Citizen Soldier

Synopsis: After growing up the members of a band known as "Demons Run" joined the military. They were all assigned to the same covert special ops unit. However, as each member was taken away during the missions, the team leader Captain Jane Abernathy started putting things together. Now it's up to Jane and Sarah to join the new military special ops program and rescue the old team members of "Demons Run".

Disclaimer: I do not own G. I. Joe: Renegades. I only own the characters of Jane Abernathy, Sarah Abernathy, Sakura Abernathy, Jana Ling, Jake Henderson, and Roy Stevenson. I also do not own the song Citizen Soldier that is from Three Doors Down or the song I'm Alive from Shinedown

Side Note: It's time to visit Jana. I used Google Translator for the Chinese and Japanese dialog.

Chapter Seven
I'm Alive

Specialist Jana Ling lay inside her holding cell. The white washed walls were blinding when the lights were on but an odd comfort to her when they were off-which was most of the time. Her fingers ran over the filthy torn clothing that she had been wearing since her capture. She didn't really know how long it had been but it must have been quite a while. She reeked.

Reminding herself why she was there was the only silver lining she had left in her life. She had spent many weeks with Jane hacking into Cobra Industries, many weeks of playing the espionage game. It was about time that they had been caught. What they hadn't expected was that the one to catch them was an Arashikage ninja. Jana had sent Jane away to protect her best friend and commanding officer. If either of them could survive the Arashikage ninja it was Jana. She thought Jane was needed at HQ more than she was. I just hope she got away from these people in time. If she hasn't…then I'm as good as dead. Jana thought sadly while starting to sit up. Her body ached as she started to swing her stiff legs over the ledge of the cot. She hadn't been allowed out of this cell in what seemed like forever so she resigned herself to lying on the cot or meditating on it. Rising to her feet she felt like every bone in her body was complaining. Tilting her head from side to side she felt her neck finally pop.

When she heard the door start to unlock, Jana jumped back so that she was standing on the cot. Bringing her arms up in a defensive posture she waited for the person to walk in. She felt her back throb from the wounds she had received when her captors were tortured her. She made up her mind that her injuries were not going to faze her if she could make some kind of escape. The door opened slowly and she found her eyes throbbing almost as much as her back. The light was almost blinding but she could see a figure standing in the doorway. Bending her knees slightly she waited to see if the person would go to grab her or not.

"Come," the man said. His oriental accent sounding more Japanese than any other accent she knew of—which was quite a lot.

"Over my dead body," Jana bit out while narrowing her eyes. Given time they could adjust to the change in lighting but she didn't have the time to adjust. She needed to get out of this place.

"How about over your unconscious body?" He asked. He sounded like he was smirking.

Jana could hear the sound of metal being pulled away from cloth. She knew that the man was going to kill her now. But she was going to put up one hell of a fight.

"It's a shame the Commander wants you dead. You're one of the best opponents I've had…even for a woman."

Anger boiling under her skin, she took a deep breath. Anger would not solve anything. She reminded herself. "What's that supposed to mean?" she bit out despite her best effort to control her anger. How dare this man, this Arashikage scum, insult me! Her mind screamed out in anger. No, don't let the anger control you. She countered her own mind while stepping off the cot.

"Did I strike a nerve perchance?" He mused, mostly to himself it seemed.

"You're Arashikage correct?" she asked while her eyes finally stopped throbbing. "I happened to see the mark on your arm." Opening them fully she noticed that the man had gone slightly rigid. Now it seems I have struck the nerve. She inwardly mused. "I'm surprised, I thought the Arashikage had enough honor not to work for monsters like Cobra."

"Shut up woman."

"They've experimented on innocent people. My sisters, my niece and so many others. Don't the Arashikage—

Jana barely reacted in time to catch the flying object between her hands. Seeing the tip of the blade mere centimeters from her eyes, she glanced at the man. "Yǒushēngyǒusè." (Impressive)

"I'm surprised." He said while walking towards her.

Jana opened her hands, placing the blade in her right hand. Glancing at her left she noticed a small bleeding cut. Blinking she could feel her limbs grow heavier. Staggering slightly she put a hand against the nearby wall. Why was she suddenly so tired? It didn't make sense. Unless the knife had been poisoned.

"You must feel it by now." He whispered as he took hold of her right hand. Jana tried to yank herself way only to fall flat on her side. At first she thought the ninja had thrown her but as she made eye contact she noticed he was staring at her in shock. Or at least the shock was there until he narrowed his cold eyes at her.

"What the hell did you do to me?"

"It's a poison used to make you look dead. I will take you away from this cell after its effects have taken hold and claim to be disposing of your body. Afterwards you will wake up and you are going to be safe."

Jana scoffed before trying to throw a weak punch. Her arm jerked then fell limp to her side. The world was growing dark again. Panic ripped through her mind as she felt him gently lift her body. Safe my ass. Was the last thought she had as her body and mind succumbed to the deep slumber induced by poison.

Storm Shadow carefully lifted his prisoner's unconscious body out of the side car to his motorcycle and carried her into the motel room he had just rented. He was tempted to lay her on the floor when he saw there was only one bed. Gently placing her on the bed, he moved to sit in the lonely arm chair. He knew who she was, beyond her military title. She was the last of the Ling Family. They were well known fighting masters and always sought after for their knowledge. He had known before him was the only surviving member of that family left alive. Saving her life meant she was indebted to him. His reward he would demand to be taught the Sebun kakushi burēdo (Seven Hidden Blades) technique. Looking around the room, Storm Shadow tried to think about a change of clothing for her. The tattered rags she was wearing were not going to last her for much longer.

Commander Cobra walked up behind Dr. Mindbender. Everything was falling into place. "Did you get enough of a DNA sample from our young prisoner?"

Mindbender jumped slightly. He had not been expecting a visit from the Commander. Moreover he was far too busy working with the DNA samples to even notice anyone walking in. "Yes I did, I have even got a mitochondrial match to To—

"Perfect, get to work then."

"Splicing together four sets of female DNA leaves little room for a father DNA sample."

"You won't need one. Get to work."

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