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Chapter 10: Battle of Eden Prime Pt2

A earsplitting explosion rang out, dulling our senses briefly before we continued through the raging mob of Infected Humans, crying out for synthetic blood.

"Covering fire on the right!"

"Get that soldier out of here!"

"All Hunters in ready formation!"


The last shout from a squad of Chargers wiped through the thin line of Geth that fruitlessly tried to shoot them, their rounds bursting against their Kinetic power shielding.

"How in Infected Earth did they manage to deploy so many units to the ground!?" shouted Alenko over the noise, he wasn't an observer as he switched between firing his natural weaponry to using his biotics to clear another squad.

"These aren't regular soldiers Lieutenant" I say calmly next to him, "They could have been thrown into orbit and made to land here, they can't be crippled from pain or feel any amount of discomfort, and can be stored in any location to strike on command, it is not surprising they have large numbers to fit it"

"Either way, these bastards are weak!" shouted Williams from the center of battle, throwing her large musclebound body into the fray with the grace of a dancer, adding Geth after Geth to the increasing pile of scrap metal.

Vakarian was not commenting, due to placing herself in an elevated position, firing bullet after bullet into another metallic machine, its flashlight eye blinking out mere seconds later.


I hid behind cover and activated my radio, "Kryik? Whats the situation?"

"Not a pretty one that's for sure, a group of Geth have procured the Beacon and are currently transporting it an a Z-Train, they must of hacked the controls"

"Does it have a bio-scanner?"


Codex: Z-Train is a slang term for a transport that runs on Z.G.E. Tech and transports cargo from point A to point B, due to misgivings with alien's and the negative events surrounding them, most had been fit with special bioscanners in order for it to judge whenever the user is carrying the Green Flu or not, an alarm is preset to sound if it is the latter and locked from use, this scanner has also been applied to high security doors and among other things. Despite having better relationships with alien species, only a few settlements have removed them, at best the alarm was taken away from the others.

"Understood, we'll fight out way through this mess and move in on your position, sit tight for now"

I then launched up from cover and decapitated a Geth who was unluckily close enough.

"Come on team! Advance to location!" the two soldiers nodded and I informed Vakarian through the radio to move, we then approached to end to the massive battle, where a depleting amount of Geth were failing to hold the line.

They had a secure location, hidden behind cover and keeping a lookout for any Hunter's on the rooftops and otherwise, but that was about to end as through the mass of fighting soldiers, five sets of ground shaking legs ran in a gorilla stance towards the machines, they didn't stand a chance, as the supreme sheilds and armor held against the onslaught of bullets, two of the Tanks held back and shoved their hands into the ground, pulling out a massive chunk of rock and hurling them at the forces, half were down before the other three finished them.

As we passed the carnage, I gave a quick nod of thanks towards the Tank Assault Squad, and proceeded on my way to the Z-Train's location.

-With Nihlus-

As Shepard and her team closed on the location, Nihlus had spent time on trying to bypass the system of the Z-Train's controls, unfortunetly, due to the Quarian's alliance with the G.R., they had lent their tech skills and teachings in exchange for the stations which housed many of Quarian's population.

Say what you will about Quarian's, but when they make something, you better believe you won't get into it easy.

After yet another firewall came up in the way, Nihlus huffed in exasperation. What in the world were the Council thinking when they banned the Flotila from docking with the Citadel, with security like this, even the greatest of cyber crimes would be held off.

Then, the sound of footsteps sounded off behind him.

The Spectre spun around, his arms already handling his custom rifle, looking down the scope at...

"Saren?" He asked in confusion, it was the familiar face of his mentor, lowering his weapon slightly, he took in the full visage of the older Turian.

"Nihlus" Saren said in return.

"What are..." Nihlus then frowned, before raising his weapon again.

"The Council thought you could use some help on this one" Now that Nihlus looked closer, the older Turian had several implants in his arm, glowing a bright blue in colour.

"Saren..." Nihlus begun as he looked towards his mentor, "You know as well as I that Spectre's do not gain entry to G.R. space so easily, and the Council would not risk a war to have a second Spectre go on a mission such as this, now tell me, why are you here?"

