After nervously telling me that she has no stable income—like this came as a shock—I tell her it's okay; she doesn't have to pay me. I already knew, anyway. But she insists I give her something to do, so before she can offer up her body for me, I suggest she can be in charge of doing our laundry and keep the apartment clean or whatever.

Then, after explaining where I do my laundry, she takes a shower while I do absolutely nothing. Next, I show her my meager collection of bootleg DVDs that I keep in a case on the floor between the bed and the TV. She laughs a little when she flips through the "pages" where I stash my porn, but I just smirk and ask if she wants to watch some with me. Which is a fucking joke, so I can't say I'm prepared when she says yes. Though, I brush that off me and tell her to keep looking.

She ends up picking Speed, stating that I don't have enough chick flicks.

That's true, because they suck.

"I don't know when I last saw a movie," she giggles and gets comfy on the couch.

I don't respond, but I frown to myself as I dump a bag of chips on the coffee table. Two sodas follow, and then I push play on the DVD and sit down next to her on the couch. Bella's changed into one of my t-shirts again, and she's holding up the covers for me. I guess she took those from the bed when I was in the kitchen.

"So, this is what you do on Sundays and Mondays?" she asks as I pull the covers over my legs.

"Pretty much," I answer. "By the time I head into work on Tuesday morning, there's a print in the shape of my ass on the couch."

She chuckles a little and rests her head on my arm.

Well, this is different.