Nerd Plus Celebrity Equals Love


Brittany is a nerdy and clumsy comic book loving movie buff who just so happens to working as an unpaid intern at the recording studio that the famous Santana Lopez is using to record her new album. This is what happens when their lives unexpectedly collide.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Glee at all

So I'm obsessed with nerdy Brittany or Santana and I don't think that there's enough of them out there so I thought I'd write one myself. This is what I came up with hope you guys like it!

Chapter 1

Santana sat in the back of her limo impatiently tapping her foot on the plush cream coloured carpet, her arms folded securely across her chest. She glanced at her phone for the fifteenth time before rolling her eyes.

"Hurry the fuck up Jacob!" she shouted irritatingly, fully knowing the drivers name was Jason. Jason who was used to the celebrity messing up her name ignored it.

"I'm sorry Ms Lopez but I can't control the traffic," he said politely.

Santana fumed, "Don't you dare talk to me like that! Who the fuck do you think you are? This is your fault that I'm going to be late, now step on it!"

"Ms Lopez, we're in traffic, there's nothing I can do about it," he said apologetically.

"You know what, fuck this, if I want something done right I have to do it myself!" Santana pushed open the door grabbing her bag and stepping out into the hot summer LA air. She leaned her head back into the car.

"And you're fired Jason," she said with no remorse in her voice before slamming the door shut and striding purposefully down the street. A few minutes later Santana realises that it's a half an hour walk to McKinley Studios, she never regretted wearing four inch heals more in her life than in that moment but she refused to go back to the limo. Going back would show weakness and if Santana Lopez was anything, it defiantly wasn't weak.

Brittany rushed through the doors of McKinley Studio's stumbling on the small step that she forgets is there every single time. Luckily Will was there to catch her before she fell on her face and broke another pair of glasses.

"S-sorry I'm late Will," Brittany smiled bashfully.

Will, the owner of McKinley Records, was a good friend of Brittany's dad so when James called up Will about Brittany working at McKinley Records Will gladly gave her an internship. At the moment it was unpaid but Will said if she get at it Brittany could get a paid position one day.

You see, Brittany wanted to be a music producer but instead of going to some music collage like she wanted to her mother forced her to attend Stanford University claiming she 'couldn't waste her talents', thankfully her father wanted to help Brittany follow her dreams so he immediately called up Will when Brittany asked for some help.

"You're twenty minutes early Brittany"

"I kn-know but I'm usually thirty minutes early and I forgot your c-coffee sorry"

"I keep telling you, you don't have to get me coffee Brittany"

"Oh o-okay, sorry," Brittany blushed pushing her thick black rimmed glasses up her nose.

"Don't worry about it, and stop saying sorry, you've got nothing to be sorry about," Will said kindly, "How about you come to the staff meeting today?" Will suggested.

"R-really?" Brittany asked, she'd never been to a staff meeting before, they have them every morning but Brittany didn't really count as staff since it was just an internship.

"I wouldn't have asked if I didn't mean it, come on," he smiled as he gestured Brittany to follow him into the meeting room.

Brittany couldn't help but feel nervous and excited at the same time, this was the first meeting she was going to go to. There was also a nervous feeling inside Brittany's stomach, she didn't like being in rooms with a lot of people, it made her feel claustrophobic and reminded her of her high school hallways where she got picked on for being the nerd.

Stepping through the door, Brittany took in the room. It was nice and spacious with a large wooden table in the middle and lots of black swivel chairs around it, most of which were occupied by various members of staff at McKinley Records. Brittany's admiration of the room was cut short when her foot caught on the edge of a chair making her face plant the floor, her elbow colliding painfully with the wooden floor. A round of laughter echoed through the room making Brittany blush a deep red.

She quickly pushed herself back onto her feet, straightening her baggy flannel shirt and brushing at her loose faded ripped jeans. Brittany ignored the pain in her arm and pushed her glasses high on her nose nervously.

"Are you okay Brittany?" Will asked, even though he was sure she was fine, that was probably the 20th time that she's fallen over in front of him and each time she was all right.

Instead of answering with words Brittany just nodded her head.

Just my luck, I always have to mess up everything.

A few people were still snickering, although she noticed that Joe and Artie weren't, she was glad her friends didn't find her pain funny like the rest of them.

Joe signalled for Brittany to come and sit next to him and she gladly went over to him and took a seat, he smiled reassuringly at her and she felt a little less embarrassed.