His teacher regarded him with a look, before shaking his head, "You were always a quick learner Nihlus"

That brief line was all he got before several Geth platforms emerged from behind Saren, Nihlus looked in disbelief before the traitor Turian said the command.


-With Hope-

"Keep that surpressing fire!" I shout as a Juggernaut came towards us flanked by two smaller Geth.

Groups of resistance appeared several times to slow us down as we made our way towards Kryik, they didn't present so much as a problem as they were annoying.

The moment the three machines ducked before a boulder to hide from William's covering fire, I unclipped a energy grenade from my waist, and threw it towards the larger one. It glowed bright blue as it stuck to its chest-plate, it stared down at the explosive, seemingly confused, before a loud

boom sounded and the air around them distorted, and then metallic limbs flew in all directions.

Codex: Z.G.E. grenades are a special military asset developed with the utmost care, the careful process in which they are made are a secret, but what can be told is that the usual Zero Gravity Energy is sealed into a tight container, and when needed, can be triggered and the pent up energy is released and emits a sonic boom with devastating force around the area.

Scanning the area, I gave it everyone the all clear before jogging forward at a brish pace.

"Double time people, we need to find that Beacon"

We were within one hundred meters of the destination when we heard a strange sound resonate around us.

"What in Spirits is that thing!?" Vakarian shouted behind me, I looked up to see the ship from the transmission, it looked large, very large. Even if it wasn't as large as a Tank's Dreadnought, it was still the largest alien ship I had see.

And for it to be able to land so quickly, and it seemed to be leaving just as quickly.

"Damn it!" William's shouted as it was pulling away in the air, "Freaking cowards!"

"Lets not worry about that at the moment" I cut in, "We must rendezvous with Spectre Kryik, no distractions, is that clear?"

She nodded before we heard the noise of several weapons firing ahead of us.

"Move!" I command, and my team advanced quickly with me.

When we came over the next hill, we were faced with several more Geth platforms immediately, without giving an order, we open fired on the machines, their shields disappeared in moments, along with their bodies.

I quicky looked left towards the continuing noise of battle, to see more Geth advancing towards a metal barrier, looking closer, I noticed the traces of blue liquid splattered on the floor, my advanced senses picking up the faint smell of burnt metal, that clung persistently to my nose

The smell of Turian blood.

"We have possible Spectre down and in distress," The Vakarian gave a sharp gasp, "Vakarian, keep them busy with your rifle, give them a reason to take cover" she needed no further prompt as she dropped to one knee and started firing towards the group, she managed to take down a number of shields before they dropped behind the various derbies that were in the area.

"Alenko, William's, proceed forward with me" They followed me as we swerved around the torn up soil that provided them protection from the alerted AI's.

Once we found ourselves sitting behind a collapsed pillar in a strategic position, I signed to Alenko, my hand into a claw shape and flicking fingers outwards. The Land-Shark complied immediately standing from cover and opening his mouth nearly 120 degrees, a phoooot! Sound echoed by another, and another in quick succession until a steady, machine gun like firing rate issued from the infected as his death peppered the battlefield with a turn of his head.

Then with another gesture to William's, a fist with making a show of swinging it slightly behind my shoulder, the Hybrid nodded sharply before picking up a large piece of masonry, no doubt from some public art piece, and threw it in the direction of the Geth, the satisfying sound of crunching metal filled the air, a quick succession of three taps on her own wrist by Ashley showed she had taken down three of the enemy, impressive for a part Charger.

The count rallied as only two left of their number, so I then peeked to the side of our natural cover to see they had grouped together, convenient.

I looked to the other side of her belt, that held good old fashioned hand grenades, and with a precise aim, threw it in an arc over cover, half a second later, an explosion sounded, with her rifle, I scanned the remnants of their opponents before deeming it save with a wave of my hand.

We didn't rush to where Kryik could be, it was asking for trouble to not be cautious, but made it regardless and sure enough, the sight of the gasping body of the Turian Spectre was found there.

Alenko kneeled down to apply some Alien-Certified healing gel, otherwise known as Medi-Gel, to the blood stained body.

The moment it touched the skin of the Turian, he gave a long sigh of relief before opening his eyes and looking with blurry vision towards me.

