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Chapter 2

We left Hokkaido at the same time as scheduled, but not on the flight my brother had booked earlier. In their emotional conversation last night, he had decided to bring his lover back home to meet our parents. It was one of the moments I wished to be able to influence my opinion to him, to tell him it wasn't a good idea. Don't do impossible things! You couldn't make everything you wanted come true, sometimes you should know where to stop. Anyway, we were two separate individuals with two different minds, in spite of being a pair of twins. I guess I just had to improve my tolerance to live with his foolish decisions.

So we were flying on a Boeing private jet with a Kuran crest painted on its trunk. Being rich had its own convenience, you didn't have to depend on the schedule arranged by someone else, you weren't tied to a seat, getting bored for hours, you had the right to require which kind of particular food and beverages to be served. This medium jet, which originally designed to carry around twenty five passengers, had a living area in conjunction with a dining area after the pilot's cabin, where you could also sit down for entertainment or a small discussion. All seats were covered in beige leather, while the panels, tables and cabinets were made of shining lacquered wood decorating with gold frames, fresh orchids arranged delicately at a few places. The next part was a small, yet luxurious bedroom with a comfortable queen-sized bed, where Kaname was sleeping. In general, it was like an expensively-furnished apartment in the cloud.

Zero was now sitting at the L-shape sofa in the living area, reading a book. His book looked old, though every sheet was still perfectly smooth without a light wrinkle, proving the owner had been keeping it very carefully. My brother loved reading, and kept all of his books as his treasure. Before a long journey, he usually put one or two books in his luggage. This particular one was about cardiology, written by Kaname Kuran. He bought it three years ago, before they had a chance to meet, and started admiring him since. I said they were officially introduced to each other by uncle Cross, but it wasn't really their first meeting. Zero had attended many seminars in Hokkaido which Kaname participated as a speaker. He never raised a question, but listened to every word of his, his admiration grew bigger after each seminar, and since he didn't allow himself to fall for any girl, being afraid of creating a trouble for both of them, the only feeling that excited him was his admiration for Kaname Kuran, which he didn't try to suppress, as assumed an admiration from a young man to a senior of the same gender would never grow into love. I didn't doubt that either. Sometimes Zero would ask his classmate to help asking the pureblood some issues which he concerned. Kaname never refused to share his knowledge and experiences, he wouldn't mind to meet the audience after each seminar to answer more of their questions or give them his contact details in case they would like to ask for his advice. But at that time, there was a man, who accompanied him, would patiently wait for him until he finished.

If the pureblood's relationship with that person hadn't had a bad ending, if uncle Cross hadn't introduced him and Zero to each other, my brother would never have initiatively approached him, then his admiration for the talent of a doctor wouldn't have gone so far to the point that he wanted to enter that doctor's personal life to heal his broken heart. He probably thought Kaname would leave him after getting over his ex-lover and realising it wasn't true love between them. It was such an immature thinking, would you forgive him if I said it was because he had no experience in relationships?

An attendant appeared to clear up the empty cup on the low coffee table before him. Zero paused for a second, waiting until she put it on her tray. "Thank you! May I have another cup of coffee?"

"Sure, Zero-san!"

It was his third one within six hours. I didn't know if he really liked coffee, since he never cared about the brands or how it was made. He often drank a lot on hunting missions, before his examinations or when he was pondering on some important issue. Home was getting closer, his pressure was also getting higher. After a few minutes, a new, hot cappuccino was placed in front of him. Being distracted from deep thoughts, he suddenly sensed a strong presence and looked up from his page "I thought you were sleeping."

"I can't sleep." Kaname sat down on the further part of the sofa. He's wearing a plain white shirt and a pair of dark brown pants, yet that shirt, which I bet wasn't by accident, wasn't fully buttoned, and he probably didn't brush his hair before walking out, since it looked a bit curlier than usual. In all, such casual looks made him somehow more appealing. He glanced at my brother, silently watching him stir his coffee and taking a small sip. "Have you… told your family about me?"

