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Chapter Seven

Hyak stepped into his room, exhausted from the training he had just finished with. For the last three hours, he had done nothing but train without stopping, with Rose watching of course, so he could keep an eye on her. Surprisingly, she hadn't tried to run the second she had a chance. Sweat soaked his body suit that he'd been wearing under his armor, causing it to cling to his skin more than it had before.

He was about ready to grab a few things before he hit the showers when someone knocked at his door, which he hadn't bothered to shut. Hyak turned his head just enough to catch a glimpse of Rose in the doorway.

"I hope I'm not bothering you," she said. "That was quite the work out you had. I'm surprised you didn't take any breaks."

Hyak scoffed, grabbing a towel from a shelf. "I am raised by the mighty Arbiter. He is Sangheili, and raised me as a Sangheili. I am able to last longer than a weak human insect." Rose scowled at him, but he ignored her. He pushed past her and went down a corridor towards the shower room, locking the door behind him.

Rose continued to scowl, even after her captor was gone. She could feel her face turn red from anger, and took several deep breaths to calm herself. "He's just ignorant. He is not purposefully doing this. Oh, who am I kidding? Hyak is never going to listen." She went back towards the main room, which she assumed was a den or living room, and sat on what could have passed as a floating, misshaped couch.

Rose had done this as a routine over the last couple of days, sitting in the spot for several hours on end at times, occasionally going with Hyak so he could watch her as he trained. She couldn't help but feel bored or annoyed with the routine. Mostly because Hyak would occasionally grin at her like any other hormonal guy for long periods of time.

Just the day before, he had snuck up on her while she was sleeping. Rose blushed slightly at the thought, being he had gotten on top of her, and to make matters worse, he hadn't been wearing a shirt or something else to cover his upper body. She had woken when some pressure was applied to her thighs and gut, and had screamed, only to have it stifled by his hand.

The marine shivered, remembering the look in his eyes. They had been human at the moment, but filled with mischief and lust. Hyak probably would have done something extreme had the Arbiter not entered the room. That was one of the few times she was glad to see an elite. Actually, it was the only time.

I must be in over my head. If Hyak does something like that when the elite isn't around- She didn't finish the thought, as it would most likely give her crazy ideas. She hated crazy ideas. A pair of hands covered her face from behind, and Rose freaked, grabbing the arms and flipping the person.

Hyak landed on his feet, grinning as he usually did, and watched Rose for the next move. He'd been thinking that scaring her would get a reaction, and he was right about that. "Well, you certainly are on high alert," he joked.

"Hyak, do not do that! And please, go get dressed! It's disturbing seeing you in a towel." Rose covered her eyes, trying to not look, but the human elite simply pulled her hands away with ease, forcing her to look.

"Why? Is it so wrong for me to be like this? Or does it do something to you," he questioned, running a finger along her jaw bone. Rose shivered at the contact, and tried to move away, but he pinned her to the spot by putting a hand firmly on her shoulder. "I don't like it when people are against me. Are you against me, human?"

He tilted her head so they were face to face, and Rose couldn't help but look into his eyes. She could get lost in the layered blue irises, but shut her eyes, hoping the other teen wouldn't do anything. Hyak saw what she was doing and sighed, releasing her. He took a step back, waiting for her to look, but she did not.

Human females must truly be shy creatures, he mused, walking out of the room. I wonder why she seems so frightened of me. Maybe I'm just too much for her to handle. He snickered at the last thought, entering his room once more. He pulled on a fresh body suit after drying off anything that still held some water, and stretched, his muscles still sore from the training.

Thel looked over the troops he would be working with on his next mission. They were in prime condition for combat, yet they lacked confidence when in his presence. He rolled his eyes, taking another quick look. His mind wandered to the female his adoptive son had allowed into their home.

He was vexed that he had to have a female in his home that was not Sangheili, and had openly scolded Hyak for such an act. Yet, he could not help but feel that the boy was attracted to the marine, Rose, as she called herself. He had noticed that Hyak would stare at her when she was sleeping or just not paying attention.

Thel could confirm his suspicions when he had walked in on them the day before. Seeing the one he raised from a kit with a human female in such a position was something he wished to forget, but the image was burned into his mind. The Arbiter knew that the boy was in his hormonal stage of life, but to be like that with some random human he had captured? It was unheard of.

The older 'Vadam prayed silently to the Forerunners that news of the event did not spread, for it was truly disturbing. He would rather lose his life in a phantom crash than be humiliated by his son.

"Chief, are you okay," Cortana asked. She was on a pedestal for AIs, watching Master Chief, or John-117, as he practiced in the shooting range, though he did not need it.

"If you count seeing a kid with the Covenant as okay, and another getting taken as a hostage as well, then yeah, I'm fine." Cortana sighed, knowing what her Spartan was talking about.

"Chief, it was almost a full week ago. You should forget about it. I've been going into every database accessible, and haven't found anything. It was probably a trick." She continued her search for data as the chief growled, his battle rifle out of ammo.

"There has to be something. A boy does not just go and join the Covenant. There has to be an explanation." He looked to the blue, holographic female, who was working silently once more. "Is there anything yet?"

"Impatient much? I'm still looking, but I think I might have found something. I just need to get past the security." Cortana shifted a few holograms around, and a beeping noise went off. "Got it, chief. Let's see what we have here."

The AI enlarged the file, a single image taken by a marine who had perished on the ring. "This explains quite a bit," John stated, looking at the image through his visor. The image was an exact copy of the one Rose had, of Hyak being taken as a newborn.

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