Citizen Soldier

Synopsis: After growing up the members of a band known as "Demons Run" joined the military. They were all assigned to the same covert special ops unit. However, as each member was taken away during the missions, the team leader Captain Jane Abernathy started putting things together. Now it's up to Jane and Sarah to join the new military special ops program and rescue the old team members of "Demons Run".

Disclaimer: I do not own G. I. Joe: Renegades. I only own the characters of Jane Abernathy, Sarah Abernathy, Sakura Abernathy, Jana Ling, Jake Henderson, and Roy Stevenson. I also do not own the song Citizen Soldier that is from Three Doors Down or the song Reach out to the Truth from Persona 4.

Side Note: It's back to Jane and Flint now. Jane's explanation for the song is not the true explanation that is used in Persona 4. It is an explanation that I created merely for Jane since I felt the song fit her so well.

Chapter Four
Reach Out to the Truth

Jane walked into the Wild Rose Club. She had been hanging onto Flint the entire time. It wasn't that she felt insecure. She just didn't want to lose him in the crowd. Everyone who had been waiting in line to get in recognized her instantly as Emily Rose from Demon Unit Band. She felt strange going out in public-outside of concerts-in this persona. It felt even stranger for her to be out with someone as Emily.

As they walked further into the club, Jane locked eyes with a young waitress. She was obviously an Emily Rose fan too because Jane saw one of the Demon Unit tour shirts from two years ago that could easily be seen through the waitresses' apron. Jane felt slightly honored and a little embarrassed that the waitress was a fan but at the same time she was slightly worried. If word got out that Emily Rose was here to the media then she and Flint would have to escape out the back. There was no way she was going to expose her close friend to the harshness of the media like that.

Finally giving the waitress a friendly smile, Jane noticed that they had been lead to a secluded area of the club. The music was softer than in the front, though still highly audible to Jane. The table they had been given was surrounded on three sides by shoji screens. Jane gave the waitress a bow of her head as she sat down on one side of the table.

Flint sat across from Jane and kindly took the menu from the waitress as she handed them over. Once the waitress was gone Flint leaned in slightly and smiled at Jane. "How do you handle being famous so well?"

Jane shrugged then started to pinch at her pant leg. "Helps when you wear a disguise to be famous."

Flint shrugged. "I suppose that is a benefit."

"The military also offered a sort of…stability that my normal home life didn't really have. If I hadn't been in the military I might have done something utterly stupid." Jane smiled as she took a sip of the water glass that was set on the table. Also Sensei helped out a lot. She added silently.

Jane cast an unconscious glance around the area. It was habit, to observe her surroundings. Snake Eyes had drilled it into her and her friends for a long time. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. There was music. There were people dancing on the dance floor. Strobe lights were flickering. Waiters were busying themselves with taking customers. Slowly looking up, Jane made the nervous habit of making sure that the building was up to fire safety standards with crash bars at the exit doors and fire sprinklers in the ceilings.

"Counting the exits and fire sprinklers again?" Flint joked.

Jane chuckled nervously whilst still pinching her pant leg. "Yeah…can never be too sure."

In the background Jane could faintly hear a familiar tune playing. Her cheeks turned a soft shade of pink when she heard her own voice coming through the speakers. "Now I face out, I hold out, I reach out for the truth of my life, seeking to seize the whole moment, yeah."

Casting her eyes down to her lap, she started pinching both pant legs furiously. She wasn't expecting the club to start playing her music just because she was there.

"Yeah, naked truth lies, only if you realize, appearing in nobody's eyes till they sterilize. Stop the guerrilla warfare to keep it fair. Bro, change your rage to a smarter greater cause."

Slowly lifting her eyes she locked onto Flint's and felt her cheeks get even warmer. She was extremely glad that she was wearing white make up. Her normal olive tone would have turned practically black the more embarrassed she got.

Tilting her head up, she closed her eyes. That was her sister's lyric. It had been created to talk about not only their uncle but also Jane herself. Her anger was always getting in the way of them being a normal family.

"You know the stake is high, stardom is near. Those who sympathized you die, killers pass you by. Do not waste your time in hating flirting guys. Use your might to do justice to them all."

Letting out a sigh, Jane bit her bottom lip. As she let her head go back to a somewhat normal position she noticed that Flint was staring at her in curiosity. She waved a hand.

