January 13, 4:00 A.M. Wright and Co. Law Offices

Maya felt a hand grab her shoulder. She ripped up out of bed, and saw that Phoenix was dressed and ready to go.

He said, "Maya, it's about time that you got up. The flight leaves at 6:30. We need to be there ahead of time."

She sighed, "Sure thing, Nick. I'll get Pearly going too."

Maya raced down the hall to where Pearl was sleeping and woke her up.

She asked, "Mystic Maya! Why are you waking me up so early? It's...like...4 A.M!"

She replied, "Pearls! We're going to the airport this instant! The Hawaiian Islands will soon be in our sight!"

Pearl screamed, "Yes!"

She got up from her slumber and joined Maya in getting ready. Phoenix sat down on the office couch and turned on the television. It was tuned to CNN, and a rather disinteresting story was airing. He sighed and slumped back into the seat, waiting for Maya to get done.

Inside the bathroom, Maya was trying to tie her kimono correctly, with Pearl jumping in every few seconds to her actions, saying that she wasn't "doing it right".

After nearly a minute of failed tying attempts, Pearl gasped, "Fine! If you won't do it right, I'll do it myself!"

Her hands worked swiftly, and it took a few seconds. Maya looked at herself in the mirror.

Pearl yelled, "Oh! Mr. Nick is gonna be so excited!"

Maya asked, "Why?"

She answered, "You look better than you do on most days!"

Just when it felt like Maya was never going to exit the bathroom, she finally did, and the three were out of the office and on the sidewalk.

Phoenix looked left, and then right.

That was when he remembered, "That's right... I don't have a car!"

Maya and Pearl groaned.

But when it seemed hopeless, out of nowhere, Edgeworth pulled up to the front of the law office in his car. He rolled down the windshield.

"Mr. Wright, I believe that Hawaii is waiting for us. I would appreciate it if you would pack your suitcases in the trunk."

Phoenix did as he was told.

Maya asked, "Mr. Edgeworth, are we supposed to sit in the back?"

He replied, "What? There aren't anymore seats up front? If so, then pile up back there!"

The door opened, and Phoenix climbed in, and Pearl followed. Maya was the last one to get in, and she closed the door.

The trip to the airport was short. It only took about three minutes to get there, as Los Angeles Downtown streets aren't very crowded at 4 A.M.

Edgeworth parked the car and began to haul the luggage out onto the curb for a porter to take to the counter. They then entered the airport, checked their baggage, and headed upstairs to the security checkpoint.

Phoenix got in line with the others and began to take off his shoes.

Pearl asked, "Mr. Nick? Why are you taking off your shoes?"

He replied, "It's just a part of airline security. You have to remove your shoes prior to entering the checkpoint."

Maya groaned, "I have to take my sandals off? Talk about crazy!"

Edgeworth prodded the others through the line, and entered the millimeter wave detection machine. It closed around him, swirled around, and he got out. Maya was next. She struggled to get into the machine.

Before the doors closed, she said, "Nick, this better not kill me!"

The machine did its job, and she exited on the other side. It took only a few more moments before all of them were inside the terminal. Edgeworth looked on his boarding pass, which read:

United Airlines Flight No. 200 to Honolulu
Gate 4, Concourse B

Edgeworth rallied, "What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

The crew paraded down the halls, with many people either staring at them or just plain ignoring their trek.

The gate which matched the boarding pass was soon found, and they sat down in the chairs. Phoenix checked his pass, which indicated that he was in Seat 3B, and Maya was in seat 3C.

He didn't pay attention to where the others were sitting. He looked up at the clock, which read 5:30.

Maya begged, "Nick, can we get on the plane now?"

Phoenix sighed, "Maya, boarding doesn't begin for another 15 minutes!"

She gasped, "This is taking forever..."

Suddenly, a message came over the intercom.

"Attention, please. It is illegal for transportation companies to solicit rides to passengers around the airport, or to provide rides to the upper levels. Use transportation kiosks and information desks to access areas outside airport grounds."

Franziska leaned back in her chair.

"It appears that there are some taxi drivers like to bust into the airport."

Edgeworth corrected, "Not exactly. They just don't want people using outside transportation to get around the airport."

The speakers over their heads buzzed a little and kicked on.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Flight 200 with non-stop service to Honolulu will will being boarding shortly. We ask that you collect your belongings and pay attention to the screens overhead to know when it is your time to board. At this time, we ask those who require a little more time to board, such as those who use wheelchairs or have small children may begin pre-boarding."

Pearl screamed, "Mr. Nick! Let's go!"

Phoenix grabbed her sleeve and calmed her down.

"You are 8, Pearl."

About 2 minutes later, the speakers turned on again. "Ladies and gentlemen, we now ask all First Class passengers, Mileage Plus Gold and Silver members, and uniformed military personnel may begin boarding."

Maya jumped into the air in excitement. Edgeworth inched forwards, and scanned all 5 boarding passes. They proceeded into the jetway, and into the plane. The instant Pearl stepped into the cabin, she sniffed the air.

She held her nose and gagged, "M-Mr. Nick, it smells funny in here."

Phoenix sighed, "Airplanes smell like that, Pearl."

Maya tugged on his shirt and pulled him into the aisle seat, and she got the window seat. As soon as all the passengers were boarded, a flight attendant came in the intercom.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board Flight 200 with non-stop service to Honolulu. At this time, flight attendants will be picking up cups and glasses. We also ask that you pay attention for the safety video. It shows the safety features of this Boeing 777 aircraft."

Maya grabbed the pillow and blanket out of the seat pocket and giggled. The screens showed the video, with Maya being enthralled by the whole experience, especially when they said, "We'll be taking off soon." The plane was taxiing by then, and made a beeline for the runway.

The plane lined up and the captain came on.

He said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we once again welcome you onboard Flight 200 with service to Honolulu. In Honolulu is 4:00 A.M. local time. The temperature is currently a nice 67 degrees Fahrenheit. It sure is warmer there than here. We are currently preparing for takeoff, so please ensure that your tray table is stowed, your headrest is stowed, your seat is in the fully locked and upright position, and that your seatbelt is fastened tight around your waist."

The engines began to rev up, and the plane lurched forward.

Maya yelled, "N-N-Ni-i-i-c-c-k-k! This is s-s-o b-b-umpy!"

The plane picked up speed and soon lifted off the ground. The nose lifted upwards.

Pearl, who was a few seats to the left, gasped, "We better not go back down!"

But the plane defied gravity and flew out into the vast, Pacific Ocean. Phoenix looked out the window. He could see a tiny speck of land to his right, but there was ocean on the left for as far as the eye could see. He knew that he was in for one heck of a flight.