WOW: corner. Wee!chesters. In honour of the fact that our little 'corner' of the UK has had its first (and hopefully only) snow of the winter ... the boys are having some fun in the snow at Bobby's.

Disclaimer: Checked behind the sofa, under the bed ... nope, don't own them.


Bobby flicked fat snowflakes off the brim of his cap as he stood watching two little boys building a snowman in a quiet corner of his yard.

"Dean," he called, stifling a chuckle; "a word please!"

The ten-year-old scampered toward him, a mischevious grin playing across freckled cheeks which glowed crimson in the bitter cold.

"Uncle Bobby?"

"Hey kid, that's an interesting snowman ya made there," Bobby observed, ruffling Dean's sandy hair.

Dean's grin broadened.

"It's just that when I gave you that carrot and the two lumps of coal," he continued in amusement; "they were supposed to be for the face!"