"S-Shepard..." His voice was raspy and tired, "You... need to... ah!" He had a painful spasm and twitch on the floor erratically.

"Nihlus!" Vakarian called out, dismayed at her mentor's condition, Alenko quickly injected a second dose of Medi-Gel.

He calmed down again, this time he tried to get his words out a little faster.

"The Beacon... he took it with the Geth, he's working with them... can't believe it..."

"Who?" I asked bluntly, we needed all we could get so we didn't rush in blind.

"...Saren..." he uttered, before his eyes closed and he slumped against the wall.

I took out my Omni-Tool, and scanned over his body, "He'll live, as long as a third Medi-Gel is applied, he should be able to hang on when the ship arrives for pickup. We need to go forward and complete the main objective, understood?"

Both Alenko and William's nodded, Vakarian stared at her fellow Turian's body a little longer however.

"Vakarian, we wait any longer his efforts may be for nothing" the way she was standing, it would seem she hadn't had the risk of a fellow soldier on her plate, well tough, it was war, you had to get used to it.

She nodded her head slightly, before following us towards the Z-Trains, thankfully there was one still there, we quickly activated it, and it zoomed off to the distant colony platform in the distance.

After the three minute ride on the train, we found ourselves at half built colony, in the middle of construction maybe. With my sharp eyes I picked up the glint's of white Geth somewhere around the site.

"There is nowhere else to go on this platform, so the Beacon must have been here, we are to scout the area, eliminate any hostiles and try and find where it may be, understood?"

They gave silent nods of agreement, and, with my weapon in my arms, walked out of the train.

What greeted me wasn't pretty.

A large metallic cylinder, with tubes and wires protruding from it, what was really worrying me was the slow sound of beeping coming from the device.


"Demolition charges!" Alenko called out from beside me, "They must have rigged the entire place to blow"

"Then disarm it Lieutenant" I barked out at him, "And track down if their are others, I doubt they would have used one bomb and in such a east to reach area"


The warning in Williams voice quickly gave me the prompt to dodge as a set of bullet holes appeared from where I stood, I swung my rifle in the direction of the incoming fire and shot through the shield and head of the lone Geth standing on the ramp. It that hadn't stopped it, the following fire from Williams and Vakarian ripped open its chest.

Taking a more closer look around, I nodded before turing to Alenko,

I waited a few seconds before he got the message.

"Yes Ma'am!" he then ran to the bomb and it took fifteen seconds before he stood up again.

"Lets move out, check your corners and look out for more charges!"

We the moved forward at a more hurried pace, now wary of both the Geth troopers and large destructive bomb in our area, barely seconds went by before Alenko confirmed our suspicions of more charges in the area, five more to be exact.

We didn't have time to deliberate this however as reinforcements of the Geth arrived, we took cover, and prepared for another battle, and hopefully, one that would be short.

-Meanwhile On The Normandy-

Captain David Anderson, formally a lead scientist in development of experimental technology, was inside his quarters on the ship, looking over the recordings and live tranmissions that the Normandy managed to pick up from Eden Prime's Inter-Connect main tower, the reports were sketchy, but it was clear that the ground troops were replelling the attack.

Several were of Geth in battle, and were useful in its own way, for as little that could be analysed from it, any information from the illusive Geth were always helpful. Still, it would still have been less than just spending a few minutes of conversation with one of the Quarian engineer's below deck.

The real thing that caught Anderson's attention, was reports of the large ship that was with the main attack force, the fleets patrolling the sector were damaged or destroyed, only just managing to escape before they were wiped out, the attack was so quick that they weren't able to contact somewhere else before the planet was invaded.

It wasn't a Geth design, as confirmed by the Quarian's below, but something else entirely, with its immense size, it would have been impossible for it to land and take off so quickly, yet it did so, David wanted nothing more than to shoot the think out of the sky, yet because of the Normandy being a stealth class vessel, he wasn't confident in it taking on a possible Dreadnought.

He went through the records, Asari, Turian, Salarian, he even ran a few scans through Krogan and Vorcha databases to be safe, yet nothing seemed to have any similarities to the vessel.

