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My brother woke up around noon on the following day, alone in his lover's hospital room, bedsheet, flowers and fruit had been changed once again. He's wearing a clean set of patient pajamas while his own clothes had been laundered and ready on an armchair next to the bed. He couldn't remember clearly what happened yesterday as the heat clouded his mind, but some details before he completely lost his lucidity gave him a vague idea of why he had ended up at this place. Under the shower, he got a chance to check his body, and found his red rose had predictably disappeared. He gazed at the plain skin of his upper arm and rubbed over the place where his purity mark once existed. For a hunter, it should only happen after their wedding night. To comply with it, he had endured the frantic heat for years, but all efforts became meaningless since it was finally lost in an insignificant day as any other days at month-end. Water rinsed soap foam away, revealing his spotless skin, he had really become a man, the lost mark would never re-appear, but it hadn't been reborn on another upper arm as it should have.

His hands moved down to the manhood which had recovered to its normal state, no bruises, no scrapes, no sore feelings as it had usually been after an outburst. In the previous times, he had had to tie his ankles and wrists to limit the injuries he caused to his own body, but this time there was no damage, even without any restriction. He felt tired, however, it wasn't the complete exhaustion as before, real intercourse had helped to cut it short, and let him sleep peacefully since this morning. He hadn't been alone the day before, though that person had thoughtfully removed his own presence to give him some private time to calm down and meditate upon what had happened between them.

Changed back to his clothes, Zero walked out from the bathroom, immediately spotted a tall, slender figure standing at the door. Despite of his colorless face with the lips which were somewhat inflamed, Kaname looked captivating in a white dress shirt all buttoned up, under a charcoal cloth-backed waistcoat, and a tie in the same color. His dressing style usually credited him with an elegant, sophisticated impression of his honorable linage, though I would like to give him more compliments for taking time to care about his appearance just after being ravished ruthlessly, and I was sure while my brother was sleeping satisfactorily this morning, he stayed to lick all over his lover's body to relax his sore muscles and healed the bruises on his manhood. Pureblood's saliva magically had a power to ease off the injuries and urged its healing. Unfortunately, it didn't work on his own, and since the anti-vampire poison from the hunter bracelet hadn't totally faded in his system, his inflamed lips weren't healed and looked pretty awful, yet sowed in my heart a touch of sympathy, gratitude and affection knowing how they had been ravaged.

"I am sorry." His voice was gentle, encompassing his immense love to my brother "What I did was unforgivable."

"Did I hurt you?" That's all Zero wanted to ask. Not blaming him for solving it on his own initiative, not accusing him for downgrading his value in our traditional standards, all he cared right now was how he had hurt him.

"I am fine." Deep in the pureblood's charming eyes, I saw contentment, as each time receiving a few words of concern from my brother. It was like a great reward which he endlessly tried to earn, and ecstatically thrilled to receive.

Zero loved him, yet he didn't believe they could have a future, he had never endeavored to cultivate their relationship, while Kaname considered it the meaning of his life, and clung to him, provoked his compassion, desperately begged for his attention. I had wondered if Kaname truly loved Zero and would remain by his side in difficulty. For New Year's occasion, my brother had brought him to Okinawa, to reveal where he belonged to, what the important values of his life were, how their worlds differentiated from each other. And at the end, he let him go, between love and our everlasting family traditions, Zero had to sacrifice one. He couldn't break his words with me, his late twin brother, he couldn't abandon our doleful mother, he had to turn Kaname down, and selfishly hoped the pureblood's strong will and limitless time would bring him a chance to meet someone who would sacrifice everything else to be with him.

"I don't deserve your love." Zero murmured.

"Why not?"

"I can't put you at my first priority."

"You don't have to worry for me." It was his usual attitude of an unconditional love, too generous that it made me doubt for his intentions. You could be kind, you could be a natural giver, but you should have one or two expectations from the person you loved, to explain why you must love that one, and couldn't be another.

"Then what is the difference between Ichijou and myself or any men out there?" Zero yelled and turned his back to his lover. "I don't know how to forgive your compromise to sleep with both your lover and his grandfather at the same time." Although he was an old-fashioned type, he forced himself to follow our ancient traditions, not meaning he couldn't understand how the world had changed and how people wished to dedicate to their love. Kaname was twenty year older, and had had a long term relationship before him, if Zero truly appreciated virginity, he wouldn't have fallen in love with him. However, modern people still disapproved incestuous relationships. Vampires allowed intermarriage, but still forbid one to have relations with two different generations in the same family. Something like that was disgusting and disparaging in any societies even if it happened in the name of love.

"Punish me! You can kill me if you see fit." The pureblood clasped his arms around my brother's waist and leaned on him desperately.

In such a moment, it was hard to say if he was in a sound mind. Zero didn't push him away, yet made no move to comfort him "You want me just because you want a chance to be happy. What is the point if I kill you, Kaname?"

The embrace around my brother was tightened, he could feel his lover tenderly rest a side of his face on his shoulder "Chairman Cross told me about the ultimate traditions in a hunter family many years ago. I knew the wife must follow her husband when he passes away. I knew she would be killed if her husband's crest didn't appear on her upper arm after their wedding night. Since we started, I have always got myself ready to be yours and die in your hands... I'm ready right now."

"You..." Zero broke his embrace to face him. Those sentences were incredible. I had known about the close relation between uncle Cross and Kaname, but never thought the pureblood was aware of our customs from the beginning, yet persistently tried to maintain their relationship. Why should he waste his time for someone who wouldn't bring him happiness? What would he earn at the end of the path?

Pearly tears rolling on his pallid face, but a withered smile glimmered on bruised lips "I want your love, Zero! You told me by yourself, a hunter won't get into a casual relationship. You wouldn't have accepted my confession if you hadn't had any feelings for me. I knew we couldn't be together. Death is my ultimate outcome, but I can only get it if you really love me and take me as your partner."

So it wasn't a blind promise when Kaname said he wouldn't leave my brother even if he had to die before following him to our home. It wasn't in a careless, thoughtless moment that he begged to have three years with him. When Zero presumed he was too lonely and would seize any available man to console his broken heart, the pureblood actually had fallen in love with him and determined to dedicate his whole life for this love. Some people believed happiness went along with wealth and success, some others thought happiness only come when being together with their loved ones, and Kaname, his happiness was the moment he could touch my brother's heart, it wouldn't last forever, it wouldn't last a lifetime, it might be wrapped within that moment only "To marry a hunter is to give your whole life to him. You live to serve him, and bear his children. If your manners break any of the rules or your inability make you fail to satisfy his demands, death shall be your expiation."