"I've told my father I have a lover." Unfortunately, Zero didn't seem to realise his attraction, he deliberately closed the book "But I didn't tell who that person was."

"Is there anything I should do to abate their anger?"

Now it really felt like a girl in the first time seeing her in-laws. I could see the obvious anxiety on the pureblood's face. Poor him, it wasn't easy to walk on this path. He had always been a prince in his family, a superior in his society, someone who was used to be highly respected and obeyed, though in a relationship he seemed to be submissive. I wasn't sure about his ex-lover, but my brother had never given any requests, he actually didn't expect Kaname to do anything for him more than what the pureblood had already done at his free will. Nevertheless, I thought Kaname was right, Zero should prepare him with the customs and behaviours in our family.

"They will not accept you." My brother said firmly "Even if you were a young human girl, they would not accept you."

I stared at him in disbelief. Not that he said something wrong, but the Zero I knew wasn't that straightforward, especially when it would hurt the others. Suddenly I remembered the first time seeing them holding each other. It was when my brother returned to Hokkaido from his home trip and agreed to go out for dinner with Kaname. On their way back, they stopped at a snow-imbued forest, walking together side by side, then the pureblood unexpectedly reached out to hold him from behind, he wrapped his arms around my brother's waist and rested his head on my brother's shoulder. I saw him trembling lightly, perhaps afraid of being rejected. Zero stood still, as if questioning himself for the last time, then finally laid a hand on the shaking embrace. It was his response to the pureblood's confession. As a matter of fact, he didn't completely make up his mind yet, but with his character, he could never push Kaname away in such a situation. They never got into the next step, yet they had walked side by side for a year. It was finally time to finish their momentary relationship, I just disagreed with the method my brother chose to finish it. It would have been better and easier for both of them to let what were in Hokkaido stay in Hokkaido.

Kaname gazed at him fixedly, as if longing for some more words, or at least a soft expression to ease his pain. By inviting him to go home, Zero had sowed a vain hope in his heart about their possible future, yet he coldly closed all doors before they arrived.


"Because a hunter must preserve their virginity until their wedding and their spouse is the one and only who they will sleep with for their whole life." My brother looked straight at his lover, and calmly explained to him about our severe custom "We believe that if dying together, our souls will be judged at the same time and have the chance to plead to be together once more in our next life. It created a custom in our family. When a man dies, his wife must follow."

I shuddered, hearing his tone had turned monotonous as if what he was saying was a normal issue. In fact, Zero hated it. When we were ten, our great uncle passed away, our great aunt wept till both of her eyes swelled up. They hadn't been a happy couple, but she cried as if losing her most important thing. Indeed, she lost her life. She had to commit suicide to go with him. I doubted that they would want to continue their marriage in the next life, but she couldn't oppose our custom. Her eyes were still swollen when they put her in the coffin. We could never forget such image. So Zero had known from the beginning that his relationship with Kaname wouldn't work out. The pureblood was definitely not his right one. He wasn't a virgin for starter. Before my brother, he had had a long term relationship with Takuma Ichijou. Two years ago, they suddenly separated. As you could guess, Zero met him a few months after that, when his state of mind was unsteady. He got involved deeper and deeper to help the pureblood go through his hard time, but the consequence was out of expectation, Kaname fell for him!

"You must despise me. I have lost my virginity and broken up with Ichijou." The pureblood lowered his look, his long curved lashes seemed getting wet, but he was trying to hold the tears back.

"I didn't blame you. We are independent, we have the right to be ourselves, to pursue happiness, to decide our own lives. I don't support those customs." Zero's voice became softer "But they're still my customs, I can't go against them."

"Ichijou didn't want me by his side anymore." Kaname said lowly.

Something happened in their relationship which we didn't know. They weren't the type who would let everyone know about their personal issues, our impression was they still looked like a happy couple till the last time they appeared together. Takuma Ichijou was born in the strongest noble family, he owned a large pharmaceutical company. Rumors said that he had convinced Kaname to invest most of his money into the companies and projects of his family. Although Zero was the pureblood's current boyfriend, he never asked what happened to his investments after they separated.

