Citizen Soldier

Synopsis: After growing up the members of a band known as "Demons Run" joined the military. They were all assigned to the same covert special ops unit. However, as each member was taken away during the missions, the team leader Captain Jane Abernathy started putting things together. Now it's up to Jane and Sarah to join the new military special ops program and rescue the old team members of "Demons Run".

Disclaimer: I do not own G. I. Joe: Renegades. I only own the characters of Jane Abernathy, Sarah Abernathy, Sakura Abernathy, Jana Ling, Jake Henderson, and Roy Stevenson. I also do not own the song Citizen Soldier that is from Three Doors Down or the song Speechless by Natasha Bedingfield

Side Note: This chapter focuses on Sarah Abernathy and her daughter Sakura.

Chapter Three

Sarah sat at her computer table. It was late at night, probably midnight but she wasn't paying attention to the clock. Her focus was split between two monitors. On the first were security camera footage of the surrounding property and individual rooms of her home. At the center of the screen was the image of her daughter's bedroom. On the second monitor were the encrypted files she was trying to decode for her sister and the General. Breaking these types of codes was easy for her, they always had been. But there was so much data to decode it was going to take longer than her uncle and sister wanted. While glancing through the files she noticed something she had feared to see: her own name, along with her sister and her teammates' names. Pulling up the file she bit her lip and tried to ignore what she was seeing. There were medical reports and experiment files on each of them. Clicking out of the experiment reports Sarah did a mass search through the files for Sakura's name. "Sakura Lily Abernathy…nope, Sakura Lily Rose…nope, oh good." Letting out a sigh of relief Sarah leaned back in her chair. Her green eyes were wide with shock.

A whimper over the speaker caused Sarah to look at the video image of her daughter once more. The sweet little four-nearly five-year old girl was dreaming. In her arms was the light brown teddy bear she had gotten as her first stuffed animal. It was half her size and well-worn due to many travels to Mr. Washing Machine. However the little girl still carried Mr. Tedi everywhere she went, even school.

Sarah smiled softly until she noticed a strange movement in the room. Enlarging the image she saw a dark clad figure climbing through the window. Fear started her heart into a fast paced adrenaline fueled thudding against her chest. Grabbing her Taser, Sarah hurried through the quiet home as silently as possible. Someone was breaking into her home through her daughter's bedroom window. If the little girl woke up she would never sleep peacefully again-if the person didn't kill her first. Standing across from the open bedroom door Sarah stared at the black clad figure. He had his back to Sarah and was looking down at the sleeping little girl.

Finally pulling the trigger Sarah took in a sharp breath. She didn't like hurting people. That's probably why she loved computer work more than field work when it came to working with her sister. The man started to slump to the ground but used the bed post to keep himself up. Silently he turned to look at her. She closed her eyes and her fingers pulled the trigger again, sending more electrical pulses into the intruder's body. After she heard a thud on the ground she opened her eyes to see him collapsed. Slowly she moved towards her miraculously still sleeping daughter.

Gently lifting the girl, Sarah looked at the seemingly unconscious man then hurried to her own room. After placing the little one on the Queen sized bed; Sarah quickly locked the door behind her as she rushed out of the bedroom. Looking in the child's bedroom again she confirmed to herself that the man was unconscious. Rushing towards the kitchen she started to search the drawer for zip ties. "Come on, where are you buggers?" she hissed while slamming another drawer shut.

When she started to open another drawer she saw a hand holding out the bag of grey-black zip ties. "Thanks." She whispered while taking them. As she stood upright to leave her heart practically stopped. Standing in front of her was the same man who had broken in through her daughter's window. Getting ready to scream for her daughter to call the police Sarah felt him cup a hand against her mouth. Throwing a wild swing in the direction of the man's head, Sarah was further startled when he caught her fist with his free hand.

He seemed to be waiting for her to calm down. Sarah's eyes darted around the kitchen. There had to be something within her reach for her to hit him with. She started to back up, in the direction of the stove but he jerked her back to where she had been standing. Looking at the man's visor she felt like she knew him from somewhere. Her eyes finally darted down to the red symbol on his shoulder. Arashikage, so that probably meant he was… "Snake Eyes?" she said surprised. He gave one curt nod before letting her go. "Gods, it is you. What are you doing here? Why did you break in? Oh…crap…I tased you."

