins, and instructs me to kill.

And I will obey. I will slay them.

I am Trunks.

Saiyan no Ouji.

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