It was the basic rule for a wife of a hunter. It clearly stated what would come to her once failed to please her husband, while none of our rules clarified the consequence of a husband who didn't fulfill his duties, because a hunter had to follow many other strict regulations and disciplines which might cause his failure to be responsible and caring to his woman, and the wife's sole role was to stand behind her husband and support whatever he did.

It wasn't fair, but to hear it from Kaname, whose superiority, dignity and power were much more than eligible to made stricter demands to the others, yet took that regulation by heart and willingly implemented it for another man, it's no longer a feel of inequality as usual, but an eye opening for the me who always thought was wise enough to see everything behind the scenes, to understand everything behind their words, and to anticipate everything behind their intentions.

Kaname wasn't shallow to get over his thirty year relationship and fall for a new one within six months, he wasn't blind to love my brother without getting to know about his origin, his background, and his ambitions. While Zero still suspected his love for him, he desperately sought to extend their time together, from a suggestion of two year internship if they couldn't reach to the next level, to a plea of three year period as a couple, but at the same time wished to consummately become his and take his punishment each time they met. When you had an eternity, the length of your life might not be counted by how many days you could breathe in, but how many happy moments you could collect. To be sincerely loved, to be approved as a partner, Kaname once thought he had got them from Ichijou's deceitful promise, and for it he had spent thirty long years trying, in a hope his words would come true. And now, for my brother's love, he was ready to exchange his own life.

Finally they had gotten back to each other's embrace, it was the first time Zero had responded to his lover's cling with passion, the first time he touched him not to comfort him or prevent him from feeling hurt, the first time he conceded defeat to his persistence and gave in to his own feelings.

"You're silly, Kaname!"

The pureblood probably realised the intensification of this embrace, he cuddled up closely to my brother, as if wanting to be immersed into him, to blend with his fervency, to become one entity with him "Your monthly heat won't disturb you again. It was an autosuggestion since you had seen your twin brother in that situation. His explicit image carved in your brain combining with your love for him and your regret for losing him has caused a psychological impact and controlled your subconscious to put you in that condition."

"You scanned my memories?" Zero asked, with amazement more than anger.

"I only tapped on some images when our bodies were jointed." Kaname admitted honestly "I have erased a few dreadful moments in your memories to cut off the repetition." His fingers gripped my brother's shirt passionately, urging him to tighten his embrace and squeeze him more. "I am sorry, Zero! I couldn't let you suffer it every month. What I did was unforgivable. I don't know how your customs will sentence me, but whatever it is, I will obey."

"Promise me you will never sneak in my mind again, never try to manipulate me." My brother detached themselves to cup his lover's pale face, guiding him to look straight at his determined eyes. Pureblood's powers were unlimited, it was why we were taught to never put our guard down in front of one, despite that we had been in a peace treaty for ages. Nevertheless, Zero had spent many nights at Kaname's house, had stopped struggling as soon as sensing his aura, had expected him to control his blood lust without putting it into words, perhaps in the innermost of his denial, his subconscious had already trusted the pureblood's love.

"I won't." Kaname uttered, probably thinking he wouldn't have another chance to do it again. I spiritually believed my brother's heat came from my soul which was sheltering in him, but this phenomenon could be scientifically explained as an autosuggestion as his lover said. Nobody wanted the others to read their mind and alter their memories. The pureblood didn't expect to be forgiven easily for his disrespectful action, though it had come from a very good intention.

"I would like to give you the Kiryuu crest. Would you accept it?"

Absolute daze flooded over his face, reflecting in those alluring claret eyes, glowing in his glistening tears, blending in the tremble of tapping fingers wrapping on his beloved's ones. Zero wasn't quite sure how to confess to another man, or how his lover would take it. The Kurans had their own values and traditions, Kaname stood on a higher position than his, and had offered to spread his full wings to support his career. In other aspect, he had openly expressed his submission, and considerately tended on my brother in the past year. But what Zero was asking was an utter submission, to relinquish his status of the Kuran heir to be a Kiryuu, to take him not as a lover, but as his Lord, to legitimately give him the right to control his life, as all of the Kiryuu daughters-in-law in every generation had complied.

"Is it... possible?" Kaname stuttered.

"Yes." My brother answered firmly "I want you to be my wife."

"I'm yours, Zero!" The pureblood said with ecstasy on his expression "Please decide for me."


The Cross Academy crest was the original symbol of the Hunter Association, before it was modified by replacing the blooming rose with a sharp symbol, and changing the four spearheads into sword emblems. Our ancestor was the first HA president, who had designed the original hunter symbol and put our family crest as its center. Many thousand years later, other hunter families grew much stronger and pressed for a symbol modification, because they found it unfair that all hunters had to wear a tattoo of the Kiryuu crest, which was inserted in the hunter symbol, on their bodies as if an acknowledge of allegiance to our family. Nowadays, this problem had been resolved by the new hunter symbol which carried a similarity of the old one, but no trace of our crest, and that red rose of ours only bloomed on the Kiryuu hunters and those who was admitted into our family.

Zero came to meet his lover in a luxury hotel at late afternoon with a box of tattooing tools. Before separating earlier, he had helped him to rent a room for better privacy, and even went to meet Ichijou and his fated lover on the pureblood's behalf. Tsubasa was being monitored by the best doctors of the hospital. As the surgeon who had operated on him, Kaname should have come to check his patient, but my brother didn't want him to meet Ichijou, especially in his current state. His attitude toward the noble was changed from indifferent to hostile within a single day, making the latter quite confused.

"Kaname and I are leaving for the holidays, we don't hope to be disturbed by you once more. You should learn to trust your beloved in another doctor's hands, Ichijou! Because I won't let Kaname handle your emergency ever again."

The noble was dumbfounded as Zero walked away without waiting to hear his answer. It looked kind of interesting, and somehow I started feeling elated that my brother wasn't alone anymore. He was intervening in his lover's issues, meaning he was binding their lives together. Maybe their happiness wouldn't be ever after because of their variety of differences, but for the time being, they were in love.

Kaname greeted him with a beautiful smile, his bruised lips seemed to give out a sensual invitation for a deep kiss, I wasn't sure if my brother thought similarly when his look fell onto them and his tongue unconsciously, implicatively licked over his own dry lips, yet he managed to pass over his lover to get inside. The room was brightened by the lamps around the corners, three layers of thick curtains were closely down to prevent brilliant sunlight during the day. The luxury bed remained its initial arrangement for new customers with ten plush pillows of different sizes laying on a comfortable feather-bed mattress, which was covered in a sateen blended cotton sheet, producing a matte, soft feel of fabulousness, and inconspicuously inspiring some subtle, indescribable desire. It was the first time they were genuinely alone together.

