Victor stared at the body the next morning. He and Sparky stayed for the night after the whole drama and rejoicing last night.

Toshiaki was still sleeping. He was alive, but he was still sleeping.

Sparky sniffed the body; it didn't seem dead.

Mr. and Mrs. Fujiwara entered and offered Victor a cup of tea.

Victor drank from it and looked back at the body. He still couldn't believe the events of last night. He wasn't even hit with lighting. Was he really alive?

"You shouldn't stay here." said Mr. Fujiwara "We'll take care of him."

"But..." Victor looked at the body "Was it really him I saw last night...? It could've been a dream..."

"The doctors said he's not really dead, just sleeping." assured Mrs. Fujiwara. "However, there's no telling if he's really going to wake up or if he's going to stay like that forever... But that's none of your concren is it? You should go to school, my husband and I will take care of him."

Victor looked at her; then at the the body, and then he left for school. Sparky followed him out. Victor remembered he couldn't bring Sparky to school and left for his house first.

Toshiaki and Saya heard and saw everything.

Toshiaki was full of disbelief. "I visit him in person and he thinks it could've been a dream?!"

"Well no one is really is certain about them. Most think it's just a strange bad dream."

"Well that's just great!" Then he noticed something's different. "Hey... mom and dad aren't leaving for work."

"Why is that unusual?"

"They always leave for work first thing in the morning and come back late. They are never there for me."

"Wow... I didn't know it was that bad for you. So, who took care of you while you're parents are away?"

"I took care of myself." Toshiaki said that with pride "But before that, we had a housekeeper and she... well... she sort of looked after me. Then she left a year ago for college or something."

"You had a baby sitter? What's she like?"

"Well... she's..." He was about to answer when a white car drove in front of his house. A woman stepped out. She was pretty; almost out of her teenage years. She had curly dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Toshiaki's eyes widden "Wha- Molly?!"

"Molly?" asked Saya

"The housekeeper I was talking about. I guess news of my death even reached her."

Molly Miasaki knocked on the door. She couldn't believe what she just heard. The kid she took care of for five years ago was dead. Mrs. Fujiwara opened the door.

"Arisu..." Molly said

"Molly...?" Mrs. Fujiwara examined her to see if it was her. "I haven't seen you for a year now. What brings you back to New Holland?"

"Is what I heard true?"


"I'm talking about Toki."

"Oh, you heard about it too. Well, come inside, and my husband and I will explain to you about everything."

Saya chuckled "Toki..."

"T-that is just some dumb nickname she gave to me when I was little!" Toshiaki retorted.

If Molly thought the news she heard was unbelievable, then she couldn't believe this even more. "Wha-? You can't be serious." She looked at the parents, then back at the body. Either what they said was true, or this family had gone crazy.

"So... why on earth are you telling me?" Then she realized why "You... you guys need to go to work, but you need someone to take care of Toshiaki so..."

Mr. Fujiwara nodded "Right, we need you to take of him while we're gone. You'll get your original pay and we'll be back at ten."

With that, the parents got their bags and left.

Toshiaki just stood there. "And I thought they really care..."

"I'm sorry, Toki." Saya said to him. "They probably would've stayed if your housekeeper didn't arrived."

"Yeah... Can you not call me by that nickname?"

Molly sighed; she guessed some things will never change.

She went up to the boy's room and looked down at the body... it looked so peaceful. It was almost like it was dead. She touched the neck and felt the pulse. He was alive... but how was it possible?

She heard he got hit by the car and died. It shouldn't be possible; once you're dead... you're dead. This shouldn't be happening unless it was some sort of miracle. She shook her head; maybe he didn't really die, maybe the news was bluffing again.

Then again, he might be in a comma for all she knew, and never wake up. She looked at the body again, and left the room.

Toshiaki grouaned "Great, now I have Molly to deal with too..."

"Well, if you want to talk to her, or anyone, now your last chance." Saya told him.

"Last chance...? Hold it, you mean I'm going to die after all!?"