Snake Eyes shrugged, knowing that Sarah would non-stop fuss over him if he didn't' shrug off her weak assault. He couldn't blame her for reacting the way she did. Perhaps he should have taken the easier route of the front door. 'Your uncle sent me to offer you a job position at his new base.' He signed while taking a step back. He knew he had to be cautious with Sarah. Even though she wasn't a fighter, she was still good at throwing projectiles without warning-especially when a person was too close to see Sarah telegraphing her moves.

"And you go in through the window when you could have used the front door…why?"

'I figured it was the easiest way to talk to you without a door being slammed in my face.'

Sarah chuckled nervously. "Why would I slam the door in your face?"

Snake Eyes paused for a moment. Had she really forgotten their last meeting already? It had only been five years but Sarah was well known for forgetting things. 'I thought that you would slam the door in my face because of five years ago.' He finally answered.

"Five years ago…right I uh…well—"

"Mommy?" a tinny voice asked from behind Snake Eyes.

Snake Eyes turned to see the little girl he had been looking at earlier standing directly behind him. She rubbed her eyes with one hand and was dragging a light brown teddy bear with the other. She wore a bright hot pink night gown that went past her feet and black ribbons in her blonde pig tails.

"Did we wake you up sweetie?" Sarah asked while going over and kneeling down in front of the little one. The girl nodded her head then looked pat Snake Eyes with wide curious blue eyes.

"Why does your friend wear a mask mommy?" the little girl asked.

Sarah blushed while lifting the girl into her arms. Glancing at Snake Eyes she gave him an apologetic smile then looked at the child in her arms. "To protect the people he cares about."

"Like Batman?"

"Yes like Batman—Jane's been letting you watch those cartoon again hasn't she?"

The little one smiled innocently before burying her face in her mom's chest with a giggle. Sarah walked into the little girl's bedroom and carefully laid her back on the bed. Pulling the sheets and blankets up to the girl's chin she kissed her daughter's forehead. "Go back to sleep ok?"

"Night mommy."

"Good night Sakura."

Sarah walked out of her daughter's room, closing the door behind her. "Living room, it's the best spot that can muffle sound…Sakura's not yet asleep."

Snake Eyes followed her. His eyes scanned the disorderly living room. Lying strewn across the coffee table, the couch, and even spots on the floor were papers and stuffed animals. Sarah hurriedly picked up the paperwork and stacked them unorganized onto the coffee table. As Snake Eyes started to help, Sarah started apologizing profusely for the mess. He said nothing, but he knew that she was only disorganized because of the job Jane had her doing.

She then started to go about picking up the stuffed animals. Snake Eyes looked down at the lone teddy bear on the couch. It was dressed in a sort of mock black ninja outfit. Stitched to the bears ears were hot pink bows. Snake Eyes gently lifted the toy and held it up to Sarah's face as she walked back over to him.

Sarah felt her cheeks grow hot with embarrassment. "Jinx got it for Sakura last year. I think Jinx wants to train her to be a ninja too."


"She snuck up on Jinx and jumped onto her back. I don't remember ever seeing either you or Jinx get startled before."

Snake Eyes arched an eyebrow under the mask. He had figured that Sarah's daughter was being silent on purpose. However, now he wondered if the girl was uncannily stealthy. Mentally shaking his head, Snake Eyes forced himself to remember why he was really here. 'The job your uncle sent me to talk to you about, Sarah.'

"Right uh…what about it?"

'It's on a secret base. He has offered to let you bring Sakura and homeschool her on your free time. However, you are to keep her with you or someone who is not busy at all times.'

"Is there any paperwork that I have to look at?" Sarah sat down on the edge of the couch and stared up at him. It had been nearly 5 years since they had gone their separate ways. It was hard to believe that he was right there.

Snake Eyes pulled out the small thumb drive the General had given him and handed it to Sarah. 'It was nice seeing you again Sarah.'

Sarah chuckled nervously. "Uh, yeah same…I actually thought you were dead."

That didn't shock Snake Eyes. Sarah was always the pessimistic student of his. She even doubted her own fighting skills. He turned to walk out the front door.

"I'll uh…I'll put a paper cherry blossom on the front door if I accept the job and a paper rose if I decline."

Snake Eyes looked back then nodded his head once. 'I'll be waiting to see your response.'

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