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Chapter 1: Christmas!


With a heavy sigh, Tomoe peeled himself from the wooden planks that were the entrance to the shrine. Screwing the cap on his jar of sake, he lifted it up and followed the sound of Nanami's distress.

'Tomoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' she called again.

With a roll of his eyes, he approached her further.

'Ugh, where is that fox?' Nanami turned to find herself face-to-face and nose-to-nose with her familiar. With a heavy blush, Nanami hung her head.

'Yes, Nanami-sama?' he whispered so quietly it was like a breath.

She could not reply – she felt intoxicated, as though her head were made of cotton wool.

'Uh-I-t-that's…' Nanami stuttered.

Tomoe leaned in further, lips slightly parted, eyes closed, his eyelashes a thick inky crescent against the ivory tone of his skin and –


Tomoe moved so quickly he was on the other side of the room near Mizuki.

'Nanami-chan, I did it!' he called, his tone implied exclamation marks and love hearts galore. Tomoe tried not to retch.

With deep thought, Mizuki slowly moved and bent his long fingers into the shape of a heart.

'Just like you taught me, Nan-a-mi!' he said, drawing out her name, with mirth in his eyes as he glanced at Tomoe.

Nanami missed the hostility as her heart-beat crept back down and she grinned.

'So cool, Mizuki!' she enthused, glancing at the window hopefully.

'Whatcha lookin' at, Nanami?' Mizuki sang as he sidled up to her.

'I was at town the other day,' Nanami explained, 'and I heard that it will snow soon. It's actually nearly Christmas. I-I forgot…' she muttered, holding her face in shame.

Mizuki tilted his head. 'Nanami-chan…' he mumbled, toying with the sleeves on his kimono.

'Yeah?' she asked, glancing at Tomoe quickly and back to Mizuki.

'What's "snow" and what's "chris mus"?'

Nanami gaped. 'T-Tomoe?'

He shrugged. With his cool, placid and nonchalant voice, he said –

'I don't know either.'

'What?! Didn't Mikage ever celebrate it with you?' before waiting for an answer, she stormed on, 'Christmas is the best holiday! It's where everyone gets presents and a giant tree! They have to decorate their houses with lights and mistletoe! Then there's Santa Claus, who gives out presents to all the good children on his sleigh pulled by reindeer!'

Mizuki's eyes lit up delightedly. 'Santa!' he repeated, 'reindeer!'

Tomoe feigned disinterest but his heart thumped. A man named Santa gave everyone presents and nobody questioned it? Didn't he have to get around the whole world in one day? How did he manage it?

'Nanami, you still didn't explain snow!' Mizuki pressed, now sitting at her feet like she was a God –

Okay, Tomoe did give her that one.

'Snow is… like… well, it's like white powder that falls from the sky. When it sticks together, it creates really beautiful things. You can do all sorts of cool stuff when it snows. It looks like…' she fought herself for a comparison, 'icing sugar. It looks like icing sugar.'

'What's icing sugar?'

'Okay, that's it, we're making a cake.'

After sending an unwilling Tomoe to the stores (You're not cooking in my kitchen!), Nanami had all of her ingredients.

'Now watch this, Mizuki.'

Slowly, so Mizuki could keep up, Nanami measured her flour, butter, sugar, spices and eggs into a bowl.

'Now you mix them.' She used her balloon whisk before offering it Mizuki. 'Have a go!'

A few seconds later, she had to take it back off him.

'Super nice, Nanami,' he nodded, licking cake mix off his face.

She then mixed in the milk and poured it into a tin. This has gotta cook now,' she told Mizuki, heading towards the oven. And Nanami wouldn't be Nanami if she didn't trip.

Tomoe easily managed to catch her in one arm with the cake tin in the other.

'Really, Nanami,' he muttered shaking his head as he set the oven on, 'if you're going to show someone something, at least do it right.'

But underneath the silver strands of his fringe, a smile waited for her.

'Twenty-fourth of December…' Nanami muttered as she surveyed the many shelves for gifts. For Kei, she had chosen a fitted black shirt bearing the legend Girlz rule, boys SUCK! and for Ami, she'd chosen a cute kitten plushie with a bow around its neck.

No, she was having trouble with her new supernatural friends. Seriously, what could she buy the fire spirits? And Mizuki? He'd love anything off Nanami, but she wanted to get him something special. And what could she get Tomoe that he wouldn't scoff at?

Beaming, she selected two matching charm bracelets for both Onikiri and Kotetsu with their first charms – each of them had a fox, a snake and a girl.

After buying them, she made her way to the pet shop, sure she would gain inspiration around the many animals, and among them, snakes.

She was considering buying him a pet. A mouse, maybe? Since he was a snake, she wondered if Mizuki would either eat it, or him being Mizuki, smother it with love. She hoped for the best and bought it anyway.

Tomoe would probably hate it. Stupid fox.

But it was him she had to buy presents for. With a deep sigh, she plunged back into the street.

It had snowed all right. Icy wind whipped Nanami's hair as she attempted to pull her hood over her face. It wasn't easy with bags full of Kei's, Ami's and the fire spirits' presents in one hand, and a mouse in a cage in the other. What must she look like to anyone else? After stifling a giggle, she made her way into the nearest shelter she could find. It just so happened to be another shop.

'Hey, Nanami.'

Nanami looked over and saw the shop keeper smiling at her pleasantly. It was a boy around her age – tanned skin shielded by round glasses. Kotarō.

'Hey, I thought you worked at the ice cream shop?'

'I work here, too… I – uh – needed a bit more money to buy Himemiko a gift…' he trailed off, blushing. Nanami smiled reassuringly at him.

'Well, can you pass these off to Himemiko for me, please?' Without waiting for his reply, she unloaded a bag of silver and gold wrapped gifts to him.

'And while we're at it… can you help me think of a gift for Tomoe?'

Christmas Day

Seated under the Christmas tree that Tomoe had chosen (Nanami, you and Mizuki are far too immature to pick your own!), Nanami handed the fire spirits their gifts.

'Wow, Nanami-sama!'

'How great, Nanami-sama!'

'Er, what is it…?'

She unveiled Mizuki's gift herself, afraid he'd shake it to find what was inside.

He blinked at it once, twice, before hugging the cage to his chest and whispering –

'Good little mousey, I'll call you Nanami!'

Nervously, she handed a small, wrapped box to Tomoe. He glared at it suspiciously before holding it to his nose to sniff it.

Nanami flushed.

With his long fingers, he opened it without once ripping the paper. After prising the lid off, a sheet of paper fluttered out. He held it up to himself to read before standing up and walking outside.

'Well what's up with him…?' Mizuki muttered.

Tomoe reread the tiny sheet. The talisman. Written in Nanami's curly font, was a single word.


'Ah, so this is where you'd got to.'

Nanami gently closed the screen door behind her and came to rest next to Tomoe.

'I thought you'd like your release, so you didn't have to be my familiar anymore,' she explained, 'you seemed like you wanted to be free to do what you wanted.'

Tomoe just held her gaze.

'Y-you don't have to l-leave the Shrine! You can stay, I j-just thought – '

'I accept your gift, and I give you my own.'

Tomoe leaned in and with one movement, captured her lips in a kiss.

Nanami's heart thumped.

'I return as your familiar.'

And in that second, he smiled before gracefully throwing aside the screen door, and joining the celebrations again.

And regretting it as soon as Mizuki attempted to throw sake at him in a drunken stupor.