"I didn't say that, stupid! I'm just saying it's your last chance before the test takes full effect." Saya explained "The test has certain restriction and rules, but they won't come into effect until tomorrow. Right now is your last chance to talk to your parents, Victor, and now, your baby sitter."

"So I just wait for night to come and enter their dreams again." He remembered that Molly doesn't believe in dreams.

"No I read about your baby sitter, she won't believe it, and Victor will just believe it's another dream."

"So what do I do?"

"You can borrow someone's body."

"I can do that?"

"Yes, but it has to be someone with an strong sixth sense. Do you know anyone like that?"

Toshiaki thought about it and frowned "Do I know anyone like that..."

Victor was about to take his seat at science class. After this class, he'll get Sparky and they'll go to the Fujiwara house. He was about to sit down when he saw Weird Girl standing next to him.

She was staring at him with her million mile stare and asked "Did you open the casket?"

Victor didn't answered at first, but then he realized she was serious "Um... yeah, I opened it."

She went back to her desk. He didn't hear her say "Mr. Whiskers... what you dreamt is true."

As the gym teacher (yes, she's still teaching the class) kept on talking and lecturing, Toshiaki stared uncomfortablely. "Do I have to?"

"Well, it's this girl or nothing. No one else here has a strong sixth sense" said Saya; she gessured him to take the risk or lose it.

Toshiaki stared at Weird Girl sitting down and sighed "This is going to feel so awkward..."

"You have only thirty mintues." Saya told him "Good luck."

Toshiaki looked at the clock: three thrity; he has until four o'clock to use this body. He sighed again and went into the body...

"Umph..." Weird Girl said before she collasped.

Everyone turned to her. Her head was on the table.

"Jones," The gym teacher said "What's the matter?"

Weird Girl suddenly stood up. She looked around the classroom and actually blinked a few times. She spoke "Whoa..."

Toshiaki couldn't help himself. He had been in class before, but this felt so... strange. Maybe it was because he was taking the body of someone else... a girl none the less.

"Jones!" The gym teacher repeated "Are you dilly-daddling or are you just being lazy?! This is class and we have no room for slakers!"

"Hey, it's me, Toshiaki! I'm the pitcher on the baseball team!" (It even felt strange just talking; the voice felt funny.)

"Fujiwara?" The gym teacher and the entire class, save Victor, burst out laughing. "Fujiwara passed from this world the other day. What kind of sick joke are you trying to pull?"

Toshiaki frowned; telling the truth was worth a try.

The bell rang and everyone left; Victor was one of the first.

Toshiaki ran out after him; pushing everyone else out of the way.

Victor was already exiting the school building.

Toshiaki had to run as fast as he could, but he was stopped by Elsa. "Ann Marie? Are you okay?"

"Um, yeah, I'm fine, just let me catch up to Victor. I, uh... I have another perdiction for him."

"What's your rush, you can tell him tomorrow." said Edgar

"Well, I..."

"You're acting kind of weird." said Bob "And I mean weirder than you usally are."

"What Bob is trying to say is that you're acting out of character." pointed out Nassor "Are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine, now, I just need to go and-."

"You're acting weird, and not as normal weird, but very weird. You're not yourself."

"Yeah, is something the matter?"

"Is Mr. Whisker's death starting to get to you?"

His classmates were starting surround him; it was kind of preassuring... actually really preassuring. What would Weird Girl do at something like this? Then he realized Weird Girl probably won't do anything at all.

He decided to do what he would do. "I'm not Weird Girl! I'm Toshiaki! I'm just barrowing this body!"

Everyone said "What?"

As they all stood there trying to understand what the heck is going on. Toshiaki took the opertunity and ran out the door.

Victor knocked on the Fujiwara door. He wasn't expect a pretty lady to open it. Sparky tilted his head to the side; not expecting this either.

"Yes?" She asked; looking down at him.

Victor slightly remembered her; she would always pick up Toshiaki when he was little. What was her name...? Millie? Maggie? "Um, I'm here to see Toshiaki."

