I got your Mr. Mop and Mrs. Bucket Jim growled as he mopped the deck, it was supposed to be the adventure of a life time, but Jim was swabbing the deck busting tables, it after all was his map. Jim had been mopping for quite some time when he noticed a group of three men whispering urgently, they then suddenly stopped and nudged each other and said to Jim "what are you looking at weirdo" yay weirdo they said, Jim rolled his eyes as a great big red thing shoved him aside and said "watch it twerp" Jim turned around and continued to mop just as a great big spider thing with crab claws climbed down the mast and hissed "cabin boy should learn to mind his own business… Jim smirked and said "why got something to hide bright eyes" at this point the giant red bug thing grabbed Jim by the neck and pinned against the mast pole and said any last words cabin boy?! Yah why don't you learn to breath out of your nose bright eyes Jim taunted with the lack of air he became dizzy, just then a little girl (the youngest on the ship, she was taking her father's spot on the ship who couldn't make it) grabbed Mrs. Mop and beat ol' bright eyes in the head with it and shouted "leave him alone you big bully" the bug thing turned his attention to her dropping Jim and picked her up by the ankle and shook her, Jim had never talked to her before or even payed much attention to her, he looked at her she had a smear of dirt on her face she wore a red striped oversized shirt, olive green cargo pants with huge pockets and a pair of red sneakers (what us earthlings call converse) and a long blond braid slipped out of her shirt, she looked young no older than 13 years old.. She was hanging there for a few minor seconds when Mr. Arrow came on board and shouted "DROOP THAT CHILD " as he did she was about to land on her head but Jim reached out and grabbed her before she hit the (no longer clean) deck. If I so much as hear that you men are brawlin' I will throw you in the brig for the remainder of the trip, you hear me men?! Now get back to work Mr. Arrow's voice echoed around in the silent evening air. Jim looked at the girl and picked back up the mop and continued to mop He looked up and said thanks. The girl thought and said why, Your welcome and thank you… for catching me she picked up a stray rag and dipped it in Mr. Bucket and rubbed it on the deck helping Jim, so you're a human too asked the girl Jim smiled and said so that's what I'm told. Me to the girl exclaimed, you're the first won I've met except for dad and well I guess mom… What's your name kid, asked Jim surveying her from behind his brown hair. Oh that's easy she spoke I'm Kayla, Kayla Carson and your…I'm Jim, Jim spoke adding a yawn. The stars twinkled above it was beautiful Kayla helped Jim swab the deck all night until Mr. Silver came up but by this time Kayla was fast asleep in the corner she'd fallen asleep working the rag still in her balled up hands Mr. Silver looked at her and said who's the young lass. Jim looked up and said oh that's uhh Kayla she is replacing her father because he- couldn't make it, silver rubbed his chin and said what does she do on board? Well, Jim spoke I think she's too little and weak to do anything so they have her walk around and help whoever needs it I think… Mr. Silver said after a silence I heard you got in a fight earlier. Yah well Kayla saved me, silver raised an eyebrow and said brave little lass insent she same as you Jimbo and next time learn to pick ya fights more carefully, dint your pap ever teach ya to? Kayla then woke up and said wha… oh sorry I musta fallen asleep, sorry. its ok Jim said, silver but in and said it's been a big first day, you two better get some sleep both of you go on. Kayla smiled the journey was going to be a fun one and besides she already had made a friend even if he was 17 and Kayla was winds on the atherium were quiet and Jim thought maybe this trip was going to be a lot harder than it was cracked up to be even with his "helper".