Zero pulled the low, round table near a rest chair closer to the bed, and put his tattooing box on, carefully taking each item out, placing them in the order which they would be used, and finally left his empty box on the floor. All those were for creating the Kiryuu crest on his lover's upper arm. Tattooing had been a common practice in hunter families since time immemorial. Each hunter had at least two on his body, one was the hunter symbol which would be granted after he finished his training, and one was his own family crest, certainly after the wedding night, as his birth one disappeared. The hunter women only had one mark, which was their husband's family crest. Today Zero had asked Kaname if he consented to bear the Kiryuu crest. I believed it was his way to propose him, and for hunters, there's no divorce, it would be a 'together through life and death' oath he would like to make with his lover.

A pair of affectionate arms wrapped around him from behind, a familiar, warm weight leaned on his back, a touched, gentle whisper poured into his ear "Thank you, Zero!"

He lovingly lapped his hands on that tight embrace "For what, Kaname?"

"For accepting me, for giving me this happiness."

"It should be my line, I must thank you for tolerating my selfishness and stepping back to make way for me to accept our relationship." Zero said honestly. At some point, a relationship between two men usually put one at a disadvantage, especially when both of them came from great families. For a woman, no matter how honorable her origin was, she didn't think it was unfair to follow her husband's family name or forever be on the receiving end in bed. But if both of them were male, one must step back for the other. It could be different for other couples, but I believed while my brother was ready to sacrifice his own life for his lover, our education and our culture made it impossible for him to give up on his masculine pride to submit to another man, no matter how much he loved him. Thanks to the pureblood's generosity, Zero could feel comfortable enough to give in to his feeling "I will try my best to protect you, and take care of you. We won't live as other hunter couples, I will also respect you, listen to you, you don't need to serve me as you did last year. I... I didn't say it earlier because I wanted to make you get tired of me."

Those sincere words had a magic to enchant the listener. With a soft tone, my brother was talking about their future together, and I somehow started seeing vague images of their happiness, among the doubts and worries of many challenges and obstacles which were waiting to destroy them.

"That's more than what I've ever dreamed of. I will wish for nothing else from now on, but I want to serve you, Zero! Please let me continue!" The pureblood's whisper moved the air to brush teasingly on my brother's earlobe, coaxing him in an infatuation "I can't bear your children, but I will love you and take care of you no less than any women to their husband, I will not let you feel less than any other hunters for choosing me. I will spend each day of our precious three years to love you. I promise I will respect your custom and what must be done when the time is up."

Zero suddenly turned around, looking fiercely into his lover's eyes "Don't say like that again! You are my one and only for all my life. I don't intend to ever let you go."

Kaname stared at him in confusion "But..."

"If I am sterilised, they can't blame my wife." My brother said calmly "A vasectomy will fix it once and for all. I have many cousins and they will have children. My father will surely find a successor among them."

I almost couldn't believe in my ears. Even in the weirdest dream, I wouldn't expect to hear Zero saying those undutiful words with such a steadfast, resolute attitude. He was the heir of our family, our father's only pride, our mother's last hope, he had lived twenty five years straightly for our expectations and reputation. Since when did his mind start pondering on an escape for love? Since when did he start thinking about a vasectomy? I startled in surprise and embarrassment that I actually didn't understand my brother at all. I assumed he hadn't wanted to meet Aimi earlier because seeing her or not didn't change the fact that she would be his wife. The truth probably was he had never planned to marry her, and while he turned down all the girls who confessed to him, he's actually looking for his true love. He might not love Kaname yet when approaching him in the first place, but his heart probably whistled that the pureblood was his ideal type, and urged him to get closer. Bringing him home wasn't to discourage him and let him go, but to confirm his intuition was right, Kaname would choose to stay by his side in any circumstances. That's why he immediately had a solution for them after deciding to let his feeling blossom. Well, it's just another supposition of mine, I wasn't sure if it's true, I couldn't say for him, but if we were twin brothers, I thought I would be at least correct at one point: Zero wouldn't run away with Kaname and turn his back to our family.

The pureblood still hadn't regained his composure from his lover's definitive statement. Since the day he confessed to him, or I should say since the day my brother reached out for his embrace twenty five years ago, he had never imagined they could have a lifetime. Now being hugged tightly by his fated lover, he couldn't believe it wasn't a dream. Zero even sweetened their moment with more loving words "I usually love you holding me, but I would prefer you holding me in my front, so I can hold you back."

They stayed silently in each other's arms, savoring the flourishing of their love. In this fragile instant, I found myself smiling with them. Even if everybody would oppose their relationship, while I was too useless and worthless to help them, I would keep praying for their happiness. Zero had always been better than me, he's healthier, harder, braver, and I sincerely hoped he would be luckier in love.

They sat down on the edge of the bed, Kaname slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt, and pulled it off for the work. My brother's eyes widened seeing many bruises all over his body, the left shoulder was swollen and red from a strain, there's even a dark strangling mark around his pale neck. Just a couple of days before, his body was immaculate as a statue, all those were an undeniable result of what Zero had done to him in hysterics yesterday, and it explained why he had had to dress carefully to hide them. My brother's hand trembled when tentatively touching those livid bruises, angry wasn't a sufficient word to describe how he was feeling about himself. After waiting for a year, all Kaname got was a brutal night with an insane lover, who took pleasure from hurting him without restraint, but in our hunter society, he would forever bear the accusation of taking my brother's first time while he himself wasn't pure. But who was actually not pure last night? Who was shaded by an obsessive lust and hurt the person he claimed to love?

"You should have tied me up." Zero muttered with deep remorse.

"I'll be fine," Kaname held his lover's hand which was placing on his chest "I won't break easily."

Those injuries should have vanished if the anti-vampire bracelet hadn't poisoned him and slowed down his healing power. The skin on his left hand seemed gray as it wasn't nurtured properly due to the severe damage on his wrist. I used to have many doubts about their relationship, but two days following my brother to our home had made it clear that Kaname truly loved him and had been amenably following our rule by putting himself at the mercy of his lover, trusting in him, and accepting all of his decisions. It would have been easier if he immobilized Zero to avoid his violence, yet he let him free to do whatever he liked, and used clothes to cover the traces in his eyes. If Zero hadn't wished to give him our family crest, he would never have known exactly what Kaname had suffered to cure him.

