Citizen Soldier

Synopsis: After growing up the members of a band known as "Demons Run" joined the military. They were all assigned to the same covert special ops unit. However, as each member was taken away during the missions, the team leader Captain Jane Abernathy started putting things together. Now it's up to Jane and Sarah to join the new military special ops program and rescue the old team members of "Demons Run".

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Side Notes: This is a redo of my old series'. There are going to be changes that will be noticed. The character's personalities should remain the same (mostly) but a few little details will be reworked. (I.E: How Flint and Jane first met, the relationship between Sarah and Snake Eyes and how it fell apart, and so on and so forth). I have renamed one of the characters, Roy Stevenson. I did not realize this at the time but his name was really close to Steve Rodgers from Captain America. Don't ask how I did not notice this before. I would also like to point out that the band in my last story did not have a name…I think. So I gave it one. It's based off a short poem in "Doctor Who" called Demons Run. Quite a fitting name for their band if you know the poem that River song recites.

I am also writing this a little differently. There will be only one story posted, not four or five like last time. Instead of the multiple stories posted there will be transitions between characters. For a while it will be chapter by chapter; starting with Jane as the primary and moving to Sarah, then the others. As you will probably notice throughout the story the chapters will be titled. They will either contain the lyrics of a song or be the title of the song. Much like the title of the story is Citizen Soldier. That's the first song in this playlist. The story will act much like a play list. Whether you listen to the songs or not is up to you. I often find music helps me write and read. I associate what I hear when I read and write with what I am listening to at the time. I will write the song title and the band that it is by (or movie if it's from a movie) in the disclaimer or the side notes. I will not always have the lyrics in the song, only in a select few chapters (such as an outing to a restaurant where music is played and the characters decide to sing along).

I, as far as I know, will not be writing this redo with Namiko Ai. We have not spoken since the start of winter vacation. Now without further ado, I present to you Citizen Soldier.

Chapter One
Citizen Soldier

Captain Jane Abernathy carefully picked at her award ribbons and medals. Her eyes scanned the empty debriefing room. She was waiting for the General and his new team to show. She had used her old famous identity of Emily Rose, of the Demons Run band, to obtain information on Cobra Industries. It just happened to be perfect timing on her part when she heard about Lt. Shana O'Hara's intelligence mission being successful as well. It was rather humorous to Jane that her and her old teammate had been gathering information on Cobra Industries around the same time but in different ways. Jane had been proclaimed dead to the world but used the façade of Emily Rose to get her information. Shana had become a fugitive to get the information.

Oh, the irony. She thought as she felt the course material of her award ribbons Jane could remember running the last time, nearly one month prior. Suddenly she remembered the sound of metal on metal as her teammate, and subordinate, Specialist Jana Ling fought the strange ninja who had caught them.

Shaking her head, trying to rid herself of the horrific memories, she slouched further into the chair. They were late, the general and his new team. She could conclude this when her eyes wandered towards the loudly ticking clock on the wall. In truth, the ticking probably wasn't all that loud, but with her extra sensitive senses it was almost on par with someone sitting next to her blaring their music in their headphones. Finally she heard the door open behind her and she stood up at attention.

"At ease Captain Abernathy." The general said. She forced herself not to smile. Being the only military member in her family earned her some respect from her uncle General Abernathy; however it still did not earn her the full love she had wanted when she and her sister were growing up.

Jane sat down and folded her hands into her lap. Her eyes wandered over the faces of the people as they walked in and took their seats. Three of them she recognized from being friends and a student. Scarlett was one of the close friends she had known while being a student under Snake Eyes. Flint had become her friend after he had been on the rescue team that saved her a year before. The others she only recognized through their public humiliation. However she was thrown off her focus when an offensive odor cut through causing her to almost vomit.

She glanced around to see that Flint was looking at her nervously. She waved her right hand, trying to dismiss the situation. Finally clearing her throat, Jane forced herself to breathe through her mouth, as subtly as possible. She didn't want to offend the person who carried with them the odor of doom.

It took her a few more minutes before she regained her complete composure. She looked once more at Flint and smiled. Unconsciously she started feeling the stub that remained of her left pinky. The year before she had been captured and tortured by some unknown and faceless organization. Or at least they were faceless at the time. Now they knew who it was. All they needed to know were the goals and intentions of Cobra.

"Captain Abernathy, you're one of the few people outside this room who has had more contact with Cobra Industries and you're the only person who can tell us what the intelligence is that you found during your last reconnaissance mission. So please start." General Abernathy stated before motioning for Jane to stand up.