The lady stared at him. "I know you, Toshiaki talked about you a lot, but it was never anything good. You're Victor; Victor Frankenstein right? What are you doing here?"

Toshiaki can see Victor at the front door; talking to Molly. "Perfect..." He thought "Now I just need to let them know it's me, but how? I don't have any time to explain."

Just then someone with fliers came up, and right at that moment, Toshiaki got an idea.

He took one of the fliers and folded it to a paper airplane. Then with one perfect toss, he threw it towards Victor and Molly...

After hearing Victor's story, Molly shook her head. She was still trying to understand what was happening, and this boy here claims he saw Toshiaki in his dream last night.

She told him "Listen, I understand how you're probably feeling about your classmate's death, but I really don't have time for this."

"It's true. You have to believe me."

"Sorry kid, but it's... unbelievable." She looked at Sparky "Okay, maybe not as unbelievable as that, but I still have a hard time trying to buy it."

"Please, you have to trust me."

Molly looked at Victor's

big sad eyes. There was nothing that was saying that he was lying, but can she really believe him?

Just then something tapped her on the head. She saw it float to the ground. It was a paper airplane. She picked it up.

A blond girl came coming "Um, hey! That's mine."

Molly had seen that girl once or twice, but never learned who she was. She heard Toshiaki called her "a weird girl".

But right now, she felt like she was going down memory lane. She sat down at the front step while holding the plane. "You know, this reminds me of that moment I met Toshiaki. I was walking home when a paper airplane hit me from behind my head. That boy was coming up to me saying the exact same thing. He was only a little kid and he was adorable."

"Heh, I guess I was." Thought Toshiaki

Victor bended down next to her like he was listening to a story.

"Soon after that, I met the Fujiwaras, got a job as their housekeeper, and the rest was history." she stared sadly at the paper airplane. "If only he was here now... I guess I really miss something in him."

"We all do..." said Victor

Sparky whimpered sadly.

Okay, now the time to speak "Um... actually, I'm here right now."

Molly looked up at her. "What are you talking about?"

"Weird Girl... is this another one of your perdictions?" asked Victor with an uncertain face.

"No, it's really me. I'm Toshiaki, I had to used this body."

Molly made a face, stood up, and crossed her arms "Sorry, but I'm really sure that's not ture because right now, the Toshiaki I know is lying down and I have no idea if he'll ever wake up."

Toshiaki folded the body's arm; like what he would usually do when comfronting Molly, and said "I see as usual, you're doupting facts I say. Have I ever been wrong?"

Molly's eyes were wide, she couldn't believe it. There was only one person she knew who did that pose and said that. "Toki...?"

"Yes, it's me, and can you quite calling me that nickname?"

"Toki..." chuckled Victor

Weird Girl gave an ugly glare to him. Victor knew Weird Girl would never glare like that... but Toshiaki would.

"Is it you?" he asked. Spakry sniffed the body.

"Yes, it's me." he repeated

"Why are you...?"

"It was the rules, it was this body or nothing." Just then, the sound of the clock bell could be heard. Toshiaki knew that meant his time was almost up.

"Listen, I know it seems unbelievable, but I'm alive. I can't come back to you now, but I promise you guys with one message: I will be back. So wait for me, okay?"

Victor nodded; holding back the tears "Yeah... I'll wait for you okay." He hugged him. Sparky nudge with him and whimpered.

Molly came up to them; trying not to cry either. "I missed you, Toki." She petted him on the head like what she did in the past.

"I missed you too, Molly..." and then he left.

"Well, that went well." said Saya "You really meant what you said?

"Yeah," agreed Toshiaki "but I'll tell you Saya, when I come back, I will be a different person. This time, I really mean it. I'm going to be someone better."

"That's nice. It's real assuring to know that you have goals... and not ones that will get other people killed, Toki."

"Wait a minute," thought Toshiaki when he realized "Does this mean I have to give up the Science Fair next year?"

When Weird Girl came to; she had no idea what was going on, but she knew it must have been interesting because Victor was hugging her and crying.

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