"I wanted to give up, because I was afraid I couldn't protect you from my family." Zero muttered sadly "The truth is I even can't protect you from myself."

"It was my fault. I'm despicable for taking advantage of your condition to steal your first time." Kaname said with bitterness and uncertainty in his gentle voice "But when you pinned me down, or squeezed me in your hands, I felt delighted because you wanted me."

The pureblood might have a masochistic nature which subtly influenced his behaviours and polished them so delicate, as the way it enhanced his beauty and increased his bewitchment to the point that I didn't get any gross feeling seeing him clinging to my brother, and that masochistic nature made him yearn to be dominated. However, it could possibly, simply be his coaxing words to ease my brother's remorse. As Zero judged his own action to be definitely wrong, if the consequence as how his lover took it wasn't as bad as he thought, it should be enough a reason to feel easier, at the same time gave him confidence and encouragement to try again and improve it in the way which would be right to his judgment and enjoyable to both of them.

"Next time let me know when I hurt you."

The pureblood nodded, his face started blushing naturally as a teenager. As his admission, he usually got thrilled to receive my brother's concern, which showed how rare he got a sincere care, how lonely he was, and how much he yearned to be loved. He might have met many people, might have seen many situations, but it was the first time for him, for both of them, to experience how to love and be equally loved back. My brother gently straightened his lover's right arm, rubbing to check his biceps, and feeling glad that it wasn't injured.

"In my family, all men will tattoo the family crest on their left arm, right on the disappeared birth mark. For the wives, it will appear on their right arm after they consummated their marriage. I would like to give you the tattoo on here."

Kaname understood what he meant. Although Zero had already asked him and got his consent, now it's going to be done for real, he wanted to say it clearly once more, and explained the meaning of its position to him. There would be no break-up, at least from my brother's side, so he didn't wish the pureblood would regret in the future, and wanted him to re-consider this decision carefully and make sure he was absolutely alright with it.

"Please don't change your mind." Kaname smiled.

Zero was embarrassed as his lover could read in between his lines so well and told him exactly the sentence he wanted to say, but he didn't hide his relief as starting for the preparation. Tattoo was a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change its pigment. In our traditional method, it was done by puncturing the skin with needles. It was painful, and if you were curious, I could confirm that nobody got anesthesia before getting a tattoo, for a simple reason that you would need a medical doctor to inject that dose of anesthesia, while there was normally no doctor available at a tattoo shop, but the pain should be sufferable, especially when you were determined to have it. And if you wondered if a pureblood could keep a tattoo on his body, the answer was yes, as long as the ink could permanently alter his pigment at that place.

After shaving and cleansing the skin on his lover's right biceps, though I bet you would have no luck to find a single strand of hair on his body, Zero opened a set of outlining needles and other two sets of shading needles "These are the needles we have used for all tattoos in our family since the first generation. They were cleaned after each time, but we don't sterilise them as in the modern medical standards. If you are a member of the Kiryuus, the previous members' blood will join yours through these needles, and your blood will be transferred to the next one through them. Our ancestor made them from the finest metal we had, the anti-vampire metal."

While they were safe to us, they would harm Kaname if the punctures were deeper than necessary. When a hunter weapon hurt a vampire, its poison prevented his injury from getting healed, he would die if the injury was too serious, or survive if his immune system could finally, slowly struggle to surpass the poison. A tattoo would remain on a pureblood's body if it was created by piercing those anti-vampire needles to his dermis skin to weaken the biological cells at that place enough to alter their pigment permanently. Since the poison only affected his skin, it wouldn't cause a real damage, however, the pain would be much worse than what we were supposed to endure for a tattoo.

"Let me know if I hurt you." Zero considerately repeated his words.

The set of outlining needles consisted of eight needles soldering to each other to make a line. My brother's first punctures were very careful and gentle, he worked slowly and purposely paused in between to help his lover get used to them. Kaname stayed still, his calm, relaxing expression assured him that everything was fine and he could accomplish it with no worries. Silence floated over them, only the sound of my brother's needles smoothly pricking his lover's skin could be heard in their room. The pureblood wasn't sinewy, his muscles were firm and lean as a man at his best health condition, however, his skin was very soft, and somehow gave Zero a good feeling while holding his arm, even though it wasn't intimacy he was aiming at. My brother tried his best to adjust the strength of his hand and make sure to give his lover no redundant punch, our emblematic rose pattern was outlined little by little in medium black strokes, and at last fully bloomed on the pureblood's right arm as a proud masterpiece of their passionate love.

When the needles were put down, Kaname exhaled a sigh of relief. He was actually very tense from the piercing pain, but keeping his breaths evenly to avoid interrupting my brother's work. It seemed his arm had been numb, he didn't try to move it, but looked fixedly at the incomplete symbol on his skin. The Kurans didn't carve their crest on their body, as purebloods were proud of their natural flawlessness, they had no marks, no moles, no freckles on their impeccable skin. Kaname had been absolutely immaculate, but from now on, he carried the Kiryuu mark as an evidence that he had given himself to my brother, he belonged to him.

"I'm using my blood as the shading color." Zero uttered, remembering how his lover had reacted to his bleeding scratches yesterday. The pureblood couldn't suppress his instinct, his eyes turned into crimson by lust, and he had to struggle difficultly to deal with it. If possible, I would have passed out from nervousness. I had seen Shizuka's red eyes a few times while she was drinking blood, it was a horrifying image, those bright blooded eyes always made me think about the headlights, and despite of how pretty she looked in normal circumstances, in those moments I could see clearly she was a blood sucking monster. Yet Zero didn't seem to find the same horror in his lover, even if Kaname was obviously yearning for his blood. Now he was ready to put himself in this risk again. For the shading color, we used our blood to mix with a special carrier to create our distinctive red ink. My brother didn't plan to substitute blood with anything else and lessen the meaning of the tattoo he was giving to his lover.

Hearing the desirous blood would be shed again, Kaname was panicked, surely loathed falling into situations which would remind my brother of their opposite origins. "I will try to suppress my reaction. But even if my eye color changes, I'm totally in control. I won't attack you." He said with determination "I swear."

"Don't be silly! I trust you." Zero caressed his cheek "But I know it'll be uncomfortable. Please tolerate it!"

It's rather shocking to see someone you reckoned would never open his heart to anybody turned out to be a passionate, enthusiastic lover. I guessed I had been wrong again, my brother was actually a very good husband material. To use your strength to protect your loved ones was already glorified manners, but to expose your weakness, and put yourself at your lover's mercy was the highest level of trust and love expression which not anybody could do. My heart cheered up to see Zero trust Kaname no less than the pureblood did to him. Without saying those three classic, holy words, he had thoroughly conveyed his fervent love to him.

