For Amber.


"I don't like him," Tracey says.

"I know you don't."

"Do you?"

"Well he's..." but Astoria can't think of any way of finishing that sentence.

She wants to say Draco is a good man - they both know he isn't.

She wants to say that she loves him - they both know she doesn't.

"He's a Pureblood." Astoria regrets her words as soon as they leave her mouth, but it's too late.

She expects Tracey to react - wildly, in fact. What she doesn't expect is Tracey's hand grabbing her pretty porcelain face with power, and crashing her mouth down onto hers without mercy.

Just when Astoria allows herself to lean into the kiss ever-so-slightly, Tracey pulls away.

"And I'm a Mudblood, am I not?" Her lips are still inches away from Astoria's, now forming a calculated smirk. "We both know you like it dirty."