"Okay guys, quite down please," Everyone went silent, "Thanks, okay so as you know today's a big day. Santana Lopez will be here today to start the recording of her new album and she'll be here for about 3 to 4 months depending on how things go."

Brittany had pretty much stopped listening when she heard the name Santana Lopez. Santana was Brittany's idol and she had a major crush on her for the past two years ever since Santana released her first album. To say Santana was hot would be an understatement, she was fucking gorgeous.

Suddenly reality settled on Brittany's shoulders. Santana would never want to talk to her or give her the time of day. Brittany was a nerd, a geek, and had been pretty much invisible her whole life. No jokes, one time someone sat on her.

Brittany sighed with disappointment; Joe nudged her leg and raised his eyebrow at her asking 'are you okay?' Brittany nodded so Joe started listening again to what Will was saying. Realising that she hadn't been listening for the past 5 minutes Brittany focused her ears on Will.

"Okay, well Santana was supposed to be here half an hour ago but she's obviously running late. I should probably warn you guys about what people say about her if you haven't already heard it. She's supposedly really difficult to work with and can be really bitchy and mean but lets go into this with open arms okay? Let's not judge until we see for ourselves." Will said good heartedly. There were nodding heads around the room, "Okay, that's all for today get to work"

Everyone filed out and went about their business but Brittany stayed in the room waiting for Will. She hesitantly walked up to Will.

"Brittany?" he questioned.

"I-I was w-wondering if I could m-meet Santana Lopez t-today?" Brittany stuttered nervously, she wasn't used to asking for things, she just took what she was given.

"I know you're a fan but I don't think you can," he said apologetically, Brittany's shoulders deflated, "She has a very busy schedule"

"I k-know, sorry for bothering you"

Will smiled sympathetically at the girl, "How about you bring her water for her during the break, sound good?" he suggested.



"Th-thank you so much!" Brittany squealed she jumped up and hugged will but quickly realised what she was doing and pulled a way blushing. Will just laughed and patted her on the back.

"It's fine, I'll see you later, I think Mark wanted some stuff photo copied so head over to his department," Will instructed before heading out of the room leaving Brittany to rush to Mark as fast as she could, thinking about how she was going to me the Santana Lopez in a few hours.

Santana marched into McKinley Records already in the worst mood. Her feet ached and she was sweaty from having to walk for half an hour in the summer heat in 4-inch heels. As she got to the door the receptionist greeted her.

"Hello Ms Lopez, as you are late Mr Shuester informed you to go straight to studio 5," Emma, the receptionist said.

"I know I'm fucking late, I can tell the time," Santana snapped shocking the woman.

"I'm sorry for offending you Ms Lopez, would you like me to show you studio 5?" Emma asked nervously.

"I can find it myself," Santana huffed before making her way down the hallway. A few minutes later she wished she had just let the receptionist show her the way finding that the McKinley Records was like a maze. After wandering around for a few minutes Santana finally came across a door that said studio 5 written in big letters across the door. She pushed it open and walked in to find that William Shuester was already in there, she shouldn't have been surprised, she was over 45 minutes late. Will turned when he heard the door open.

"Hello Ms Lopez," He greeted kindly but Santana ignored his politeness and didn't shake his hand when he offered it. He let his arm fall lamely back to his side. He smiled awkwardly.

"Okay so shall we get started?" Will asked.

"Let's get on with it, I don't have all day," Santana said before marching into the booth. Will couldn't help but shake his head; this was going to be a long 3 months.

Santana had been working on her first song for the past two hours.

"Okay Santana how about we take a 10 minute break?" Will asked. Instead of answering Santana just took out her phone and started tapping away at it.

"Where's the water in this place?" Santana asked after a minute, not looking up from her phone.

"It should be here in a second," Will answered. He had told Brittany earlier the time that Santana's break would be and Brittany was never late. A minute later the blonde shuffled into the room a glass and a jug of water in hand.

"Sorry I'm late Will, I dropped the first jug," she explained worriedly.

"It's fine Brittany, just take it into Santana, I better warn you though she's not in the best of moods," Will said. Brittany didn't care though; she was going to meet Santana fucking Lopez! Brittany nodded and couldn't help but glance nervously through the glass at brunette who still hadn't looked up from her phone.

