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"Colonel, sir. If I may be so bold as to say that you're going to wear a whole in the floor if you don't sit your ass down!" Lieutenant Hawkeye said with a stern tone. Of course, the flame alchemist had been in his own little world, paying little attention to his real surroundings.

Havoc and Breda along with the other just sat there watching, waiting for the flame to come out of his sort of trance like state. ALl wondering what to do as they sat on mismatched furnature parading around the office, all in hopes of getting back a little blonde boy and his brother.

Roy Mustang came back to reality from this small outburst, and subconsciously came to the conclusion that maybe sitting down was a good idea. He leaned back in his comfy leather chair and laid his head against his desk full of paperwork that hadn't been touched in days. If he wasn't pacing the floors wildly, then he was sitting at his desk moping. Neither one of these being a positive outcome for the flame, seeing as though he had a LOT of paper work that needed to be done in a short period of time.

"Really sir, you should get started on the paperwork.. you do realize that it won't do itself... correct?" Hawkeye said with a shadow of humor, trying to ease some of the tension in the room, but failing none the less.

"Riza.." Mustang said in his most exasperated tone of voice possible. "I'll get on it. Later." He said quite impatiently, looking directly into her eyes. "At the moment there are other matters that need to be attended to." He hated saying something to her like that in front of their coworkers but... something had to be said. He was jsut in too bad of a mood to be told what to do, and too worried to even think coherent thoughts.

She took in what he had said and decided that it was a lost battle. She took inventory of how the colonel looked. Bags under his seemingly dull eyes from two days of not sleeping and most likely not eating, his uniform sagging, his complexion quite pale from worry. It was almost as if you could picture the golden haired boy in Mustang's eyes, as if somehow that longing in his eyes would grab hold of the boy and bring him back.

"Sir.. He's been gone for a week. Sure, he was supposed to be back by now... but today is only Friday.. I'm sure that we will be in touch with him soon, and besides if we don't get in touch with him by tomorrow then were sending a search force out after him." The lieutenant looked around at everyone and looked as though she was thinking hard about something.. "I request permission to give you advice, sir"

The colonel looked to her as his dark eyes shaded a color. "Permission granted", he said with a sigh.

"Mustang, he's a strong boy. He'll be all right, but you need to get some slee-"

As if on cue the phone rang, cutting into the Lieutenant's 'advice', Mustang not pausing for a second before answering the phone on the first ring"

Every eye in the room was on him.

"Colonel Roy Mustang-" was all that he managed to say before he heard a voice on the other line.

"Mustang!" sounded from the other end of the line, in a sort of hurried, whining voice. Mustang would've recognized it anywhere.

"Fullmetal! W-what! Where are you!" He said as he motioned for everyone in the fucking room to go trace the call, with passion in his eyes saying 'if you don't you're all dead men' As they all scurried out the door and into another room where they could still see the colonel through a window.

"Listen.. colonel.. I don't know how long I can make this phone call... but there are some important things that I need to tell you" Again, in a rushed manor.

"Fullmetal! I demand to know where you are right this instant! What's going on! You were supposed to be back here two days ago!"

"Colonel.." There was a long pause on both lines, as Roy knew exactly what that word meant. Knowing quite well that that meant 'shut the hell up, I need you to listen right now'

"Colonel.. Alphonse and I. We won't be back for a while.. I need you to listen to me. It's dangerous to even be talking to you right at this moment... but I need to right now. Al and I.. well.. we've gotten ourselves into some dangerous shit.. and well I've got to hurry this along.. the only reason i'm calling is because at the moment Al is at the hotel which isn't safe for either of us to be away from each other for too long" Panicked and rushed he murmured that all out onto the line, and the colonel replied not missing a beat.

"Fullmetal.. Edward what have you gotten yourselves into! What's going on! Where are you!" He said in the most frustrated sounding voice possible.

"Mustang I need you to listen to me.. This is very important.. I can't tell you everything that's going on. You're going to have to trust me.. I can't put you in that kind of danger.. "

"Edward! This is a direct order from your superior! Tell me what the fuck is going on. NOW."

"I.. I can't." Ed shook his head from the tiny phone booth that he was sitting in, trying to keep hidden from the humunculus that were sure to be around somewhere.

"Please.. understand.. M-Must..Roy.. Please understand Roy... Right now.. I need you.." The blonde haired boy said with tears forming in his eyes.

At this point all of the coworkers were now listening in on the call being held between the young blonde and the older raven-haired man.

"Edward... Dammit..." Sigh. "What are you calling for.. what do you need.. whatever it is.. you've got it." The older man said running a hand through his hair.

"Mustang.. I need your word.. I need your word that you'll take care of Alphonse if something happens to me. Don't let anything happen to him. You got that?"

As the Raven haired man tried to retort with something along the lines of don't let me hear you say that, he was beaten to the punch by the click of another phone and a voice shattering through, "Come on Boss! Don't let us hear you say that nonsense! you're coming back to us in one piece!" In the background there were plenty of other people agreeing with the young smoking man.

The colonel replied with a stern look through his office window saying 'you guys better get the hell off that phone before I burn you all to pieces', as there was a short click on the line again.

Roy heard a faint sob on the other end of the line almost sure that it was coming from the beautiful blonde boy. "Ed.. I can't do that.. you've got to come back. You don't have a choice.. I'm not giving you a choice. You better get your ass back here alive.. thats a direct order!"

At this the young boy's sobs got louder. "Mustang.. before.. I need to go.. which was like ten minutes ago. I need you to know this.."

"What?! Fullmetal? What do you need me to know? What is it?" The colonel said as he felt his heart racing through his chest. 'Was.. What is he going to say. Is.. this..' he thought to himself.

"I need you to know.. that.." -crack- "Oh god! Envy! DAMMIT! Get the fuck away from me!"

"You know.. thats a funny thing to say pipsqueak.. especially when we've already gotten your little brother. It looks like you'd be the one chasing us."

As the phone fell to the floor of the floor of the now broken in two phone booth, you could hear a certain raven haired man shouting "Edward" over and over again. Only to hear the sounds of a short blonde boy yell something along the lines of a screechy "I'll call you back soon, Don't worry!" and then a sudden click.

"So.. this has to do with the humoculi.. " Roy thought to himself, "at least.. thats something to go by." This time allowed with complete worry taking over his voice for the fate of his youngest subordinate. "Come on Ed.. you can do it." As everyone looked at each other, shocked at what had just happened.


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