Sighing softly Jane stood up and plugged her thumb drive into a nearby computer. She then clicked the power button for the overhead projector. She could feel everyone's attention drawn to her. She could feel her heart pounding loudly in her chest. It was so loud and so hard that she thought her heart was going to burst forth and start tap dancing on the Briefing Room table. Mentally shivering at the idea Jane tried to focus on the briefing. Turning around once more she locked eyes with Shana O'Hara, the former teammate was staring at her in continued disbelief. As were the rest of her team. Snake Eyes had probably figured that she wasn't dead; after all he was smart enough to see through a ruse. The only people in the room who knew for certain she hadn't been dead were Flint and her uncle.

"I know that most of you and the rest of the world were lead to believe that I was killed in action last year. In truth it was a ruse so I could go deep under cover. During my life as singing sensation Emily Rose of the Demons Run, I donated money to Cobra Industries Research and Development program. Because of my generous donations, I was awarded privileged tours of their facilities." Jane opened the files on her thumb drive. As they played across the screen, Jane tried to keep from cringing. "I had my so called assistant, otherwise known as Specialist Jana Ling, with me. Each time we were on a tour of their facilities she would sneak one of our ghost drives into their computer mainframe."

"You managed to steal data from the most secretive organization while pretending to be a pop star?" Duke interjected.

Jane tilted her head in thought. "I wasn't pretending. I am Emily Rose of Demons Run. However, this façade was quite effective in attaining the information that I wanted. At least it was until a not so friendly white clad ninja figured out I was wearing a prosthetic face. Apparently I underestimated Cobra's desperation after you and your rag-tag team broke into their facility."

Jane saw the offence that her words had caused and she gave a half-hearted shrug. "Personally I don't care, rag-tag teams seem to get more things done than the well thought out ones people seem to think are necessary."

Jane could almost hear her uncle grinding his teeth together. She knew he wasn't facing her, he had already seen the data. Finally she clicked the mouse, causing the fast streaming data to stop suddenly.

"What about Specialist Ling, where is she right now?" Shana asked.

Jane stiffened. As she turned her head to look at everyone they noticed that her eyes were suddenly devoid of all emotion. It took Flint aback when he saw that look, the last time he had seen that look was nearly a month before when they were in a bar. People barely made it out unharmed.

"They…they took her during the last mission."

Shana's eyes flashed with anger. "How did that happen? You were her commanding officer and closest friend."

Jane hesitated, her eyes finally migrating towards the ground. She needed to get her anger under control. There was no way she was going to let her anger control her here or anywhere anymore. Forcing herself to look up she locked onto the black clad ninja in the back. He was holding his hand out, palm upright. It was a motion for her to continue. "When we were discovered, Specialist Ling figured out our attacker was a member of the Arashikage. She knew I was far from a match for him so she sent me away and acted as a diversion so I could escape. I am the last member of Demons Run unit." Clenching her fist, Jane tried to refocus her mind on the debriefing. "My sister and I have been working on decoding the data, and on this drive is what little we've gotten done in these past five months. There is still quite a lot left to be decoded, but Sarah is working on it right now."

"This is going to be a long briefing." She heard someone mutter.

Jane walked out of the briefing room with her mind set on her paperwork. She knew her uncle wanted her to be a part of his new Special Forces division, code named G. I. Joes, but she was done being a soldier in the military. The only reason she would stay in the military is if they told her the only way she could rescue Jana was to stay.

"Captain Abernathy!"

Jane turned around to see Shana walking towards her. At first she suspected that Shana was there to berate her then she noticed that her old friend was walking calmly towards her. "Yes?"

"Would you be willing to accept an assignment to your uncle's new division?"

"Where my underling can further humiliate me for leaving my friend behind? No thank you." Jane continued walking only to have Shana clap a hand on her shoulder. "A lot of people got hurt in a bar last month because of the same gesture Shana."

"Would you join us if I told you we might be able to rescue Jana and the rest of your team?"

"Maybe, I will need time to think it over.

Shana nodded her head, let go of the Captain's shoulder then watched as she walked away.

"She's already decided." Flint said from behind Shana.

"You certain?" Duke questioned while walking towards his teammate's side.

"You don't know her, and Scarlett, you haven't been around her for quite a while."

"What's that's supposed to mean?" Scarlett asked while whirling around.

"She now lives up to her code name," Was all Flint said before pushing off the wall and walking away.

Duke glanced at Scarlett looking for an answer.

"Demon…that's what her unit called her. It was a nickname in high school for Jane, and it followed her into adulthood."

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