Shading a tattoo was done by using a set of twelve needles together with another set of thirteen needles. Each set was made in a shape of a fan and the needles were soldered to one another. It required a master skill to insert the ink into the skin properly. Zero had paid his best concentration when learning tattooing. To think back of those days, I wondered if he had learned it for this particular work, his hand was proficient as a real expert, eyes fully focusing on coloring the rose, nothing else could make a ripple in his mind to distract him, not the pressure from what was waiting to shatter them in the future, not any kinds of risk which might occur between a predator and a prey or a vampire and a vampire hunter. His fresh scent of blood nonchalantly surrounded them, surrounded their senses, the pureblood turned away, squeezing his eyes shut, struggling to soothe his own shaking.

After an hour which seemed long as a century, our red rose was completed on the pale arm, Zero had precisely extracted enough blood for his work, when he finished, nothing remained in the bowl, its smell also diluted significantly. He scrutinized the rose with deep satisfaction before dressing his lover's arm to avoid air-born bacteria invading the wound. Since hunter poison was involved, and Kaname wasn't at his best state, those aftercare steps should be followed with cautions. When the bandage was done, he pulled the shaking pureblood into his arms, carefully assured their contact wouldn't hurt his lover's puncture wound, and whispered gently "Look at me, please!"

Kaname slid his soft hair on my brother's collar, but refused to do what he asked. Zero raised his chin, and caressed his face until the warmth from his fingers could abate the pureblood's anxiety and make him feel comfortable enough to open his eyes. It was the inhuman crimson color, yet my brother's arms stayed protective and caring around him, without hesitation, he bowed down, kissing on his lips. Kaname was surprised, but quickly opened his mouth to welcome my brother's passion. Vampires were instinctively thirst for the blood of their beloved. It was a wild conception which humans could hardly accept, as blood shedding was usually viewed as a crime in our society. As a hunter, Zero couldn't let his lover drink from him, plus, his lover was a pureblood, getting bitten by him would ruin his whole life. Yet he didn't want Kaname to think there's a part of him which he rejected. He wanted to fully accept him, both the aspects which he appreciated, and the aspects which were against his morality. Their kiss was hesitant at first, then gradually became fervid, the pureblood turned around, intensely holding my brother, zealously sealing their lips to each other, shy sounds of the symphony between their lips and tongues boiled up the air around them. I remembered they had kissed a few times before, but all those were very quick, and definitely not that enthusiastic. Kaname finally pulled both of them down on the bedsheet, with Zero on top of him, and pushing the silk comforter disheveled, his eyes had regained the usual claret charm.

"Don't hide your thirst from me. Show me your true color, as I'm laying myself bare to you." My brother still wanted to linger on his lover's sweet lips.

"I love you, Zero!" The pureblood stuttered while catching his breaths "I will never hurt you."

"I'm sorry I can't give you an eternity. I was born as a human and one day I want to die as one." My brother's head rose up a few inch over his lover's, in an intimate position, he told him his crucial term in their relationship and a faithful promise "In my family, when a man dies, his crest on his wife's arm will also die and destroy her from the inside. That's why she has to commit suicide before the painful death comes. The tattoo I've given to you is my recognition of you as my partner, and my commitment to you, it will remain on your arm as long as I'm alive. When I die, it will gradually disappear, and you will be free."

It was fair enough. Some other human might wish to become the same race as their lover to be together with them forever, they might have their own arguments and belief which convinced them it was the right way to maintain their relationship. Yet Zero couldn't do it. The Kiryuus couldn't have an ex-human, and not for some reason like he had fallen in love with a pureblood. Betraying our father's expectations, evading his duties as our family's heir were already a big sin which I was afraid a part of him would forever felt guilty for. He couldn't go further than that, he couldn't put love at first priority and threw everything else away. Consequently, he couldn't expect Kaname to do more than what he had already sacrificed for their relationship. The pureblood's past didn't belong to him, neither did his future. Present was all they had, to hold, to enjoy, to treasure together.

"I will end my life before it fades out." The pureblood's smile was warm and charming while Zero got stunned at his words.

"Kaname, I've never supported this custom. I don't want you to comply with it. It's already enough to be with me as long as I live."

"I know I won't be allowed to be buried in the same grave with you, but..." The pureblood stuttered, alluring smile had vanished, distress saddened his face which had just been lit up by my brother's promise of commitment. His reaction reminded me of our great aunt once again, she would have exchanged everything to get what Zero just told Kaname, she would have accepted any conditions to keep on living after her husband passed away. Of course their situations were different, she didn't love our great uncle, while the pureblood was so in love with my brother. "... please don't force me to live without you!"

Somehow I felt tears brimming over my eyes. It must be my own feelings, because I wasn't able to sense Zero's. Many years before I had died alone, and I would be alone on my way to the Hades, however, I was still lingering on waiting for justice, hoping to take revenge on Shizuka. But even if she would be killed and go along with me, we wouldn't be leaving this world hand in hand as a couple. Hand in hand as a couple, if you were lucky, you might not know how difficult it was to find that person and how meaningful it was to have someone who was willing to be with you through life and death. Sometimes you thought you had it, or sometimes you were deceived, then when that person got tired of the game, and left you behind, you bitterly realised you had been wrong. That's why I believed hearing those words was already a bless, because I even hadn't had a chance to hear. Now I felt jealous, happily jealous with my brother's luck, at the same time grateful to Kaname, grateful that he had been there when our father showed us to Ichijou, grateful that he had quietly followed my brother's developments over the years, grateful he had braved up to start a relationship with him, and insistently persuaded him of his sincerity. If it wasn't him, if it wasn't his passionate love, Zero couldn't have overcome the boundary of our rigorous customs to reach his true happiness. He was afraid of hurting the others' feelings, he was disheartened by the meaningless, unfruitful marriages of our previous generations. In the afternoon before I left home, he was very sad. When he came to meet me for the last time, then carried my lifeless body in his arms, he didn't say a word. I had never seen he shed a tear. I knew he would rather swallow all his tears down, or pretend that he wasn't affected. Difficulty, loss couldn't knock him off, but in this moment, I suddenly heard his sobbing, his body pressed closely on his lover, and his tone had obviously changed "You are all I have, Kaname! Don't leave me alone!"

