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Always and Forever,

- Raven

Life was good for Elena and Caroline. They were in Paris, having the time of their lives and kept themselves so busy they rarely even got to see Elijah or Klaus. Apparently, Caroline has struck a deal which she revealed to Elena the morning after their arrival in a corner little cafe over croissants and a gorgeous brew of coffee.

"So what's up with you and Klaus?" Elena asked, curious about the topic they did not breach last night while slumbering it. Oh they talked, and laughed and reminisced about their times in Mystic Falls, all the while ignoring the annoyed groans coming from the rooms of the two grumpy Originals who were trying to past the time with sleeping. And so after staying up the whole night, they decided to treat themselves to a French breakfast.

Caroline giggled softly. "It is easy enough. I am single right now, and not ready for any relationships. But we both wanted to get out of Mystic Falls, so I asked him if his offer was still on the table. So he just kept looking at me with this freakin grin of his, you know the one I'm talking about. It gives me serious goose bumps." The blonde giggled and while she was taking another breath, Elena decided to interject.

"Goose bumps? Really, I think you do have a thing for him...just a tiny little bit." She winked at her friend. She was not happy to be around Klaus but perhaps one day she will kick his butt a little bit and get even.

Caroline shrugged. "He's got this...Alpha male thing around him. And you know I can't stand any caveman displays, but really he's been a perfect gentleman, invited me in and we sat down to talk. So, we came to an agreement. He is going to show me the world, and we can all travel together which would be awesome, and in return I will do whatever makes me happy, and organise some parties for him. You know he likes to keep up the image of the Big Bad, so throwing a party here and there to prove that he is not only a legend and that he is powerful is the least I can do for him." She winked.

Elena rolled her eyes. "Seriously, only you could have a semi-business deal with a thousand year old hybrid."

Caroline waggled her finger at the brunette. "Don't you try to give me a lecture missy; I didn't get treated to Italian fashion by a sugar daddy" she giggle, remembering that particular phone call.

Elena decided to do the mature thing, so she stuck her tongue out at her best friend of course. She had shown Caroline the stunning dress Elijah got her in Arezzo. Caroline just giggled and shook head.

"You wanna hear the best bit?" she asked, grinning like a Cheshire cat now as she pulled out her valet and waved two flashy gold credit cards.

"We are going shopping. In Paris. No expenses spared." giggled the blonde happily.

Elena looked a bit hesitant. It was Klaus' money after all and she wasn't sure she wanted to have anything to do with it. Caroline felt her hesitation and just pulled her up, out in the streets.

"Really? Just, don't think about it. Or, if you wanna think about it, do it this way. Klaus has succeeded in killing you and then tried to do it several times more. Call it financial retribution for screwing with your life." she winked cheekily.

Elena had to give it to her. Caroline's logic was not of the sanest kind but usually worked. She grinned and took her friend's hand, pulling her to the nearest boutique. They spent the whole day shopping, laughing and spending like they have never done before and wondered whether they would get to do this again in their eternity. It was hardly even a tiny little dent in the hybrid's wealth, but to them it was a whole new world.

Klaus and Elijah just silently watched as bags upon more bags of clothes and shoes were brought up into the apartment by the building service. When their girls walked in as well, their mouth almost dropped upon seeing them though. Caroline decided to get a new hair cut and the sleek bob that barely brushed her shoulders was chic to the nines, the change emphasized by a strapless black minidress, her long legs going forever down to the green Manolo heels.

On her arm in walks Elena, with playful bouncy curls arranged at the top of her head just for the fun of it, her curves emphasized by tight black jeans and gold bustier top that showed off her petite waist and toned stomach. Simply put, they were a vision and the Originals were glad for eidetic memory, for no camera would be able to catch their beauty as perfectly as their vampire eyes.

"Oh, hi guys! Thanks for the credit cards, Nik! They were a lot of help!" Caroline waved and they both giggled, rushing up the stairs to plan the party.

Elijah turned to his brother before swallowing the rest of his White Russian. "Well brother, I am not sure whether I should say well done, or bad move with the credit cards." He patted the hybrid's shoulder and went to get them both a double. This night was going to be even longer than the previous one...

Elena's absence started to bother Elijah. He got so used to it being just the two of them, their time spent together either physically close during combat or just peaceful when they relaxed. Now that she was helping with Caroline's party, all he got was a quick "good morning" around a mouthful of blood before she was already dashing out to the venue in order to organise the workers. Elijah was not one to pout, and he considered it beneath him to start at this age, but Gods did he want this blasted party to be over and let Elena curl up in his arms once again.

