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Princess of elements chapter 2

Melody Pov

The next day we were all sat in the Libray and it was raining. I was sat by Susan on the couch and on her lap was a large book, Peter was sitting on the arm chair, Lucy was sitting on the window seat and Edmund was lying down on the floor underneath a chair. We where all diasapointed because we couldin't go outside. Lucy was the most diasapointed one out of all of us. We were all very bored. Lucy was gazing out of the window watching the rain, Edmund had a screwdriver and was taking some screws out of the chair he was lying under and then Susan thought that it would be a great idea to play this game where she had this dictionary which had words in different languages and she would read a word out and Peter and I would have to guess the language. Trust me. It was increadably boring. No offense to Susan but I would play ANYTHING as long as it isin't this game.

"Gastrobaskula" Susan said. I meantaly groaned. Peter and I exchanged bored looks.

Susan sighed " Come on Melody and Peter! Gastrobaskula!" I don't know what language that is because I don't speak that language Susan.

Peter groaned " Is it Latin?" Hmm. Good guess Pete.

"Yes" Susan said.

Edmund then emarged from under the chair and said " Is it Latin for worst game ever invented?" Peter and I shot each other amused glances. I was having trouble holding in my laugh. Susan huffed and glared at Edmund and slammed the book shut. Does this mean that the game is over? Dear god please! I can't take much more of this, it physically hurts.

Lucy got up from where she was pearched on the window seat and walked over to Peter "We could play hide and seek?" I grinned. Thank you Lucy! You are offically my new BFF.

"Oh my gosh! I want to play!" I squealed and jumped off the couch. Lucy giggled at my reaction.

Peter looked at Lucy and I " But we are already having so much fun" He said sarcastically. He then looked at Susan, who didin't look too impressed.

"PLEASE!" Lucy and I begged in sync.

Peter looked like he was doing some serious thinking. Thats it, it is time for me to activate my big eyes act. Lucy and I looked at each other and I could tell that we were thinking the same thing. We made our eyes go big and tried again "Please, Peter please!" I welcome the game of hide and seek, it is well better than guessing different languages.

He smiled at us and said " 1, 2 , 3" I grinned at Lucy and laughed in excitment.

"What?" Edmund groaned. Oh Ed! Don't be such a buzz kill!

Peter walked into the corner and covered his eyes as he proceeded to count. Lucy took my hand and together we ran out of the room. I know. Mrs Macready told us that we wasin't allowed to run, but in everyones defeance it is a game of hide and seek. Plus we don't want to be found by Peter. After Lu and I had ran up a few staircases I saw Susan go inside a cabeinet. Aww Sue! That is going to be one of the first places Peter looks. Lucy and I then found a perfect set of curtians but as soon as Lucy layed her finger on the curtain Edmund pushed us both out of the way!

"I was here first!" He growled. Moody little boy who is a meanie to his baby sister.

I glared at him " Don't worry Lu you will find a better place to hide than behind a stupid curtain" She shot me a small smile and we continued to look for a good hiding place. After a matter of seconds we came to a corridoor that had many different doors. We tried the first one. Locked. Then Lucy tried opening the second one and it was open.

"Lucy you can hide in here, I will find some where else to hide, to make Peter's job harder" I said gently. She grinned.

"Okay Mel!" Yay! She called me 'Mel'. I feel some of the love.

I watched as she ran inside the room and closed the door. I walked down a couple of doors and then stopped outside one. I turned the knob and ... it opened! I quickly ran iside and shut the door. Inside the room where various statues! This is perfect! Hehehe. Good look finding me Pete! I dodged in and out of Statues and hid behind one in the shape of a centure. This statue reminds me of the stories that my parents would tell me.

This is it. Soon Peter will come looking for everyone. . 100! Whoo let the game begin! I wonder who wins! Suddenly I heard Lucy's little voice shouting "I'm alright! I'm back! I'm alright!" Huh? The game has only just begun. Is Lucy okay? I started to feel worried about my little friend so I came out from behind the statue and quickly ran out of the room.

I followed the sound of mutted voices and I found Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter talking together. "Hey Lucy are you okay?" I asked crouching down to her level. She shot me a confused look.

"I don't think Lucy wants to play anymore" Peter said. But it was her idea. What happened in that room?

"But I've been gone for hours" She said. We all exchanged confused looks.

Lucy stood there and said " I went into a room and there was a wardrobe so I went inside and ended up in some woods called Narnia" I froze. Narnia? But I thought that it was just an old bedtime story. And I might not of known Lucy long but she wouldin't lie about something like this.I made my face look expresionless. I listened closley as she explained everything to her siblings.

By the time she had finnished her stroy of what happened and it matched the description of the land I heard in my stories. I believe her. Her siblings looked at her like she was insaine. I meantally sighed.

"Lucy is this another game?" Susan asked.

"No I will show you" Lucy sighed. She took Peter's hand and led them into the spare room. I followed behind quickly and Edmund curiously follwed us all into the room. When we got into the room that Lucy hid in I saw a huge wardrobe and it looked magical. I smiled and went over to touch it. The wood was very smooth. The others started to knock on it and Susan opened the wardrobe and looked inside it. All that could be seen was fur coats and the back of the wardrobe.

"Lucy the only wood in here is the back of the wardrobe" Susan said. I sighed. I can't beilieve that her own siblings don't believe her! I know that it is far fetched but come one! I believe her and I have only known her for a day. On the other hand I have heard stories of Narnia since I was a young child but that still dosen't give the others the excuse.

"The only wood in here is the back of the wardrobe" Susan said shutting the door.

"But it really was there" Lucy said to Peter.

Peter sighed and looked conflicted about what to say. "One game at a time Lu we don't all have the same imagination as you" I watched as tears welled up in Lucy's eyes. I turned to Peter and glared menacingly at him. I can't believe him. I placed a hand on the small girls shoulder and she cuddled up into my side.

"But I wasin't imagining!" Lucy protested.

"That's enough Lucy" Susan said sternly. I sighed.

"I beleive you" Edmund said. I looked into his eyes and saw a glint. I am nervous about what he is going to say now.

"Really?" Lucy asked hope shining in her eyes.

He nodded. " Yeah didin't I tell you about the football field I found in the bathroom cupboard?" He asked. I glared at him. This is NOT funny.

"Oh grow up, you just have to make everything worse don't you?" Peter scolded.

"It was only a joke" Edmund said.

Peter then got into father mode " When are you going to grow up?" He asked. Not the right thing to say there Peter.

Edmund lost it and got into Peter's face and shouted " You think your dad but your not!" Then he stormed out.

Susan glared at Peter. "Well that was nicley handled" She said going after Edmund. Then there was only Peter, Lucy and I left in the room.

"But it really was there" Lucy said trying again.

Peter looked a bit annoyed. " Susan's right, thats enough". Lucy looked like she was going to cry.I started getting angry. I can't believe him.

"Peter I can't believe you! Lucy is your little sister! You should believe her" I shouted.

He shot me a shocked look " You can't be saying that you believe her, It's impossible!" My fists balled into fists.

"I believe her because I don't think she is the type to tell lies and because my parents used to tell me stories about a land called Narnia!" I spoke while glaring at him.

"Grow up Melody!" He snarled while storming out.I held back my tears and pulled Lucy into a hug.

"Thank you for defending me" She said.

I took her hand and said " Lets go find something to do" She smiled and with that we left the room. I knew that one day the others will know the truth and will apoligise to Lucy.

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