Illusory tears had fallen down my face, I remembered my last minute, when there was no time left, no strength, no opportunity, no hope, I was like a worn-out candle in the wind, but I wasn't ready. I had been cruelly deceived, I couldn't make up my mind to accept that death was my result for trusting the wrong person. Zero understood it, he saw through me as he knew my personality, knew my wishes, knew my dreams. He wouldn't wish to repeat my failure, he must have worried when finding himself falling for a pureblood. Yet he got close to Kaname as his heart desired, at the same time trying to deny his own feelings. I thought he was a rational person, I thought he was more mature than his age, but he was now laying himself bare, showing his weakness, exposing his vulnerability. He was no smart than a mid-twenty man in his first love, he decided to stop acting calmly to keep up with his twenty year older lover. Our great aunt's death had obsessed both of us for a long time. We knew it wasn't right, nobody had the right to require the other to end their own life, despite of what relationship we were in, despite of how much we loved each other. Nevertheless, we couldn't deny the fact that we adored the persons who lived and died for their love. We were willing to devote our life to our other half, and wished to meet someone who would do the same. Being overwhelmed with the pureblood's utmost love, embracing him with both of his arms, and sobbing in his ears, my brother let himself fall.

There was only a few hours left until we saw the New Year in. As in our traditions, we must be home and participate in the ceremonies and parties in our family, where Zero couldn't take Kaname with him. What were promised in this room, what were exchanged from the bottom of their hearts, and how they behaved in public might never be consistent. My brother would forever be a Kiryuu hunter, and his lover a Kuran pureblood, but somewhere behind all eyes they would discreetly get to each other's embrace, as how it was in this invaluable moment, and under the elegant, sophisticated suit, it would be revealed that Kaname bore a Kiryuu crest on his right arm.

"You will always have me, Zero!" The pureblood tenderly soothed my brother's emotion, his arms loosened a little bit as Zero stirred on his bare skin to nudge closer to him. All of a sudden, he felt a lick on his neck, claret eyes were widened with amazement, the warm tongue repeated its fondness over and over, patiently moistening his biting area, telling him it wasn't his imagination. Licking the neck was an extremely intimate act to vampires, before they performed a love bite. Our knowledge didn't say a human neck was sensitive enough to get pleasure when being stimulated, yet Kaname was a pureblood, my brother got very pleased seeing his lover unconsciously inclining his head to give him better access, then shyly putting a hand on his lips to cover his craving moans. Sweet licks began spreading to the other side, fanatically, fervently as if wanting to compensate for the brutal strangle he had given to him in hysterics, a gasp of ecstasy irrepressibly slipped out of his lover's mouth as his teeth teasingly scraped on his yearning skin. Human teeth weren't sharp enough to pierce through flesh without real exertion, a blunt bite couldn't press the sacred blood to flow out, yet Zero didn't aim at his blood, what he was doing was purely for his pleasure. Kaname writhed desirously beneath him, grinding his own body against his lover's lower part, urging him to give him more.

"I apologize for my rudeness yesterday." My brother muttered.

"I don't have any hard feeling for our first time." The pureblood said tenderly "I'm satisfied with these marks, because it was you who gave them to me."

Zero's face was terribly reddened, at the same time feeling a desire which he had never cared before increasing in each of his cells. "Can we... do it again? It wasn't totally me yesterday, I would like to give you my first time now." His voice was hardly audible, yet in such a quiet room, it was well-heard to his lover, and also to an uninvited, redundant, invisible guest like me.

I laughed in silence, it sounded rather weird, but my brother's thought was entirely adorable. If only I could make an excuse, I would be happy to slide out and give them complete privacy. Unlucky them, I had to remain where I was, and acted as a nasty voyeur.

"I'm yours, Zero! You don't need to ask for it." Kaname replied with delight reflecting on his face. It's certainly what he had been waiting for. Over the year I had seen him holding my brother, intensely and desperately as if he needed his body warmth to drive his loneliness away. Weird that I hadn't thought he wanted him. Intimacy was a natural need when people was in love. I assumed Kaname needed a company, an attachment, a closeness, and sex was an undetachable part which he was ready to give to earn the things he needed back. However, the truth was much simpler and more straightforward, he had incessantly tried to rouse my brother's desire because he wanted to sleep with the man he loved.

Zero unlocked the belt, then pulled his lover's pants and underwear off his body, his movements were pretty clumsy, somehow he managed to distract his eyes to another way, shyly avoiding looking at the pureblood's private part which had become so exhibitory as both of his legs were folded up and spreading wide, yet he couldn't really hide the defiance which was growing tightly in his own pants. With lumbering hands, he eventually finished undressing himself, and it seemed to take forever when he got busy in pushing down their discarded clothes and some pillows to make space for both of them on the bed. At last, Kaname decided to rise up and break their awkwardness "Let me turn around first!"

"Don't move... you're not feeling well." Zero hastily stopped him with a gentle push, and stammering a few words as though his speaking skill had somehow become a problem.

Amethyst eyes fell off the track in a graceless instant, all of his efforts for a silly evasion went in vain as he got to see him. The pink manhood at its full vigor was lying on his lover's stomach, Zero startled with severe embarrassment, but before he diverted to another direction, his betrayed eyes were caught into the lower part, and refused to follow his will. The skin around the furrowed circle was shaded in a pinkish hue which made it become more appealing on pale complexion. Kaname was still inflamed from my brother's ravishment, unfortunately, it wasn't very bad to evoke a reluctance. On the contrary, it seemed to bring out its best tint to complete a fervent, irresistible invitation. His flower bud wasn't tightly closed, it looked somehow stretched with the puffy ring was shyly contracting and dilating in anticipation.

As a mayfly being drawn to a flame, a drinkaholic smelling a good brandy, the masculineness in me immediately registered the meaning of that heavenly cavern and developed an urgent need to be swallowed in. I might have seen how a man fuck a man when being locked together with the other blood-drunken ex-humans at Shizuka's place, I might have done it myself, but it was a totally crazy, uncontrollable act, we coerced the weaker and had our way on them. There was no significance, no enjoyment. We didn't care for our partners, we even were unaware of our own pleasure. All my life, I had never been lucky enough to experience a pure desire, to meet someone who wanted to have me because they so much loved me, but I could imagine it would be an exalted turn-on. My brother unwillingly trailed his look back to his lover's longing eyes, this time trying to ignore the eager tip of his own throbbing arousal which was being perked up, impatiently waiting for an invasion.