He could not complain much however, for whenever he saw her, she looked absolutely stunning. Paris suited both Caroline and Elena with the mix of crazy fashion and traditional elegance. One habit he never quite understood though. Every night, they walked into the apartment exhausted, hand in hand to support each other and their high heel shoes in their other hand. Apparently not even vampires were immune to the pains of the torturous footwear. And then they just did it again day after day. He would never understand the logic in such thinking, yet no longer questioned it. He stopped questioning many things since he met Elena, and only considered it a positive outcome.

The girls' absence gave the brothers time to bury the hatchet, so to speak. Now that Klaus was not scheming but merely enjoying his eternity, they found themselves often having discussions, when Elijah was not checking up on his investments and Klaus covered in paint. What pleased them the most however was the fact that due to exhaustion, the slumber parties were over. The girls still had their camp in Caroline's room and often ended up falling asleep together, but at least it was quiet in the apartment and when not sleeping, the men could focus on a game of chess or poker. But he could see he was not the only one missing the girls' radiant presence.


It was the night of Caroline's birthday and everything was ready, but the girls. They were running around Caroline's room trying to sort out last minute details, knowing very well that they were officially about half an hour late and the men were waiting for them downstairs.

"Alright. How do I look?" asked the birthday girl, touching up on her lipstick before posing dramatically for her bestie.

Elena just giggled and shook her head. "Gorgeous as ever and ready to party. Now let's go before Klaus wears a hole in that Persian rug. He has been pacing for the past twenty minutes and it's starting to annoy me." she gave the blond an eyeroll and they made their way to the stairs.

Caroline walked down first, the chandelier in the parlour making her look positive ethereal in her white shimmering gown. It fell from her chest down to the floor almost weightlessly, the only thing holding it up a gold chain around the neck. Her hair was perfectly straight, pulled behind her ears to show off her lovely slim face and the classic red lipstick. Klaus stepped forward and offered her his arm, paying her compliments all the way outside into the waiting limousine.

Elena walked down the stairs slowly, enjoying the sight of Elijah in a perfectly tailored tux waiting for her at the bottom of the staircase. His face was so open to her and she could see he looked positively smitten, making her smile even wider. She was wearing the dress he bought her, the powder blue making her look warm and inviting, her hair pulled in a complicated braid shinning with health and strength. Tonight, she was his goddess and he felt truly honoured and lucky to have been chosen by this stunning young woman as the one to escort her and spend the evening in her radiant presence.

She took his offered hand and delighted in the way his lips pressed a gentle kiss upon her knuckles reverently. "Elijah." she greeted with a smile that could not be described any other way than loving. It was not the first time she smiled at him in such a manner yet every time she did, he basked in the moment.

"My lady. May I say you take my breath away with your beauty." he whispered, pressing another kiss into her knuckles before taking her arm and leading her downstairs.

She chuckled softly but answered at his questioning look. "You seem to forget that you no longer do breath." she winked right before getting into the limousine and out of his sight. Minx.

The ride to the grand venue was pleasant, filled with champagne and Caroline's happy chatter, yet Elijah could not seem to relax. It has been two weeks since he sat this close to Elena, holding her to his side. Her smell filled his senses and her beauty made his undead heart want to beat faster than it was capable of. Two long weeks of not being in her presence and he could not wait to have her to himself again. She was his light, just like Caroline seemed to be for Niklaus, and he never thought that there would ever be a woman he would feel so passionately about after Tatia and Katarina. Yet it was their doppelganger that returned his affections and changed his life.

He found himself completely enamoured with the grand hall they have stepped into. It was decorated lavishly but tastefully, perfectly suiting Caroline's tastes and nature. The colours used evoked both the softness and power of the sea, the lights bright like the sun. Elena was smiling happily by his side, no doubt proud to have been the one to help Caroline realise her dream. He looked around and saw many familiar faces from the centuries of his life and wondered how the girls knew who to invite. Perhaps Niklaus suggested a few names here and there? He could not be sure, but was glad to notice not one familiar face from Mystic Falls. He was not sure whether they decided not to invite the Salvatore brothers, or their invitations were declined. But Caroline surely did not need the tension it would create at her own birthday party. What surprised him was the absence of Miss Bennett, who seemed to have been just as close to Caroline as Elena. The young witch was powerful, just like her mother once was, and would have met some other descendents of the Bennett line and others if she were present. He decided to ask Elena later.

