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Chapter 5: Yōkai and humans really can get along

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Ami had always been "that shy little girl". No one knew her name. She was always "Kei's friend" or "the really short one". She had never learnt to question it, so she embraced it.

'I'm nobody. Just Kei's friend.'

Just because she was used to it, however, it didn't mean she liked it. She knew she should speak up when girls laughed at her strawberry-pink curls, or when Isobe insisted on his cruel nickname.

Like everyone else, she wanted to be called "cute" by a boy. She wanted someone to laugh at her jokes and tell her "I like you".

So why was it so hard to say the same words to Kurama, just once?

He was perfect.

His cherry-red hair always stylishly swept back of his face, his olive skin a perfect and even match beneath his dark, fathomless eyes. Even the cruel curve of his full lips was entrancing. His devil-may-care attitude was just as handsome as his gentle and warm hands as they embraced her.

Yes, he was gorgeous.

Yes, he was popular.

Yes, he was perfect.

Which is why he was out of her league.

But how could she stop herself from blushing as he glanced in her direction? Or laughing when he told a joke?

To get over him was impossible, but to indulge was even worse. After confessing to Nanami, she thought she'd feel better, but for some reason, she felt dizzy.

Nanami had listened as Ami struggled to convey her feelings about Kurama. With a glint in her eye, Nanami grinned and threw down her chopsticks, immediately grabbing Tomoe's attention.

'Hey, eat your lunch, Nanami,' he glowered from the nearest table (Nanami had ordered him to move).

Hastily, she reached for them before he could threaten her with shiitake mushrooms and leaned in to whisper.

'I'll do everything I can to help you, Ami!'

Every day, between classes and after school, Ami had nervously tip-toed after Kurama, wanting to catch him alone. It appeared as though he had a fan club wherever he went, however. She vaguely remembered him emerging from the boy's bathrooms leading a posse of boys with identical headbands behind him.

It's no good, she thought to herself as he strolled past with his usual band of screaming girls. He was an idol and she was a below-average school girl. There's no competition.

In an attempt to run from the corridor before she could cry, she slipped. Wanting to crawl into a hole and hide, she flew through the air before landing on something rather soft and comfortable. She opened her eyes to find herself lying on top of a rather disorientated-looking Kurama.

She backed away, squealing before his fan-girls began to shout.

'What do you think you're doing, Strawberry?'

'How dare you touch Kurama like he's your average boy!'

'You did that on purpose!'

She shook her head, reversing into the wall, tearfully.

A towering figure suddenly loomed over them.

'Hey. Being mean is so unbecoming.'


The girls fled, casting Ami disgusted looks behind them.

Kneeling down, Kurama allowed his dark eyes to skate over her before scooping her up in his arms and setting off at a leisurely pace.

'W-what are you doing?!' she flushed, but refusing to thrash as he carried her bridal-style down the corridor.

'Taking you to the nurse's office.'

Neither spoke until they reached the room as he gently kicked the door open and set her down.

'W-where's the nurse?' she mumbled.

Kurama smiled slyly.

'Why would I know that?'

Smoothly, he stretched and began to grab antiseptics at random and applyed them to the scrape on Ami's knee.

Silently, she watched him as he gently applied the fluid and wiped the cut slowly. There was something very elegant about the way his masculine hands softly brushed the skin on her leg. After plastering her wound he glanced at her to find her intent gaze focussed on his face.

He sat back and watched her. For a while, a pregnant silence encased the two before Kurama broke it with the four words Ami never wanted to hear from his mouth.

'Do you like me?'

'U-Um, I-I-I, n-no, n-not to say I d-don't like you as a f – '

Slowly, Kurama gently leaned in and pressed his lips to Ami's.

With his rough, chiselled mouth, the soft warmth made her heart flutter.

He can't do things like this to every girl that follows him, she thought with a paralysed wonder.

Suddenly, Kurama's smooth hands caressed her hair before progressing down the plains of her flushed face.

Tears collected at the corners of Ami's eyes as all of her fears left her.

Kurama broke their kiss as he stroked away the wetness on her cheeks. He looked at her questioningly as she smiled through her tears.

With a short shake of his head, he produced some paper from his pocket with a phone number on and strolled out of the room, saying something behind him that sounded mysteriously like –

'Humans are weird.'

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