Looking over the holographic image in front of him, he tried to piece it together, what seemed to be so strange was that it was almost... familiar.

On an impulse, David pulled up his old files before he joined the military. Even if he only had a few projects running at the time, he had more than enough free time to research things that simply fascinated him.

Since his lap was on Mars, the location of the Prothean facility, he had looked deeply into the small pieces of data that was found about Reapers, it was enough to warrant caution, a race of synthetics that killed an entire race, even if seemingly unconnected to Infected Humanity itself, raised peoples attention.

It couldn't be dismissed as a fanciful story to scare little Prothean's to bed as it had snatches of detailed data about what they looked like, swiping this information to the side made it sail through the air before it connected with the holographic image of the ship.

A few moments later, a chime sounded out, and a small panel came into view.

Anderson remained stoic as he read the short line three times, and ran the test a twice, just to make sure he was not making a mistake, but the text didn't change.

'Cross Referencing Complete, 100% Match Confirmed'

-Back With Shepard-

"Last one sighted Commander!" Alenko called to me as we hid behind large transport crates, indeed, we had managed to disable the first five in quick succession, and well needed as well, as Alenko had also managed to pin down the exact time it would detonate, the reminder of it was on my Omni-Tool's timer.


I was quickly reminded of those Pre-Infection Spy movies I used to watch as a young child, with a ticking clock and a villain who was too idiotic to hide them better, or just detonate them from a distance, of course, it would have been preferable to have the latter similarity.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the last one was more heavily guarded, and we couldn't scatter their numbers as Alenko had reached his Calcium limit and the floor was reinforced with layered steel, so William's wasn't able to make possible derbies to throw, and the Geth were being cautious, thus Vakarian couldn't hope to get a straight shot.

And I myself had used the last of my grenades, so I quickly analysed the situation.

Eleven contacts, two Prime models, seven lesser, one drone.

All of a sudden, a loud bang sounded out, and the low hanging machine spiraled down and crashed into flames.

"Scoped and dropped!" sounded through my mic, it would seem I stood corrected about the young Spectre.

I looked around, to find some other object in the environment to use, and took notice of our heavily damaged cover. I put away my weapon, and grabbed onto the five hundred pound crate and pushed, and a set of six wheels appeared from under the it, thus making it mobile.

It was a good thing that the place was still in construction, these were made for the express purpose of transporting materials for the less capable. Once it sensed an exerted force from one side of it, the in built wheels would extend, thus allowing it to easily move from point A to B.

I then nodded to Williams, she smiled back, and raised her leg in a quick burst of momentum, and kicked the side of it.

The crate zipped off down the metal platform, we hid behind a stationary one ats the one we sent barreled towards the enemy.

A resounding crash and crunch sounded out, along with several more noises related to metal grinding against one another and the spray of liquid, peeking out of cover, I saw we had managed to take out several of them, while the rest were crippled and unable to do much but fumble on the ground.

We advanced, and mauneuvered our way around the wreckage, with Vakarian and Williams finishing off the survivors.

We came across the last charge, which had a healthy dent in its framework... I hope that doesn't mean much.

I glanced at the clock.


Kaiden immediately got to work, croaching down to look at the device with precise caution.

It took longer than I was comfortable with, but he successfully breathed a sigh of relief and-

"The compartment is jammed, I can't get to it"



I looked around, any tools left nearby that could help open it? None.


Using my claws could help, but it would take longer than we had time for as they were more suited to slicing flesh and bone.


I looked over at the ledge, the construction sight was perched directly on the side of a cliff so...

"Williams, help me with this!" I rushed to the side of the bomb, and grasped the side of it, taking a sharp breath of air, I hefted it a douzen inches off the ground, before the other half met the same height thanks to the Witch-Hybrid.


"Three... two... NOW!"

With that, we threw it over the side, the whistle of air was all it left before it was gone.

We waited, and I checked the timer.




A resounding explosion echoed beneath our feet, shaking the ground briefly, before there was silence.

For a few moments, it stayed that way, before we all gave a sigh of (real) relief.

"Its not over yet" I told them, I spied one last walkway to go down.

"It's time to recover that Prothean artifact now... better have been worth the damn trouble"

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