Caroline was in seventh heaven. The traditional Viennese waltz was one of her favourite dances amongst many, and Nik was such a wonderful dancer, she could not seem to pull herself away from him. They were friends and semi-business partners, but that did not mean she would not allow him to show her the world. Elena and her both had an eternity now, and they would not only be safe with the Originals, but treated better than they could have ever hoped for. Growing up in a small town she sometimes wondered what life could bring for her, whether having a family and children was really what she wanted. Now that it was not possible for her, she was content to spend her eternity with Elena who was her family now, as well as with the Originals. She shushed the practical side of her brain for the night and allowed herself to smile openly at the hybrid holding her close to his firm body and appreciated his handsome features in the bright light of the chandeliers.

Elena was having a fantastic time, especially once the cake was brought in. She made Caroline promise to leave this part up to her and enjoyed the soft squeal of delight from the blond when the large cake in the shape of a castle was brought it, a blond princess looking out of the window of a tower. Only Elena knew her best friend has always wanted to have a cake like that ever since she understood what birthday was, and was happy to make one of her childhood dreams come true. She was also glad she didn't have to breathe anymore or Caroline would have suffocated her with the hug that followed. She just chuckled and watched the blond blow out the large candle at the top of the castle gates. A sudden tap on the shoulder made her turn around, only to come face to face with the Original hybrid.

"I wished to thank you for helping Caroline realise her dreams. I was hoping we could...cooperate in the future to keep your best friend and the woman I appreciate greatly just as happy." he said pleasantly and Elena could see that he meant his words.

Was this what Caroline told her about? The side that Klaus did not let many people see? She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment and shook his offered hand. "I look forward to our cooperation and hope it will make life easier for all of us." she said softly and offered him a small smile.

Elijah observed them quietly from afar and smiled to himself. She truly was a wonderful woman, he thought before turning back to one of his old acquaintances. It was about an hour later when he heard her melodious laugh from across the hall and looked over to see her speaking with Giorgio Vallenti, one of Niklaus' ardent followers. The Italian man was all charm with the ladies and Elena seemed to be enjoying his company very much. Elijah was not a jealous man by nature but their two week almost separation coupled with her stunning looks tonight were pushing his control. He wanted to give her the freedom to get to know the guests while he caught up with his own friends, but now he wished for nothing more than to be on her side. She seemed to be laughing again at another joke from the young man, her hand landing on his forearm in a manner too friendly for his taste.

This moment would forever be known as the only time in the history of the world when Elijah Mikaelson snapped. His features flashed dangerously for a moment, his long legs with a mind of their own carried him towards her and unceremoniously picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and walked out of the building.

Klaus was almost bent in half, laughing harder than ever in his life at the sight of his perfect brother finally loosing it because of another Petrova woman. He saw however that Caroline was not happy and looked ready to go after them. He pulled her to his side by the waist and pressed a finger to her lips to stop the stream of words she had surely been about to let loose.

"Leave them be. I have never seen my brother act like this with a woman. Don't you think it's time they finally got it out of their system?" he chuckled.

Caroline shuddered softly as his hot breath tickled her ear and neck before protesting softly. "But...he just threw her over his shoulder like some...caveman. Poor Elena!"

Klaus just chuckled. "Trust me on this one, Caroline. We might have to stay up the whole night, for I am not particularly fond of listening in on my brother engaging in sexual activities. It has been centuries since it happened the last time. Let them be." he tried to reassure her.

She huffed softly and crossed her arms across her chest. "Are you sure he won't hurt her?" she asked, her bottom lip slightly pouty.

She noticed a new gleam enter the man's eyes and if she were human, her cheeks would surely be rosy. "My brother would never hurt Elena, only if she asked for it specifically." he grinned wickedly and pulled her close to his body. "Now, how about another waltz, my lady?" he asked and lead her onto the dance floor.


"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING ELIJAH? YOU PUT ME DOWN RIGHT THIS MOMENT, OR I SWEAR I WILL BEAT YOU WITH A STICK TO APPEASE YOUR CAVEMAN NATURE!" she shouted at him, her tiny fists beating down on his back as he did not stop once on his way to their apartment. His speed was impressive considering he was an Original, but right now she felt like knocking some sense into him. How dare he just pick her up like a freakin rag doll, throw her over his shoulder and take off? Such humiliation! And in front of all their guests!

"PUT. ME. DOWN! NOW!" she shouted and suddenly felt him stop in what seemed to be her bedroom at the apartment.

He put her down but kept her close to his body and Elena felt the rant she had prepared die on her lips. For the first time ever she was a witness to his features fully vamped out. Her anger dissipated and was quickly replaced by curiosity as her hand touched his face gently, sliding over his beautifully deadly face. His veins were much darker than hers, contrasting powerfully with his pale complexion, his eyes still dark yet filled with blood. And just like that, she rubbed his cheek gently with her palm and his features melted back to his human handsomeness.

