January 5, 11:00 A.M. Wright and Co. Law Offices

Phoenix sat down on the couch to watch television. He couldn't wait to see re-runs of various shows which he didn't exactly care for. Before he could press the POWER button, Maya raced over to where he was, sat next to him, and ran her fingers through his spiky hair.

She said, "Nick, remember that time that you were on Ellen? That was hilarious!"

Phoenix acknowledged, "Yeah. I recorded that episode. I'll watch it later."

Maya thought, "Nick looks awfully bored. I better tell him something exciting."

She sparked, "Nick, do you want to hear the history of the world, according to me?"

He eyeballed her. Phoenix replied, "Yes. Go ahead."

"And so," she started, "The world started to get interesting around 1200. In those days, there was an ordinary man named Marco Polo. He became hungry one day, and went to China to dine. When he finally came back a long time later, he introduced pasta to Italy. Oh, and not to mention, he also brought back burgers!"

Phoenix sighed, "Sure. That's enough for me, Maya."

He asked, "Maya, where is Pearl?"

She looked at him. "She's in Kurain Village, Nick. We'll get her later today."

January 5, 2:30 P.M. Fey Manor

Maya picked Pearl off of the ground and said hello. Phoenix also had his exchange of words with her.

She included, "Mr. Nick! I need to get something!"

Phoenix asked, "Where?"

Pearl replied, "At the channeling school down the street!"

Maya accepted and nudged, "Nick, come with me and let's wait for her to get her 'thing'."

The lawyer walked with them down the street and sat down. He waited patiently of Pearl to exit. It was about 3 minutes into the wait when Phoenix heard a rupture disk burst.

Gases started venting from some spot inside to school. It sounded like a jet engine. Phoenix braced himself and Maya shook violently. He wondered if it was possible to stop the release.

But it was too late. 12 seconds later, there was a bright flash of light; it was brighter than the sun, and was brighter than anything the two had ever seen. As usual, Phoenix saw and heard the explosion before he felt it.

The blast created a massive fireball, which soon stopped burning and began to rise.

Maya heard a voice say, "This is called a BLEVE; A Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion."

Phoenix turned towards her, and they found the the voice was Pearl's.

Maya gasped, "Pearls! You aren't dead!"

The authorities arrived soon put out the resulting fire and asked them, "Who could have done this?"

Phoenix stammered, "Well, not one of us, officer!"

Another one gave Pearl a look. She held a security footage tape and played it back for Phoenix and Maya to watch.

In it, they saw a girl.

Maya soon yelled, "That's Pearly!"

Phoenix grunted, "This is so not looking good. What is even worse is that kids are now tried as adults."

The police aimed assault rifles at Pearl and screamed, "YOU ARE UNDER ARREST! PUT YOUR HANDS UP!"

She cried waterfalls of tears as the police jammed a pair of handcuffs and shackles on her. Phoenix felt very bad for her.

Maya added, "Nick, they're treating her like a criminal!"

As the police shut her in a cruiser, she screamed, "I'm innocent! Let me go this instant! If you don't, Mr. Nick will cut you up in court!"

They drove away, and the only sound that could be heard was the sound of Pearl's faint sobbing.

Maya's eyes became glassy. Phoenix comforted, "Maya, don't cry. I'll prove her innocent! They are a bunch of lazy workers who want to get home and sleep all day!"

She pulled him close.

Phoenix whispered, "Maya, don't forget that I love you."

The two kissed affectionately, and hoped that the trial would run smoothly.