Brittany opened the door to the booth and carefully stepped inside making sure to step up the small step, being so focused on the step she completely ignored all of the wires that lined the floor. As she started walking towards the Latina her feet caught on one of the wires sending her flying forwards. She heard Santana screech loudly then the dropping of her phone as it hit the floor. Brittany tried to grab for something to stop her hitting the floor but only managed to knock over the music stand holding all the sheets of music.

"What the fuck!" Santana screamed. Brittany got timidly to her feet, she saw Santana her front completely soaked with water, Will rushed into the room.

"I-I'm s-so s-sorry," Brittany stuttered.

"Like fuck you are! Do you know how expensive this jacket is? More than your fucking house!" Santana screamed. Brittany felt like crying, she felt absolutely awful. She felt ten times worse when Santana stormed out slamming the door behind her.

"I-I'm sor-" Brittany started

"Don't you dare say you're sorry Brittany," Will scolded cutting Brittany off, "You don't have to be sorry, I know if I had someone spill something on me I wouldn't be very happy but the ways she reacted was uncalled for. Are you okay?" Will asked.

"I-I'm fine," Brittany said, she was used to the bullying.

"Good, how about you bring this stuff back to the kitchen and I'll clean up in here?" Brittany nodded and took the jug and glass that Will was holding out.

Brittany made her way to the kitchen; thankfully she managed to not fall over, she only wished she hadn't tripped when she was in front of Santana. She was furious with herself; she just royally pissed off her favourite singer/crush and couldn't form the right words to apologise correctly. She wished she was a cool as the Black Widow, she would know what to do in this kind of situation.

Brittany pushed open the door the kitchen and almost threw up when she saw Santana standing inside. Brittany couldn't decide what to do, should she leave before Santana saw her? But then where would she put the jug and glass? Her question was answered as Santana saw her.

"Oh it's you," she hissed. Santana saw the scared blonde girl standing by the door practically shivering with fear. Santana felt sorry for the girl but immediately pushed the unwanted feeling away, she never felt sorry for anything or anyone.

"W-what are you doing in here?" Brittany asked, Shut up Brittany! She shouted at herself.

"I'm drying myself off obviously because you spilt water all over me!"

"I'm s-sorry," Brittany said quietly as she placed the jug and glass on the table.

"Whatever," Santana retorted.

"I-I have some spare clothes if you n-need them?" Brittany suggested, she always kept spare clothes at the studio since the time she spilt her lunch on herself. Brittany willed herself to stop talking and just leave the room, she wasn't making anything better.

Santana eye Brittany up and down with a raised eyebrow, "I wouldn't be caught dead in what you're wearing right now"

"Oh o-okay," Brittany replied as her eyes nervously bounced around the room avoiding eye contact. Brittany stood there awkwardly for a few minutes.

"You can go now," Santana demanded and Brittany scampered off, glad to get out of that terrible situation. Brittany pulled the door shut behind her and sighed. Santana was nothing like she thought she was going to be. But then again when Brittany imagined the first time she would meet the famous Latina it definitely never turned out like this. Usually it ended with Brittany flying away with Santana in her arms shouting up, up and away. She new that would never happen, Santana probably wouldn't want to be with in 10 metres of her.

Brittany pushed open the door to her small apartment and wasn't surprised when she heard loud gunshots coming from her living room. Sam, her best friend, was always over at her apartment playing on her x box even when she wasn't there.

"Hi Sam," Brittany said as she plopped down next to him. Sam and her other close friends were the only people that Brittany could talk to without stuttering like a nervous idiot.

"Hey B," he paused the game, "How was work?" he asked. She leaned her head on his muscly shoulder, he was really buff for a nerd, and sighed.

"It was awful," she whined.

"It couldn't have been that bad"

"Santana Lopez was there today," she informed him.

"What!" he shouted, "No fucking way! The Santana Lopez?"

"You don't now any other Santana Lopez's do you?"

"Shut up, so why was it bad? That would be the best day ever!" He squealed, Brittany couldn't help but roll her eyes at her friend's girlyness.

"I spilt water all over her," Brittany told him blushing.

"Ha! No way!" He laughed.

"Shut up! And it wasn't a glass of water it was a whole fucking jug!" Brittany shouted into a pillow.

"Oh she must hate you!" He laughed again.

"I know, it's awful"

"It'll be fine B"

"How would you like it if your celebrity crush hated you?" she asked.

"Well Scarlett Johansson could never hate me, I'm perfect," he said swishing his blonde hair.

"I hate you so much right now, do you have no sympathy? If you ever get to meet her I'm going to tell her the time that you fell asleep in class then woke up and started stripping off all your clothes"

"You wouldn't," he gasped.

