January 6, 6:25 P.M. District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Phoenix sat down on the bench and focused. He was concerned that his brother would cause him to lose the case. Suddenly, Phoenix's phone rang loudly, disturbing those around him.

He quickly answered. He said, "Hello?"

The response was, "Hey, pal! Detective Gumshoe here! I've got a nasty problem! I need you to see it!"

Phoenix replied, "Sure. Be there in a few minutes."

Maya jumped, "Nick, what is all the commotion about?"

Phoenix nodded, "It seems that Gumshoe has a problem."

Pearl begged, "Mr. Nick! I want to see this problem! Can I go?"

Maya sighed, "Sure."

January 6, 6:30 P.M. Police Department

Gumshoe raced into the halls and pulled the three inside the main computer room.

Pearl smiled, "Detective Dick! What's with you today?"

He laughed, "Lots. Anyways, I think that Mr. Wright should have a look at this."

Phoenix asked, "What exactly is the problem here?"

The trenchcoat bearer snapped, "We've had a phishing attack on the main servers!"

Maya exclaimed, "Fishing? I love fishing!"

Gumshoe reminded, "Phishing, not fishing! It is when somebody tried to get information about someone on the internet."

Pearl asked further, "What would you call this phishing attack?"

Gumshoe replied, "Since it is directed at the LAPD, I'd call this 'whaling'."

Maya laughed hysterically and slumped down to the floor with a red face.

Phoenix asked, "Did they successfully phish?"

Gumshoe explained, "No, pal. They just tried to. We traced the IP Address to an employee of Blue Screens Inc. I bet you'll recognize his name; it is Adam Mada."

Maya screamed, "Adam Mada?! He's no better than Glen Elg, that computer virus genius!"

Pearl asked, "How did you keep him from carrying out an attack?"

Phoenix reminded, "Gumshoe, doesn't the department have anti-phishing software installed on all the computers?"

He replied, "What do you think, pal? Of course we do!"

Phoenix asked, "Could you fine Mr. Mada for phishing instead of charging him?"

Gumshoe asked, "Why?"

Phoenix stated, "If he is Guilty of the bombing, he might not get convicted of it due to double jeopardy."

Gumshoe sighed, "Sure."

Maya stopped laughing and questioned, "How is Maggey doing?"

Gumshoe blushed. "She... um... kissed me earlier today. Don't ask why she did, as I do not know why."

Pearl gasped, "Aww! Detective Dick and Maggey Byrde! What a lovely relationship! It's just like Mystic Maya and Mr. Nick's! I can't believe it! Everybody is falling in love!"

Maya noted, "We don't have forever. We need to get back in that courtroom!"

January 6, 6:55 P.M. District Court, Courtroom No. 1

The judge banged his gavel. "Court will now reconvene for the trial of Ms. Pearl Fey," he said. "Mr. Wright, did you find any substantial evidence?"

The prosecutor replied, "One thing, Your Honor. I took a ride up to Kurain Village, and I found a computer in the room, seemingly unscathed by the blast. It was referred to by the acolytes as the 'Kurain Komputer'."

The jury judge continued, "Mr. Wright, why is there a computer in such a place?"

He answered, "It appears that they were able to afford one computer. It is the only one in the village. I found evidence of a program on the disk, which appears to be a phishing program."

Phoenix groaned, "Dammit! Pearl is gonna be convicted!"

Maya calmed, "Nick! Don't be so pessimistic. We still have a chance."

Phoenix laughed, "Like, really? It's over. They're going to call Mada to the stand, and he'll get acquitted of the crime because of double jeopardy! Gumshoe isn't on my side, Maya! He probably ignored my orders to cancel the charges!"

His head sunk. "And Pearl will die."

Phoenix could feel his heart throbbing in pain.

The judge asked, "Do you wish to call a witness?"

Wright nodded, "The prosecution calls Adam Mada to the stand."

Phoenix moaned, "Graaaah!"

The programmer took the podium and smiled as if nothing happened. He asked, "Mr. Mada, is it true that you attempted phishing the police department?"

He replied, "Yes. I did."

The jury roared. The judge banged his gavel and screamed, "Order! Order in the court!"

"Mr. Mada, please testify about the program in the computer and why you phished the LAPD."

Mada started, "I installed to program on the so-called 'Kurain Komputer' about one week ago. I came inside the building at 1:00 A.M. I put in the disk and installed the program. Later, I used another program to access it and push it to the police's servers, but it failed to work. However, I have nothing to do with the explosion incident!"

The judge agreed, "I see no reason to question your testimony, Mr. Mada. I am now ready to deliver my verdict!"

Phoenix yelled, "Hold it!"

"Your Honor! A moment, please! I must Cross-Examine the witness!"

The judge questioned, "He passed a polygraph test, Mr. Wright. Why question his testimony?"

He screamed, "Your Honor, just because he passed a police polygraph doesn't mean that he is innocent!"

The jury and the crowd roared out various things, such as "Yeah! Justice shall be served!" and "Don't let him get away!" One voice even added, "Mada is a poopyhead!"

The judge finally succumbed. "Mr. Wright, drop what you're doing and Cross-Examine that witness!"

Mada grinned, "I installed the program one week ago."

Phoenix yelled, "Hold it!"

"Exactly how long ago?"

"It was Tuesday."

"However, I have nothing to do with the incident!"

Phoenix screamed, "Objection!"

He pointed his finger. "Mr. Mada, it seems that you had at least something to do with the case!"

The programmer shrugged, "And what is that?"

The attorney slammed his hands on the desk. "Mr. Wright presented evidence regarding the contents of a document found on the hard drive. It reads: 10 lbs. of potassium nitrate, 10 lbs. of sulfur, and 10 lbs. of charcoal= My plan for revenge! So, Mr. Mada, try to talk your way out of this one!"