"Guide me how to make you feel good." He murmured. His face couldn't get any redder than it already was, nevertheless, I sincerely admired his honesty. I hadn't had the courage to expose my anxiety in front of Shizuka, since she was much older and full of experience, I was afraid she would mock at my immaturity. Yet Zero felt safe enough to reveal his inexperience to his lover. It wasn't only about our different characters, but also how he felt for him, which was completely different from what I had ever felt for Shizuka, he knew Kaname wouldn't let him down, no matter how terrible his technique was.

"Please let me taste your excitement." The pureblood whispered, his beautiful eyes became so dreamy with covetousness and waiting, and while I thought nobody could turn such a tempting request down, my brother actually did it.

"No. This time let me give you pleasure. Let me..." Zero was hesitant for a full second, but swiftly made his decision "... suck you!"

His lover smiled "Come closer! If you don't want me to move, please bring yourself to my mouth."

My brother's amethyst eyes were widened, it's not how he had planned, yet he didn't know what to do otherwise. As though being hypnotized, he docilely dragged his knees along the pureblood's sides, Kaname cooperatively raised both arms so that my brother could reach close to his face, until the sturdy erection was right at his bruised lips.

The air was heated up as Kaname sheathed my brother completely, my eyes shifted from Zero's ecstatic facial expression to his lover's craving lips which were gaping around him. The pureblood's flushing cheeks were sunken to suck the big thing in his mouth, his head moved back and forth slowly at first, then increased his rhythm when my brother started actively thrusting in. It all created a sensual, erotic scene that burned my feelings up, not because of how daring they were, but how intense they wished to give themselves to each other.

"Kaname... Kaname..." Zero called his lover's name desperately while holding the base of his own hardness, trying to ease their fervidness off. "I want to come inside you."

The pureblood was thrilled to hear that forthright request, his eyes glowed with apparent joy and yearning "Take me please!"

His arms which were resting on my brother's thighs enthusiastically rubbed him up and down with encouragement, Zero seemed to have a full grasp of his lover's meaning in those seducing words and such invigorating action. He might have tried to avoid it, tried to stay irresponsive to the pureblood's invitation, but tonight he would surely go with it.

After my brother got off his body, Kaname raised his legs into an M shape, displaying his willing hole which had been glossed thoroughly, a trace of sheeny, transparent fluid leaking out as a result of his contraction since they started making out. Zero was amazed with its fascination, he placed a finger on the partly gaping ring to relish his first feeling, before gently pushing the finger in. The cavern ardently squeezed around his knuckle, soft, slippery rectal wall seemed to be sucking him in deeper. "You've prepared yourself." He mumbled.

"A male can't get wet naturally when he's excited. I don't want to turn you off by holding back to prepare me."

Zero looked up with surprise. It was unbelievable. Now I was curious about how it had been between Kaname and Ichijou in their thirty year relationship. His oral skill was excellent, of course I couldn't feel, but at least in the way I looked at it, he knew exactly how to please a man's stick. He could be thoughtful and cleaned himself on his own before they started, but preparation was a part of love making, just as touching, kissing and giving head to each other, it would heighten their desire and deepen their passion. I didn't imagine Ichijou had skipped it every time they made love, though it sounded like it was the way Kaname was used to.

"It's my pleasure to prepare you." My brother said "Can you let me do it for you from now on?"

The pureblood stared at him, wanting to say something but couldn't find the right words, something like embarrassment flooded his expression "It..." He stammered in daze "Is it... alright?"

"It will make me want you more." Zero positioned himself over his lover, using his knees and hands to support his own body "You can never turn me off, Kaname! I want to claim you right now."

My brother's tip easily slithered through his lover's entrance. The pureblood opened up to receive him, his mouth gasped when the penetration transmitted an intense sensation over his senses, moans escaped his parting, swollen lips.

"Do I hurt you?" Zero asked tentatively.

"Not at all. I feel like... in heaven."

I believed all of my brother's sexual knowledge was from school, from the official classes he had taken, beside them, he had never bothered to make any research for other purposes, he even hadn't explored his own body. Twenty five years, he had done nothing, except studying and training. I wasn't quite sure whether his original preference was men, because he had never looked at anyone with desire. He was too indifferent to the outside world that I assumed he would strictly follow the life our family had expected from him. Maybe I didn't have enough time to understand him properly, maybe all of my assumptions, suppositions about how he thought, how he felt were absolutely wrong, but I didn't have to worry for him anymore. This powerful pureblood would take good care of him, would stay by his side till his last breath, and remained loving him as much as in this moment, when he was wrapping his legs around him, and throwing his arms to clasp on his neck. There was a future for them, though the path led to it wasn't unrolled with rose. My mind randomly replayed a scene three years ago, when Zero finished the first book written by Kaname Kuran, he closed it, then fondly rubbed over his name on the cover. I knew it was admiration, but it shouldn't be his first sign of love, it shouldn't mean he started falling for him since, and it shouldn't be the reason which resulted in their current situation.

If sex was an instinct, then why did I feel like I was seeing a magnificence of an superlative art? It was in their movements, their combination, their ardor into each other, it was in my brother heaving up and down in an appealing, harmonic rhythm, it was in the pureblood's yearning and greediness as clinging to him and trying to pull him deeper into his body. They passionately brought themselves closer and closer to the fantastic peak.

"Zero... Hold on... Zero..."

My brother worriedly ceased thrusting to stroke his lover's slick, silky hair "Did you hurt?"

The pureblood's eyes seemed watery, vehemence sparkled in his look saying he was profoundly enjoying their love making "I'm sorry. Please continue..."

Their bodies slapped each other as he moved up to submerse my brother's length which had been pulled back in half. Excitement was still overwhelmed, Zero immediately resumed his pounding, even made it fierier to explode themselves in a terrific orgasm.

"Hold... Zero... please..."

This time he had to take it seriously, and determine to pull out, yet his lover held him still. "Please don't! I want you to come inside me. Just give me a few seconds."

"It's okay, Kaname! Don't force yourself. We can do it later." My brother muttered. Now he had understood his lover better. Kaname said he wished to follow our customs and serve him as the other wives served their husband in hunter families, it meant he would disregard everything else to fulfill my brother's earlier request, especially since it was their first love making, not counting the previous time when Zero wasn't in his right mind. Yes, Zero had hurt him during sex when he was sunk in insanity, how could I forget Kaname was injured while all the marks were still very obvious on his body?

"Let me help you to release!" My brother remained inside him, so that his lover wouldn't feel being abandoned for failing to satisfy him, but made it clear that they would finish it in a more gentle way. The pureblood's arousal was still in his best size, he couldn't be able to rest well until it subdued.

