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"Bones! Bones! You in here?" special agent Seeley Booth called.

"Yes Booth. As I am nearly 63% of the time I am in fact, in my office," Temperance Brennan answered.

Booth walked into the room to find Bones sitting at her computer typing away. "Come on Bones! Pack a bag, we have a plane to catch."

Bones looked up from her computer. "I'm confused. How does me being in my office relate to our needing to catch a plane?"

"Because we have to get to Miami. We're meeting up with some agents from NCIS to investigate the murder of a dead marine," he said as he dragged her up from her seat and helped her into her coat.

"If it's a dead marine then how is the FBI involved?" Temperance Brennan was a genius, but that really didn't mean she had any clue about how government juristiction worked.

"It involves us because this Marine was working on a joint task force with the FBI. This involves you because no body can figure out how they died and we need some sciency jibber jabber to figure it all out."

"What about Cam and the others won't we need them?" The two were now out of the lab and in the chilly air. It was December in D.C and their was a light layer of snow on the ground. They made their way to Booth's government SUV as Booth answered.

"That's what the magic of video confrencing is for Bones," he climbed into the drivers seat. "We'll swing by your apartment and you can grab your things. Then we'll head to the airport."

"This soon?" Bones was pretty sure their was normally a bigger time gap between when a body was discovered and when they went to examine it if the body was out of state.

"Yeah well, The Bureau asked me too look into a series of unexplained explosions in the greater Miami area. Apparently they've been happening for months but they couldn't get an agent down their. I'm also supposed to check in to the deaths of a bunch of drug dealers and cartel members." He shoook his head in confusion.

Bones was confused too but for a very different reason, "Why do we care about a bunch of dead drug dealers and cartel members? Don't we normally arrest people like that?"

"Well yeah Bones, but if someone is going around killing people we've got to find them and figure out what exactly is wrong wth thteir mental settings."

"Well is it possible someone has simply decided that the world is better off without drug dealers and cartel members? Frankly I don't see why we should stop them if they're making our lives safer, who cares why or how they're doing it?" In her mind it really was just that simple. It made logical sense, so it made ense to her.

"Because, you can't just kill and disable people because they've done something wrong Bones. There are laws, it just isn't done."

"Well, isn't that basically your job discription? Disable the bad guys?"

"Their's a difference!"

"Not logically if the end result is the same. Besides, you were a sniper you killed plenty of bad people just because they did evil things. I fail to see the difference that you so insist is their."

Booth had had enough. "Okay! Enough! This conversation ends right here!"

"But Booth!" She protested. Bones was just begining to see that she had crossed some type of line.

"No just no! Okay Bones? In fact why don't we have silence until we get to the airport, Okay?"

After a moment of silence Bones stated, "Your mad at me."

Booth sighe and rolled his neck back to try and hold off the inevitable headache coming on, "I'm not mad, I just- I don't like bringing up my past okay?" He glanced accross at Bones who was still looking worried that she had offended him some how. "How 'bout we talk about somethig else? How's your new book coming? Any good scenes with me in them?"

"You're! Not! In! The! Book! Booth!"

"Oh come on! I am totally in your book!"

"No you're not!"

The argument continued all the way through Bones packing her bag, and even about 40 minutes into the flight. Little did they know, that down at the naval base, Special agent Timothy McGee and Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo were having a very similar argument.

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