"Even if you were not happy, or you did not love your husband anymore, you still have to stay together forever." My brother stressed, ignoring the rational reason Kaname had said to explain why he couldn't continue being with his ex-lover. In fact, our customs didn't care about rationality.

It was suddenly darker as cloud covered the sun, coffee heaved in its porcelain cup. My brother's eyes followed Kaname closely as he stood up, walking toward him. Not that the pureblood would tumble down, but he still concerned when his lover moved around when the plane was swinging. Their distance wasn't far, Kaname settled his knees on the floor, holding my brother's waist and tenderly resting his head on my brother's lap. He wanted to be closer to him, it was too obvious in that longing look, or how he prepared himself to attract his attention. Unfortunately, Zero wasn't attracted to males, or wasn't attracted to anyone in general. I had never seen him grow the need to get laid, or masturbate in the shower. Sometimes I had a scary thought that he didn't have a sexual desire at all.

"I love you, Zero! I'm willing to comply with all of your family traditions." Kaname murmured "If you want me in your next life, I will follow you to the Hades."

There was an age gap between them, but that difference didn't display on their looks. After ten years, my brother would look much older, after twenty years, they would be like father and son, and after forty years, Zero would be as old as a grandpa, health declined and passed away. Kaname had never witnessed his beloved ones aging, never had an old man as his relative, would he really have a right understanding of time conception? Would he still love him when he was no longer a young, healthy man as how he was now? Would he still comply with our traditions if it meant his life would be significantly shortened? That was why Zero had to make a cruel thing by bringing him home. Although Kaname had always tried hard to please him, I couldn't help wondering which one he held deeper in his heart, Ichijou or my brother? Thirty years with the first and one year with the latter, countless love makings and sharing his deepest pleasure with the first, and never having slept with the latter. If he could still be able to part ways with Ichijou and fall for another one, how would it be convinced that he was willing to follow my brother through life and death?

"Please remember, Kaname! I don't want any bad thing to happen to you. You have all rights to leave whenever you want. No matter what, I will never hate you."


The Kiryuus located in Naha, a coastal city as well as the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, where was blessed with a warm winter. In human society, we were just another family, but in our "world", Kiryuu was a glorious surname. Our ancestor was the first human who had been selected to be trained into a vampire hunter, the first HA president, who had enforced those rigorous regulations among hunters, and especially within his family.

We lived in an ancient mansion built on a ten thousand square meter area. The new head of each generation took the responsibility to repair it, yet maintain its original design, to make sure our home remained in good quality with time. As in traditional style, there was no designated use for each room, any of them could be a living room, dining room, study, or bedroom, since all the necessary furniture was portable, and could be stored in the closets attached to the walls. Even the size of a room could be changed by altering or removing their partitions which made of wood and paper. The block of rooms in the center of the estate belonged to our head and his wife, while other members, including his own children, resided in the rooms which were built separately surrounding his residence.

Kaname stepped in our home without any servant, trailing his own luggage. After passing the wood tower gate, he was alone. This place was different from the outside world, different from anywhere he had ever been, not in what you could see, but in what you perceived with your other senses. The only person he knew and look forward to was my brother, who he had come for, yet that person didn't really love him or believe they could have a future together. People said love was blind, not because your feeling was so strong that you failed to see the other things of the person you loved, but there were things about him which you hadn't had chances to find out, then you were blindly in love. The pureblood quietly followed my brother through a long path of stone, until an old woman came to sight and greeted him with a bow.

"Welcome home, Young Master! Please forgive my excess of my authority, but I must remind you that our home doesn't welcome a vampire."

"He's my guest. I want you to arrange a room for him." Zero said firmly "I will explain it to my father by myself."

The woman gazed at Kaname with her loathing eyes, and pulled out a thin bracelet of silver roses "Then we will do as your wish, but he has to wear it, otherwise his aura would bother everyone and pollute our home."

