It was another day on the Phillips tour bus and a great one so far. Ned was driving as usual, Molly was in her room practicing her music, Clu, Carey and Jack were watching a a video and Annie was reading a book. Everything was going fine- until it started storming outside that is. Annie looked from her book and looked out of the window seeing nothing but rain and wind.

"Whoa it's really bad out there," she said.

"Aw, man the t.v. is getting all snowy like," Clu commented hitting the t.v.

"Don't worry, I'm sure that it's just a short storm." Jack said.

"Yeah, everything should be back to normal in no time," Carey stated.

"I don't know guys, it looks pretty bad," Annie replied.

"Annie, don't worry, everything will be fine. Ned's been driving for years. I'm sure he knows what he's doing," Jack responded, walking back to his room.

"Dang it!"

"What's wrong, Ned?" Molly said coming up behind him.

"It's this storm," he replied. "Can barely see anything in front of my face."

"Well can you make it to the next town you think?"

"I don't know, I- SHOOT!!!!"

Suddenly he swerved when he saw what looked like a huge animal in the road, throwing everyone in the bus around. Ned tried to keep the bus on the road, but ended up in a ditch instead. When everything was calm again, the animal, which had big glowing eyes, walked off calmly and quietly.

Ned took a deep breath and turned to Molly. "You allright?"

Molly got up slowly. "Yeah. You?"


Meanwhile, the kids in the back got up slowly wondering what happened.

"Dude, what's up with that?" Clu said.

"I don't know," Carey replied.

"Is everyone allright?" Annie asked.

"Yeah," Clu said.

"All in one piece," Carey stated.

"Yeah, me, too," Annie said. "Wait a minute, where's Jack?"

"I don't know. He was here a minute ago," Clu said.

"Guys, come quick!" Carey yelled, loud enough for everyone on the bus to hear.

Clu and Annie ran to where he was and found him standing over an unconscious Jack.

"Oh my god! Jack? Jack, wake up!" Annie responded.

Suddenly, Molly and Ned came running to the back.

"Guys?" Molly said. "What's- Jack!!"

"He's out cold for awhile it looks like. That cut on his head seems pretty nasty," Carey said, pointing to Jack's head which had a huge gash on it, which had blood trickling down the side of his face.

Molly, looking concerned pushed back his hair on his forhead. "Jack? Can you hear me, baby?"

"Excuse me, are you folks allright in here?" a middle aged woman said coming into the bus. "Sorry, don't mean to intrude, but I live across the road there and saw what happened and wondered if you needed any help."

"Yes, my son, he's hurt and I don't know how bad," Molly said, shaking.

"Well, I'm a retired nurse. Why don't you bring him over to my house and I'll check him out."

Everyone agreed and followed her to her house, Jack being carried by Carey, glad to have help so soon. But no one could expect what was to about to come..