"What's this song about?" He asked.

"Just listen, then I'll explain…maybe." Jane whispered softly while tapping her foot to the beat. It was hard to resist the urge to dance to the song. It was humiliating that he was hearing the first song that she and the Demon's Run Band had ever played. Then again he had probably listened to all of the Demons Run albums since he found out that she was Emily Rose. Casting the embarrassment aside Jane started softly singing to her own song.

"Now I face out, I hold out, I reach out to the truth of my life, seeking to seize on the whole moment to now break away. Oh God let me out, can you let me out? Can you set me free from this dark inner world? Save me now. Last beat in the soul."

Hissing to herself, Jane could feel her whole body swaying to the music. Oh, how she hated when her body went against her better judgment.

Flint was amused. Watching Jane have inner conflict was amusing in of itself, but when it came to her famous persona it was even funnier. He tried to keep his face stoic, nervous that if she noticed he was having fun at her expense she might want to leave at that moment.

"Oh God let me out, can you let me out? Can you set me free from this dark inner world? Save me now. Last beat in the soul."

As the song finished, Jane grabbed the glass of water and downed it. After a few moments of just staring at each other, Flint looked away. "So, you said you might explain the song?" He inquired while trying to find something interesting on the shoji screen. There really wasn't anything, but he had to think of something just in case his amusement showed through.

"Yeah, give me a second to think." Jane whispered, feeling that her voice would have betrayed her. When she heard someone walking towards them she turned towards the opening of their seating area. The waitress was standing there with a sort of expectant look on her face.

"I'll take your orders if you are ready Miss Rose and friend." The waitress said with an ever friendly smile. But mixed in with the friendliness was a sort of knowing and understanding expression.

Despite the embarrassment she was feeling, Jane knew deep down she was having the most fun she had in a very long time. She wasn't embarrassed because of the singing. No she had critics hailing her as a great singer. She was embarrassed that the club was playing that particular song. It had been written in during a rough patch in her life.

After her rescue and recovery, Jane and Flint had started spending as much time together as possible. It had started with her wanting to take him out for drinks as a thank you and then they started getting together for morning coffee whenever they could. She had been sent on tour but every so often their paths would cross. They only knew their paths had crossed because they had stayed in moderate contact. This contact was at first because Flint knew she had been friends with one of the people he was tasked in hunting down. But it slowly morphed into a good friendship.

Jane cleared her throat as she cast her eyes towards the Chinese section of the menu. "I'll take the Orange Chicken and General Tso combination with Pork Fried Rice and a side order of fried wantons."

After the waitress had written down the order, Flint ordered a cheese burger with fries from the American section of the menu. The waitress left with their orders.

Jane sighed. "The song is about the struggles I went through to find out the truth; the truth about me, my sister, my uncle, my mom, and my dad. It also talks about how I was going through some rough times. If it hadn't been for my friends, my sister and Snake Eyes I might have done more harm than good." Jane sniffled. She wasn't crying, instead she could smell someone walking towards them. she knew who it was and forced a smile. "When the song says 'Oh god let me out. Can you let me out? Can you set me free from this dark inner world?' I was crying out for help. I didn't want to live with my uncle anymore and I was trying everything to get out of his house—aside from running away."

That shocked Flint. From everything he had seen of General Abernathy he couldn't believe that Jane didn't want to live with him. Heck she even joined the military. "What was so bad about the General?"

"He isn't so good kids, let alone troubled teens who had witnessed their parents die in a laboratory fire." Jane answered while picking up the glass of water and staring at it.

That was the first Flint had heard about her parent's deaths. He knew they had died, but he never knew that Jane had witnessed it herself. She had to have been at most 10 when it happened. When Flint saw the image of a figure in black from the corner of his eye he turned his head to look. At first he was startled to see the black clad ninja that had worked with Duke and Scarlett, but slowly he just accepted that the man was there.

Jane knew Snake Eyes had been standing there for quite some time. It didn't take much to realize he was there, at least for Jane. His footsteps were light and practically undetectable for normal humans—not her though. His heartbeat was almost always calm. But what got her the most was his ever familiar scent. She could never place what it was but no one else had it. "What brings you here Sensei?"

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