She was our loyal butler. She had been there when we were born, strict, demanding and smileless. Everyone held her in high regard, even our father respected her as a senior as she had taken care of him since he was a child. And the bracelet in her hand was a powerful anti-vampire thing which would poison their system and make them totally defenseless. In the old time, hunters wore those bracelets to the vampires they constrained in their prisons. The longer they wore it, the weaker they became, a vampire could even be killed just by wearing it for a certain time.

Kaname turned to look at my brother, but he didn't say anything on purpose. There was nothing he could argue about, it was our rules, he didn't promise to protect him in front of our family, he just said the pureblood could leave anytime he wanted. Yamada-san, our butler, stared at Kaname disdainfully, waiting to see his refusal and immediate departure, however, he surprised all of us by holding his free hand out with determination. She smirked, then an excitement of dominating a pureblood rushed over her mind, she quickly wrapped the bracelet around his wrist, and clicked its two ends together, satisfactorily seeing it clasp painfully to his flesh and burn a dark circle on his skin. The pureblood aura instantly vanished, his expression turned blanched, sweat of fright dripped off his forehead. It must be the first time in his life experiencing powerlessness. Let not talk about a hunter with an anti-vampire weapon, even a human could easily beat him up now.

"Young Master, your bath has been ready." Yamada-san told my brother, then turned to the unaided, vulnerable pureblood "Kaname Kuran, let me show you your room."

She had never asked for his name, but recognised him right at first sight. There wasn't many purebloods, and as the butler of the Kiryuus, she knew all of them quite well. She hated vampires, it was like fire and water couldn't be together. I had predicted there would be a lot of stresses and pressures in this home trip, and we were now experiencing the first obstacle. Kaname looked at my brother again, waiting for his approval.

"Go with her." This time, Zero gave him his words. The pureblood nodded, obediently parted ways with him to follow her. He could no longer defend himself, he even couldn't stay with his lover, but he still chose to trust him and did what he said. Before they disappeared at the corner, he looked back to find my brother, who hastily turned away and walking toward another direction.


An hour later, Zero came to find him in his room. Yamada-san had arranged for him a small room in the same block of the rooms preserved for our servants. It wasn't where we normally hosted our guests. There was no decoration, and the room was made of lower quality materials, furnished with inexpensive furniture. Kaname had showered and got ready in a black suit. What he was dressing was an extreme contrast with where he was staying, nobody could imagine a Kuran would be in such a situation one day. He smiled with Zero, honestly from his heart. I didn't know if Yamada-san had said anything else to him or how the servants treated him, but it seemed he didn't mind them all, his look only had my brother, patiently waited for him.

"We wear kimono at home. I brought you mine."

His eyes glittered with joy, receiving the costume from Zero, and tenderly fondling the fabric as if it was something invaluable.

"Do you know how to wear it?" My brother asked. It sounded a bit silly, yet he had never seen his lover in kimono, most of the time Kaname was in suit.

The pureblood smiled "I can manage it."

"Let me help you."

Kaname was stunned, yet my brother seemed calm. He probably didn't recognise the thin border between nudeness and sex yet, he just wanted to get it done fast and properly.

"OK. I'll take my clothes off first." He said.

I suddenly felt hot, and realised my own presence was inappropriate. Maybe I should turn away. This show was definitely not for me, however, I seemed to be the one who was being affected most. Kaname had pulled the jacket off, and started opening his cuff links and buttons of his shirt. Pale skin exposed little by little, finally the shirt was lowered and fell down, his tiny nipples were proud on blushing pink aureoles, broad shoulders, yet two sides curved thinner forming a slim waist, belt and pants were also taken off, revealing a very flat belly and those long, straight legs, beautiful as a statue. All of a sudden, I was startled to find myself enjoying looking at another man. Yes, a man, and I was thinking he looked beautiful. His beauty somehow caught my eyes, drew me in, urged me to look longer, more careful, and as a young, healthy man, I gave in to my instinct, gluing my attention to his gorgeousness. At last, I figured out the trick. He was totally hairless. His skin was all smooth and shiny, his slender body spared you the gross feeling of gazing at someone of your same gender. In other words, Kaname was a man with an appeal of a woman. It made me remember the term "third gender", which identified the type of people who considered themselves neither male or female, and tended to be sexually attracted to people whose gender was similar to their biological one.