But Kaname hastily grabbed his hand before he could reach him "Don't touch! I will come immediately if you touch me." Seeing my brother's confusion, he explained "I can't come where our bodies are jointed as a woman does. If I come, my semen will dirty your body."

His explanation made Zero more confused and angrier, not to his lover, but to himself, as it swiftly turned into agony in his expression "You asked me to stop because you're trying to hold back?" He purposely pressed his weight on him until feeling the pureblood's hardness rubbing his stomach "Let's come together!"

Kaname was really frightened, though didn't push him away "It isn't appropriate. I am satisfied if you're satisfied. I'll take care of myself later."

"My customs didn't say we can't climax together."

"It's not your customs. It's..." The pureblood evaded my brother's intense look "... uncle Rido told me so." Tears unwillingly trickled from the corners of his eyes "Please, Zero! I don't want to turn you off. I don't want you to feel disgusted and never touch me again."

Just as I thought I had known more about him, it turned out there was a lot of pains in his past which he hadn't yet disclosed to my brother. His parents passed away when he was twelve, and Rido returned to stay with him for a year. It was an open secret that he had been deflowered by his own uncle, and you might have the same guess with mine about how this secret was spread out or why Ichiou seemed to know it to arrange his grandson to become Kaname's lover. Rido was a scum, but I didn't imagine he could be low to the point to tell those cruel words to his nephew because he only cared about himself and his own pleasure.

Sex was an expression of love, and it was only meaningful when it brought mutual pleasure for both of them. Zero tenderly turned his lover's face back to him and wiped his tears off "It's not a turn off. Didn't Ichijou explain to you?"

"We... I've never... when... with him."

Never come with Ichijou? I was dumbfounded. How could it possible? How could his thirty years in love and happiness be merely a product of my own imagination? Even after he revealed that Ichijou's initiative feeling for him was killed off because the noble decided to share him with his grandfather, I still thought they at least had good sex or something that made him hold to their relationship.

"He never tried to please you?" Zero asked.

"I was fine. I didn't feel as much as you made me. I didn't know a man could feel that fantastic when receiving another man."

It sounded incredible for a doctor to say that. But Kaname wasn't saying it as a doctor. He had never had good experience in bed. His uncle took his virginity without his understanding consent, then Ichijou used sex as a condition to admit him as his lover. All of them were vampires, arousal was a usual after-effect from drinking pure blood. I didn't know how often Ichijou slept with him because he simply wanted him, how often he slept with him just to release his own blood drunken excitement, and how often Kaname was asked to take the tranquilizer to give blood to Ichiou, then give his body to him to resolve the following problem. But if it was how he had lived, then how could he be keen on exploring the sexual pleasure or checking if what the other guys talked about sex were true? Even in his relationship with my brother, he hadn't expected to get any good feeling in bed, though he prepared himself each time they met. I was upset with him and the way he thought, at the same time I felt terribly sad for his bigotry and blindly taking all disadvantages to himself.

"It isn't a condition, Kaname! Please let me when you also want it, and refuse me when you aren't in the mood, because I can't climax while you're restraining your feeling." Zero affectionately nipped his lover's lips "It isn't easy to live with my conservatism, but I will try harder to make you happy. Don't hold back with me, tell me what you want!"

The pureblood's pale, hairless legs once again wrapped around my brother's hips "Could we resume it? I love feeling you thrusting in me."

"Yes, if only you will come together with me!"

Kaname beautifully blushed, Zero lifted himself up a bit and started moving to regain his full hardness. It took no time until they got back to the boiling hot way up to their orgasm. My brother sealed his lover's lips with a blazing kiss, and earned more passionate moans from him when he finally let him go. The pureblood's fingers unconsciously scratched his back, his toes curled up with sheer rousing, now and then I could hear his weak urgings between his incoherent whimpers "Harder... … hard... … harder... …"

Zero was indulged in his instinct and his lover's covetousness. Where they were, what was happening out there didn't matter anymore, because right here, right now he had met his fated lover and found a way to accept him, he was holding him in his embrace and would never leave him alone.

Their bodies merged together and eventually they reached the peak of harmony and unification. After-sex scent soaked the entire room, Kaname seemed tense for a moment, but relaxed himself as Zero satisfactorily dropped his weight on his chest, insisted to keep them still and left his spent part inside him.

They rest for a while, then went to take a shower together. My brother carefully checked and dried the tattoo on his lover's arm. It looked perfect now, the rose was shining attractively in striking crimson with exquisite, skillful strokes. He gently kissed on it before placing another kiss on the pureblood's mouth. It was hard to be separated now, yet he couldn't linger longer. There wasn't much time left until the New Year came. Kaname helped him to get dressed and walked him to the door.

"I'm sorry I have to go." Zero said perplexedly.

"I understand." The pureblood gave him an assured smile "I'll be here waiting for you."

"After the holidays, I will tell my father about my wish of relinquishing to be his successor, because I would like to pursue the position of the next Association president." My brother said calmly as though it was a plan he had been carefully considered for a long time "You can't relocate to Okinawa, so I will move to Hokkaido to be with you. I will stay unmarried and no children all my life, but I don't want to become a disgrace to my family."

Zero was right, for the time being, our father wouldn't press him to get married since his engagement with Aimi Takamiya had just been cancelled, and he would likely accept his reason to renounce the right to success him if it was for pursuing a higher position. Our family had been waiting for many generations to deliver another HA president. This dream had never been close as now, when we had a man who reached his supreme level at the age of twenty five.

"I will support you." Kaname repeated his promise.

"Chairman Cross has offered me to be his assistant at the headquarters." Zero nodded "Please tolerate my obligations that I need to accomplish in my life. For my late brother, I want to take revenge on Shizuka Hio. For my father, I want to become a high-ranking hunter. For my mother, I cannot publish our relationship."

"I will assist you in the fight with Hio. I will assist you to build the relations with the other senior hunters and the vampire council. And I'm already happy with how we are now. Everyone else doesn't need to know, as long as I have your recognition. I belong to you, Zero!"

My brother brushed his fingers on the pureblood's smooth, silky cheek "You are very beautiful, Kaname!"

They pulled each other in an amorous embrace, wishing time would slow down a little bit to delay their parting. Zero closed his eyes as tightening his arms around his lover's body. Did he realise he had taken the pureblood's first time? It was a shame for those previous men, because tonight was the first time Kaname had really relaxed himself and enjoyed the breathtaking pleasure of becoming one with the man who truly loved him. My brother had fully given him the sincere, passionate love which he had been longing for, while he was the perfect lover who walked out from my brother's deepest dream.

"I love you."

The End

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