A quiet growl rumbling from his throat was the only warning she got before his tongue was suddenly plundering her mouth hungrily, demanding a response from her sweet lips. She had never seen him this passionate, not even that faithful night in the kitchen. He has always remained the gentleman, his kisses soft and decent and while she adored that side of him, she was finally tapping into his more basic needs. With a victorious moan she threw her arms around his neck and pressed them as close as possible, her tongue giving as good as she was getting. Her impatient hands tore at his expensive tux in an attempt to get to his skin. He tore at the clasps on her shoulders, the whole dress falling down to her ankles to reveal her naked beauty to him.

He growled in appreciation, his blunt teeth nipping at her neck. "Have you been wearing nothing but the dress the whole evening?" he whispered heatedly against her flesh just as she sent the buttons on his shirt flying across the room.

"And what if I have?" she panted, her nails raking down his bare back now that she had successfully left the shirt to fall down to the ground in pieces.

With another primal growl he turned her around and pressed her over the nearby dresser, bending her eager body over its surface. With one deft move his trousers were torn open and he was finally pressing inside her dripping core, claiming her inch by glorious inch. He paused once fully seated, looking into her eyes through the mirror on top of the dresser. They shined like two black diamonds, full of the Petrova fire right back at him, her hands clutching the sides of the dresser for support and the way her heat welcomed him inside her tight opening...he knew then and there she would be his complete undoing.

A soft mewl of impatience fell from her lips, her hips pressing back into his to gain back some of that delicious friction from a few moments ago. His answering growl made her muscles contract around his length and he pulled out slowly, only to thrust back inside the welcoming heat hard powerfully, the head of his manhood grazing her womb. Her head fell forward onto the wooden surface with a soft thump as a deep moan of pleasure left her lips. She has never been touched so deeply in her whole life and could not get enough of his length filling her so deliciously.

He pulled at her hair gently yet firmly, pulling her head up and making her look right into his eyes to know just by whom she was being claimed. She has never before experienced anything this erotic and it only made her hungrier for his touch. And so their passionate dance begun. He thrust deep within her in a mix of slow and fast, hard and deep, and she was falling to pieces in his arms from the pleasure that not only touched every single nerve in her body, but her soul as well.

But when he suddenly slowed down to prolong their act of love,s he could not take his almost leisurely tempo anymore so she pushed away from the dresser, turned around in his arms and within seconds had her body wound around his. Her strong thighs gripped his hips and she slid herself onto his erect length, her pliant body engulfing him hungrily. Her sharp nails were digging into the skin on his shoulders but it only seemed to arouse him even further as he had her pinned against the wall and finally let loose completely, his hips working against hers at a vampire speed, leaving her completely helpless in his arms from pleasure. One deep moan, scream and mewl after another left her lips, setting them both on fire in restless need for the long awaited climax.

Elena felt the coils in her underbelly about to snap so she instinctively pressed his face into her neck as she bit down on his salty flesh and felt the rich blood slide down her throat. She felt the tension in her body snap as he bit into her neck as well and fireworks exploded behind her eyelids, her whole body wrecked with shuddering pleasure as she felt him explode deep within her. They rode out their pleasure slowly, licking the bleeding puncture marks to seal them before sharing a soft yet passionate kiss.

She rested in his arms, completely limb as he carried her over the bed and let her lie on top of his pleasantly tired body. She looked up at him lazily, a large satisfied smile on her face and Elijah felt male pride swell inside his chest at being the one to place it there.

"Fucking finally." she chuckled against his damp chest, giggling softly as he pinched her lower cheek in response.

"Such insolence." he muttered but his eyes were full of adoration and amusement.

"Took you long enough to take what was yours all along." she whispered softly, her hand gently rubbing the side of his face.

In a quick move she was pinned beneath him and a soft kiss was bestowed upon her lips. "I was not planning to claim you as mine just yet. But when I saw you flirting with Giorgio Vallenti, I could not help myself." he admitted, rubbing her side tenderly.

Elena just chuckled. "Haven't you noticed that I had my eyes on only one man the whole evening?" she asked, her lean thigh hooking around his waist as she rubbed her core dripping with his essence against his quickly awakening manhood. "You better make up the long wait to me." she winked teasingly but her eyes closed in pleasure the next moment when she felt him sliding inside her hungry opening yet again.

"You have no idea what you just asked for." he grinned wickedly and continued making love to her, never wishing to separate their bodies again.