While I was still being mesmerised, my brother had picked up the light undergarment and was putting it on for his lover. His motions were careful and relaxing, however, it seemed he was highly concentrated to make sure they were relaxing. He paused a little behind his lover's back, and decided to lower his eyes once more.

"Is it... comfortable to wear your briefs?"

He had never seen those tiny briefs, or you could say he never thought such things existed. Women's underwears were meant to be sexy, and for men, we were familiar with boxers. Yet what Kaname was wearing was the low waist mesh piece which obviously wasn't designed to cover anything. His private place under the see-through material was smooth-shaven, and you could see a part of the seducing cleavage from his rear, the tiny black triangle was there, yet totally failed to hide his round cheeks.

"I'm wearing them for you." The pureblood answered, and as Zero stared at him in confusion, he smiled "I usually prepare myself thoroughly before seeing you."

Kaname wasn't a teenager, he was forty five, and had been in a thirty year relationship with Takuma Ichijou. For someone who had been embraced at an early age and got used to having a man every night, he must be very lonely since starting with my brother. It sounded lustful to hear he usually get ready to have sex with him, but Zero didn't have any sexual desire for Kaname, then weren't all his preparations meaningless? We often heard that before a ritual or a special occasion, all participants were required to purify themselves by having a thorough bath, and only eating vegetarian food. If just lust, he would have easily gone out and gotten as many men as he wanted, yet he had stayed faithful. If Zero hadn't asked him to take his clothes off, he wouldn't have known what underwear Kaname was wearing, just as he hadn't known the pureblood was usually ready for him. There was a big difference between men and women. The man only had one place to receive his lover completely, but that place wasn't originally designed for such purpose and wasn't naturally clean. To make sure it would be a quite pleasant and enjoyable experience for his lover, he had to clean himself thoroughly before they made love. Perhaps each time seeing my brother was a special occasion to Kaname, and his preparation was an act of love and respect, a fact that he loved, he cared, he considered my brother his true lover, who had all rights to require his service, anywhere he wished, anytime he wanted, and his submission to him was no less than how he had submitted to Ichijou, or how women submitted to their husbands.

"I will wait until you make me yours." His voice was gentle, yet resolute.

My brother's face reddened, he pretended not to pay attention and focus on dressing him up.


It all started with a good intention to help him overcome his hard time. Kaname hadn't fallen head over heals in love with Zero since their first meeting. In fact, he was reluctant as my brother persisted to lengthen their conversation, but the latter could hardly let him go after admiring him for a long time. Not that he didn't see his indeliberate unwillingness, and eventually found out the reason from uncle Cross, he decided to contact him again to get closer. He was aware of their opposite standings, aware the pureblood was into men, yet refused to let such a talented doctor waste his life in misery. He wanted him to continue his work of saving more human lives, he wanted to see him in his brightest glory, without thinking about the possibility of something occurring from their closeness. Since Kaname started actively calling my brother, I saw it was coming...

Zero was now taking him to the main building, where our parents stayed. As their son, the first thing after returning home and changing back to our traditional outfit was to come to greet them. However, he wasn't coming alone. Our father had got fiercely angry with him on the phone, I wouldn't imagine anything merry was waiting for us there. Yamada-san met us at the entrance, and raised a hand to stop the pureblood.

"Young Master, Grandmaster is waiting for you inside, but vampires aren't allowed to walk through this entrance."

Without looking at her, my brother knelt down on his knees "Then I will have to greet you from here. Otou-san, Okaa-san, I have returned."

- to be continued -

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