"I would, I'm sure she'd love to know that you have batgirl underwear," Brittany snickered.

"There was no batman ones!" he exclaimed.

"Of course"

"There wasn't!"

"Whatever you say Sammy," Brittany giggled. She was glad she had Sam; he always made her feel better.

Santana unlocked the door to her house and strode inside. Her house was massive, way to big for just one person but she kept it anyway. She dropped the keys on the table by the door and went upstairs to her room where she kicked off her shoes. She stared down at her crumpled and still slightly damp clothes.

The stupid nerd spilt water all over her, she had been furious at the time but now that she thought back to it she felt bad for how she reacted. The girl tripped and Santana didn't even ask if she was okay she only cared about herself.

Santana instantly wondered why she was thinking these things. She never cared about others before, what was so different about the clumsy blonde? And why did she have the sudden urge to apologise to her? If anything the blonde she be apologising to her! Santana thought back and remembered the girl telling her she was sorry twice. Santana sighed, she shouldn't even be thinking about the girl.

Santana walked downstairs and turned on the TV forcing her thoughts off the blonde and onto what she was watching. She's never done anything harder in her life.

"We're here Ms Lopez," Peter her new driver told her.

"I can see that dumbass," Santana said before hopping out the black limo. She slammed the door shut, not waiting to hear if he answered back, which he probably didn't. In that short ride Peter quickly picked up that you don't talk back to Santana Lopez.

Santana walked into the building on time today. She walked straight past the receptionist whose eyes widened in fear as the Latina walked in. Santana couldn't help but smirk at the reaction her presence caused. As she found her way into Studio 5 she was surprised to see the blonde from yesterday in there talking to Will.

She noticed that the girl was dressed in a similar nerdy style to yester. She was dressed in oversized denim overalls, leg warmers covering her arms, her hair was tied up in a messy ponytail and of course she had her black thick rimmed classes perched on her nose.

As soon as the girl saw her she stopped talking and looked at the ground, Will noticed her strange actions and then saw Santana himself.

"Hi Santana!" he greeted happily, "I'll talk to you later okay Brittany?" He said and she just nodded before shuffling past Santana and out the door, not making eye contact.

Brittany, that's a nice name.

Santana brushed away her thoughts and headed into the booth, not bothering to greet Will back.

Santana had finished up for the day and was heading out the door. Will had already left, he rushed out saying he was late for some dinner with his wife or something like that.

Santana stepped out of studio 5 only to collide with something. She heard the other person fall to the floor but Santana managed to remain standing.

"What where your going, jackass!" Santana shouted. She looked down and saw Brittany on her hands and knees searching for her glasses, surrounded by scattered music sheets. As soon as Brittany heard Santana shout she flinched at her hateful words.

"S-sorry Ms L- Lopez," she apologised, still feeling for her glasses. Santana sighed and bent down to pick up the lost item which was no where near where Brittany was looking and held them out to her.

"Here," Santana said, Brittany tried to grab for them but completely missed and just swiped the air. Santana sighed again; stepping forwards she placed the glasses on Brittany's face. Brittany blushed instantly at the action.

Santana just put my glasses on for me! Brittany would have done a happy dance put she refrained from it just in time.

"Th-thanks," Brittany said with a small smile as she adjusted them on her nose.

"Whatever," Santana said rolling her eyes. Santana was about to walk away but then she saw Brittany lean down to pick up the hundreds of sheets of music that she had dropped on the floor. Santana almost left then, almost. But her conscience that she didn't even realise she had told her to help.

Santana knelt down and started picking up the paper surprising Brittany so much that she squeaked, like actually fucking squeaked. Brittany covered her mouth with her hand making Santana chuckle and shake her head.

"Y- you don't h-have to help Ms Lopez," Brittany stammered.

"It's fine Brittany," Santana said, Brittany's eyes widened.

"Y-you know my n-name?" Brittany asked and Santana nodded. Santana herself was completely shocked that she just called Brittany by her actual name, usually she wouldn't bother to remember or on the rare occasion that she did remember she always pretended like she didn't.

The next few minutes were awkward as they finished picking up the music sheets in silence. Santana stood up handing her pile to Brittany who took it with shaking hands.

"Th-thanks," Brittany said. Santana only shrugged in response.

"See you later," and then Santana was gone. Maybe Santana wasn't such a bitch after all.

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