He jumped and sweated. The judge banged his gavel.

"Order! Order in the court!"

"Mr. Wright! Are you sure that Mr. Mada would put such a thing down on paper?"

He replied, "It is so. The document wasn't made on the computer, but was transferred to it using a flash drive, it seems."

Mada yelled, "Wait a minute! I there evidence that I even created the document?"

The judge asked, "Mr. Wright, where is your evidence supporting your claim?"

Phoenix thought, "I should have thought this one through!"

He said, "Not one piece of evidence supports my evidence, Your Honor."

Suddenly, his head was jerked to the side. Maya screamed, "Nick! Don't give up now! You're so close to catching a lead!"

Phoenix groaned, "I can't indict him! I have no evidence!"

She returned, "Well, that may be... but that doesn't mean that you can't find any! There must be something in the Court Record that supports your claims! All you need to do is find it!"

The judge asked, "Mr. Wright, I couldn't exactly hear you. Please tell me the evidence that supports your claims!"

Phoenix screamed, "Take that!"

"The police department traced the IP address of Mr. Mada. It matches the flash drive's formatting code. So, Mr. Mada, can you explain why?"

He jumped, "Mr. Wright, it seems that you don't understand. I work for a firework company on the weekends. And my plan for 'revenge' was to launch fireworks as a prank!"

Phoenix yelled, "W-WHAAAAAT?!"

The jury roared and the judge banged his gavel. He said, "Order! Order in the court!"

"Mr. Mada, could you testify about why you installed the files on the computer?"

He answered, "Of course. You see, I must have accidentally installed the files on the hard drive when I was putting the phishing program on it! As a result, the document was placed on the computer! Sorry about the misunderstanding."

Phoenix thought, "Really? Is this man telling the truth? I don't think so."

The judge simultaneously believed, "That makes sense. The defense may Cross-Examine the witness."

Phoenix closed his eyes for a brief second, and listened to the testimony.

He soon screamed, "Objection!"

"Mr. Mada, you must have manually placed the files on the drive, as shown by my computer knowledge. And so, you intentionally placed the files on the computer! Care to explain?"

Mada grew weary and said, "Ol Wrighty... I... I um..." He then passed out and fell to the ground.

The jury roared, and the judge banged his gavel three times. "Order! Order! Order!"

He continued, "It seems that we have insufficient time and evidence to continue the trial. The third and final day of the trial of Ms. Pearl Fey will occur tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. And with that, court is adjourned!"

He banged his gavel again.

January 6, 7:42 P.M. Wright and Co. Law Offices

Phoenix sat down at the table next to Maya. He handed her a package, and she proceeded to open it.

He said, "Here is your ramen, Maya. Sorry I made you wait so long for it. It's a late Christmas gift of sorts."

She screamed, "Yipee! I LOVE RAMEN!"

The attorney almost watched in amusement as she placed the package in the microwave, and then ate it.

Phoenix found it strange how Maya was able to inhale ramen at such a rate. He almost wondered if Mia had thought at one time that Maya would grow up to be a vacuum cleaner. After 1 minute of noodle vacuuming, she stopped and disposed of the remains.

He asked, "Do you eat ramen, or do you inhale it?!"

Maya giggled, "Sorry! I forgot. Tee hee hee."

Phoenix sighed, "Maya, you need to stop doing stupid stuff like that. Eat your food properly."

She accepted, "Sure thing, Nick."

He then said, "Maya, don't forget. I love you."

Maya smiled, "I love you too, Nick."

He kissed her and started to move at an awkward pace towards towards the couch. While their lips were locked together, Phoenix almost tripped over an extension cord and nearly missed the furniture by a mile. He managed to get there eventually.

She broke the kiss and asked, "Nick, what are you doing?"

Phoenix replied, "You'll see."

She gasped, "Nick... we shouldn't be doing this in the open. Let's go back to the bed in the back room."

And so they did. They sat down on the covers. Maya noted that Phoenix was struggling to unbutton his dress shirt.

She asked, "Nick... need help?"

He sweated, "Yeah. I could."

Her fingers soon did so. Before long, Phoenix Wright was only in his underwear.

He asked, "Maya, could you... um..."

She asked, "Take it off?"

He blushed, "Yes. Go ahead."

Maya felt massive amounts of nervous tension as her hands slowly moved towards the sash.'She asked herself, "Am I really getting this close to Nick? Why am I doing this?"

Her hands grew numb and she struggled to get the fabric undone. After about 5 seconds of this, Phoenix's hands landed on it. He untied it with ease.

"There you go," he said.

She felt the cold air rush over her exposed skin as she removed her kimono and placed her pendant on the table next to the bed.

Phoenix immediately reached for Maya's hair beads, and began untying it as well. The plastic beads came out easily, and her hair flowed loosely down to her waist.

He asked, "Maya, is that all right?"

She begged, "No. I want more."

He positioned his hands so that they were on her smooth abdominal muscles. She made a funny noise as he moved his hands up and down.

Maya cooed, "Oh, Nick... please keep doing it... it feels good."

Phoenix smiled and moved his hands higher. As he rubbed faster, she gradually began to mumble mixtures between his name and various Japanese words she had learned years past. When he was with Maya in bed, more often not half-naked, minutes felt like hours and hours felt like days.

Phoenix whispered, "Your skin is so soft! It feels like a bed of marshmallows!"

Maya blushed, "Why, thank you!"

He continued to rub her, and she ran her fingers through her hair.

After a while, she moaned, "Niiiiiiiiiiiiick..."

And his hands slowed. He fell into a kiss with her and sighed, "Maya, I love you."

She replied, "I love you too, Nick."

She slowly placed her head down on the pillow.

Phoenix wrapped his hands around her and fell asleep as well.